Invasion Day. Survival Day by Robbie Thorpe Part 1

Invasion Day - Robbie Speech Part 2
Content and Audio Source: by Takver Saturday January 27, 2007

"It's great to see all you people here today. It tells me things are starting to change for Aboriginal people. Starting to deal with the real issues. The real issues are genocide of the indigenous people. The illegal occupation; the secret war; the illegal invasion. And how all of our people, including aboriginal people, are the beneficiaries of this crime. That's what is going on. A common denominator that what happened in Palm Island with Deaths in Custody ... "

" ... Where is the treaty? Where is the document of consent? It's an illegal occupation. It is war. Ongoing undeclared secret war that's going on. Look at the stats. On the well being of aboriginal people; by any social indicator, you can't come to any other conclusion. That it's genocide."

"Australia escaped the genocide convention for fifty years. The rest of the civilized world adopted it in 1949. Ask Robert Menzies and his party the Labor/Liberal Party. It doesn't make any difference. They're the same. Their racist, they're illegally occupying our land and they're raping it. They're butchering this land. Destroying it. Trying to stand up gives me a little bit of heart. Glad we hung in there for aboriginal people ... There is a lot of spark they tried to take off us. Everything. You destroyed our land. You've taken everything off us: our children, our wages, you name it. Have a good look. I'm hurtin' by this group of people here." pointing to parliament.

"What we need. Aboriginal people need a treaty in this country. We need this war to be recognised and ended ... ."

"Instead of celebrating the invasion help us stop this war and we can have a real day to celebrate together. Inclusive of all people in this country ... "

" ... This criminal genocide. I don't know what we need to say. It's pretty clear to me, and I'm a person from the streets, I can see what's going on here. People are living in denial. Their ignorant. Why? We're the most documented people on the face of the earth. Researched."

Pointing to Parliament house he said "This warehouse is full of information about what happened in this country. Who is Major Mitchell, Who is Lieutenant Collins? That's what these streets are named after. They're military people. Who butchered aboriginal people; who dropped weapons of mass destruction on us - namely biological warfare - smallpox. After being massacred, we lived in concentration camps for generations."

"What can't you see - Take the wool out of your eyes - I know you lived on the sheep's back, but get the wool out of your eyes, or end up getting slaughtered like 'em."

"You've got to break free Australia because your freedom is tied up with ours too - and we've got a just cause - get behind us, because we've got the law on our side, not these evil racist regimes who bred pigs who murder aboriginal people. You see it going on for a long time ... ."

" ... We've been butchered all over the place. There are more massacre sites in Victoria than what there is in Cambodia - Get real Australia - Wake up - It's simple - Support the aboriginal people's cause. That's the flag to get behind. That one there!" pointing to the aboriginal land rights flag. "That's the law. It comes from the creator - It's not man made; it's not woman made - And it's not made by these evil fascists." indicating Parliament house towering above us. "Who breed racists pigs. Same with the education system. I'm sure you learnt nothing about the history of this country, like me."

"Thank you very much for listening and thank you for your support."