The Other Side of the Coin

Langton slams thinking people and praises mining giants

Indigenous leader Marcia Langton and the ABC have defended a lack of disclosure over last year's Boyer Lectures, despite tens of thousands of dollars in cash for Langton's academic research being sourced from resources giants Rio Tinto, Woodside and Santos.

The Five Boyers were delivered late last year by Langton by the ABC and beamed around the country on Radio National.

They argued the boom had substantively benefited indigenous communities, with Langton lauding the work of a number of corporate giants for providing job opportunities and friendly chop-outs.

One lecture featured a full frontal attack on the "conceit" of anti-mining greenies.

Recognition Bill forced on First Nations people against their will

On February 7 the Australian Senate will vote on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Recognition Bill 2012 despite overwhelming opposition to constitutional inclusion by the majority of Aboriginal people and the government's own acknowledgement that the proposed changes to the constitution would be rejected by a referendum.

“This shows the paternalistic contempt that the Federal Government and politicians have for Aboriginal people has not changed in 112 years,” said Kooma man, Wayne Wharton, of the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy.

Brisbane Protest - Wednesday February 6 at Wayne Swan's electoral office at 8am
(1162 Sandgate Rd, Nundah)

Land Rights at Risk!

On Thursday 31st January 2013 a Labor Member made a public announcement stating:

"Attention: The Parliament will vote on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Recognition Bill 2012 on Wednesday 13 February. If you are able to attend it would be great to have as many people there as possible. Please also forward this on to your networks."

The Government who dropped plans of a Referendum because Jenny Macklin thought that Australians 'couldn't be trusted to make the right decision' has decided to run with a 'Dictatorship' amendment rather than a 'Democratic' procedure.

Original sovereigns' claim on Musgrave Park to be tested in court

Original Sovereign People's claim over a section of Brisbane's Musgrave Park could soon be tested in court for the first time.

The area in question is a small parcel of land within the park, listed on Brisbane City Council documents as 'Area C' in a Deed of Grant in Trust (Dogit), which the Beattie government issued in 1999.

The small area, which is where the Sovereign Aboriginal Embassy was established in March last year, is listed as "for Aboriginal purposes and no other purpose".

However police, under the direction of the Brisbane City Council, moved in to evict the tent embassy and its supporters from the site.

Jail rate for First Nations children is soaring

Aboriginal youth repeat offender

Figures show that the number of First Nations children being jailed is rising enormously, as the tide of social dysfunction in urban and regional centres has never been properly addressed.

More than 250 indigenous youth in northwestern New South Wales have been sentenced to juvenile prison terms during the past five years compared with only 12 non-indigenous children, The Australian newspaper reported.

Figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show the national rate of First Nations juvenile incarceration has risen to 31 times the non-indigenous rate and rising.

Original sovereign man wrongly arrested and force fed medication

Police arrested an innocent First Nations man and dropped him off at a psychiatric institute in Western Australia who shot him up with so many drugs he had to be taken to a hospital in dire need of medical attention.

The Graylands Psychiatric Hospital staff didn't bother checking him out properly and gave him very powerful anti-psychotic medications which caused the man to develop severe adverse reactions and was treated for medication poisoning.

Whitefellas fail to grasp reality

As Tony Abbott dug himself in deeper trying to escape his remarks about "authentic Aborigines" last week, his comments were revealing. The way he described Aboriginality had a significance that went beyond rudeness or violating political correctness.

White settlers have described Aboriginal people in a variety of ways over the years, and it has always served a political purpose. Aboriginal people were described as "dangerous savages" when a rationale was needed to shoot them to clear them off the land. On the other hand, they were described as "passive natives" who had quietly given up their lands and died out due to disease when we needed to justify their decimated numbers to the rest of the world ...

Police arrest Brisbane Sovereign Embassy supporters in midnight raid

Three people have been arrested during an angry clash between police and Aboriginal protesters at the Brisbane tent embassy overnight.

The council shut down the embassy site at Musgrave Park in South Brisbane yesterday afternoon.

Later in the evening, a smaller group of Indigenous embassy supporters returned to Musgrave Park, set up tents and restarted two sacred fires.

About 50 police, firefighters and council workers arrived soon after and made a move on the group around midnight.

Australian slavery buried in Queensland mass grave

Marty Silk AAP Herald Sun December 07, 2012

Hidden under an old cane plantation outside the Queensland sugar city of Bundaberg lies an awful secret.

Beyond the weeping fig trees the bodies of 29 South Sea Islanders are buried in an unmarked grave.

Local Islander leader Matthew Nagas says they could be his ancestors.

And he believes they were probably worked to death "like pieces of machinery".

Brisbane Sovereign Embassy to be shut down

The Indigenous tent embassy at South Brisbane's Musgrave Park is set to be shut down.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the move was supported at "a special meeting of elders" on Wednesday.

Wayne Wharton has written to Cr Quirk expressing his "absolute disgust" that the Lord Mayor "would seek to move against the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy". (Copy of letter included with article)