The Other Side of the Coin

We have to stop the creation of another Stolen Generation

Last month, friends from a remote community in the Northern Territory called me in shock. Police had turned up unannounced with child protection workers to take a young child from a local family. The child was driven many hundreds of kilometres away and placed in a non-Indigenous foster home. The grounds for removal were a “mandatory report” from the local clinic that the child was losing weight. Clinic staff said no support had been offered to the family before removal.

... Sorry Day (May 26) was the anniversary of the 'Bringing Them Home Report' in 1997 ...

Kidney disease in First Nations people perpetuates poverty

The recent death of the lead singer of Yothu Yindi, is a high-profile example of an event all too common for First Nations people.

Older First Nations people (40 to 60 yo) are more than 15 times more likely to die of kidney disease that others. This is an age that’s normally the prime of life. Not only is it a tragedy for the individuals involved but has a much wider effect on the community as the Elders are a major source of knowledge and stability.

Two health and reproductive researchers in NSW publish a report.

Coranderrk: First Nations Farmers and Market Gardeners

Coranderrk was a First Nations Australian mission station set up in 1863 to provide land under the policy of concentration following European dispossessed.

The people at Coranderrk successful ran an enterprise selling wheat, hops and crafts to the growing market of Melbourne. Their produce won first prize at the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1872.

Because of the faming success, the Aboriginal Protection Board started moving people away from the land. This was supported by the general community as "the land was too valuable for Aboriginals".

The Contrarian: Liberation through acquisition

Mr Noel Pearson is apparently unkindly referred to by many in Aboriginal communities around Australia as the 'Cape York Cane Cane Toad', he nevertheless is a popular man among the strange and disparate collection of his white acolytes in Melbourne.

His launch of Prof Langton's Boyer Lectures book was held at University of Melbourne so one would not have expected many Aboriginal people to be in attendance because of the location alone. But even if it had been held at the Aborigines Advancement League I doubt whether the attendance of blackfellas would have been much higher than the three or four who turned up at Melbourne uni (and of those 4 who were at the book launch two of them were Marcia and Noel). ... Gary Foley

Australia's boom is anything but for its Aboriginal people

At airports passengers are greeted by banners with pictures of smiling Aboriginal faces in hard hats, promoting the plunderers of their land. "This is our story," says the slogan. It isn't.

Barely a fraction of mining, oil and gas revenue has benefited Aboriginal communities, whose poverty is an enduring shock. In Roebourne, in the mineral-rich Pilbara, 80% of the children suffer from an ear infection called otitis media, which can cause partial deafness. Or they go blind from preventable trachoma. Or they die from Dickensian infections. That is their story ... John Pilger writes in UK's 'The Guardian'

The Murrawarri Republic sovereignty declaration

On the 30th March 2013, Murrawarri people from the Culgoa River region of northern New South Wales declared their Sovereignty of their lands under the name of the Murrawarri Republic.

In a formal declaration the peoples of the Murrawarri Republic attested that they have never ceded their Sovereignty, Dominion or Ultimate Title over their ancient homeland nor did they give permission for the colonisers to enter their ancient land and for their mother earth to be violated through progressive illegal acts, practices or policies of the British Crown, Former British Colonies, The state of New South Wales and Queensland or the Australian Federal governments.

Inside the killing fields of Queensland

Illustation: Michael Perkins Source: The Australian

Richard Fotheringham The Australian
06 October 2010

The discovery of a memoir by Steele Rudd's father sheds light on the murderous collision between settlers and Aborigines on the Darling Downs

Euopean settlement in Australia was bloody brutal. The idea that on small or imagined provocation you had to kill Aborigines indiscriminately was tacitly acknowledged throughout the immigrant rural communities: "how else could the land be made safe for settlers and their families?"

Here is a book review that reveals a few historical records of southern Queensland's frontier wars. An uncomfortable silence still hangs over the most controversial issue in Australian colonial history.

Brisbane Sovereign Embassy warriors found 'Not Guilty'

The three warriors from the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy, arrested last December for defending the sacred fire were found not guilty today in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Police offered no evidence against Wayne Wharton, Boe Skuthorpe-Spearim and Hamish Chitts. This was in stark contrast to the period since their arrest where police first imposed draconian bail conditions which prevented the three from participating in cultural and religious ceremony and then wasted court time and tax payer money trying to keep the bail conditions in place. Eventually after three court appearances the bail conditions were dropped.

Canada is Dissolved - A Legal Notice

A Legal Notice to all Agents of the so-called Crown of England and Elizabeth Windsor, and to all Canadians

A Public Notice is issued to the Members of the Parliament of Canada, the Canadian judiciary, the governmental civil service, and the active serving members of all Canadian police and military forces, as well as to all citizens of Canada:

1. On February 25, 2013, a lawfully constituted Common Law Court of Justice found Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England and Head of State of Canada and its churches, guilty as charged of Crimes against Humanity in Canada and of engaging in a Criminal Conspiracy to conceal Genocide ...

How Bob Hawke killed land rights

Gary Foley speaks of the period between 1983 and 1996 when the Hawke-Keating Labor government killed off the move for national land rights

He said in a 'Tracker' article that one of the greatest acts of political bastardry in Australian history, Bob Hawke personally removed land rights from the national political agenda in 1984.

It remains one of the greatest acts of political bastardry in Australian history and he did it at the behest of, arguably, the most corrupt politician in recent Australian history.