Petition: to the Victorian Minister for Police and Emergency Services

Victoria Police: We, the undersigned, demand that Victoria Police accept independent accountability/review/overseeing ...

Any innocent Victorian citizen could fall victim to a living nightmare like mine.

Nightly sleep terrors, agoraphobia, severe anxiety (resulting in breakdown of personal relationships, my ability to participate in gainful employment etc) together with physical/emotional pain from injuries incurred, the absence of any legal resolution, acknowledgement, restitution or change, continue to ensure that I have NO respite as a result of this gross violation of my basic human rights and therefore find myself trapped in a cycle of poverty/homelessness and "severe mental anguish"(!)

Kim Wells, Victorian Minister for Police and Emergency Services
Stephen O’Bryan S.C., The Commissioner, IBAC. Indepenent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission
Independent accountability/review /overseeing by the people who employ you. You are paid by Victorian taxpayers to serve, protect, uphold the law and not to mete out justice as you see fit.
[Your name]

Petition by:
Tamara Furey - Seabrook, Australia