Solidarity with the persecuted Hickey family!

Protest Rally - Sydney
* May 23rd, 9:00am
Outside Parramatta Court
Corner George and Marsden Streets
* Time and date for Sydney Rally NOW CONFIRMED

Speak Out - Public meeting - Melbourne
Wednesday March 23rd, 7:00 pm
Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick - Read More
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Last September, Tisha, an Aboriginal woman living in the Western Sydney suburb of Riverstone held a party to celebrate her 21st birthday. On the pretext that the music at the party was too loud, Riverstone Police raided the family home and arrested Tisha and six of her relatives and friends and slapped them with trumped up charges of riot! They face a range of serious charges, including affray and assault of police officers.

Why did this happen? NSW police have a special hatred for Tisha's family. They are Hickeys - close relatives of TJ Hickey the 17 year-old killed by racist police in February 2004 after they chased him through the streets of Redfern when he was riding his bicycle. As a result of their defiant refusal to abandon the quest for justice for their beloved TJ, the Hickeys, from Redfern to Riverstone, have faced police harassment over the seven years.

Six of those charged in Riverstone appear in the Parramatta Court on 23 May. The date has now been changed to May 23rd from March 23rd because the police changed the trial date. This change of trial date appears to be an attempt by the NSW police to dissipate growing support for the family and to confuse people as to the rally date.

A solidarity rally will take place outside the Court. Tisha's Mum, Patricia Hickey says, "my family and I have had a lot of harassment from the police since this thing happened to TJ. We've had enough. We want it to stop and stop now before another Hickey dies in police custody. Please help us! Enough is enough."


Emrys Nekvapil, barrister representing Gail Hickey who lodged a complaint about the flawed investigation into to the death of TJ with the UN Human Rights Committee

Keith Kaulfuss, founding member of ISJA and tenacious grass roots activist

Chaired by Alison Thorne, unionist and socialist feminist fighting to stop deaths in custody since 1983

This meeting will provide attendees an opportunity to show their solidarity
Wednesday 23 March, 7:00 pm
Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Light supper served.
The meeting is free and a collection will be taken to support the ongoing campaign to stop Aboriginal deaths in custody.

Hosted by the Indigenous Social Justice Association - Melbourne

For more information call 9388-0062 or e-mail

For more information about the campaign on this site, including images

To donate to assist our work, send cheques or money orders payable to ISJA to PO Box 308, Brunswick Vic 3056.

pdf Poster Download - Print & Distribute
Gail Hickey's barrister speak in Melbourne - Poster

Rally - Sydney

Drop All charges against those arrested at Tish's 21st
Stop persecuting The Hickey Family

Rally 9am, Monday, May 23rd
Outside Parramatta Court (Corner George and Marsden Streets) CONFIRMED

Tisha was having at twenty-first birthday party. The police raided her home in Western Sydney under the bogus pretext that the music was too loud. They crushed Tisha, tore off her belly button ring, lifted up her skirt and inappropriately touched her and left her with bruises on her stomach, arms and legs. Moreover, after all this they arrested Tisha and five of her close relatives as well as a family friend and slapped them all with serious but utterly false riot charges.

The real reason for the police raid is that Tisha and her family are Aboriginal and poor. Australian police are often hostile to the poor and are notorious for downright racist brutality towards Aboriginal people. Furthermore, NSW police have a special hatred for Tisha’s family. You see, they are Hickeys: close relatives of TJ Hickey the 17 year-old boy who was killed by racist police in February 2004 after police chased him through the streets of Redfern when he was riding his bicycle. As a result of their defiant refusal to abandon the quest for justice for their beloved TJ, the Hickeys, from Redfern to Riverstone, have faced police harassment over the last seven years.

However, this tyranny is about to be challenged. When Tisha and the other adults who were arrested at her party go to court for the start of their trial her family’s supporters, trade unionists and all those who hate injustice are going to be rallying outside the courthouse to demand the dropping of all charges against those arrested.

We will also make clear our opposition to police violence – violence that is especially aimed against Aboriginal people but which also targets other non-white communities, anti-racist activists, the poor and striking workers manning picket lines.



Mountainbilly Law

anomymous user comment

So injury is wiped out by reconciliation !

time for police brutality to be held accountable

User Contribution

if there is failure to reconcile this issue with the corruption of police brutality and the government institutions then we take this issue to a higher level....start voting Michael Eckford and peole who have people's interests at heart... let's start the dialogue and the peace process and justice for a long time to come....self empowerment for politicians policies and then if you elect them and they do not deliver, look for alternatives...kill racism....

TJ Hickey Plaque - Poster

By Ray Jackson, President, Indigenous Social Justice Association.

attached is a colour version of the tj hickey plaque that was donated by the uts atsi students that was to be attached to the concrete block wall below the spiked metal fence on which tj became impaled on the first anniversary of his death. that was in 2004.

now in 2011 the redfern police and the waterloo dept. of housing continue to deny the hickey family, including his father, ian west, the dignity of placing a memorial to their son to better honour his memory.

the redfern police are oppossed to the words on the plaque stating that tj died as a 'result of a police pursuit'.

they want the wording to reflect that tj died as the result of a 'tragic accident' thus cleansing their participation in the events leading to his death.

the time whereby police could just rewrite history is over. we must be allowed to honour tj. the plaque must be allowed to be fixed to the concrete wall.

we ask that you print out the poster, in colour if possible, and place it, and others, in suitable places.

we also ask that you contact superintendant luke freudenberg on and inform him of your support for the plaque to be finally placed on the concrete wall. also contact the dept. of housing on 1300 468 746 24 hours a day to request that they ignore the police direction and allow the plaque to be placed.

together we can make change.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association.

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