Save Ballerrt Mooroop College - Snap Protest 15th December

Proposed Motion:
Since 2008 the Koori Open Door Education (KODE) schools in Victoria have suffered a number of attacks that mirror attacks on Indigenous schools across the country.

Selfdetermining community schools are fundamental to "closing the gap" in educational disadvantage. The AEU Victoria supports the right of Koori students to attend well funded schools that cater to their particular needs and calls for the full, adequate support for a P-12 college for Melbourne Aboriginal students.

To ensure that this happens for the Ballerrt Mooroop school, the AEU demands that the department address and resolve the concerns of the Ballerrt Mooroop school concerns immediately:

•  AEU Branch Council opposes the planned demolition of the Ballerrt Mooroop
College gym and cultural sites. We demand that the Department of education and
State Government provide full support for Ballerrt Mooroop College to educate
Melbourne Aboriginal students.
•  The Glenroy Specialist School should also be provided with a suitable site to meet
its urgent special needs including easy access for buses and ambulances.
•  Consequently the AEU Branch Council endorses the Community Sit In at the
Ballert Mooroop College in Glenroy and will send a delegation and speaker to the
protest to support the school on the 15th of December at 5pm in Bourke St.

Aboriginal schools are again a site of assimilation.

Bilingual programs in the Northern Territory have been banned for the first four hours of school days in favour of 'mainstream curriculum'.

Now Victorian Aboriginal schools have had primary and VCE programs cut and must focus on transitioning students to 'mainstream schools'.

But mainstreaming doesn't work- insufficient support in mainstream schools for the particular disadvantage Aboriginal children experience and their failure to value culture, language and families were the very reason Koori schools were set up initially.

The Ballert Mooroop College is the last remaining Aboriginal school on Melbourne. The Education Department is planning to demolish the gym and cultural sites.

The Broadmeadows Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (BLAECG) is demanding:
Don't Demolish Our Gym
Proper Funding for facilties for health and culture
Allow increased enrolments of Koori Student
Rights to consultation and proper planning for the school.
Protest called by MAIC (Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective) and BLAECG

For more information
contact Jasmine Ali 0405 317 787 - Dotty Bamblett 0433 090 933