Gillards Second Intervention will rely upon acceptance

26th June, 2011

by Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM

Response to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Announcement of a Second Intervention in the Northern Territory and a further Round of Consultations in the NT Starting this Week.

The Government and the people of Australia are only able to achieve true reconciliation with Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory if the environment for negotiation is changed and justice, that was so brutally removed by the Intervention, is restored. Only through respectful dialogue and working together can we call Australia a nation based on the principles of democracy.

Further negotiations will rely upon the acceptance of the following:

1. The Aboriginal people in the 73 prescribed communities of the Northern Territory do not welcome any further consultation with the Government until it acknowledges the failures of the current Intervention.

2. The Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory will only endorse a new initiative by the Government to improve the lives of Aboriginal people if the Government first establishes a diplomatic and respectful dialogue, negotiation and relationship with the traditional lawmen and lawwomen in the communities to be affected. These are the people that are seen as the true leaders by their communities, who are charged with maintaining ceremony, language, law and order. They must be properly consulted before any new initiative can take place in their communities.

3. The name "Intervention" and "Emergency Response" must be removed from any future initiative, which should instead focus on the goals of Education and Empowerment of Aboriginal People in the Northern Territory. It must dispel the prejudice and racial discrimination of Aboriginal people that is embedded in the Intervention, and which has created deep emotional pain and shame amongst Aboriginal people.

4. Any initiative aimed at education and training must support the right of Aboriginal people to maintain their Indigenous languages, cultural practices and the capacity to live and work`
on country.

5. To effectively support appropriate and beneficial development in Aboriginal communities, the Government must replace Government Business Managers with mentors that support and facilitate education, capacity-building and locally-controlled development in Aboriginal communities.

This is the will of the Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory.

Released by: Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM 0427 140 232

Come and hear a First-hand account of the Northern Territory Intervention

Monday, 27 June - 6 pm
Special speaker: Katherine Napaljarri Parker from Kintore, NT
at the Federation Conference Centre, Level 1,
23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills, Sydney

Tuesday, 28 June at 7pm
Special speaker: Katherine Napaljarri Parker from Kintore, NT
at Gladesville Library community back room,
6 Pittwater Road, Gladesville, NSW, 2111

Wednesday, 29 June at 6pm - 7.30 pm
Special speaker: Katherine Napaljarri Parker from Kintore, NT
at a free film screening of Our Generation
at Stanton Library, Level 2 Conference Room, 234 Miller Street, North Sydney
hosted by the Stanton Library as part of the Guringai Festival

Katherine Napaljarri Parker from Kintore, NT has recently spoken at an Our Generation screening in Darwin and has also attended the Darwin launch of the 'Rebuilding from the Ground Up' Statement on Tuesday 21 June, the 4th Anniversary of the NT Intervention.

This will be a wonderful and unique opportunity to hear first hand accounts about the Intervention. Come and hear Katherine's insights to what it's like to live with the Intervention on a daily basis

For further info, please see: