Brisbane Sovereign Embassy: We need a 'Bran nu Dae'

National Indigenous Radio 23rd March 2012

The founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Brisbane says Indigenous people need to be heard on the issue of sovereignty.

Musgrave Park in South Brisbane is the site of the third Aboriginal embassy to be set up across the country, with others already operating in Canberra and Perth.

Adrian Burragubba says if more Aboriginal embassies were established across Australia, it would start a national conversation on the subject of sovereignty.

He says Aboriginal people are treated as the property of the government in Australia instead of the original inhabitants of the country.

"We're not people that are defined by the British colony or the Australia Government.

"We are self-defining people. So what we're telling people is to come here and, by identifying who your people are and your language, then you're identifying with the original laws and customs of the place of your ancestry."

Adrian Burragubba is from the Babinburra Clan of the Wangan people, a part of the Wîdi (Wiri) language group of Central Queensland. He is well known for his didgeridoo playing, painting and story telling.

Brisbane's Aboriginal Embassy deserves wide support

Liam Flenady (Press Release) Green Left weekly Thursday, March 22, 2012

Liam Flenady, the Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of South Brisbane, released the statement below on March 21.

The Socialist Alliance declares its full support for the Sovereign Embassy Brisbane, established by the Murri community in Musgrave Park, South Brisbane, on March 13.

The Sovereign Embassy Brisbane has issued a statement saying: "Our right to sovereignty, possession and occupation and enjoyment of our lands and waters and everything associated with the Original Tribes, is guaranteed under the term tribe. We now instruct the Parliament of Queensland to recognise us as tribes.

"The Sovereign Embassy Brisbane is on a state-wide campaign to acknowledge all tribal nations to treaty with the local Yaggara people and with each other.

"All Original Sovereign Nations who become part of the National Unity Government will be encouraged to challenge, within the domestic courts of the invader society, to seek a declaration by them confirming that our sovereignty cannot be dealt with within their jurisdiction."

The Socialist Alliance supports the signing of a treaty with the Aboriginal people of Queensland and Australia, and the full recognition of Aboriginal land rights.

Our policy for the Queensland state election says: "Genuine justice for Aboriginal people: For a new royal commission into deaths in custody; Implement the findings of the 1991 commission; Jail those responsible; Full land rights now; Pay 'stolen wages' in full."

Following the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the original Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra last February, the establishment of a Murri Tent Embassy in Musgrave Park is a symbol of defiance against our racist system.

"We urge the people of Brisbane to attend the Gathering Ceremony: Treaty of the Tribes, to be held on election day, Saturday March 24, at 10am, at Musgrave Park, Cordelia Street, South Brisbane.

From GLW issue 916