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In 2007 Mal Brough announced that he was sending the army into the Northern Territory to ensure that Aboriginal children would be examined by doctors, with or without their parents consent, to see if they had been sexually abused.

500 pages of legislation was rushed through the Parliament. It was supported by the Labor and Coalition Parties. It contained no mention of children even though Minister Brough had claimed there were pedophile rings preying on Aboriginal children in remote communities. The legislation did though contain the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act, income management of Aboriginal social security, compulsory town leases and massive changes to the permit system ...

Australian Human Rights record under UN scrutiny

Australian Aboriginal Students
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This month, Australia's human rights record will be reviewed on the world stage under the United Nations' Universal Periodic Review process. This is a peer review in which, every four to five years, the human rights record of each of the 192 UN member countries is reviewed by the 191 other countries.

The rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples will be the subject of significant international scrutiny. Aboriginal peoples in Australia remain among the most disadvantaged peoples in the world. For most Aboriginal peoples, there remain significant gaps in health, education, housing and employment standards and outcomes compared with non-Aboriginal Australians.

Appalled at the people on the constitutional committee

Michael Anderson

Commentary by Michael Anderson, last survivor of the four founders of the Aboriginal Embassy and leader of the Euahlayi Nation.

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 18 January 2011

I am appalled at the announcement of the people who are to sit on this farcical constitutional committee to consider a proposal for the recognition of Aboriginal people in the Australian constitution.

Patrick Dodson led a movement against the former National Aboriginal Conference, who were negotiating a treaty with the Fraser Government between the Parliament representing white Australia and the democratically elected National Aboriginal Conference representing the Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Protesters dig in against school siting

Protesters are staying at the gymnasium of Ballerrt Murrup College for indigenous students in protest at planned development on the site. The protest began when the governement scheduled to begin demolition of an important college facility and push further onto the land for an extension to a well funded specialist school next door.

Demolition was scheduled before Christmas and temporarily cancelled as protesters are requesting adjustments to the original plan.

Letter of Intent - The International Criminal Court 2011

We believe civilized nations must be governed by one unified set of laws: the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is one set of such laws.

We believe that the Commonwealth of Australia has violated much if not all of the Rome Statute, by creating conditions of life with the intent to destroy, amounting to Genocide, and Crimes against Humanity; against Indigenous and Aboriginal peoples; against immigrants and against refugees.

pdfLetter of Intent pdf

High Court writ sought to challenge Australian governments acting as a corporation registered in the US

Michael Anderson

Press Release by Michael Anderson

Members and associates of the New Way Sovereignty Summit are closer to bringing an end the farcical notion that Australia is a free and independent sovereign international state.

Independent legal researchers have submitted to the United Nations in 1999 a bundle of documents, titled The Concealed Colony, that clearly demonstrate that Australia's standing in the international community is a lie, supported by a convention of denial on the part of the international community.

My recent statement about Australia being a colonial state is based on fact and in this regard there are significant implications for my people. This will become more transparent early in 2011.

Victorian Aboriginal Massacres

Treaty Republic is building 'Australian Massacre Maps' state by state - and we hope that readers will share their knowledge to make this as comprehensive as possible. Although there is recorded proof of thousands of massacres across the country only a fraction of the slaughters were recorded because technically it was a hanging offence. Burning the bodies, vast distances and racist government officials made it easy for the settlers. We are currently working on all states but are more advanced with the Victorian Massacre Map.

Should we alter our Constitution to recognise Indigenous Australians?

Constitution changes

Further to the investigations on the federal government proposal to add Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander human rights issues, because that is what they are and mean, to the Australian Constitution the following pieces are offered.

Contributions by Helen Irving, Professor of Law at Sydney University and specialising in Constitutional Law, Bev Manton, Chair of the NSW Land Council, Professor Judith Dwyer of Flinders University Health Care Management and Professor Pat Dodson, Director, UNSW Indigenous Policy and Dialogue Research Unit. - Compiled by Ray Jackson.

Save the Ballerrt Mooroop College Campaign

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Stop Press: Major Public Meeting!
A major Tanderrum Ceremony and Public Meeting is to be held on Saturday 5th March at 11 am. in the Gathering Place at 208 Hilton Street Glenroy. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and continue your very valued support ...

As for the bulldozers! Be prepared.
The threat is still imminent and given the bureaucrats lack of vision and commitment to our School expect a fight- more to come?

Paul Keating - The Redfern Address

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The Keating Redfern Address
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AUDIO Audio file  ABC/AWAYE! program: Paul Keating's Redfern Speech and comments   mp3 file Incl. comments by Indigenous dignitaries & speech author

On December 10, 1992. The Hon. Paul Keating Prime Minister of Australia gave this address in Redfern NSW to launch the International Year of the World's Indigenous People.

"... Isn't it reasonable to say that if we can build a prosperous and remarkably harmonious multicultural society in Australia, surely we can find just solutions to the problems which beset the first Australians - the people to whom the most injustice has been done.
And, as I say, the starting point might be to recognise that the problem starts with us non-Aboriginal Australians.