We are still shackled captives of government

Aboriginal New Way Summit

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 4 February 11

"We have not had the shackles of control removed from our feet. We continue to be captives at the will of the government and their collaborators. We do not have liberators who work to free our people," says Aboriginal political activist, Michael Anderson, announcing the next New Way Sovereignty Summit.

It will take place over the Easter long weekend at the Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra, commencing Good Friday through to Sunday, with a protest march planned for Monday from the front of the Australian National University to Parliament House.

Michael Anderson, the sole survivor of the 1972 embassy launched the New Way movement which has had four gatherings so far.

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United Nations: Advance Questions to Australia

Australian officials appeared before the United Nation's Human Rights Council in Geneva on Thursday 27th January 2011 for what is known as a universal periodic review. About 50 countries participated in Australia's review, making almost 150 recommendations.

Foreign governments have called on Australia to improve its treatment of Aborigines with several countries expressing concerns and have urged Australia to increase its efforts to overcome indigenous disadvantage and racism. Australia was also asked to enact a comprehensive national human rights act.

It's time Aborigines got due recognition

Australia Day celebrates murder and genocide

Australia Day, that artificial and trumped-up celebration, the excuse for manufactured emotion, should force us to look closely at our history and the truths of that history vis-a-vis the Aboriginal population and the brutal facts of that history ... Mostly, Australia Day is designed to suffocate truth and fact. - writes Peter Gebhardt. Read More

We as Australians celebrate a day when a series of events was unleashed which almost led to the extinction of a people as our national day. - writes Dr Jo Toscano. Read More

All Australians should learn an Aboriginal Language

Professor Christie, who was named the Northern Territory's Australian of the Year, wants more Australians to consider learning an Aboriginal language, "If you study the language you start to learn about kinship and about land ownership and about ceremonial history, which actually teaches you something more general about Aboriginal societies ...

He said all Australian children should be given the opportunity to learn an Aboriginal language at school, in addition to the foreign language classes on offer ... "The use of Aboriginal language in schools brings Aboriginal parents and grandparents into the school and so brings the community and the school together"

Needs must when the devil drives

Image: Green Left Weekly

In 2007 Mal Brough announced that he was sending the army into the Northern Territory to ensure that Aboriginal children would be examined by doctors, with or without their parents consent, to see if they had been sexually abused.

500 pages of legislation was rushed through the Parliament. It was supported by the Labor and Coalition Parties. It contained no mention of children even though Minister Brough had claimed there were pedophile rings preying on Aboriginal children in remote communities. The legislation did though contain the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act, income management of Aboriginal social security, compulsory town leases and massive changes to the permit system ...

Australian Human Rights record under UN scrutiny

Australian Aboriginal Students
Photo: Terry Irwin (SMH)

This month, Australia's human rights record will be reviewed on the world stage under the United Nations' Universal Periodic Review process. This is a peer review in which, every four to five years, the human rights record of each of the 192 UN member countries is reviewed by the 191 other countries.

The rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will be the subject of significant international scrutiny. Aboriginal peoples in Australia remain among the most disadvantaged peoples in the world. For most Aboriginal peoples, there remain significant gaps in health, education, housing and employment standards and outcomes compared with non-Aboriginal Australians.

Appalled at the people on the constitutional committee

Michael Anderson

Commentary by Michael Anderson, last survivor of the four founders of the Aboriginal Embassy and leader of the Euahlayi Nation.

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 18 January 2011

I am appalled at the announcement of the people who are to sit on this farcical constitutional committee to consider a proposal for the recognition of Aboriginal people in the Australian constitution.

Patrick Dodson led a movement against the former National Aboriginal Conference, who were negotiating a treaty with the Fraser Government between the Parliament representing white Australia and the democratically elected National Aboriginal Conference representing the Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Protesters dig in against school siting

Protesters are staying at the gymnasium of Ballerrt Murrup College for indigenous students in protest at planned development on the site. The protest began when the governement scheduled to begin demolition of an important college facility and push further onto the land for an extension to a well funded specialist school next door.

Demolition was scheduled before Christmas and temporarily cancelled as protesters are requesting adjustments to the original plan.

Letter of Intent - The International Criminal Court 2011

We believe civilized nations must be governed by one unified set of laws: the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is one set of such laws.

We believe that the Commonwealth of Australia has violated much if not all of the Rome Statute, by creating conditions of life with the intent to destroy, amounting to Genocide, and Crimes against Humanity; against Indigenous and Aboriginal peoples; against immigrants and against refugees.

pdfLetter of Intent pdf

High Court writ sought to challenge Australian governments acting as a corporation registered in the US

Michael Anderson

Press Release by Michael Anderson

Members and associates of the New Way Sovereignty Summit are closer to bringing an end the farcical notion that Australia is a free and independent sovereign international state.

Independent legal researchers have submitted to the United Nations in 1999 a bundle of documents, titled The Concealed Colony, that clearly demonstrate that Australia's standing in the international community is a lie, supported by a convention of denial on the part of the international community.

My recent statement about Australia being a colonial state is based on fact and in this regard there are significant implications for my people. This will become more transparent early in 2011.