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By Shilo Harrison, Bellotti Support Group coordinator, WA

As a member of the public and a human being, I am disgusted and angered by Superintendent Dene Leekong’s deliberately misleading comments and completely fabricated statements on the case of Rex Bellotti Jnr in the July 26 Albany Advertiser.

Leekong said that the WA police did “everything they could” to investigate the case after the 15-year-old Aboriginal youth was hit by a police car in 2009.

That’s a lie.

Is that how an investigating sergeant or the WA police department do “everything they can”, asking the parent of the victim, who was not even present when his son was run down by two members of the WA Police in their 4WD, to bring witnesses to them?

Again from the CCC report (2009): “The Commission is of the view that it is not appropriate, nor sufficient, to wait for witnesses to seek out such assistance. It is clear that in this instance Sergeant L did not adhere to Police policy on this issue”.

Superintendent Leekong, as a member of the WA Police, surely would not lie or release false information to the media, so perhaps I should reread the CCC report.

Do phrases such as “insufficient checks and balances” and the fact that the WA Police has “instigated changes in the way investigations are now dealt with at the District level” endorse the efforts of those officers involved in the Bellotti case to any degree?

Superintendent Leekong, thank you for exposing the reality for many of those involved with the WA Police. Through your deceit and arrogance, you have provided an additional platform for us to speak the truth.

I hope that the people of Albany now know that their Superintendent has no qualms telling outright lies and feigning offense, when he and his department are the most vile and offensive abusers of social justice and human rights.

Justice for Rex Bellotti Junior will be afforded to him and his family. One of the Police memos regarding the Bellotti case, attained under a freedom of information request, states “hopefully we can get rid of this”.

The Bellotti Support Group would like to inform those WA police officers that we are never going away.

Shilo Harrison,
Bellotti Support Group coordinator, WA.

The Truth, What They have Done to Rex Bellotti Junior

By Shilo Harrison - Bellotti Support Group (BSG), Coordinator 22nd August 2011

People need to know the truth, the truth that the reality of Western Australia is very different from the reality which community organizations, legal organizations, and government bodies wish members of the community to believe. That is why this article is being written, because Rex Bellotti Jr., a 15 year old child, an Aboriginal boy, was run over by a Western Australian Police 4WD, and all that has followed is lying, manipulation, intimidation, and no truth.

What is so abhorrent about this case is the conduct of the officers of the Western Australian police force, the legal community of Western Australia, certain organizations and the fact that the Bellotti family has had no support. All of the evidence, within the Corruption and Crime Commission Report (2009), as with the Western Australian Police Report (2009), is like reading the scribbles of a moronic compulsive liar. These documents contain so many contradictions; it simply does not make sense. The only thing that does make sense is that those Western Australian police officers involved are so arrogant that they believe they can commit criminal acts and then lie in legally binding documents, without being held accountable.

In the Bellotti case, we have a 15-year-old boy who is attending a wake, Rex Bellotti Junior. A boy who is reflecting on a life gone and experiencing extreme loss. As Darryl Kickett, his great uncle, said, ‘imagine if you were at a wake, saying goodbye to someone you love and minutes later, you are fighting for your life, and people are grieving for you?’ What happened on that night is unacceptable. It is unacceptable that two Western Australian police officers swerved onto the wrong side of the road to hit Rex Junior (claim supported by witness accounts). The key witness, who was five feet away from Rex Junior when he was hit by the 4WD, states she was just off the driveway, virtually not on the road, and the car came so close it brushed against her face.

It is beyond a miracle that Rex Junior did not lose his life that night, in March 2009. The extent of his injuries were so horrific that he had to be resuscitated twelve times during the thirteen hours it took for him to undergo vital surgery. This is an ‘incident’ (as the Western Australian Police Force call it) that left Rex Junior crippled for life. As stated by Rex Senior, during his interview on Sovereign Voice with Robbie Thorpe (19 August, 2011), ‘the only thing holding his leg together is his kneecap.’ He needs knee reconstruction surgery, and if they make one small mistake, knock it the wrong way, he will wake up without a leg, and there is no chance his leg will ever recover

This is a boy who was being watched very closely by AFL scouts, had a promising future ahead of him, but now all hopes of him even being able to walk properly again are gone. This call into question the issue of compensation, of which there has been none. John Hammond commented on the issue of compensation and stated Rex Junior was to receive seventy percent, however, I will reiterate there has been no compensation awarded to Rex Junior, despite the fact that he is now permanently disabled. This young man has never had a chance to have a professional career, or any kind of job.

The Western Australian Police Report (2009) supports the investigating officer’s claims that he was not aware of the extent of Rex Junior's injuries, not aware that they were life threatening. This is an absolute lie. One of the officers who attended the scene noted that he could see tissue ripped from Rex Junior's leg. Rex Junior was bleeding from his ears and his nose, he also had a severed femoral artery, (main artery), and there was blood all over the road. Rex Junior's medical report also states that his injuries were life threatening, supported by witness accounts, and this legally constitutes grievous bodily harm.

Despite the fact that there were at least twenty people, who either saw Rex Junior being hit by the Western Australian police 4WD or saw the events following the ‘incident’, witness statements were not taken until early April, over a month after the fact. The majority of those taken are unsigned, which means they are legally invalid and cannot be used in criminal proceedings.

The following questions demand answers; why cannot one police officer, despite the interesting fact that four police officers, (four police patrol cars) were at the scene within 90 seconds of Rex Junior being run down, accurately say what direction they came from? Why is it that supposedly not one of those police vehicles was fitted with GPS or a CCTV camera, when that has been part of standard police issue for many years? Why is it that the Western Australian police produced two maps of the ‘incident’ scene, with Rex Junior's body being placed on one side of the road in one map, and the other side of the road in the other?

Recently someone asked why more witnesses have not come forward? The reality is that if you are an Aboriginal Australian, such injustice can happen to you and nothing is done about it, it happens all the time. What happened in Palm Island, to the police officer, Senior Sergeant Hurley, who ‘lost his temper’ and murdered Mulrunji Doomadgee?

We all need to understand that unless we all know about what has happened to Rex Bellotti Junior, and so many others like him, and make a stand against it will keep on happening. It is not good enough to simply detach yourself from the reality, because even if you want to be selfish, it could be you, and this is unacceptable. Who wants to live in a community, where a young child, an old man, anyone can be run down, can be killed, can be beaten to death in a jail cell, simply because there are racist criminals within the Western Australian police force and vile individuals who protect them.

There must be a public inquiry into what happened to Rex Bellotti Junior, compensation, criminal charges against those responsible and there must be accountability from the Western Australian Police, which is what the Bellotti Support Group (BSG) is demanding; what we should all demand, now. The Bellotti family, a family of eight, has been fighting ever since March 2009, with no support whatsoever in their rightful struggle. Rex Senior and Liza Bellotti have five children, children who know what was done to their big brother, and know that those responsible remain unaffected and free to commit such an injustice again.

There is no way that justice can continue to be denied to Rex Bellotti Junior or the Bellotti family, because they are going to keep on fighting, except now, they have people fighting with them. This is thanks to the incredible brave new witness who has come forward, to those involved with the Bellotti Support Group (BSG), members of the Socialist Alliance, as well as the invaluable information provided by John McManus of MOJO Scotland (Miscarriages of Justice Organization). This is something that will never go away, and until social justice is more than a concept, it should not. Every single person living in Western Australia, Australia, or the whole bloody planet has a responsibility to understand that this has happened and that if we do not actually raise our voices about it, it will never end.

For further information, including copies of the damning Western Australian police documents (2009) and the Corruption and Crime Commission Report (2009) as well as other documents obtained under Freedom of Information, please contact the Bellotti Support Group. Please lend your support however you are able, as the fight for justice for Rex Bellotti Junior is a fight for justice for all.

Sincerely and in Solidarity,

Shilo Harrison
Bellotti Support Group (BSG), Coordinator

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