Reported Massacres in Jardwadjali country to 1859

Jardwadjali Location Map

Date Location Aborigines involved Europeans involved Aboriginal Deaths reported
8 March 1840 the Hummocks near Wando Vale, known as Fighting Hills Konongwootong gundidj clan William Whyte, George Whyte, Prongle Whyte, James Whyte, John Whyte, and 3 employees: Daniel Turner, Benjamin Wardle, William Gillespie over 40 men, women and children and possibly up to 80 people
March 1840 Merino Downs Station, Wannon River Konongwootong gundidj clan George McNamara, hut-keeper 'Lanky Bill', sole survivor from the Fighting Hills massacre
1 April 1840 near Konongwootong reservoir, called Fighting Waterholes Konongwootong gundidj clan Station hands, employees of the Whyte brothers numerous old men, women and children
14 January 1840 Nangeela Station, Glenelg River clan unknown Robert Savage and captain HEP Dana two people
June - September 1840 The Grange, Southern Grampians (Gariwerd) Jardwadjali or Djab wurrung, unknown clans Charles Wedge and others 5 in June, 13 in August, 5 in September
1841 Junction of Glenelg and Wannon rivers Jardwadjali or Dhauwurd wurrung, unknown clans employees of Augustine Barton 17 people
August 1842 Tahara or Spring Valley stations Jardwadjali or Dhauwurd wurrung, unknown clan employees of Trevor Winter one person
6 August 1843 Victoria Range Jardwadjali, unknown clan HEP Dana and Native Police Corps 20 people
13 August 1843 near Mount Zero Jardwadjali, unknown clan HEP Dana and detachment of Native Police Corps at least 4 people
9 November 1843 Thomas Rickett's stations on Glenelg River near Harrow Jardwadjali, unknown clan Thomas Ricketts and employees 3 people
19 October 1844 country 40 km north of Longerenong station Jardwadjali, unknown clan Sergeant James Daplin, troopers Sparrow and Bushe of the Border Police, David Cameron 2 people - Jim Crow and Charlie
11 July 1845 unknown Jardwadjali, unknown clan HEP Dana and detachment of Native Police Corps three people
6 February 1846 Mullagh station, 11 km north of Harrow Jardwadjali, unknown clan employees of Walter Birmingham and Owen O'Reilly one person
October 1847 Mount Talbot Jardwadjali, unknown clan John Stockell one person
26 June 1849 Wannon river Jardwadjali, unknown clan James Lloyd, hut keeper for John Ralston, Roseneath station one person
1840-49 110 +++

Table source: Wikipedia
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