The Other Side of the Coin

Aboriginal community calls for return of democracy

Ten days ago, the community of Lake Tyers, north east of Lakes Entrance, seized sovereignty of its own land in an act of peaceful non-cooperation.

For the past six years, Lake Tyers has been run by an administrator, rather than an elected council. The administrator is a consultant hired from the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu company with wide-ranging powers and financial control ... the people are fed-up. - ABC Report


Mulrunji Doomadgee killing: More officers exonerated

Cameron 'Mulrunji' Doomadgee

Sgt Hurley, who an inquest found had caused the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee is now an acting inspector on the Gold Coast.

This week the family's anguish was compounded when Queensland Police announced that no action will be taken against six other officers who investigated Sgt Hurley's conduct. They included two friends of his, whom he picked up from the airport when they flew into Palm Island to begin their inquiry, before cooking them a meal
at his home and sharing a few beers.

Alice Springs: Ugly racism on show to all Australians

Media reports paint Alice Springs as being in the midst of an out-of-control crime wave ... The level of hysteria reached a new pitch in an article by Nicolas Rothwell in the February 19 Australian. Rothwell claimed that Alice Springs was plagued by rampaging young Aboriginal people, fuelled by alcohol ... The outrage ignores the causes of crimes and appropriate solutions. In the absence of facts, Aboriginal people and the Aboriginal town camps of Alice Springs have become scapegoats for a social crisis ...

... It is this marginalisation of Aboriginal people that is at the heart of the crisis - writes Peter Robson in Green Left Weekly

Australian deaths in custody: Call for a Senate inquiry

Australia has one of the world's worst deaths in custody records. The Human Rights Alliance, have called upon the 76 Australian Senators to initiate an Australian Senate Inquiry into Australian Deaths in Custody.

They ask for an Inquiry that ensures a Joint Committee of Senators and experts including researchers from the Australian Human Rights Commission, appropriately qualified academics and respected and qualified Aboriginal Elders. - 'It is negligence and constitutional impropriety for the Commonwealth to delay an Inquiry into Deaths in Custody.' writes Gerry Georgatos (Indymedia)

Blockade on Road to Lake Tyers Continues

The Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust Blockade to stop managers and government from entering Aboriginal Land will continue until their right to manage their own affairs and control their own destiny is recognized in accordance with the UN Declaration on Indigenous people.

Britain to return 138 Indigenous skeletons to Australia

The remains of 138 indigenous people from the Torres Strait Islands are set to be repatriated after they were removed at the behest of a missionary during the 19th century. The decision follows 18 months dialogue with the TSI community and the Australian government.

The Natural History Museum holds a collection of approximately 20,000 human remains from across the world, collected since it was founded in 1881.

27,000 year ochre site on National Heritage List

Ancient Ochre Mine Wilgie Mia is thought to be one of the world’s oldest mines, with estimates placing it at about 27,000 years old.

Ochre from Wilgie Mia has long been prized by Aboriginal Australians as being of exceptionally high quality, and it formed an important part of the Indigenous economy through trade networks before European settlement. Today, as in the past, ochre is important to Indigenous Australians for its use in ceremonies, art, healing practices and its religious significance.

Women blockade road to Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust

A group of Aboriginal women have blockaded the road to Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust in East Gippsland in protest against current administration arrangements over the site.

The women claim the current administration arrangements over Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust are akin to a "Northern Territory-style intervention."

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Waywurru and Dhudhuroa people support Lake Tyers

Lake Tyers protest 1963

Blockade at Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust Press Release from Aboriginal Women

The Senior Chair of the Dhudhuroa Native Title Group Mr Gary Murray and the grandson of the prominent leader Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls said today that; "Almost fifty years ago in the 1960's Lake Tyers Men (see photo) led by Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls JP.MBE.OAM,KCVO and Bapa Mamus and former Governor of South Australia marched on the Victorian Parliament to protest about the conditions and proposed sale of Lake Tyers.

Today Aboriginal women are leading the way in exposing government mismanagement and paternalism.

Petition to Support Elders Statement

The Elders' Petition has been prepared to support the Elders' from the Northern Territory who are striving to regain control of their lives.

The basis of the Elders' Petition is their Elders' Statement and has been worded so as to retain the integrity of their Statement, yet fulfil the stringent requirements of the Federal Government's Petitions Committee ...

Forward the Petition to your friends, and ask them to do the same.