Camping: Aboriginal Tent Embassy's 40th Anniversary

We will be able to provide some free BBQ food, fruit and vegies over the event but as numbers are not confirmed, please aim to be self sufficient in your camping.

Elders and kids will be catered for first!

You will need:

  • Your own tents, swags, blankets and camping equipment.
  • Consider bringing a torch, esky, camp chairs, and all your essentials.
  • Please bring adequate clothing. We have had a wet summer so far, but it may be very hot in late January. Have clothes for the four seasons.
  • There are taps on the site but you may prefer your own camping water bottles for convenience.
  • Please consider sunblock, hats and activities for your kids if you are bringing kids.
  • Also bring your commonsense, your strength and wisdom, to make this event as great as possible.

For the March:
Comfortable walking shoes, drinking water bottles, hats, flags and banners.

Please Help:
Any local Canberra people who may be able to lend a BBQ or offer billeting and fresh garden produce for this event, would be great.

Alcohol, drugs or violence. This is a dry camp and anyone who doesn't abide by this will be told to leave.

Information Source:

AGENDA DOWNLOAD pdf 2012 Tent Embassy - Agenda (73k) pdf file
POSTERDOWNLOAD pdf 40th Anniversary Tent Embassy Flyer(171k) pdf file
AUDIO DOWNLOAD 1  Audio file 40 year Tribute - 30 second Radio Announcement (1175k) mp3 file
AUDIO DOWNLOAD 2  Audio file Aboriginal Embassy Elder Tribute - Music Track (5472k) mp3 file
AUDIO DOWNLOAD 3  Audio file Aboriginal Tent Embassy - Video Soundtrack (1835k) mp3 file
YOUTUBE VIDEO - Aboriginal Tent Embassy 2012 Callout  WATCH |  SHARE LINK

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The Lawns - Old Parliament House, King George Terrace, Parkes, Canberra 2600


I am white as a day lilly but

I am white as a day lilly but I am PRO INDIGENOSITY & am a full supporter of the original guardians of this van demons land
Will be there with you all in spirit
in my own convict residency with my irish & danish indigenosity

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