Set up your own Tent Embassy in solidarity with Canberra

Antar 26/01/2012

It started with an umbrella ... commemorating 40 years of the Aboriginal Embassy occupation:

12pm, 26 January 2012, Treasury Gardens, Melbourne.

January 26th, 2012, 'Survival day'/'Invasion Day'/'Australia Day', is the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Embassy’s occupation of the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

On that day in 1972, four young Aboriginal people from the Sydney Black Power movement set up a beach umbrella in front of the national parliament bearing the sign ‘Aboriginal Embassy’. They established what is now the longest continuous protest site in Australia.

ANTaR Victoria is joining in the 40th anniversary commemorations with our own gathering and tent/beach shelter action at this week's Share the Spirit festival.

Join in commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Embassy!
Fly the Aboriginal flag!
Announce your support of the Indigenous struggle!

Bring your dome tent or beach shelter along to the Share the Spirit festival, Treasury Gardens, Melbourne, Thursday 26th of January 2012, and attach an ‘Aboriginal Embassy’ sign and/or an Aboriginal flag. (No pegs please: dome style tents and shelters that just need to be weighted down are best.) The festival runs from 1pm-7pm. If you are bringing a tent to set up, please meet Clare, the ANTaR Vic representative, at the ANTaR Victoria stall at 12.30pm, so we can set up nice and early with no stress. If you are not bringing a tent but want to check out the festival, please do pop by the ANTaR Victoria stall any time between 1pm-7pm on the day to say hello.

Send a cheerio to the Embassy commemoration event in Canberra by calling 3CR on 03 9419 8377 between 1pm-4pm EST on 26 January.

If you are out of town camping or at the beach, attach a sign to your tent and email it to us for our online photo gallery! ANTaR Victoria:

Link to an A4 Aboriginal Embassy sign TENT EMBASSY SIGN DOWNLOAD which you can print out and use, or just make your own personal one and sticky tape it onto your tent or beach shelter!

In solidarity with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy commemoration in Canberra, we acknowledge and honour the ongoing struggle for genuine Indigenous land rights, and the aspiration to once again feel empowered as sovereign peoples within this ancient land.