The Sovereignty Debate - Aboriginal and White Australia

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This is not a debate about the legitimacy of either or ... This is a debate about the need to conclude a messy and genocidal history. It is about working together to get it right and to settle grievances and disputes in a fair and just manner.

It can become ugly, but only if the dominant society rejects outright our legitimate claim to continuing sovereignty and dominion over our lands, natural resources and the naturally occurring biodiversity.

Michael Anderson presents a case for debate

Who deleted the phrase 'her heirs and successors'?

Pacific Islanders Protection Act

Michael Anderson visited the 'Office of Parliamentary Counsel' in Whitehall and was shocked to discover that the official record of the original 'Pacific Islanders Protection Act 1875' had been doctored. It is clear that someone did not want the real Act circulating.

Advice from London is that the intentions of the UK Parliament and the Order in Council is beyond doubt in its intent and purpose to commit the heirs and successors to uphold this law as part of the Australian colonial law. This will be one of the key topics at the 40th Tent Embassy in January.

The defining phase in our struggle: Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson - Occupy London

Press Release - London - 13 Dec 2011
We now fight for what is right. We no longer fight for a theory. This is no longer a case of 'what ifs'. It is about taking hold of our future and taking responsibility for it.

It is our sovereign inherent right from time immemorial to take back that which is rightfully ours. This can be achieved by peaceful means, but we are realists and acknowledge that the Australian State's fear will cause them to dig into their trenches and attempt to use force to suppress our rightful endeavours.

Indigenous sovereignty confirmation expected soon

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson writes that the High Court Mabo judgment (No. 2) gives Aborigines rights in ownership and title to all Crown lands in Australia, affirmed from the Order in Council from England in 1875 through the Pacific Islanders Protection Act.

"As Peoples it is now imperative that we unite and rebuild as sovereign independent nations, in order to claim our sovereign title and rights throughout Australia. This will be a major political and legal fight, but it is our future for not just us, but for our children and our grandchildren."

Leading activist presents Indigenous sovereignty case

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson, Aboriginal activist and trained lawyer, has gone to England to further research the details of Queen Victoria's promise to Aborigines that they would keep their lands, law and leaders, which is still on the British statute books.

The British parliament have in their statute books an act that recognises the continuance of Aboriginal sovereignty and dominion over our people and lands. This is a major political and legal blunder on the part of the Australians and the British.

Mr Anderson did not go to International Court of Justice in 'The Hague', Netherlands - as was previously advised!

Aboriginal Tent Embassy - Canberra January 2012

Aboriginal Tent Embassy 2012 - Video

Indigenous elders invite all Aboriginal people, supporters and other members of the general public, to come together at the 'Aboriginal Tent Embassy' site, on Thursday 26th January 2012, to celebrate 'Sovereignty Day' and be part of the Sacred Fire Ceremonial Gathering that will mark 40 years since the first protest on the site.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy Organiser's for the 40th Anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra have released two audio's and a video for a call out to all nations, brothers and sisters. The organiser's request you help distribute them widely by using your networks.

AGENDA DOWNLOAD pdf 2012 Tent Embassy - Agenda (73k) pdf file - RELATED DOWNLOADS

Government slammed over bill to expand welfare quarantining


The Federal Government has introduced legislation to extend 'welfare quarantining' - a system introduced under the Howard Government's highly controversial Northern Territory intervention - but peak welfare Not for Profits want the legislation withdrawn.

Some 26 Aboriginal peak bodies, community welfare and public health groups are calling on the Government to withdraw the income-management legislation and opt for a new direction in policies affecting Australian Aborigines based on cooperation, not 'intervention'. - 3 Articles + Youtube 'Protest'

Sam Watson: We need a new royal commission into black deaths in custody

Sam Watson

November 19th marked the seventh anniversary of "the police murder of Mulrunji Doomadgee on Palm Island", says Sam Watson, a prominent Queensland Murri leader and Socialist Alliance member.

"To this day, the police officer who admitted his actions had directly caused the death of Mulrunji on November 19, 2004 - Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley - is still a free man. Our commemoration is also intended to condemn the many Aboriginal deaths since the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody handed down its report in 1991", Sam told Green left Weekly.

 'The Tall Man' - Trailer Cameron Doomadgee was found dead in the Palm Island police station

Case: Non-compliance to voting on jurisdiction grounds

The Crown versus Kaulfuss is a case where a Melbourne man has informed the Australian Electoral Commission of his conscientious decision not to vote at the 2011 Federal Election.

His principle reason given for this decision is that the Commonwealth of Australia has no jurisdiction or authority to enforce him to vote as Aboriginal people have never ceded sovereignty.

He points out that the High Court rejected the doctrine of Terra Nullius that Cook had used in 1770 to claim this land and he refers to 'Cook's Secret Documents'.

When medicine doesn't work, double the dose

Jenny Macklin - Adapted from Bill Leak Cartoon

Jenny Macklin's Indigenous policies are still failing miserably around Australia, the proportion of Aborigines attending school in 2010 was lower than it was in 2007- including NT intervention communities.

Macklin cutting welfare to enforce school attendance only reinforces the disadvantages of the families, and the children within them.

By tying welfare benefits to school attendance, she seems to be happy that truants are sicker, poorer, and more malnourished, as well as the worst-educated in the community. - 4 Articles

Linking welfare with school attendance - ABC 7.30 Report 14th November 2011 Linking welfare with school attendance ABC 7.30 Report 14th November 2011