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Gomeroi sovereigns go on rental strike, slam Land Council

Gomeroi tribal people in the Moree area have been advised by their clans to stop paying rent for houses they live in as part of an assertion of sovereignty.

They have also slammed the NSW Aboriginal Land Council for "contemptuously" and "tyrannically" doing lease deals with state and commonwealth governments.

Statement: "Gomeroi ancestral owners of the Moree region have asserted ancient sovereign title over the Gomeroi owned lands within and around the Moree town's precinct, effective as of today."

Aboriginal activist campaigned in Europe 100 years ago

Anthony Martin Fernando was one of the first Aboriginal political activists yet he lived more than half his life overseas.

He is believed to have led a solitary life but had an extraordinary political career.

On his sometimes wandering journey, he left evidence - bits and pieces of an activist life that we're only now putting together. Fernando told anyone who cared to listen that his people were being exterminated, that the toy skeletons he sold on the streets of London were all that Australia had left of his people.

Audio File  AUDIO:  Fernando's Ghost - ABC AWAYE! - Program first broadcast on ABC 'Hindsight' 2007

Interim National Unity Government Meeting - Pics & Audio

Wayne 'Coco' Wharton

The welcome to country and smoking ceremony at the foundation meeting of the Interim National Unity Government was officiated by Roy "Dootch Kennedy" at Kuradji (Sandon Point Tent Embassy) on May 24th 2012.

At this foundation gathering, some representatives said they believe that the National Unity Government of the Sovereign Union is the last stand for First Nations people to have any chance of asserting their rightful sovereignty.

The Interim National Unity Government website has compiled an outline of the opening of this historic gathering with some images and audio files.

Walmadan Sovereign Embassy elder takes Woodside to court

Original elder Richard Hunter launched a case today claiming the gas hub approval process was not followed correctly by Woodside or the Shire of Broome at Walmadan (James Price Point) 60kms north of Broome, WA.

Mr Hunter's lawyer, Josie Walker, says if this can be proved, the entire approval process could be deemed invalid.

Meanwhile, despite considerable cultural, environmental, anthropological and community based objections, Woodsite continues to bulldoze sacred country.

Foundation Meeting of the Sovereign Union – National Unity Government

Video image

The 2 day National Assembly of Nations has concluded.

Fred Hooper of the Murrawarri is to head the establishment of the constitutional framework for the National Unity Government - he will be supported by Judulu of the Kunghi Djunkun . Jululu is also delegated to communicate with tribal ceremonial Elders across the nations to co-ordinate the joining of ancient songlines.

Vanessa Colbong of the Wdjuk, Wilmen and Ingarda is delegated to co-ordinate the unification of the nations in the southern half of Western Australia. Peter Skuthorpe of the Gomeroi nation is responsible for co-ordinating youth action and education. Roy Dootch Kennedy of the Yuin/Monaro is now responsible for the unification of the nations from La Perouse down the south east coast of Australia and Maureen Brennan is to assist Dootch Kennedy in bringing the people together. Michael Anderson, is the national co-ordinator and responsible for all diplomatic relations both domestic and international.

Media Statement - includes communiqué of the 'Act of Sovereign Union' and stated principles
Audio File  AUDIO:  National Assembly 2012 - Voices of unity Dootch, Kevin, Pete, Vanessa & Michael

Amnesty: Originals treated appallingly - UN council useless

Australia has been strongly criticised by Amnisty International for violating the rights of Aborigines and trying to send asylum seekers offshore for processing.

Amnisty's Annual Report states that the UN Security Council has failed to match the courage shown by protesters around the world.

Amnesty International national director Claire Mallinson said, "People need to realise the first peoples of Australia are being treated in an appalling manner." - 2 reports

Audio File  AUDIO: Amnesty Slams Australia's treatment of Originals CAAMA News 25/5/12

Originals Sovereignty is inevitable: Michael Anderson

Wednesday 23rd May: A conference was organised by legal academics at the University of Wollongong and Southern Cross University, who said this year had seen renewed focus on the issue of sovereignty, which is the ultimate power to govern or have authority over land or territory.

"We just have to change the whole dynamics of this country and our relationship ... but it's not going to be a change to the detriment of the nation, it will be a change for the betterment of the nation," said Michael Anderson, spokesperson for the interim national unity government.

Thursday 24th May: The establishment of Interim National Unity Government took place at the site of Sandon Point Tent Embassy, near Wollongong, NSW - (Sandon Point location images)
Audio File  AUDIO: Sovereignty Symposium - Wollongong May 2012 CAAMA News 25/5/12

UN: Legislation must be based on meaningful consultation

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Pacific representative Matilda Bogner said the UN's various indigenous and human rights offices had loudly criticised the original NT intervention policies, which were brought in by the Howard government.

Ms Bogner said "it would seem that mistakes are being repeated and lessons have not been learnt".

Legislation must ensure that a high degree of control over decision making is given to indigenous communities.

Brisbane Tent Embassy given permanent site

After an elders meeting with the Brisbane Mayor a spokesman for the council said the protesters would be able to maintain a marquee, "a couple of tents" and an open fire on the embassy site.

Local Original activist Sam Watson said tensions from last week's eviction remained but the Indigenous community was nevertheless positive at the prospect of formal ownership over the second site.

"For the first time our connection, our right to have a say in the way in which this park is used, has finally been acknowledged."

The Northern Territory is a Prison built brick by brick by the 'Commonwealth'

... People are not the property of people

Racist Australia

The majority of the original people in the Northern Territory are in a prison like custodial jurisdiction and hence the subsequent trauma, causal, situational, inter-generational, compounded daily by their discrimination, exploitation ... and hence the stripping, the erosion, the diminution of peoples' identities; historical, cultural, contemporary and as human beings - there is the impost of inequality.

"We are not boss of our people, we are not boss of us, our ways are looked down and young people and rich people come in here and tell us we are nothing, we are no good and that they know better."