Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust Press Statement

Press Statement from Leanne Edwards
Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust
July 2nd 2011

I was disappointed to read in the Bairnsdale Advertiser that I did not meet with the Minister; I did not attend the proposed residents meeting because it did not happen. Many people waited for her for a couple of hours, including an Elder in her 70’s.

The Minister made a commitment to meet with the Lake Tyers residents. Some people met ... with her privately. My father attended a private meeting with the Minister as a resident and an Elder. He presented a statement to the Minister, which outlined three issues: Community safety (this is something really serious that all Australians are concerned about), Housing and Employment.

We want the Minister to address the issues of community safety, housing and employment.

People have a right to protest when they feel they are not being heard. No one is complaining about all the protests about the carbon tax.

We have raised important issues about Community Safety, Housing and Employment.

We want to know what the Minister is going to do about community safety first. This must be done with a proper involvement of the rightful owners of Lake Tyers.

I believe the Lake Tyers situation is unique, the land was handed back to the people to manage their own affairs we have not been able to do this without government interference and intervention, we want the shareholders to elect a board, this means the share register be updated and made available.

That there be a properly elected board to manage the affairs oF Lake Tyers. We also request that any amendments made to the 1970 Victorian Land Act not be amended until this is done.

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