One of the most significant land justice and cultural heritage battles in Victoria's history

Ballerrt Mooroop College - Major Public Meeting - Sunday 22 May 2011
at the Gathering Place in the School

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Gary Murray - Dhudhuroa Member VTOLJG

This is one of the most significant land justice and cultural heritage battles in Victoria's history. It's not just about the Ballerrt Mooroop College in Wurundjeri Country at Glenroy.

There are four Indigenous schools located in Nyeri Nyeri (Two Rivers College, Mildura), Wamba Wamba (Payika College, Swan Hill), Gunaikurnai (Woolum Bellum College, Morwell) and Country. All schools have operated in various forms since 1995 (sixteen years ago). That is four valuable land assets owned by the State and controlled by Aboriginal School Councils along with reportedly $5m annually of State education operational and program funds. Each school has a huge potential to link up with Traditional Owners and to expand into world first class education and cultural precincts for local Communities.

The four schools are registered as Koorie Pathway Schools enrolling "disengaged" students for Year 7 and to year 10 only, which is an issue in its own right given our birth to death educational philosophy.

Attached is the Draft Master Architectural Site Plan concept for Ballerrt Mooroop College at Glenroy which requires lots of support from all interested parties. A major Public Meeting is being organised for Sunday 22 May 2011 at the Gathering Place in the School.

Are we going to allow the State to remove the land assets and the program funds from the Victorian Aboriginal community, that is the question for pro land and heritage groups? There is a review on the schools planned for the end of 2011 and already there are rumours circulating that each school is to be closed and our students assimilated into mainstream schools rather than, allowing local Communities to maintain control and grow a better culturally relevant educational program from early childhood to year 12.

It is important that groups like NTSV, VTOLJG and local TOGs buy into the the cultural and educational issues given the priority we all identify in our native title, land justice and cultural heritage aspirations. Ditto the VAHC?

It is therefore requested that NTSV/VTOLJG develop a submission ASAP about the current Horan Inquiry (submissions in by 18 May 2011) and the longterm future of all four schools.

Please ensure that this issue is on the agenda for the VTOLJG meeting. We invite all supporters of land justice and cultural heritage protection to write submissions to the Commonwealth via Chris Horan Barrister (Public Notice and Terms of Reference attached). The inquiry is as much about anthropology as it is about black letter heritage protection law i.e. the State's failure to respect and recognise the spiritual and physical relationships between our Ancestors and Descendant Clans traditions, customs, observances and beliefs in a contemporary situation.

Obviously the human rights and educational aspirations of our People are also being trampled on by an uneducated bureaucracy and, given the State's watered down position on native title settlements, Indigenous rights and programs is this state are at the crossroads! Your responses and support for the Master Plan would be appreciated.

See Yaalong the Rivers and Lakes, in the Mallee, Up the Mountain or in the Big Smoke,

Gary Murray
Dhudhuroa Member VTOLJG

Enquiries Mobile 0415 683 202
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"Education, Culture and Land Go Hand and in Hand..."
(c.1981 John Harding, Tom Smith and Gary Murray VAECG)


the state is a fabrication.

anomymous user comment

the state is a fabrication. it does not exist because this is land that belongs to the ancestors and the next of as black people should not have to answer to 'the state' what a stupid concept. take back your land with the help of white people. this is outdated. british american chinese and anybody else can bugger off. Start your own independant political parties and get the support of the people. That is the only sane way for black and white people. 'mental reform'? all over the media recently with the Get Up campaign. what a joke. they just wanna get ya from young so that they control you trust left with the white australian government. they should not be forcing people into work. people choose their own work. a society ought be left to develop organically and not imposed upon as is happening now 'a la american'. This is a most corrupted sense of what community and healthy living is about.

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