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Aboriginal Sovereignty 'New Way Summit - 'Easter 2011

"Australia is still a colony with the Queen of England as Head of State but the Law of the Land is Aboriginal Sovereignty". Michael Anderson (Ghurradjong Murri Ghillar)

Friday 22nd April and Saturday 23rd April meetings at the Haydon Allen Tank, Australian National University, Canberra - Starts 9:00am

(These two day's proceedings will be live webcast via for those who can't attend but have internet access.)

Sunday 24th and Monday 25 April at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy opposite Old Parliament House - Starts 9:00am

The Aboriginal 'New Way Summits' are unique meetings on the status and place of Aboriginal people in contemporary Australia, and beyond.

Download, Print & Distribute: pdf New Way Summit A4 Poster pdf file

Aboriginal leaders sue Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt

Andrew Bolt's argument that lighter skinned Aboriginal people who refer to themselves as Aboriginals despite "not looking Aboriginal", did this for personal gain. Despite common racist myths, there is no extra benefit - financial or social incentives - to be gained from identifying as Aboriginal. In reality, federal government funding for Aboriginal programs are greatly under funded in comparison with non-Aboriginal programs ...

'The only serious way to end disadvantage for Aboriginal people is for the government to redress the historical injustices: pay the rent, pay the stolen wages and compensate Indigenous people for unfair policies of genocide and assimilation since colonisation' - Chris Peterson writes in Green Left Weekly

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30th April 2011
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Lake Tyers Mission - Blockade Benefit

Lake Tyers Blockade Benefit

Friday 25th March at 7:30pm
Sahara Nights
124 Lygon St
(near Glenlyon Rd)

Lake Tyers Aboriginal Mission is being TAKEN BACK by the people. No more government steamrolling. No more being dictated to by bureaucrats. No more racism.

This is a benefit for the struggle. Some of the women from the blockade will be in town and can fill you in on the situation on the ground. Won't read about it in the newspaper!

Rebuilding trust with indigenous communities the first step

Larissa Behrendt
Larissa Behrendt

Alice Springs is a town unlike any other and to an outsider its racial tensions are noticeable ... It has always been a town that has struggled dealing with this visible poverty - and the less visible disadvantage of the communities in the town camps.

Now it is in the spotlight again with a rise in social problems caused by an influx of Aboriginal people from other places. Tony Abbott has weighed in on the issue, acknowledging that a large number of problems have occurred because Aboriginal people from remote towns have moved into larger towns like Alice Springs wanting to get their hands on some grog. Larissa Behrendt writes (SMH)

Police escort officials through Lake Tyers Blockade

Police escorted Victorian officials through a blockade at East Gippsland's Lake Tyers settlement yesterday.

The administrator who was appointed eight years ago, passed through the blockade early yesterday with other officials, driven in by police.

A spokeswoman for the protesters, Leanne Edwards, said the women did not attempt to stop the officials. "This is a peaceful action," she said, vowing that community members would maintain the blockade until Aboriginal Affairs Minister Jeanette Powell agreed to meet them. 'The Age' Report


Minister refuses to meet with Lake Tyers Protesters

Protesters of Lake Tyers Community are calling to meet with Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Minister Jeanette Powell to discuss their concerns. ABC Radio, Gippsland has reported that if Minister Powell doesn't meet with them they will take their protest to Parliament House and re-create the historical 1963 walk which was carried out by their elders, who were seeking control of what was once an Aboriginal Mission.

Minister Powell said she was not prepared to meet with aggrieved members of the community until the protest was called off ... She said the administrator was trying to re-establish a self-governance regime. ABC Gippsland Report

How to Create disHarmony?

One way is to pass discriminatory legislation. This way we can be absolutely sure that there will be no harmony between Government and Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.

When asked in a recent forum, "Are we officially still carrying out discriminatory policies towards ... Indigenous communities?", the Hon. Alastair Nicholson, former Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia replied, "Oh absolutely! No doubt about that."

We are told by Government that Harmony Day is a day when all Australians celebrate our cultural diversity. At the same time we are told that in other countries around the world March 21 is celebrated as International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Bennelong's grave site found in Sydney's suburb 'Putney'


Kidnapping of Bennelong

Eamonn Duff Sydney Morning Herald March 20, 2011

Woollarawarre Bennelong is immortalised in every school history book recounting the early years of white settlement in Australia. James Squire, meanwhile, is an ex-convict brewer whose name has recently gained popular currency as a commercial beer brand.

What most people wouldn't realise is that in the early 19th century, these two were the best of mates. In fact, the history books will soon be rewritten to include the fact that it was this unlikely friendship that has ultimately led to one of the most significant historical finds of the past century.

When Bennelong's remarkable life ended on January 2, 1813, not only did he die on James Squire's farm along the banks of the Parramatta River - he was buried in the brewer's orchard.

Laying down the law in Lake Tyers

Melissa Castan BA LLB  LLM
Melissa Castan BA LLB LLM

"Anytime people have their democratic and human rights suspended for an extended period of time we have to question whether that has been done appropriately ... If the public authority has made an unlawful decision, people can seek remedy through the courts". Melissa Caston from the the Monash University Law Faculty said on ABC TV News.

Lake Tyers Protest must be quietly sending shudders through government circles as they may very well be in breach of several state, federal, and international laws by denying the community the right to vote. Jeff Waters writes on 'The Drum'