Snap Action at Racist Book Launch in Melbourne

Snap Action was taken at the Book Launch of "Aboriginal Self-Determination: The Whiteman's Dream" at the Celtic Club, First Floor, 316-320 Queen Street on Monday 2nd May at 5:30pm

The evidence of the total failure of the NT Intervention mounts, but right wing ideologues like Gary Johns, Andrew Bolt and Bess Price defend its racist premise. Ons Monday 2nd May (evening) Andrew Bolt and Gary Johns were be openly calling for the destruction of Aboriginal culture and Aboriginal collective identity. They were launching "Aboriginal Self-Determination: The Whiteman's Dream". Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective (MAIC)

Johns argues that Aboriginal culture should be "relegated to museums and occasional ceremonies". He argues that Aboriginal communities should be dispersed and individuals should be forced to chase "market opportunities".

But we have seen efforts to destroy Aboriginal communities and culture before. From massacres to missions, from stolen generation right through to the NT Intervention- these are the policies that have created disadvantage and social disfunction- not the as-yet untested policy of self determination, or Aboriginal culture.

Walter Shaw, President of Tangentyere Council in Alice Springs, describes Intervention as "one of the most significant disasters in the history of interaction between Aboriginal Australia and Government since colonisation". Government stats show incarceration rates are up more than 20%, school attendance has declined in many places, suicide and self harm have increased and thousands of people have lost jobs as CDEP closes down. There are growing crises in urban centres as large numbers move in from the bush.

Join MAIC and let Macklin know that the "Concrete action" we want are jobs, houses, and funding for community controlled programs- not another assimilation policy. CONTACT Lucy 0404728104

Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective

Download, Print & Distribute: pdf Launch Action Leaflets pdf file