Ballerrt Mooroop Protest & Opening of Ceremonial Ground

An Official Opening of the Ballerrt Mooroop College Ceremonial Ground will be held on Sunday 29th May at 12:30pm.

You are invited join us for Smoking Ceremony, Traditional Dance followed by BBQ lunch and community meeting to discuss future developments in saving the school's vital infrastructure and spiritual space.

The College received a letter from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development that the fence will be going back in preparation for the undertaking of work on adjacent Specialist School site. The College was advised that their Gymnasium will not be accessable from 31st May 2011 ... and will be demolished.

Location: 208 Hilton Street, Glenroy

Blockade starts Monday 30th May

Message from Dotty Manblett

Dotty Mamblett, The School Council President of the Ballerrt Mooroop College is requesting help and stresses the urgency!

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Dotty said that the Education Department has met with the school Council Sub-Committee and has announced that nothing has changed and the GSS plans for using Indigenous college land will continue as previously announced.

She said that she is desperate for support in protesting on the site at Hilton Street, Glenroy. "I am a mother, carer and aunt to 10 children and cannot fight it on my own," she said. "I need people to take action and do whatever they can to help me, because at the moment I have nothing."

"We need to stand as one ... and not allow the government to take away our land, knowledge, culture and everything else us Aboriginal people are, again!"

"Where can our young Aboriginal generations of children go where they feel as one, and where they can learn their culture, customs and tradition alongside numeracy and literacy?"

"I need someone to protest beside me, someone who can lend a helping hand, someone who's shoulder I can cry on!"

Please contact: Dotty Bamblett on 0433 090 933
Ballerrt Mooroop College on (03) 9300 1288

For Further Information:
Gary Murray: Mobile 0415 683 202
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