Indigenous party wants compulsory national service

'First Nations Political Party' calls
for compulsory national service

The 'First Nations Political Party' has announced that they want to place yet another layer of paternalism in the NT by running on an election platform that includes compulsory national service.

The political party's founder Maurie Japarta Ryan says national service in the Territory would give the Original peoples employment opportunities.

This move seems at odds with their general platform of ending the racist 'Stronger Futures' plan and their bilingual education agenda. Training unemployed victims of cultural abuse to kill other dis-empowered and undervalued people appears drastic, at best.

Maurie Japarta Ryan

Leader of 'First Nations Party'

First Nations Party

Allyson Horn ABC News June 07, 2012

Australia's first Indigenous political party will run in the Northern Territory election on a platform of compulsory national service in the Territory.

The founder of the First Nations Party, Maurie Japarta Ryan, says the party hopes to run candidates in all Territory bush seats for the election in August.

He says the party's main policy is removing the Super Shires model and handing control of Aboriginal affairs back to remote communities.

"We want to be in control of ourselves for once," he said.

"Because nothing has changed in the Northern Territory.

"We are still the most downtrodden, unemployable race of people in this country."

Mr Ryan says national service in the Territory would give Aboriginal people employment opportunities.

"What we want to do is train our young people with discipline and everything else, and get a trade within the armed services," he said.

Other policies include the reintroduction of bilingual education and opposing the Federal Government's Stronger Futures legislation.