Macklin to 'Help' Indigenous Groups budget Mining Royalties!

Jenny Macklin, Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs is currently fine tuning legislation that will give the Government some control over the way mining company royalty money is spent by Australian Indigenous communities and family groups. Last week Macklin told the Aboriginal Land Council CEO's and Senior Project Officers at their conference in Melbourne about the departments plan and requested assistance in the fine tuning of it.

The Indigenous representatives at the conference were not asked whether the idea was relevant, or whether Indigenous groups that recieve mining royalties would like some assistance in planning, budgeting and investing their money; 'the train is already on the track and relevant Aboriginal groups can only have input into where the hot-dog stands will be placed at the stations'.

Once again it is being done under that 'old guise' of 'helping'. Helping Indigenous people spend their money wisely and not squander it on what the Government believes is not prudent or what they believe is not what the relevant communities 'need'.

Offering professional advice to communities investing their mining royalty monies and supporting groups to draft budgets and appropriate planning could have been a positive step, but as usual, the Government intend to enforce their 'help', thus gaining some control over the money and disallowing Indigenous people the empowerment the money can bring.

Genocide to be stopped;
Sovereignty recognised; and
Treaty made

Bruce Skewes