Australian racism is still as strong as ever

Tent Embassy 2012
Tent Embassy Press Conference
27th January, 2012

Australia Day - Satire

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26 Jan 2012: 'Amnesia Day'
WTF happened?

People gathered in front of Old Parliament House to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. The peaceful day was suddenly interrupted when someone announced that Tony Abbott was only meters away from the site. (It is important to know that, that very morning, Abbott had made a provocative statement to the press - expressing the opinion that the Embassy should be removed: a statement which, predictably, caused anger among the Embassy crowd).

So, upon hearing that Abbott was nearby, a group of people rushed to confront the leader of the Opposition. Within minutes, the crowd had grown and surrounded the glass-walled restaurant, chanting/banging on the windows, disrupting the function (at which PM Julia Gillard also happened to be present).

10 minutes into this rather surreal scenario, Police and Security decided to launch the PM directly from the restaurant into her car - very nearly injuring her - and causing her to lose her shoe. (Commit the memory of that shoe to your minds, dear readers). This sudden event caused the crowd to lose control.

Some people attempted to impede the car carrying Abbott & Gillard from leaving; whereupon police reacted with force and threatened the use of batons and pepper-spray, which very nearly escalated the situation. Fortunately, no injuries were incurred.

In the very first reports which came out of the scene news reporters for mainstream channels such as Ten exaggerated the violence of the crowd, depicting the scene as a "riot". Yet, no damage was done to the building; no-one attempted to touch the PM or Mr. Abbott.

Whilst exaggerating the level of violence , several early reports failed to mention that the reason for this behaviour was not mere hooliganism, but rather Mr. Abbott's statement regarding the Embassy. By the time that the full picture was reported in later reports, headlines which depicted the PM being assaulted by a violent horde of savage natives and feral hippies had already gone around the world.

Whilst the crowd did not behave in the best way; no-one advocated violence and it was clear that no-one - including the PM or Mr. Abbott - felt physically threatened. The whole thing was turned into a spin story which has no-doubt damaged the image of the peaceful and diplomatic mission of the Aboriginal community and its supporters. Worst of all, it gave hundreds of rednecks - who were not present at the event - a perfect excuse to publicly vent their racist invectives against Aboriginal people all over the country. Embassies are about diplomacy, not violence but diplomacy.

Australia Day
Rap News Episode 11:
It's a day of high jinx, high revelry and high people in Australia; a day when a large and vocal majority come together to "celebrate what's great" about this country. But what is the meaning of all this fanfare? What is the true origin of this passionately marked day of facepaint and binge drinking? Is everyone in Australia so keen on this particular anniversary? To get to bottom of these questions, and more, join your amiable host Robert Foster as he conducts a high-octane, high-frequency satellite link-up with a representative of the Mainstream Australian media: multi-Logie award-winning broadcaster, entertainer, emu-wrangler and true blue Aussie, Kenneth Oathcarn.

WARNING: contains adult Australian vernacular - viewer discretion is strongly advised.
Written, produced and performed by Hugo Farrant (Robert Foster) & Giordano Nanni (Ken Oathcarn).

The Tent Embassy clash on 'Sovereignty Day' has demonstrated the extreme racism we still experience across Australia.

The number of vile racist attacks that have flooded all News media and Social Networks is an alarming exposure to the situation that Aboriginal people still face after over 200 years of illegal occupation and robbery by the invaders.

White Australians have had life so good that they have never even made an effort to learn about their own history and of the persecution and Genocide Aboriginal people have been required to endue.

It's going to be a tough road ahead but we must focus on the light at the of the tunnel and stay with the truth.

John Howard re-ignited acute racism during his years as Prime Minister and although Kevin Rudd said 'Sorry', neither he or Julie Gillard have made any attempt to try and curb the racist wave - they were both happy to not only keep the NT Intervention in place but have extended it for political purposes.

The world will be watching the issues arising through the re-instatement of Aboriginal sovereignty and racism and the Australian Government's disregard for human rights will be judged by a much wider audience than the toothless United Nations organisation - who continually criticise Australia in all their human rights reports.

Study finds car flag fliers more racist

AAP Tracker, January 25th, 2012

eople who fly Australian flags on their cars have more racist attitudes than those without flags, a West Australian study has found.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia surveyed 513 people at last year's Australia Day fireworks display on Perth's Swan River foreshore and found that one in five people had attached flags to their cars to celebrate.

Sociologist and anthropologist Professor Farida Fozdar said 43per cent of those with car flags believed the White Australia Policy had saved Australia from many problems experienced by other countries, while only 25 percent without flags agreed.

She said a total of 56 percent of people with car flags feared their culture and values were in danger, compared with 34 percent of non-flaggers.

The study also revealed 35 percent of flaggers felt people had to be born in Australia to be truly Australian, compared with 22 percent for non-flaggers.

Professor Fozdar said the research also revealed clear differences in how people with car flags felt towards minority groups, including Aboriginal people and Muslims.

She said 91 per cent of people with car flags believed people who moved to Australia should adopt Australian values, compared with 76 per cent of non-flaggers.

Professor Fozdar said there was no clear link between education, gender, ethnicity, citizenship, voting pattern or income and flag flying, although her survey showed a slightly higher likelihood of younger rather than older people adopting the practice.

"What I found interesting is that many people didn't really have much to say about why they chose to fly car flags or not," Professor Fozdar said.

"Many felt strongly patriotic about it - and for some, this was quite a racist or exclusionary type of patriotism - but it wasn't a particularly conscious thing for many."

UWA academic Farida Fozdar told 'go back to your own country'

Linda Parri PerthNow January 27, 2012

A Perth professor whose study found people who fly Australian flags on their cars are more racist than those who don't, says she has received over 70 critical emails which include demands that she go back to her "own country".

Brunei-born University of WA Professor Farida Fozdar, who moved to Australia when she was seven, said she was shocked by the national reaction to her study which also spread as far India and the United States.

"Some emails have been quite polite and I've been able to reply and we've actually had quite a positive interaction out of it which, I really really value," Professor Fozdar said.

"But some are straight out lots of swear words and suggesting that I should go back to where I came from.

"I've also had a couple of emails from people implying that I'm the Grinch that killed Christmas and that now nobody is going to fly a flag because they think it shows that they're racist."

Professor Fozdar, a sociologist and anthropologist, said that although the study was reported "relatively accurately" in the media, some people have misinterpreted its findings.

"What has struck me most is that the media has reported the research relatively accurately in most cases, perhaps apart from some headlines, but people have taken it up in the wrong way," Professor Fozdar said.

"People have taken it as though I was saying that anyone who flies a flag on their car for Australia Day is racist and that flying the flag generally is a racist thing to do and that certainly wasn't what I was saying."

Professor Fozdar said the study revealed flag-flyers were significantly less positive about Australia's ethnic diversity than "non-flag flyers" but that the attitude is not shared by all Australians.

"The fact that there were significant differences doesn't mean that everybody who flys the flag feel negative towards minorities but it means that a larger proportion of them did compared with people that weren't flying flags," she said.

Professor Fozdar said many people ignored her findings that the majority of both flag-flyers and non-flag flyers, interviewed by her research team, felt positive about Australia's ethnic diversity.

"But that's not what gets picked up by people," she said.

"That statistic was there, in a lot of media reports, but people took out of it that I'm saying they shouldn't fly a flag for Australia Day because it's racist and that we shouldn't celebrate Australia Day.

"That was just nowhere in the research and so that is what has surprised me."

Professor Fozdar said that in light of the media attention, she was amused to notice some vehicles sporting unusually large flags on Australia Day.

"And I couldn't help but take it as a message," she laughed.