Invasion Day 2009 Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Samantha's words at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra, Australia 2009.

The sovereignty of Aboriginal people in Australia was never ceded! There must be a treaty NOW!

The Tent Embassy promotes Australian Aboriginal Sovereignty. Their demands includ land rights and mineral rights to Aboriginal lands, legal and political control of certain sacred sites, and compensation for land that they claim was stolen. Their demands have been consistently rebuffed by past and current governments.

It has also been used as a site for protesting against other issues, such as against uranium mining at Jabiluka in the Northern Territory during the 90s. Currently, Elders such as Uncle Neville Williams, from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy are working to protect traditional Wiradjuri land in Western N.S.W at Lake Cowal which is in the process of being mined for gold.

The group describes itself as an embassy, a designation the Australian government objects to. The group claims to represent a displaced nation of peoples, unjustly occupied by the Australian government. The subject remains controversial in Australian politics.

There have been a number of suspicious fires at the site, with the most devastating being the loss of 31 years of records when the container burnt down in June 2003.