Message from the 40th Tent Embassy organising team

Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 8:00am until Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 6:00pm
Aboriginal Tent Embassy 40th Anniversary - 26th January 2012
8:00am - Smoking Ceremony and Flag Raising
Tent Embassy Grounds opposite Old Parliament House
10:00am - March proceeds from Café ANU
Opposite Family Law Court
Source: Aboriginal Tent Embassy 40th Anniversary - Facebook
40th Tent Embassy Radio Broadcast: 3CR 8.55AM - Digital - Listen on your computer
Special broadcast on Thusday 26th January with live crossings to Robbie Thorpe in Canberra

Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Aboriginal Tent Embassy 40th Anniversary - Facebook

Community members and elders

A message from the organising team for the 40th Aboriginal Tent Embassy, 26th January 2012

The Anniversary is taking shape fast and from the sounds of people from Communities all over the nation, we are in for a big turn out. We ask for your support and understanding because of the nature, size and importance of this gathering.

Months have gone into approaching potential help and support, but with the racist colonial state we live in we really hope people know it has been a struggle to get this far. To improve on the situation we would need more input from community, ie representatives working as part of a co-ordinated effort throughout the year.

We are working overtime to ensure the elders especially are fed and warm, needs accommodated and that we have necessary infrastructure to cater for the large numbers expected. As a member of the ground floor organising team, I am proud of the effort and good feeling kept among this little team and feel we need our people behind us while we continue to slog it out here in Canberra.

As with all grass roots organising, this is being done on a shoe string budget and we are hoping this will get us through. There will always be problems but we hope that by all chipping in any way we can, together we can make this our last stand, gain international awareness, support, to put an end to this illegal occupancy and that our stay here is a good one.

The team here will continue to do our best, volunteers will be needed on the ground for setting up, kitchen, driving, security and cleaning etc. We are hoping groups can nominate a helper to be part of the collective on the ground to help cater for the needs of the many people gathered here away from country.

If we all pull together in solidarity and take joint ownership where we can, we can look forward to a special time for action, corroboree and time together. For questions or to find out more please feel free to contact me on 0478 250 618 or email

Looking forward to us all coming together to restore the balance and harmony in our great land. Wishing you all a safe and happy journey.
Keeping the fire strong.

Kaiyu Bayles

Ground Floor Organising Team.

Planning to camp at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy?
We will be able to provide some free BBQ food, fruit and vegies over the event, but as numbers are not confirmed, please aim to be self sufficient in your camping. Elders and kids will be catered for first.

People will need to provide: their own tents, swags, blankets and camping equipment.

Please remember to bring any required medication, scripts, asthma puffers etc

Consider bringing a torch, esky, camp chairs, and all your essentials.

Please bring adequate clothing. We have had a wet summer so far, but it may be very hot in

late January. Have clothes for the four seasons.

There are taps on the site but you may prefer your own camping water bottles for convenience.

Please consider sunblock, hats and activities for your kids if you are bringing kids.

Also bring your commonsense, your strength and wisdom, to make this event as great as possible.

For the March: comfortable walking shoes, drinking water bottles, hats, flags and banners.

Any local Canberra people who may be able to lend a BBQ or offer billeting and fresh garden produce for this event, would be great.

DONT BRING: Alcohol, drugs or violence. This is a dry camp and anyone who doesn't abide by this will be told to leave.

Keeping the Fire Strong

Kaiyu Bayles

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