Families seek recognition for Aboriginal soldiers

Families seek recognition for Aboriginal soldiers
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A ceremony was held at the War Memorial in Melbourne to honour Indigenous family members who fought in the two world wars.

Mr John Lovett, the son of returned soldier Herbert Lovell, said that he believes that fighting in the wars gave Aboriginal people some equality that they didn't experience back in Australia.

... Returned Aboriginal solders were not allocated soldier settlement blocks, although non-Aboriginals were, and it is also believed that the black trackers sent to the Boer War were unable to return home after the war due to the White Australia Policy.

Request for Support for Prescribed Area Peoples' Alliance

Gathering - Darwin June 19-20th 2011
Protest Rally: 21st June 2011


I'm Barbara Shaw and I live at Mt Nancy, Central Australia, one of the 'prescribed areas' under the NTER (Intervention). For nearly 4 years the Intervention Rollback Action Group (IRAG) has been working to support and advocate for Aboriginal people living under the NTER legislation.

The intervention has failed and conditions for Aboriginal people across the NT continue to worsen. The only way to improve the lives of our people is for us to take control and be empowered to find solutions to issues affecting us.

Ballerrt Mooroop Protest & Opening of Ceremonial Ground

An Official Opening of the Ballerrt Mooroop College Ceremonial Ground will be held on Sunday 29th May at 12:30pm.

You are invited join us for Smoking Ceremony, Traditional Dance followed by BBQ lunch and community meeting to discuss future developments in saving the school's vital infrastructure and spiritual space.

The College received a letter from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development that the fence will be going back in preparation for the undertaking of work on adjacent Specialist School site. The College was advised that their Gymnasium will not be accessable from 31st May 2011 ... and will be demolished.

Location: 208 Hilton Street, Glenroy         Facebook FOLLOW

Call for help: Ballerrt Mooroop school Land Grab

Ballerrt Mooroop College Logo

Dotty Mamblett, The School Council President of the Ballerrt Mooroop College is requesting help and stresses the urgency!

Dotty said that the Education Department has met with the school Council Sub-Committee and has announced that nothing has changed and the GSS plans for using Indigenous college land will continue as previously announced.

"I am a mother, carer and aunt to 10 children and cannot fight it on my own," she said.

Australia's human rights under UN spotlight ... again

Navi Pillay

Northern Territory Aboriginal leaders have told a senior United Nation official that "things have gotten worse" since the Howard government's intervention.

UN high commissioner of human rights Navi Pillay is visiting Australia as a guest of government to assess whether the country is complying with its international obligations.

Ms Pillay will hold a more formal media conference in Canberra on Wednesday, when she is expected to outline her opinion.

'Welcome to Country' scrapped by Victorian Premier

On the eve of the Indigenous celebrations 'National Reconciliation Week', 'The Long Walk' and the AFL 'Indigenous Round', Premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu, has scrapped the Labor party protocol which acknowledges traditional Aboriginal land owners and their elders past and present at public events. Wurrundjeri elder Aunty Joy Murphy said she was 'disappointed' about the news and the timing of the announcement, adding she thought the acknowledgement to the traditional Aboriginal land owners was 'common courtesy.' - but of-course former Premier Jeff Kennett disagreed.

On the 'Mornings with Sally Warhaft' program (ABC Radio 744) interviews were conducted with Auntie Joy Murphy, Michael Long, Steve Bracks and others - including listener comments.

AUDIO Audio file Aunty Joy Murphy, Richard Wynne, Jeff Kennett ABC 744 - mp3 file
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Aboriginal populations were growing before invasion

Despite the problem of lost archaeological evidence, a new study suggests Australia's Aboriginal populations experienced accelerated growth in the 5,000-year period before European settlement. This research could help resolve a debate in Australian archaeology circles about the nature of prehistoric Aboriginal population trends and shed light into how land management techniques changed the continent's environmental history.

"A lot of Australians have a view of aboriginal history as something that was changeless for thousands of years," Christopher Johnson, a wildlife ecologist said. "Our results imply that aboriginal societies and cultures were dynamic and changing before the arrival of Europeans."

Elder tells UN's Highest Authority about 'racist' intervention

Geneva: Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra OAM, senior elder and Dhurili Clan leader of the Yolngu peoples of Northeast Arnhem Land, has met privately with the highest authority on human rights at the United Nations, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay.

At the top of their agenda was the ongoing Northern Territory Intervention, which has been heavily criticized by the United Nations Committee on the Convention to Eliminate Racial Discrimination, the UN Human Rights Committee and the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights. This meeting precedes the UN high commissioner's trip to Australia next week to examine the current human rights situation.

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