27,000 year ochre site on National Heritage List

Ancient Ochre Mine Wilgie Mia is thought to be one of the world’s oldest mines, with estimates placing it at about 27,000 years old.

Ochre from Wilgie Mia has long been prized by Aboriginal Australians as being of exceptionally high quality, and it formed an important part of the Indigenous economy through trade networks before European settlement. Today, as in the past, ochre is important to Indigenous Australians for its use in ceremonies, art, healing practices and its religious significance.

Women blockade road to Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust

A group of Aboriginal women have blockaded the road to Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust in East Gippsland in protest against current administration arrangements over the site.

The women claim the current administration arrangements over Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust are akin to a "Northern Territory-style intervention."

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Waywurru and Dhudhuroa people support Lake Tyers

Lake Tyers protest 1963

Blockade at Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust Press Release from Aboriginal Women

The Senior Chair of the Dhudhuroa Native Title Group Mr Gary Murray and the grandson of the prominent leader Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls said today that; "Almost fifty years ago in the 1960's Lake Tyers Men (see photo) led by Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls JP.MBE.OAM,KCVO and Bapa Mamus and former Governor of South Australia marched on the Victorian Parliament to protest about the conditions and proposed sale of Lake Tyers.

Today Aboriginal women are leading the way in exposing government mismanagement and paternalism.

Petition to Support Elders Statement

The Elders' Petition has been prepared to support the Elders' from the Northern Territory who are striving to regain control of their lives.

The basis of the Elders' Petition is their Elders' Statement and has been worded so as to retain the integrity of their Statement, yet fulfil the stringent requirements of the Federal Government's Petitions Committee ...

Forward the Petition to your friends, and ask them to do the same.

The soon to be lost Indigenous languages of SA: Research

The soon to be lost Indigenous languages of SA Booklet

A group of Univeristy of Adelaide researchers have spent the past five years investigating how threatened languages could be preserved.

Their research has revealed that the survival of up to 20 community languages may lie in the hands of today's youth and the team has compiled a booklet with recommendations on how people can recognise, capture and reuse whatever parts of a dialogue they currently know to ensure languages survive.

Rally to Stop the NT Intervention - Sydney

Welfare rights for all - No income management
Join our rally on March 20 to mark UN day for the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination

•  Stop the NT intervention
•  No to racism!
•  Land Rights not Leases
•  Real Jobs not 'BasicCards
Sunday March 20th at 1:00pm
Sydney Town Hall

Join our rally on Sunday March 20, to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Jude Kelly invites Kevin Rudd to Tent Embassy

Press Release 26th February 2011


Jude Kelly 'Sorry Day' 2008

Western Australian Yamatji/Noongar Woman Jude Kelly is inviting Australian Foreign Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, to come to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra to have a meeting with her about her recent decision to renounce her Australian citizenship on the 15th February this year.

"Renouncing my citizenship was no easy thing to do. The decision I made took a long time and a lot of thought to come to this," Ms Kelly says.

Ms Kelly came to Canberra for the Apology to the Stolen Generation in 2008 and has since been living at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy for the past 2 years helping to maintain the fire and talk to interested visitors about Aboriginal history and dispossession of land and culture.

Largest ever racism study finds ... Australians are Racist

Although the survey is questioned based and most people don't believe they are racist, there is still plenty of material here to prove what we already know. The only problem with a survey such as this is that it places people into pressures for answers that they know are not percieved to be politically correct - many will not own up to admitting racism towards Indigenous people.

The survey reveals that nearly half of Australians are freely admitting to be racist is some way, albeit more open racism towards Muslems than Aboriginals within the survey period - The few Australian media reporters that have picked up the story have been reading the survey with their usual prejudiced blinkers - All is fairly OK, apparently!

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The Price of Freedom Rally - Melbourne

Price of Freedom Rally
Join us at the
Outside Southern Cross Station
(corner Spencer and Collins St, Melbourne)
12:00pm – 1:00pm
Wednesday 11th May

The Wednesday Action Group has been holding peaceful gatherings every Wednesday around Melbourne directly raising issues with the public ranging from the independence of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, to laws that criminalise dissent, the need to hold a Royal Commission into corruption in Victoria, the establishment of a New People’s Bank, the need to establish a National Emergency Fund, the increasing destructive role monopolies play in Australia and a number of other important issues.

The main problem we have faced during the past eleven years is institutions reactions to our presence outside their offices. It is not unusual for private security guards to try to move us on and the police to become involved when we refuse to move. On each and every occasion we have stood our ground because we have been involved in peaceful activity utilising our rights as Australian citizens to use open public space to protest.

'Trucanini' Queen or Traitor? - Book Review

Book Review by Jo Toscano Anarchist Age Weekly Review

'TRUCANINI' Queen or Traitor? - Vivienne Rae Ellis
Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Canberra 1981
First Published 1976 - ISBN 0 85575 121 3

I get the feeling although Trucanini "had every reason to loathe the white man. By the time she was 17 years old the invaders of her island had stabbed her mother to death, murdered her husband to be, shot her uncle, kidnapped her stepmother, abducted her sisters and violated her own body" the author disapproves of the decisions Trucanini made during her life in her quest for survival. Born in 1812 on Bruny Island just south of modern day Hobart, she died aged 64 on the 3rd May 1876. Just two years after her death her body was exhumed, the bones denuded of flesh and her skeleton was handed over to the Royal Society.