The Other Side of the Coin

Robbie Thorpe Documentary

If you can support this project we will get to see Robbie Thorpes story. One of the leaders in the struggle for the rights of the original people of this land. He has never stopped speaking out and challenging government over the illegal occupation of this land. He has dedicated his life to this fight.


Victorian Originals reject Constitutional Recognition

The large and diverse audience made it clear from the beginning that they were suspicious of self determination talks with government as they had not delivered any positive results in the past and trust was an issue.

The concept of Constitutional Recognition was immediately challenged and 3 motions were passed.

The motion: We as Sovereign People reject Constitutional Recognition. was passed unanimously

Three decades on, the death of Douglas Scott remains unresolved

Douglas Scott

Mr Scott's death was one of the 99 cases examined by the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody in 1989. Mrs Scott were shown photographs of Mr Scott hanging in his cell by two lawyers assisting the Commission in the Northern Territory. Mrs Scott said the photographs showed him suspended inches from a grate in the nine-foot-high ceiling with his feet dangling two to three feet from the floor, the noose around his neck made from a plain and tightly twisted sheet that was neatly tied in multiple knots which were tight and close together. She did not believe her husband made the noose.

Researcher calls for recognition of Frontier Wars

A researcher, who presented alarming numbers of the deaths in Queenslands Frontier Wars between 1788 and 1930 to the Australian Historical Association, said the estimated figure of 65,180 was "conservative" and could be as high as 115,000.

The co-author of the report, historian Professor Raymond Evans, said the calculations were based on official records, witnesses' reports and the number of patrols undertaken by the colonial Queensland government's Native Police. - Pictured: Historian Professor Raymond Evans

Genocide in Australia: Crimes against Australias First Nations peoples

Australia's Genocide Record

The genocidal practices perpetrated against Australian Aborigines were the outcome of policies adopted and implemented by all Australian governments from British settlement in 1788 until the present. A people who had virtually no contact with the outside world, were suddenly confronted with a hostile and alien force. Aborigines were forced out of their traditional homes, hunted like wild animals, poisoned or shot, and confined to the harshest and most desolate climes. The effect of British settlement upon these people led to near extinction within 120 years.

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies has published a report detailing this history. Entitled Genocide in Australia, it was written by Professor Colin Tatz, director of the Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies at Sydney's Macquarie University.

Victoria's silent shame

Australia's head in the sand approach to 'contact' on the Australian frontier is also legendry. 200-odd years on and Australian children are still denied the truth about the so-called 'founding' of this nation. That said though, a few paragraphs of this Footprints story about contact in Victoria and you can perhaps see why ignorance and silence was widely practiced.

White invaders had come ever so close to extinguishing Tasmanian Aboriginals all together and most Australians wouldn't have a clue one of the world's most horrendous mass murders took place on home soil.

Govt's Gift to Australian First Nations people - 'A brand new stolen generation'

Since the Northern Territory Intervention began in 2007, the rate of child removals in the NT has increased by 80 percent. In Queensland the number of children removed from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island families has increased by 42 percent since 2007.

Nearly half of these children taken by the Department of Community Services have been placed with non-Indigenous foster families or carers. In the NT, nearly two-thirds of the children removed have been placed with non-Indigenous foster families.

Australia Council asked me to prove I'm Aboriginal

Jack Charles's indigenous background is hardly a secret. His mother was a Bunnerong woman, his father a Wiradjuri man, Charles was born in Melbourne in 1943 and is one of Australia's most renowned Aboriginal actors.

And then there is the colour of his skin.

Yet that is not enough for the federal government's arts funding body, the Australia Council, which has demanded Mr Charles prove his Aboriginality before it will consider his application for a grant to write a book.

Conspiracy Of Silence' - Blood baths of the past by Dr. Timothy Bottoms

As Europeans moved into new lands in Queensland in the 19th century, violent encounters with local Aboriginals mostly followed. Drawing on extensive original research, Timothy Bottoms tells the story of the most violent frontier in Australian colonial history.

He says he debunks "the pioneering myth" that Australia was settled in a peaceful manner.

"This is an important, well researched book: challenging, compelling and controversial. It is a must read for anyone interested in Australian history." - Henry Reynolds