Aboriginal elder raising awareness of abuse

Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra OAM
Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra OAM

Eminent Aboriginal elder goes to London to raise awareness of human rights abuses against Australia's First Peoples

Faced with deliberate attempts by the Australian Government to marginalize Aboriginal people from their resource-rich lands, as well as disempower their traditional leaders and suppress Indigenous languages in schools, Australia's First Peoples are on the brink of cultural genocide. The time has come for the world to listen to their cry for freedom.

Rev. Dr. Djiniyini Gondarra OAM, will be traveling to London and Geneva to raise international awareness of his peoples' situation. UK Media

The Dollar versus Aboriginal Culture and the Environment

Billion Dollar Battle Video

Goolarabooloo Law man Joseph Rowe said he will continue his opposition to the Kimberley Gas Hub following the loss of his court appeal - and after a majority of the other Indigenous land claimants signing away the highly significant cultural site to the Woodside consortium for one of the largest gas processing plants in world.

The general focus is now on environmental issues and whether Woodside can convince the investors to go ahead following some cold feet. The project still needs approvals from the Federal Government through the environmental and heritage processes.

Federal court dismisses gas hub appeal - Site to be desecrated

Joe Rowe, who was passed down the law for sacred Kimberley coastal land, fought with everything he had to stop the largest Australian gas hub being built on the site. However, many other Indigenous land claimants were enticed to sign on the dotted line for the rewards of one of most significant native title agreements in Australian history - worth $1.5 billion.

The money will be spent on much needed health, schools and grass roots enterprise developments for Aboriginal people of the area to begin their slow climb out of poverty and disadvantage. These basic infrastructures would have already been in place if it wasn't for negligence and the racist policies of current and past governments.

Lake Tyers Campaign Continues

SBS Living BlackLake Tyers 'Restore the Limited Autonomy'
on Living Black - SBS ONE
Sunday 8th May, 4:30pm
Repeats: Monday 12:30am & 5:30pm, Tuesday & Friday 3pm on SBS ONE. Monday 6pm on SBS TWO
Loss of Trust sbs.com.au

Royal Wedding, Censorship, Holocaust Commission & Holocaust Denial

The recent British Royal Wedding ignores its immense genocidal crimes over the last few centuries ... The invasion of Australia in 1788 led to European settlement of Australia and the Aboriginal Genocide in which the Indigenous Australian population fell from about 1 million in 1788 to 0.1 million a century later.

... We all wish Kate and William a very happy marriage. However one hopes that even before they are Queen and King of England they will make some Amends for the dreadful catalogue of British mass murder and holocaust ignoring ... Dr Gideon Polya (Countercurrents)

Pearson finally distinguishes his NQ Intervention from the NT Intervention

Noel Pearson: ... 'The first difference is that in Cape York (NQ) the reform agenda has been the initiative of Aboriginal leaders and the policy proposals have come from the Cape York Institute, not from government. The Northern Territory policy is unilaterally decided by government. A second difference is that in Cape York the reform agenda is being implemented in large part by Aboriginal leaders and organisations ... whereas in the Territory it is almost exclusively a government-run show.

... If people are being responsible (NQ), they are not affected by income management.' (Extract) Fr Frank Brennan 'Eureka Street'

Worksafe, Warburton Elder, Death in custody rather than workplace related death

It is arguable whether the 46 year old respected Warburton Elder died within the limitation of a workplace death. The Elder was not an employee of G4S or of the Department of Corrective Services. He was in their duty of care ...
... without justice being served substantively through the criminal justice system we shall not have changes to legislation, processes to ensure accountability and to deter criminal and other negligence by personnel from the police and DCS and from those they contract out to, we shall not diminish zero-tolerance practices and outrageous behaviours and disregard for humanity ... Gerry Georgatos (Indymedia)

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land

NT Intervention

The NT Intervention 'Health Impact Assessment' notes that the ways in which the Intervention was introduced and is being implemented are likely to contribute to the high burden of trauma and disease already carried by Aboriginal people across generations ...

Gary Johns would have you believe that what all of the evidence points to is ideological nonsense, whereas his completely unsupported assertions epitomise "rational analysis". There is literally no evidence, even in government reports, that the NT Intervention has helped improve the socio-economic conditions. Its supporters are simply backing racist policies because they believe racism is the best way to deal with Indigenous communities. ... Michael Brull (Online Opinion).

Snap Action at Racist Book Launch in Melbourne

Snap Action was taken at the Book Launch of "Aboriginal Self-Determination: The Whiteman's Dream" at the Celtic Club, First Floor, 316-320 Queen Street on Monday 2nd May at 5:30pm

The evidence of the total failure of the NT Intervention mounts, but right wing ideologues like Gary Johns, Andrew Bolt and Bess Price defend its racist premise. Ons Monday 2nd May (evening) Andrew Bolt and Gary Johns were be openly calling for the destruction of Aboriginal culture and Aboriginal collective identity. They were launching "Aboriginal Self-Determination: The Whiteman's Dream". Melbourne Anti-Intervention Collective (MAIC)

Police will never accept deaths-in-custody recommendations

Deaths in Custody Rally

Dancers addressing Rally - Perth

Whilst PM Howard shut down the legal requirement for the governments of the states and territories and their appropriate departments in 1998 because, according to him, the allocated $400 million had been spent. Some of this money was spent on building new police stations.

Our nations' gaols are defaulting badly and are echoing the bad old days. Why is the gaol rate of Deaths in Cutody (DIC) rising so dramatically? it is, of course, not just because of the numbers although this is an important factor. the main reason I believe is the ratio of officers to inmates being dangerously reduced ... Ray Jackson writes