Federal Govt ignores UN Stolen Generations demand

Juliette Spurrett (user submitted) | abc.net.au | 21st August, 2009

The UN has recommended pay-outs for members of the Stolen Generations.

The Federal Government says it will not comply with a United Nations recommendation that it compensate victims of the Stolen Generations.

The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement submitted a formal complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee in March, highlighting the level of funding for Aboriginal legal aid in Australia.

The UN has now responded, saying it is concerned about a lack of adequate access to justice for Indigenous people.

It recommended that the Government adopt a mechanism to compensate victims of the Stolen Generations.

But the Government says there will be no compensation.

A spokesman for federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland says the Government's focus is on 'closing the gap' and on initiatives through the new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation.

Stolen Generations victims launch legal bid

abc.net.au 8th August 2008

Six Stolen Generations victims from South Australia have launched legal action against the State Government.

The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (ALRM) says the move follows months of silence from Attorney-General Michael Atkinson who they say has failed to resolve Stolen Generations issues.

The movement's CEO Neil Gillespie says it is a legal fight that could cost South Australia millions of dollars.

"The Attorney-General has not even in acknowleged our position and as a consequence we are left with no choice but to start action against the State Government and if you think about it it is going to be far more expensive than a compensation scheme," he said.

The state's Attorney General says he is happy to discuss the issue with the ALRM.