The Northern Territory is a Prison built brick by brick by the 'Commonwealth'

... People are not the property of people

Racist Australia

The majority of the original people in the Northern Territory are in a prison like custodial jurisdiction and hence the subsequent trauma, causal, situational, inter-generational, compounded daily by their discrimination, exploitation ... and hence the stripping, the erosion, the diminution of peoples' identities; historical, cultural, contemporary and as human beings - there is the impost of inequality.

"We are not boss of our people, we are not boss of us, our ways are looked down and young people and rich people come in here and tell us we are nothing, we are no good and that they know better."

Brisbane sovereigns meet with Crime and Misconduct Commission

Sovereign Tent Embassy members have vowed to regain their camp site in Brisbane's Musgrave Park, after a meeting with the Crime and Misconduct Commission today.

Embassy members attended CMC headquarters in Fortitude Valley this afternoon to file complaints against Premier Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, Police Minister Jack Dempsey and Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson.

"We want the CMC to look at the entire issue of who pushed the buttons," spokesman Sam Watson said.

Audio File  AUDIO:  Wayne Wharton - Official Complaint Lodged CAAMA News 21/05/12

Swan Valley Nyoongar community returns to Lockridge camp

Swan Valley Nyoongars in Western Australia say that they have reclaimed the controversial Lockridge community camp by setting up a tent embassy and have vowed to fight to stay.

The community has been at the campsite since Thursday, when neighbours say they scaled the fences to gain entry.

Reclaiming territory that has been 'country' for Original Australians for at least 38,000 years, Greg Martin from the Embassy presented Herbert Bropho with a Sovereignty Pack that contains copies of the Pacific Islanders Acts of 1872 and 1875.

Audio File  AUDIO:  Bella Bropho - Swan Valley Originals return to Lockridge CAAMA News 21/05/12

Statements leave Brisbane Mayor standing on very thin ice

After a three hour consolidation meeting after the eviction, Mr Shannon Ruska, a Yuggera elder said they will meet Mayor Graham Quirk's at a meeting next Tuesday 22nd May, and that an indigenous 'Welcome to Country' ceremony should become a permanent feature of the annual Greek Paniyiri Festival.

Chris Kazonis - Paniyiri Festival spokesperson said the Greek communities concern was not the Tent Embassy being there but the amount of recently erected tents at the events main entrance. "It wasn't a major thing and I thought we could work around it, quite comfortably," he said.

Tent Embassies sovereignty movement is 'Union' business

ETU and the BLF forming a human barricade

One very positive thing to come out of the Brisbane Embassy eviction, has been the reports of Union solidarity shown towards the Tent Embassy. Organisers from the ETU and the BLF formed a human barricade in front of the embassy to try and stop the sanctioned police invasion.

Fences had been erected around the site with the assistance of these Unions. Motions of Solidarity and Support were passed at both the ACTU Congress (forwarded and seconded by the RTBU and ETU) and the University of Queensland NTEU Branch.'

The struggle to get Indigenous sovereignty rights recognised in this country has a lot of power working against it. There is a big need for the broader union movement to show its support.

Musgrave Park and ‘the embassy in my own land’

'Moving the Embassy, and forcefully evicting its staff, is an abrogation of both human rights and citizen rights under the expectations of democratic theory.' Jean-Paul Gagno, social and political philosopher who specialises in democratic theory writes on 'The Conversation'.

The Embassy is a political place where Aboriginal people are declaring their sovereignty. This is, at least to some democratic theorists, a moment where a citizenry (or in this case a group of citizens) are declaring their right to their native land.

This is not an Embassy that should be moved. This is a declaration of sovereignty which should be respected and afforded its place in the processes of democratic governance.

Aborigines call for UN peacekeepers to protect them

The 'Sovereign Union' movement has asked the United Nations to send peacekeepers to this country to protect them against "increasing aggression by the Australian authorities”.

"We have already put the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, on notice that we are in need of UN peacekeepers as the Australian authorities are increasing their aggression against our sovereignty movement,” writes Michael Anderson in a media release.

Several Tent Embassies have been set up across the country and all are being harassed by local and state authorities.

Brisbane Originals subject to politically motivated eviction

Despite successfully negotiating with the Greek community and allocating a suitable area so they can both share the park, and muturally arranging a smoking ceremony to welcome the Greek community at their upcoming Festival, the Mayor of Brisbane ordered an eviction.

The Mayor justifies his decision by announcing support from some handpicked Aboriginal people who are not involved with the Embassy and one or more Greek community members that were obviously not participating in the previous negotiations.

Audio File  AUDIO:  Brisbane Sovereign Embassy - Wayne (Coco) Wharton ABC 612

Police arrest protesters as Brisbane Originals try to hold sacred land

Brisbane Tent Embassy activists have been released from the police watch house on bail and have gathered next to Musgrave Park, the official Embassy site.

Earlier today about 100 sovereigns and their supporters marched to Parliament House in Brisbane after being evicted from their Sovereign Tent Embassy where more than 200 police moved in and arrested over 30 people.

An Embassy spokesperson said the use of the police 'as a para-military group' harks back to the days of Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

 PETITION to Mayor Graham Quirk - 'Allow Sovereigns to return to Embassy'

Ancient 'Kiacatoo Man' reburial today

The reburial of 'Kiacatoo Man' remains that were exhumed last year for scientific analysis will be reburied today (Wed 16th May, 2012) at Condobolin, NSW by the local Original people.

It is believed that the Kiacatoo Man lived between 30,000 years and 70,000 years ago and the bones are so ancient the age is still being established by scientists. He was a huge man somewhere between six foot five and seven foot four.

Local Originals believe that the 'Kiacatoo Massacre' may have had something to do with people protecting the sacred site.