Protesters ramp up campaign against Muckaty Waste Dump

David Wood NT News February 24th, 2011

Territory anti-nuclear waste dump protesters have started a small but concerted campaign against new legislation expected to be presented to the Federal Senate next week.

The House of Representatives passed the Bill on Tuesday with Muckaty Station about 120km north of Tennant Creek the site most likely to be used for the dump.

Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump Passed in Lower House

The radioactive waste dump legislation was pushed through the house of Representatives yesterday - 68 votes for to 6 against. This is despite the current Federal court challenge by the Muckaty Traditional Owners over the legality of how the government "gained consent" for the site!

Greens and Independents opposed it, and Coalition MP Natasha Griggs crossed the floor in opposition to this racist, undemocratic, draconian legislation. The legislation now goes to the Senate, exactly twelve months since Muckaty Station was targeted.

Copy of a letter from Sir Harry Gibbs

In this document the late Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs, former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia presents his case that the historical evidence for Australian Independence; "Australia and its States and Territories has no basis in law".

... "When this evidence is reinforced with the contents of the Charter of the United Nations, the continued usage of any legislation that owes its very legitimacy to the parliament of an acknowledged foreign power cannot be supported by either legal opinion or indeed historical evidence ... I therefore have come to the conclusion that the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States and Territories has no basis in law."

'Stop the Intervention' and 'Jobs with Justice' Rally

Stop the Intervention and Jobs with Justice Poster

'Stop the Intervention'
and 'Jobs with Justice'
Melbourne - Rally at the State Library
Friday March 4th, 2011 at 5:00pm

Melbourne Anti Intervention Collective (MAIC) will be holding a rally to boost signatures for a petition sponsored by the Construction Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and Unions NT. The petition has been created out of concern at the exploitation of Aboriginal workers taking place under the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP).


Aboriginal health: Gillard tries to shift the blame

Central Land Council director David Ross said the government's 'closing the gap' plan was a top-down approach, whereas, 'We need investment in Aboriginal programs which work from the bottom up.'

Jay Fletcher Eureka Street February 20, 2011

Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivered the federal government's third "closing the gap" report on February 9. The report is an annual review of national efforts to address the mortality gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

In an outrageous denial of the government's failure, Gillard called for Aboriginal people to accept the blame for critical crises in health, education, employment and housing and chronic community breakdown.

Elders Statement: 7th February, 2011

We are the people of the land. The land is our mother. For more than 40,000 years we have been caring for this land. We am its natural farmers.

Now, after so many years of dispossession, we find once again we are being thrust towards a new dispossession. Our pain and our fear are real. Our people are again being shamed ...

Leaders Statement: Australian Human Rights Disgrace

Statement by the Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser and 32 other leading Australians

Australia has faced questioning at the United Nations by member states and independent experts regarding its Indigenous policies. The failure to restore the rights of Aboriginal people is currently being scrutinised under the Universal Periodic Review process of the UN Human Rights Council and was criticised in 2010 by both the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Such scrutiny can only reveal just how far Australia is lagging behind international standards on human rights policies. Changes are urgently needed.

In such a context, we have become increasingly concerned by the failure of the Federal Government, with the tacit support of the Opposition, to properly address problems facing Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory. In particular, the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER, also ‘the Intervention’) has been progressed without credible consultation with, or the approval of, Aboriginal people.

Interminable Intervention

Father Frank Brennan
Father Frank Brennan

Frank Brennan Eureka Street February 13, 2011

Three years on since Kevin Rudd introduced to Parliament the motion of Apology to the Stolen Generations, many aspects of John Howard's Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER), known as the Intervention, are still in place — to the consternation of many human rights advocates.

The Intervention was first instituted without any meaningful consultation with the Aboriginal people affected. Various aspects of that response were racially discriminatory.

Activist renounces her citizenship with the invaders

Jude Kelly

AAP Herald Sun February 15, 2011

Tent embassy activist Jude Kelly gives up citizenship in protest

An Aboriginal tent embassy resident has renounced her citizenship and declared herself a refugee.

Jude Kelly has given up the right to claim Centrelink or Medicare benefits as she continues living outside Old Parliament House.

King Billy's gross indignity a legacy for Tasmanians

King Billy - William Lanne
William Lanne (Lanney)
Also known as 'King Billy'

William Lanne (King Billy) changed Tasmanian legislation to protect all Tasmanians when they can no longer protect themselves. It's a legacy that cost William Lanne his last dignity.

His family is believed to have been the last Tasmanian Aboriginal family to live a traditional life on the mainland before they were removed.

AUDIO Audio file KING BILLY mp3 (936 ABC Hobart)