Largest ever racism study finds ... Australians are Racist

Although the survey is questioned based and most people don't believe they are racist, there is still plenty of material here to prove what we already know. The only problem with a survey such as this is that it places people into pressures for answers that they know are not percieved to be politically correct - many will not own up to admitting racism towards Indigenous people; "I'm not prejudiced against Aboriginal people, but ... "

The survey reveals that nearly half of Australians are freely admitting to be racist is some way, albeit more open racism towards Muslems than Aboriginals within the survey period - The few Australian media reporters that have picked up the story have been reading the survey with their usual prejudiced blinkers - All is fairly OK, apparently!

The findings that 28% of Australians would be concerned if a relative were to marry an Indigenous person should send shivers down the spines of everyone, but no where near enough people will even know anything about these survey results ... and as for our 'leaders' ...

Challenging Racism: The Anti-Racism Research Project
THE FULL REPORT: University of Western Sydney

The survey of more than 12 thousand people is believed to be one of the largest ever. The 12-year study found some level of racist feelings against the indigenous people, as well as noted that half of Australians hold anti-Muslim views. Kevin Dunn, is a geographer at the University of Western Sydney and lead researcher in the challenging racism project. He spoke with 2SER's John Gibb.

About one-in-ten Australians have very problematic views on diversity and on ethnic difference. They believe that some races are naturally inferior or superior, and they believe in the need to keep groups separated. These separatists and supremacists are a destructive minority.

Table 1: Attitudes to racism, cultural diversity and the recognition of racism, Australia, 2001-8

Survey Queston Agree Disagree
It is a good thing for a society to be made up of people from different cultures 86.8% 6.5%
You feel secure when you are with people of different ethnic backgrounds 78.1% 9.4%
Australia is weakened by people of different ethnic origins sticking to their old ways 41.2% 42.1%
You are prejudiced against other cultures 12.4% 80.1%
There is racial prejudice in Australia 84.4% 8.0%
Australians from a British background enjoy a privileged position in our society 40.9% 40.2%
Humankind is made up of separate races 77.7% 14.7%
It is NOT a good idea for people of different races to marry one another 11.2% 79.3%
All races of people ARE equal 84.4% 10.7%
Are any cultural groups that do not fit into Australian society? 41.4% 52.6%

From a 2006 survey of 4010 Australians on the experience of racism and on attitudes to anti-racism the Challenging Racism Project found that: Most Australians want action against racism

Table 2: Attitudes to anti-racism, Australia, 2006

Survey Queston Agree Disagree
Something should be done to minimise or fight racism in Australia 85.6% 5.2%
Nothing can be done to minimise or fight racism in Australia 9.4% 82.2%

For more tables and the survey information:
Challenging Racism: The Anti-Racism Research Project
THE FULL REPORT: University of Western Sydney

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map of the findings by region.

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Where did you get the number

Where did you get the number that 28% of Australians would be concerned if a relative was to marry and Indigenous person. I can't find that in the report.

Would be very helpful to have that statistic. Cheers.

You are so right! Uncultured

You are so right! Uncultured is the word!....I have painfully suffered from the Australians' racist attitude and behaviour. The most dangerous thing is that they don't even notice how stupidly dangerous they can be..........

Events and life, how it

Comment Text is good

You are right

When people talk about racism, they talk about naked racism such as using offensive terms. I believe majority of Australians are racist in the way that they don't befriend or date with other cultures, especially with coloured people. They just want them as labours, not friends.

It makes me giggle (and gag) that such an uncivilised and low-cultured people think they are superior!

Racism in Australia

Most of them(over 80%) agreed to being prejudiced against other cultures yet they believe all races of people are equal? Wtf most of this doesn't make any sense. And a lot of them on other blogs and sites think racism doesn't exist in Australia yet they openly use offensive terms like wogs and curry munchers. They are an angry,confused bunch that's for sure.

Map with Original nations

Thanks for your comment

The map displayed above was configured by the University of Western Sydney, Social Sciences Department, and reprinted here so that individuals can check out the figures in specific regions and/or compare them with other regions.


the map of Australia

I would like to see the Indigenous map of Australia with the names of the Original nations.

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