Invasion Day Report 2010 - 222 Years of Aboriginal Survival

The 222nd year of Aboriginal Survival since British occupation. In Melbourne, on behalf of the Indigenous people of Australia, Robbie Thorpe and Sharon Firebrace publicly read out this list of demands, putting the State Government 'on notice'.

Each year in Australia, 26 January is marked as the national holiday. Why is this so? The date does not celebrate the creation of the Australian Federation (which happened on 1 January 1901). It commemorates the landing of the First Fleet in 1788 and the arrival of the first British settlers, who came to occupy the land in the name of King George III of Britain. The day marks the proclamation of British (NOT Australian!) sovereignty over the entire continent.

MOREOVER: The 1788 occupation was justified under the legal doctrine of 'terra nullius' (= 'empty land') which maintained that the entire country was uninhabited. This was obviously a fiction and (eventually) was even rejected by the highest Court in Australia in the Mabo judgment in 1992.

THEREFORE: 'Australia Day' is thus not only a misnomer, it also celebrates a LIE. Aren't these good reasons to change this holiday to a more appropriate date!?? Among most Indigenous people in Australia, 26 January is more accurately known as 'Invasion Day' or 'Survival Day'.

LASTLY: British occupiers never signed a Treaty with any Indigenous groups. Therefore, the occupation of the land is still based on the doctrine of 'terra nullius', since nothing has replaced it in law. Only a treaty can justify the occupation. Until then it remains illegal, in law.

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