Action Against Changes to Sentencing Laws in Victoria

Join the Abolition Collective to challenge the proposed new laws of the Baillieu Government, which will lead to more people in prison. More people in prison does not result in a safer community. Help us show the new government that there are people who will fight these changes.

Melbourne - Steps of Parliament House, Spring Street
Tuesday 8 February 2011, 5pm (for 5.30 start)

The new Liberal-National Government is about to make huge changes to sentencing in Victoria, which will ultimately increase the amount of people in prisons. Some of the new legislation has already been introduced to Parliament, and the laws may come into force as early as February 2011.

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The Abolition Collective is committed to creating safer communities without prisons or policing.
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Victorian Government Commitments!!!

In response to 'closing the gap' between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Victorians the Government has set the following targets to improve justice outcomes between 2010 - 2013. I can't see these being met in the current climate.

6.3 Reduce the number of times Indigenous young people (aged 10-17 years) are processed by police
6.4 Increase the proportion of Indigenous young people (aged 10-17 years) cautioned when processed by police
6.5 Reduce the proportion of Indigenous people remanded in custody
6.6 Reduce the proportion of Indigenous adults sentenced to prison rather than other alternatives
6.7 Reduce the proportion of Indigenous people who are convicted within two years of their previous conviction

Source: pdf Victorian Indigenous Affairs Framework 2010 - 2013
Department of Planning and Community Development

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