Sovereignty re-asserted ... don't wait for the Government

... The Aboriginal Embassy was obviously an embarrassment to the Australian Government - it was concrete evidence of the Government's racist policies toward the original inhabitants of this land. If the Government is embarrassed, why not improve the position of Aborigines by granting land rights and human rights to them, instead of pushing them into the background and denying them a viable form of protest ...

This is a couple of paragraphs from one of the many letters sent to the Prime Minister in 1972 - 40 years have now passed as nothing much has changed.

40 years ago there was a smaller list of Deaths in Custody, much less sacred land had been raped, and the Northern Territory Intervention was not in place etc ... and I think the ABC Radio and TV reporting was a bit more balanced in their news reporting back then...

Rt Hon McMahon CH MP
To the Prime Minister

Dear Sir,
I am deeply shocked by the performance of your government and the police in the disgraceful performance outside Parliament House this morning.

Can you not see that you are provoking the Aboriginal people of this country to violence? You sir, are creating hatred in the hearts of many Australians.

How long will it be before your government acts responsibly and act for the Aboriginal people instead of against them.

Ian L Dalziell