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The Elders' Petition has been prepared to support the Elders' from the Northern Territory who are striving to regain control of their lives. The basis of the Elders' Petition is their Elders' Statement and has been worded so as to retain the integrity of their Statement, yet fulfil the stringent requirements of the Federal Government's Petitions Committee. The final Petition draft has been read to and approved by Harry Jakamarra Nelson, one of the signatories to the Elders' Statement.

Since gaining power in the Federal Government, not only has the Labor Government retained the worst aspects of the Intervention, but in collusion with the NT Labor Government, their joint policies will have the effect of destroying the First Australians' culture. The abolition of bi-lingual education programs, the compulsory leasing of their freehold lands, which they are being coerced into signing in return for new (and totally inappropriate) housing are Federal Policies. The NT Government has abolished the recognition of Customary Law when making decisions in the Courts; and their grand plan is to turn remote Aboriginal communities into Growth Towns with the aim of luring people in from their homelands so they can stop funding them. Make no mistake; the Labor Government's policy is one of assimilation, despite over 200 years of history proving that assimilation does not work. Our Welsh immigrant Leader has deemed that this is the way forward for the First Australians. The Prime Minister has not even been to the NT since she gained power! Labor's policy is to “normalise” Australia's First People in the NT and in the process, move them away from their sacred sites and homelands, destroy their culture, and make more room for the mining companies to keep the economy healthy whilst the First Australians continue to die at an alarming rate. She also wants to “reward individual endeavour” in a culture whose whole basis revolves around caring and sharing! It may be sugar coated but the Labor Government's policy is aimed at killing off the tribal Aborigines by destroying their culture so she can get to their mineral rich lands. The legislation under which the first Australians are forced to live does not even comply with international law!

The First Australians are in a state of shock; they are traumatised. They are treated like outcasts in their own land. They are shunned and put down. Yet in the Northern Territory today, secret, sacred ceremonies are performed the same as they have been carried out for the past 40,000 years. The First Australians in the NT speak their local dialect as their first language and other local languages, before English. Traditional Healers are everywhere. Their Law is alive. Theirs is the longest surviving culture in the world! “Normalization” = Assimilation = Genocide! For without their Land, their Law and their Language – their Culture - they are nothing. Their hearts are breaking. Youth suicide is alarmingly high. They are living a nightmare. There is certainly a crisis in the Northern Territory, but it is one made worse by the Intervention! Please show your support by signing this Petition.

Forward the Petition to support the 'Elders Statement' by e-mail to all your friends, and ask them to do the same. Print copies of the Petition and give them to your friends that don't have computers, and ask them to do the same. Take it to the streets! We want at least 3 million signatures! The Federal Government will accept signatures from anyone in the world, including children, provided they understand what they are signing. Send the Petition to support the 'Elders Statement' around the World and let's show the First Australians that we care. The Elders are becoming tired and disheartened. They need our support. They need us to walk beside them in their struggle.

We must stop the undeclared war against the First Australians.


  • Only original signatures on one side of a sheet of paper and not photocopies signatures can be counted.
  • Signatures written on the back of the Petition will not be counted.
  • Electronic petitions will not be accepted by the Federal Parliament.
  • Children can sign provided they understand the contents of the Petition.
  • Signatures from any citizen of the world will be accepted.
  • In the space left for country, it is hoped that First Australians put in their tribal homeland.


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