The East Gippsland Massacres - 1840 to 1850

East Gippsland Aboriginal Massacre Map
Date Killing Locations Killers Number Killed Reported Details - Comments
1840 Nuntin Angus McMillan's men Unknown Shot
1840 Boney Point Angus McMillan's men Unknown Shot - Heavy toll of Aboriginal lives
1841 Butchers Creek Angus McMillan's men 30-35 Shot
1841 Maffra Angus McMillan's men Unknown Shot
1842 Skull Creek - Unknown -
1842 Bruthen Creek - Hundred's -
1843 Warrigal Creek Angus McMillan's men 60 - 180 Shot
1844 Maffra - Unknown -
1846 South Gippsland - 14 -
1846 Snowy River Captain Dana and the Aboriginal Police 8 -
1846-1847 Central Gippsland shot by armed Party 50 or more Party hunting for a white woman supposedly held by Aborigines; no such woman was ever found.
1850 East Gippsland - 15 - 20 -
1850 Murrindal - 16 Poisoned
1850 Brodribb River 15 - 20 -
1840-1850 300-1000

Table source: Wikipedia
See more information on the East Gippsland massacres at: Wikipedia/Gippsland


Gippsland Massacres

At least 300, thats a handy number for the settlers, I think its more like 300 per massacre, One Question, if you murdered men,women and children would you record it, The way Aussies cling to historical records show just how little they really want to change things. Angus mcmillian has huge monuments around gippsland, yeah lets celebrate murder then claim you care, Actions speak louder than words, Aboriginals want to see the morals you all claim to have, we only see bad stuff, the stuff twiggy forest would do

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