Waywurru and Dhudhuroa people support Lake Tyers


Lake Tyers protest 1963

Blockade at Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust Press Release from Aboriginal Women

8 March 2011

The Senior Chair of the Dhudhuroa Native Title Group Mr Gary Murray and the grandson of the prominent leader Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls said today that; "Almost fifty years ago in the 1960's Lake Tyers Men (see photo) led by Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls JP.MBE.OAM,KCVO and Bapa Mamus and former Governor of South Australia marched on the Victorian Parliament to protest about the conditions and proposed sale of Lake Tyers.

The Waywurru and Dhudhuroa Traditional Owners from North East Victoria particularly our women stand with and strongly support the Blockade by Aboriginal Women who have placed a blockade on government mission managers.

The State is breaching the human rights of the Lake Tyers residents and it is time all Traditional Owners stood up and questioned why government mission managers have created conflict and division in our communities. There needs to be a Parliamentary Inquiry into bureaucratic racism, lateral violence, social justice and the mismanagement of Aboriginal Affairs in this state Mr Murray said."

The Chair of the Waywurru Native Title Group Margaret Gardiner stated that; "Our People have an international and Australian right to determine how they manage local community affairs. For too long the State has paternalistically managed Lake Tyers from the bureaucratic ivory towers of Spring Street in Melbourne creating social and human rights injustices.

We do not have to go to the Northern Territory to criticise the new style of racist intervention policies, we can see this one hour flying time east of the Victorian Parliament. Our groups support the Lake Tyers womens blockade and encourage all Indigenous groups to support and resource the protests."

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