First Nations Genocide Australia

Author: Tony Kamps

1st June 2009

The unspoken and undocumented history of Australia from 1770 and a perspective of the future:
  • Terra-Nullius and what it means;
  • A Republic and what it means;
  • A Global Order and how the people of mother earth and the natural environment and global warming fit into these issues!

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Published by Treaty Republic


A special acknowledgement to Durran Bunjil-ee-nee / Robbie Thorpe Gunnai Elder of Krowatugalung / East Gippsland, his Elders and his family who have shown us white fellas the truth and the right way to move forward with Australia's unfinished business.

There is an absolute need for Indigenous and non-indigenous people to read this research conducted over 12 years. Myself and many others hold the utmost respect and recognition of all Indigenous Peoples Rights and the freedom to develop and maintain their Inherit Cultural Sovereignties.

For me to be able to connect land, culture / divinity, history, and lore / law from what's happened in the past and where the liars, politics, religion and Incorporation is taking everyone into the new millennium was a unique experience. My connection and friendship with Indigenous people and most importantly their knowledge and lore systems have given me the ability to write this book. More over this knowledge has given me something that every person here and all over the world should have. To have knowledge in local and worldly affairs is very important. But don't be fooled by this, my comfort zone comes through gaining an optimist perspective of a comprehensive transformation approach. This is totally possible for all Jurisdictions, which exist rightly or wrongly in this country called Australia.

I want to add to the many Indigenous Intellects that had next to no voice and to pressure Australian Institutions and Individuals to support the Elders in Councils of Inherit Territories and Robbie Thorpe's legal work with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Elders and associates. It is very important for all Australians to realise and help to stop the Genocide, restore inherit Sovereignties and make a Treaty in the Constitution. To sort out the Unfinished Business with the fully informed Consent required from the inherit custodians of this land.

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Many people are writing about Genocide more than ever before, simply because Genocide has only been coined as a legal term since 1948. Australia's politic want it to mean Mass Murder only, as do the leaders of the New World Order and Law Fraternity who are shaping the interpretation of genocide as mass murder for vested and historical reasons, while avoiding the full interpretation of Genocide in part or whole which includes the aggression of physical and mental harm that brings about the destruction of a National, Ethnic, Racial or Religious group also removing children from the group. See Genocide Convention Doc. 3 at rear of book.

To own and develop a history of Terra-Nullius as Australia has that excludes the majority of First Nations Peoples for over 235 years from their Sovereignty to land and cultural maintenance, while keeping them in genocidal conditions of life is one very evil thing; but this precedent might also end up being the Global Principle of "legal" Genocide, as "legal for the developing and developed world".
The interpretation of Genocide includes Killing members of the group as only one element of how to destroy a National, group in part or whole, which in my opinion Australia has incorporated into its National Executive values, by recycling Terra-Nullius through Case Law into a Doctrine of Dispossession for outcomes of illegal assimilation of the First Nations and Peoples in Australia.

The U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and the Rome Statute sets out the obvious interpretation of the motive and application of Genocide. The International Criminal Court has the Jurisdiction to punish individuals who commit genocide. A true case must be heard by the I.C.C. so the World can interpret the subtleties of the definition of what it is to commit Genocide in part or whole, into Case Law. Australia's ongoing history would make a comprehensive Court Case or Case Law on the full interpretation of all element of Genocide inclusive of War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and levels of aggression including statutory means!

Genocide in part or whole is not the type of language used by Global leaders, the Establishment, the Media, or any institution, but are clearly written into International Customary Law under the Peremptory Norm of Preventing and Punishing Crimes of Genocide.

For the Establishment (The Crown) to continue business as usual and side step the crime of committing genocide; they need to manipulate the definition of Genocide found in the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and the Rome Statute Jurisdiction. "They" are trying to side step major subtleties' of Genocide by creating symbolic statutory Aboriginal organisations while manipulating case law outcomes. This is not debated in mainstream media and must be exposed to the Australian and Global Community: Real Politic has their overlay and prospective / perspective outcomes already worked out. Mass Murder has become the catch cry for genocide and the measuring stick Australia and the New World Order needs for "Progress".

Genocide also perpetuates Global Ecocide which Global Warming is a part of!

The English language can be a lexicon of words used to mean something it is not: In this book when I apply Sovereignty to the First Nations and Peoples - it means Independent Source of Jurisdiction and Self Determination.

The word Sovereign or Sovereignty is a Manifest word to suit a history of conquest and Imperial domination around the world; so in real terms the word Sovereignty might be a different form of word in Indigenous languages and Lore; an example would be Natural Lore and Divine Providence govern Sovereignty.

The Charter of the United Nations is structured and powered by the definition of Sovereign Nation States Parties; where a Nation State has an absolute obligation to insure the Independent Self Determination of the Indigenous Nations Peoples of the lands the Nation State occupies and now exists in.

See the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Reference to Documents at rear of book: Doc. 1 to Doc. 11.

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On Ignorance

I hear so many people say and mistakenly believe that because people from different countries come to Australia and assimilate, Aboriginal people should, or must do the same.

Indigenous Peoples / Nations did not move here for the Australian way of life. The Australian way of life was imposed on them via the application of the lie Terra-Nullius, meaning "empty land" - "no law systems" - or "course of justice".

Ignorance can be a curse, while ignorance is used as an excuse. But for First Nations Peoples ignorance is a political weapon used to contain them in worse than third world conditions. Ignorance feeds racism and in turn is part of the continuous genocide they are still suffering today.

From the beginning of British occupation, White Supremacists wrote the stories, created all condition of life, built the case law history, indoctrinated the incoming population and developed along the way a holocaust, which covered up and window dressed genocide within a White Supremacy Australian Nation.

Ignorance in the form of racism has always been incorporated into subliminal stereo typing and is part of the momentum of white supremacy founded on the lie, fiction and unutterable shame of Terra-Nullius. So to claim the First Nations - Peoples as 'nullius' or backward was used to justify stealing their land. Perpetual Genocide relies on racism and allows ignorance to flourish, causing the continuum of Australia's secret history for a new "Universal Jurisdiction of legal Genocide"; if Australia is allowed to get away with its political reforms.

Making this, the last bastion of white supremacy!

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, 'In politics nothing ever happens accidentally! If something occurs, you can be sure that it had been planned this way!'

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Affidavit Book

This document called the Other Side of the Coin is in support of Gunnai Elder Durran Bunjil-ee-nee / Robbie Thorpe and the First Nations Peoples - Tent Embassy.

Commenced from the middle of 1996 to 2009 and continuing.

The holders of Lore (knowledge) declare this document a Reformation for True Justification; meaning Constitutional Change through a Treaty with the First Nations Elders and Peoples.

Peace and co-operation is the Order of Lore / Law necessary for success in ending 239 years of invasion and occupation that overtly and covertly continues a genocidal and ecocidal jurisdiction today.

What is contained in this document is a shocking state of affairs which must be resolved with consent through the customs of the Indigenous Elders in Council from inherit Territories, if not, upholding the lie, Terra-Nullius will not allow the civility of 'mighty' Neo Nations to occur.

A Peoples Referendum and an Internationally scrutinized Court Case would be the way forward to fulfil the law, as would the First Nations Elders concept of Pay the Rent (Treaty). Then there would be a precedent for the First Nations and Natural World to have available for the first time!
Refer you to the series on SBS TV October 2008 a program called The First Australians which gave a weak version of what happened through history, but was an eye opener for the first time for the public to see. The series only went up to 1992 and should have been the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God, I will give you the truth so help me God!

Refer you to a Documentary called Kanyini that explains an Indigenous Providence!

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The Beginning

To start with these two words are very important - Customary Lore and "Terra - Nullius". To begin the story of the Other Side of the Coin these two fundamental terms are essential to keep in the forefront of your mind when assessing this story of a truthful personal experience and what it means.

Customs or Customary Lore is essential for the proper maintenance of sustainable cultures of hundreds of Indigenous Nations, tribes and clans or any culture that rightfully exists in the world. Customs or customary lore are for example rules you use in your garden, if you don't maintain your garden and look after its diverse needs, it will fail or produce poorly. Peoples of Indigenous cultures need and must have their self-determined gardens or Customs to be healthy and complete in identity and culture.

The most commonly misused subliminal (below the threshold of consciousness) stereo type by the media of (customs) customary lore is a spear in the leg if you do wrong. This has become a fear inducing subliminal stereo type that can short - circuit any holistic debate about Customary Lore and the historical subliminal meaning of Terra-Nullius. The Customs of Indigenous cultures are responsibilities for how the lore of family, kinship, language, order, religion, business, peace, environment, food security, harmony and happiness are sustained through customs that make up the lores of their diverse garden Nations. Punishment is only a very small part of customary lore. Customs or Customary Lore is every part and every square inch of Indigenous Peoples Land or Gardens, of this country now "named" Australia.

Until the 1st of July 2002 Australian laws have only been developed from agriculture - industry and economics for outcomes of incorporated common law meaning; common law is made to suit the Industrial needs of Executive Powers of the Constitution while no Bill of Rights or Human Rights exist for First Nations Peoples or anybody. 'Now Captain Cook's claim of Terra-Nullius declared there was no customary lore / human rights or use of this land,' so the Crown could say they discovered it. That lie created a fiction and a 'false empty garden' for the taking [known as dispensation for the selling of Indulgences, see pages 29, 52, 53, 54.] of the industrial freemen and for us, the children of Christian and State Providence to justify. On the 1st day of July 2002 the Australian Crown signed onto the law and Jurisdiction of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court supposedly to prevent and punish crimes of genocide. [This was one part of a giant step for humanity in establishing an International Customary Norm for human rights into Common Law].

When Terra-Nullius was declared by Captain Cook (1770) treaties with First Nations were the legal norm and it was illegal to usurp, pirate, steal, murder, kill, occupy or repopulate other lands of peoples - (Customary Law and Maritime Law). Britain falsely claimed that Indigenous Peoples and Nations were subhuman and undeveloped people. The Church of England granted the Crowns Terra-Nullius, the illegitimate "Divine Justification saying Indigenous Peoples were godless heathen savages".

The invasion for Australia was over the land and resources in the name of the Commonwealth for the Establishment and Empire. The evil Doctrine of Terra - Nullius was used to strip the First Nations Peoples of their Divine Providence, Lore, rightful Sovereignty and Land while assimilating those who could serve their agenda best. The basis of occupation is to create the industrial customs of Australia and the 'Imperial garden', with total disregard to the Indigenous Gardens of this Nation and its peoples, to whom the land and lore belongs. Continuous Political Tokenism and assimilation of this shows continuing want for a criminal genocidal jurisdiction through the now developing Doctrine of Dispossession.

All Australians are beneficiaries to the fact that First Nations Peoples are displaced and dispersed and kept that way, so as to not allow healing of identity and the traditional contemporary Sovereignties. It is now the responsibility of every individual Australian to promote and find the consensual way, so this healing can begin. The Governments can be seen as responsible for upholding Terra-Nullius as 'legal liars' and dogmatic within what they call legal and are creating a covert jurisdiction through an ambiguous history and symbolic law statues for Aboriginal People, to seal off past crimes and establish a "legal genocide jurisdiction of dispossession and they need your vote to help them perpetuate a covert Terra-Nullius".

Warning: To read beyond this point may cause culture shock!

Question; Everyone in Australia and most of the world has heard the subliminal stereo type that "Aboriginal People are the oldest living culture in the world"; Or is it, the oldest dying culture in the world? This is one of many subliminal stereo-types of Australian dogma, lexicon, obfuscation and sophistry!

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This book is open to further research, explanation of information given and truthful constructive criticism.

I've kept most people to first names for privacy reasons and wrong doers to institutional structures rather than naming all the individuals outright. I have named the elected political leaders and cohorts that we try to make an example of. It's not for me to judge any person because in most cases I don't know their personal opinions. They may be acting in a false belief or mislead by information. Those people who commit crimes against humanity knowingly and have an actual intention of destroying or altering Indigenous Cultures and Peoples against their will, are the type of people that should spend the rest of their lives in jail, or to be shamed by people everywhere they go. This book is about a part of my travelling life and what has taken place over the past twelve or so years. It's about explaining subliminal stereotypes, History, Religion and Polity Politics, the Law and how it's been used against Indigenous peoples, also where the Australian fraternity has failed to fulfil the law and why.

What I'm writing about is the other side of "Political Correctness, Institutionalized thinking" and the "National Interest". What is logical, truthful and important to the moral fibre of a non-bias civilized nation so we can all live together with respect for each other's group and individual, and divine cultural inherent rights!

More over Australians need to just understand the truth of our white supremacy history and the National Cultures that maintained Pama (Aus.) for multi - millenniums. How this is so important for the survival of the oldest "living" culture in the world, the natural environment and the survival of the modern world before we destroy everything created serving a false image of God; that would give evil the victory over nature and everything divine in the end.

Another political perspective to seriously consider is how "Australia will become a Republic and what type of Constitutional change we get". Australia as a Multi - Cultural society is misleading as it can only morally stem from the Multi First Nations Peoples Cultures and the immigrants of other National Cultures who move here. Or the "Australian Nation" will continue to be a lie based on and growing from genocidal conquest. Immigrants lose cultural identity as they become Australian over generations, because in the Constitution Multi-Culture is founded on freedom of Religion [Section 116 Australian Constitution]. The overwhelming detrimental treatment and assimilation policies applied to the Indigenous Peoples happens because, there is no Treaty in the Constitution and Section116 has been used unsuccessfully to assimilate and Christianise Indigenous People. While the Legislative powers of the Parliament Section 51 (xxvi) to make laws for peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to: the people of any race for who it is deemed necessary to make special laws, allows unscrutinised powers. First Nations Peoples have no Treaty or recognition of their Sovereignty in the constitution yet. The National Interest disguised as a secular democracy will somehow try to white wash recognition of Indigenous Sovereignty into the constitution even after Governments have imposed extinguishment of inherent land and cultural rights using imposing common law structures *, so then to create a Republic built from white supremacy by developing a Domestic [symbolic] Treaty? [To do this; The Executive Government perspective is to develop a Doctrine of Dispossession by developing Australian Case Law involving and manipulating [jus cogens] Peremptory International Customary Law Norms].

The Australian nation has been horrendously misinformed and uninformed about the Indigenous Nations, tribes and clans of Pama before and after Captain Cook declared upon them the holocaustic deception of Terra-Nullius. That still today eats away at every aspect of Indigenous Peoples lore, land, identity and their Divine Natural Rights to live culturally in their own territories. This therefore eats away at the moral ethics, human rights and the comfort zones, of Australians as they become more aware of the injustices and non justification of governments.

The First Nations, tribes and clans have been and are being ripped off in every aspect. The Australian Nation is still being built from statutory aggression, as laws

*Common law structures: The A.T.S.I.C. Act - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission: Aboriginal Land Councils - Incorporated Nations Family Regimes: Land Title Validation Act: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Protection Legislation: Confirmation of the Constitution Act [Victoria]: The Native Title Act: Constitutional Referendum 2000.

are the weapon used against them that has brought about the genocidal conditions they still endure, which Aussie tax payers subliminally pay for and vote for; we are the only western democracy that legally have to vote, why? Our formal and historical education of Indigenous cultures has been untruthfully reversed and kept from being beautiful, diverse, colourful, divine, grand and providential, into dirty and subhuman which is what many Aussies are still led to believe. Meanwhile First Nations peoples have been kept in poverty and are dying abnormally because they have no political voice while a two party political football game of subtle genocide is framed over them.

"Legal" denial of Indigenous Peoples self determining peremptory cultures of being made up of village life, trade lines, lore, music, song, dance, poetry, story-telling, corroboree, marriage, family, kinship, men's and women's business, hundreds of games, technology, art, medicines, food security, languages, religion, spirituality, totemic relationship to the environment, life and death, agriculture, aquiculture, trade and economics etc. This was knowingly in 1770 twisted around to not exist through case law for a period of two hundred and "twenty two years and counting". Terra-Nullius is still being created since 1992 [Mabo] by subliminal stereo-typing and legislative denial while Indigenous Peoples are kept in conditions of life calculated to control them and alter cultures into new and old subliminal stereo type models. The intention of the establishment (Crown) is to assimilate Indigenous people into one industrial nation - one law - one order. While subliminal stereo-typing and case law are used to shape the minds of the Public that Indigenous Peoples are dispossessed, nomads, the tide of history has washed away their rights, customary lore is unjust, abusive, drunks and no hopers etc. I say Australian Governments and cohorts dismiss, are complicit and conspire, judge, ignore, have apathetic comfort zones, live in denial, blame the victims and racially vilify. 'Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of real law'. Yet we are forced to ignorantly vote for this every time you go to the polls; because if Indigenous Sovereignty or any fundamental issue are not part of election campaigns then, no Treaty, no Voice of First Nations Elders or Opposition in the Parliament is the major problem. While we control their land, their identity and their customs, by making laws "for" the First Nations Peoples, the oldest "living culture" in the world. The State cannot continue to own this; nor should we become a Republic before this unfinished business is sorted out properly the right way. I for one will not covertly vote for it, or pay tax for it until this Treaty is made.

Some reference to support what I have said;
Football came from a game Indigenous people were observed playing in the early years of invasions. The boomerang and the principles of flight came from Indigenous technology. The pill came from Indigenous knowledge of birth control and their intellectual property came from a plant which American scientists obtained and synthesized the ingredients after the Second World War.

Extract from an education website; Palmer's Oz Politics.

From Aboriginal Law to Australian Law

From Indigenous Laws to English Law

Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders have occupied Australia for at least 40,000 years and possibly more than 60,000 years. Immediately prior to European colonization, there were over 500 Indigenous nations with their own legal systems. However, from the British perspective, these Indigenous legal systems were swept aside by the acts of colonization. The process can be explained in terms of (European) international law as it was in the mid to late eighteenth century.

At the time, international law made an important distinction between colonies that were conquered by military force or ceded by treaty, and colonies that were established with the settlement of essentially vacant land. The conquest or cession of a nation formerly under another political power did not affect the pre-existing legal system, although that system could be changed by executive or legislative action after conquest. In the case of a nation ceded under a treaty, the treaty could limit the sovereign's subsequent law making powers. (An interesting example is the different legal systems operating within the United Kingdom: Scotland has a legal system based on a civil law approach, where as England has a common law system). In contrast to ceded and conquered colonies, a settled colony did not have a pre-existing legal system that could continue to operate.

From a legal perspective, Australia was settled. The British consider Australia terra-nullius, a land practically unoccupied, without settled inhabitants or settled law. The British new Aboriginal people inhabited Australia. However, because they were hunters and gathers and not farmers, and because they did not live in villages, the British wrongly concluded Aboriginal people did not own their lands. According to Jennifer Clarke (1999), under international law at the time, "terra-nullius included territory occupied by 'backward people' lacking European form of government and failing to cultivate their territories".

From April to August 1770, without the consent of the Indigenous peoples, Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook landed at a number of sites on the eastern coast of the Australian mainland and claimed possession of the eastern part of the Australian continent for the British Crown.

Captain Arthur Philip led the British occupation of Australia, arriving in Botany Bay on 18 January 1788, before establishing a penal camp at Sydney Cove without the consent of the Eora people on 7 February 1788.

Consequently, from the British perspective, the English legal system progressively replaced the Indigenous legal system from 1788, 1825 and 1829 (from east to west). From these dates of "occupation", the resident Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders became British subjects, beginning with the residents of the then territory of New South Wales on 7 February 1788. The Land and its people - both the Indigenous people and their colonizers - were subsequently subject to British Parliamentary rule and the protection of the English common law. However, early Aboriginal experience of protection of British Law was poor. Because they were not Christians, Aboriginal people were not allowed to give evidence in court. It was thought they would not understand that God would punish them if they lied. As a result, Aboriginal people could not tell the court what happened when European settlers attacked and killed their people. The settlers were safe from prosecution provided they did not give evidence against each other.

The doctrine of terra-nullius was most clearly implemented in 1835 when Governor Bourke annulled John Batman's attempt to buy land from the local Aboriginal people in the Port Philip District (Victoria) through a treaty. Bourke held that all of New South Wales from Cape York in the north to Wilson's Promontory in the south, from Norfolk Island in the east and as far west as the border with Western Australia is the Crown's to distribute. The doctrine of terra-nullius was endorsed by the New South Wales Supreme Court in 1847 (Attorney-General v Brown) and confirmed by the Privy Council 1889 in Cooper v Stuart:

"There is a great difference between the case of a colony acquired by conquest or cession, in which there is an established system of law, and that of a colony which consisted of a tract or territory practically unoccupied with settled inhabitants, or settled law, at the time when it was peacefully annexed to the British dominion. The colony of New South Wales belongs to the latter class." (Cooper v Stuart)

Although the High Court's Mabo decision (Mabo v Queensland (no. 2) (1992) set aside the doctrine of terra-nullius, it reaffirmed the legal theory that the Australian colonies were acquired by settlement and not by conquest or cession. Justice Brennan explained that the Mabo decision does not affect the legality of Australian sovereignty from the perspective of the Australian courts.

"The acquisition of a territory by a sovereign state for the first time is an act of state which cannot be challenged, controlled or interfered with by the courts of that state."

Subsequent efforts before the High Court of Australia have failed to argue that remnants of Aboriginal sovereignty or customary Aboriginal law continue. The High Court has also rejected the argument that the application of Commonwealth or state laws to Aboriginal people requires their acceptance, adoption, request or consent (see Coe v Commonwealth (No. 2) (1993) and Walker v New South Wales (1995).

What a load of obfuscation that was!
Reference and notes about the dogma of Palmers Oz Politics:
In my opinion Palmers Oz Politics is a political "Justification" website that gives an obfuscated ambiguous explanation totally based on dogmatic white supremacy of settlement from "Aboriginal law to Australian law".

The Politic says, immediately prior to European colonization there were over 500 Indigenous Nations with their own legal systems. This was swept aside by the Act of Colonization and turned into a white supremacy word of Aborigines in1770 instead of the 1st Nations Titles.
The Latin word Aborigine is an English word used for obfuscation to put an original world aside for a new world order. The prefix of ab- as the dictionary shows - [L,] meaning away, from, off, down. Ab-original means - from the beginning.

Palmers Oz Politic says, International Law at the time said, there were three ways of claiming land. 1. by Conquest and Treaty. 2. by Cession and Treaty. 3. by Settlement of essentially vacant land. It will become obvious 1, 2, 3, are not the case. Because under the intention of Terra-Nullius and in contrast to conquered and ceded Nations, a settled people that did have a pre-existing legal system could not continue to operate if they were sparse or backward people. The invader (the Crown) knew Indigenous Peoples had a fully operating oral legal system that did not suit theirs. Indigenous Nations have oral natural lore not Aboriginal law or rewritable industrial law. Oral lore cannot be extinguished unless the mind, soul, spirit and body are completely destroyed. It is well known First Nations Peoples were not sparse or backward and is estimated over 20 million people were living here at that time and there is no Treaty!

According to Jennifer Clark (1999) under International law at the time, Terra-Nullius included territory occupied by "backward people" lacking European form of Government and failing to cultivate their territories. (Ambiguous lies and white supremacy at work for justification).

Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook had instructions to negotiate with the Natives and gain their consent to occupy land. From April to August 1770, without the consent of the Indigenous Peoples or consultation Captain James Cook landed at a number of sites on the eastern coast of Australia claiming it for the British Crown. On the 22 August 1770 on Possession Island off Cape York, Cook took possession of the whole east coast in right of his Majesty King George the Third. [1559 Supremacy Act of Queen Elisabeth 1 as the supreme governor of the Church of England]
In my opinion White Supremacy is obvious, because of the developing Industrial revolution and racism over need for resources and expansion of the Imperial Commonwealth. When no form of Westminster system or office was found that represented the First Nations as a whole came to greet Cook, or for Cook to take the time to learn Indigenous languages, so to negotiate with each Nation of Elders for consent, as he was supposed to do! This was a racist Act. Under First Nations Customary Law or Maritime Law at that time in history, if a foreign power did not declare its intention to the Nationals then it was conceived as an act of war. So how could Jennifer Clark truly say they were backward peoples when Cook or any of his crew, did not take the time to understand, or interpret their languages or customary lore systems or count the number of people living there. Also King George 111 instructed Captain Arthur Philip to use the rules of war when engaging the natives. On Philip's return to England he sold land as an "Estate Agent" for the Crown - called Australia Felix the land of milk and honey. My understanding is small pox left behind by Banks on Cook's voyage was the only conciliation made before the first fleet arrived. Re-infection of smallpox and many other diseases brought along in 1788 and the rules of war were deliberate to clear the way for "settlement". Refer to;, plenty of documentation on Small Pox and germ warfare.

Palmers Oz Politic goes on to say, Captain Arthur Philip established a penal camp at Sydney Cove without the consent of the Eora Peoples on 26 January 1788. Or was any other Indigenous Nation told or consulted as the Crown annexed land from that time on. (Colonial authority to invade, covert war)
Goes on to say, "There are great differences between the case of a colony acquired by conquest or cession, in which there is an established system of law, and that of a colony which consisted of a tract or territory practically unoccupied with settled inhabitants, or settled law, at the time when it was "peacefully annexed" to the British dominion. The colony of New South Wales belongs to the latter class". (The High Court said in 1992; Terra-Nullius is a lie, fiction and unutterable shame), so why more lies, and occupation has never been peaceful and Pama was heavily populated with Indigenous Peoples and lore far older and far more mature than their invading law)
Palmers Oz Politic says, "Although the High Court's Mabo decision 1992 set aside the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius, it reaffirmed the "legal" theory that the Australian colonies were acquired by settlement and not by conquest or cession. Justice Brennan explained that the Mabo decision does not affect the legality of Australia's sovereignty from the perspective of the Australian courts". "The acquisition of a territory by a sovereign state for the first time is an act of state which cannot be challenged, controlled or interfered with by the courts of that state". (Protectionism and still ambiguous rules of war)
"Subsequent efforts before the High court of Australia have failed to argue that remnants of Aboriginal Sovereignty or Customary "Aboriginal" lore continue. The High Court has rejected the argument that the application of Commonwealth or State laws to Aboriginal people require their acceptance, adoption, request or consent (see Coe v Commonwealth (no 2) (1993) and Walker v New South Wales 1995"). The Establishment has many vested interests in history and is not capable of delivering true Justice or Divine Justification. All these Laws and Decisions made by Politicians and Judges were done while there was no Anti Genocide law in Australia. Anti Genocide legislation was forced into law by the Elders of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and was not implemented by the Parliament until after Reforms were made to Australia. An example is the Mabo Case was won through customary property lore and was said Customary Lore is superior to the invading law, but there was no Anti Genocide Legislation then, or Treaty ever to keep politicians honest. "Aboriginal people are deemed a political matter".

The High Court said; the "legal" theory that the Australian colonies were acquired by settlement and not by conquest or cession. Settlement, Conquest, Cession is all the fashioning sophistry to make legal by far the worst holocaust in unwritten history of the world. Aboriginal law never was! First Nations Customary lore belongs to individual Indigenous Nations and varies geographically and still exists through family tree bloodlines today. Their Divinity, Customs and Sovereignties are not the business of White supremacy to own and control their self-determination. There were wars declared and Treaties made and broken. There were massacres, dispersions, divisions, displacements, missionisation, stolen generations, genocide and all types of crimes against humanity, denial of the use of the English common law legal system, no case history, military and penal law before and after "settlement", depopulation of Nationals before the Supreme Court endorsement of Terra-Nullius in 1847.

"Although the Crown never recognized the Indigenous legal systems" that co-existed for more than one hundred thousand years, but while under the lie and fiction of Terra-Nullius all people were British subjects under the protection of English common law. [Indigenous people only got the right to common law in 1992 after the Mabo High Court decision] "However, early Aboriginal experience of protection of British law was poor. Because they were not Christians, Aboriginal people were not allowed to give evidence in court. It was thought they would not understand that God would punish them if they lied. As a result, Aboriginal people could not tell the courts what happened when Europeans (settlers, troops, police, mercenaries, policy makers and other people) attacked and killed their people. The settlers were safe from prosecution provided they did not give evidence against each other". Nothing has really changed!
The Doctrine of Terra-Nullius was most clearly implemented in 1835 when Governor Bourke annulled John Bateman's attempt to buy (it was a lease-treaty) land from the local Aboriginal people in the Port Philip district (Victoria) (colony of N.S.W.) through a Treaty. The Doctrine of Terra-Nulluis was endorsed by the N.S.W. Supreme Court in 1847 and confirmed by the Privy Council in1889.

I would say without doubt the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius was developed and fraudulently and criminally endorsed along the way, as the occupation spread they murdered, dispersed and displaced Indigenous societies while destroying evidence of village structure, food security, sacred sites etc. In the meantime creating historical accounts from a white supremacy case law history, to succeed in a guilt free holocaust recorded as a peaceful settlement. Terra-Nullius is a lexicon and a dogmatic racist war of usurpation that broke all International law and ethics of humanity and divinity. The Crown [Aus] - [Brit] has still not gained the consent required by Captain Cook.

So in White Supremacy thinking - to gain consent for a colony would be cession with a treaty. Or to have a war would mean a treaty must be necessary to finish the war. Or to have settled an essentially vacant land as a LIE and more lie's means white supremacy has in house authority and always is the winner no matter what the injustice; Australia must be founded on Genocidal conquest and continued warfare upon settled First Nations, as an occupational lie for a Peaceful Settlement?

Australia's Terra-Nullius is the precedent model since 1770 with an open ambiguous constitution for the New World to use: Australia needs a Referendum of the People and a Legal Case in the International Criminal Court to change the Constitution and to stop the genocidal undeclared war on the New World's Nations Peoples and the destruction of the environment before it's too late!
Have a long hard look at Australia.

The Imperial old school of Red, White and Blue and those who follow its ideology; "is all about", genocidal dispossession of the First Nations Peoples for political control of them, their land and resources.

The other side of the coin is to open discussion about as many aspects of history as possible and to track down racist subliminal stereo typing that continue the chains of history upon Indigenous peoples, to open the minds of thinking people of all denominations to see the truth and pass on this developing knowledge.

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The Other Side of the Coin

In 1993, I reluctantly rented out my home that took me ten years to build. I would never do that again unless the house was built of solid brick and had a basic garden. I rented it out because I'd had enough of the recession the Labor Prime Minister; Paul Keating said we had to have.

Being the travelling type of person that I am, it got to the point one morning when I woke up and while lying in bed, the idea hit me like a stone. Rent the house out and sell everything in it, so as to pay off the bank loan and go to New Zealand even for good. (I only lasted less than one year before I came back).

So I got out of bed and went down to the local Estate Agent and talked it over with them. The rent for my house was higher than I expected, so I listed the house. Within two weeks I'd sold nearly everything including the car, except the T.V. The Estate Agent had found good tenants first time around. I brought my bus ticket to Sydney so to catch up with an old school friend for a couple of weeks before flying to Auckland from there.

I landed in Auckland on New Year's Eve 1993-4. I had a great time staying in Backpackers hostels. The first two weeks I toured the Northland with two lovely Canadian women. One of them Jeanine had a car. The lower half of the North Island I hitch hiked and shared rides.

The South Island I brought an old Hillman Avenger for $550 New Zealand dollars; a great little car that I kept until one week before I came back. I got a job in the local Joinery in a town called Wanaka after touring the South Island: Bought some fly-fishing gear and a fishing license, also a season ticket for the snow season to ski on the mountain Treble Cone. Worked until the snow was prime in late July quit my job and went skiing every second day or the fine weather days. The best time in the snow I've ever had.

What I did notice mostly about New Zealand was the type of equality of rights the Maori People have and their cultural heritage they seemed to be enjoying, a total contrast to the lives of Aboriginal people in Australia.

Each day after work I'd come home to the lovely accommodation I was sharing with a local woman and her little girl. I'd turn the TV on and usually when tuning into a preferred station I would cross the Maori station that was in the Maori language with English sub-titles. I thought that was excellent. Maori people work in all types of jobs and exercise their culture in different ways. They seem happy, healthy and prosperous, not like in Australia with Indigenous Peoples.

When I was in the Northland of New Zealand, I visited the spot where the Treaty of Waitangi was made, on a small island and a short trip by ferry to Russel, where I read the story of how the treaty came to be. 'The French also had strong interest in the lands of the southern ocean. The French came to New Zealand in 1841 with their ships loaded with guns to arm the Maoris and drive the English out. The Crown then made the Treaty of Waitangi and the French had to withdraw from this part of the colony of New South Wales'.

The French also had bases in the Australian colony of New South Wales, like French Island in Western Port Bay in the State of Victoria. They were driven out of there by force. The Crown also repelled the French scientific expedition of La Peruse from Botany Bay in 1788. Don't be mistaken; the British ships that came here were naval military war ships. The penal structure brought a continuous supply of small pox and other foreign diseases unknown to the Indigenous peoples and not only to create a Terra-Nullius, but to enforce it through indoctrination such as the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, the Doctrine of Social Darwinism, the Doctrine of Sovereignty, the Doctrine of Providence, the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius, The Doctrine of the State and many more that came through the Church and the Crown. The Crown led the wars, invasions, the genocide, the law building, the anthropology and institutionalization of colonial doctrines with the church condoning it, to create a Terra-Nullius. New Zealand and Fiji were colonies of New South Wales when the Treaty of Waitangi was made. But New Zealand or any other colony was not declared a Terra-Nullius; it was intended to be a precedent to extinguish LORE and property rights.

New Zealand and the stature of the Maori people was part of my culture shock I endured over the coming years. The late 80's and Native Title of the early 90's grew a lot of curiosity while coming into a more mature time of my life. Many people in the past, when travelling around overseas, would ask about Aboriginal people - where I never had answers to very normal questions.

Some other things I learnt about before and after the Treaty of Waitangi, was that wars were launched from Botany Bay and Tasmania with massive casualties in New Zealand and the colony of N.S.W. and Victoria on both sides. Mainland battles lasted well into the early1900's.

Also Joseph Banks the Botanist on Captain Cook's ship was also a biologist and can lay claim to spreading Smallpox on his manoeuvres about the "New World". Smallpox was a front line germ weapon to help make the land a Terra-Nullius environment from when Cook declared it. Or why would they declare such a thing? Unless the intention; was to make it so for settlement 65 years later and onward.

Smallpox ravaged mankind for a thousand years. On May 14 - 1796 Edward Jenner discovered the vaccine for Smallpox. So in 1770 Smallpox and other deceases were carried by convicts or contained as germ weapons. Smallpox vaccine would not have reached the colony until early 1800's after Captain Collins had sailed to Port Philip Bay and onto Van Demons land. Vaccine was never distributed to Aborigines unless for experimentation purposes. In 1788 the first Fleet arrived in Botany Bay without any regard to Indigenous Customary Lore, or Maritime Law and the devastation these disease-ridden hulls were carrying was massive. Small Pox scars on natives were noted on arrival by the observation of Mr. Tench. There were many out breaks of Small Pox that severely reduced the Indigenous population starting with Cook and Banks in 1770.

Treaties were made and withdrawn as with Robinson's Treaty in Tasmania, Bateman's Treaty in Melbourne and of course the Treaty of Waitangi of the then colony of New South Wales.

What were the secret instructions given to Cook by the Royal Society of obfuscators even though the King of England gave instruction to formally gain the consent of the Natives to establish the colony?

The declaration of Terra-Nullius; also meant there was no "legal" course of action in the courts as First Nations Peoples or as Subjects and are still today a Political Matter and subjected to the constitution! [Still the same today] No Indigenous - Australian Case history only colonial British - Australian history which in turn creates our formal education. These days there are a lot more books available, TV programmes, movies and information on the media but this media is still shaped from an unknown history and ambiguous case law that Australian institutions and media rely on as being politically correct. This is part of the disgraceful other side of the coin. Keep reading there's much more to come.

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My reasons for writing this book

My reasons for writing this book is because of the circumstances we are left with after trying to achieve Reconciliation and Social / Civil justice, while working with a very staunch Gunnai man Robbie Thorpe and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and associates.

The story line is about some of my travels and experiences and what I've continue to learn after returning back to Australia from New Zealand. I got a wakeup call when I meet Robbie and from seeing what the Treaty of Waitangi did for the Maori people, in the way of legal avenues to achieve negotiated outcomes. 'For example, Maori people had 20 reserved seats in the New Zealand parliament and still today they have four permanent seats', which you must admit would make a world of difference.

First Nations peoples have no avenues for justice simply because Terra-Nullius denies any former and surviving Traditional lore, or the comprehensive use of English or Australian common law through the development of the Australian Colonial Nation, or any other formal Agreement or Treaty. In 1992 without any form of traditional negotiation, consent, treaty or anti genocide legislation in place, the High Court overturned the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius using the United Nations Native Title Treaty and the United Nations Convention on Political and Civil Rights Treaty; which basically only afforded Aboriginal people the right to Australian common law. We still make laws "for" the Indigenous Nations and peoples intended to suit our history of Constitutional White Australia, without the proper inherit consent or treaty required. I'd say Terra-Nullius is still the National Interest "Jurisdiction" even though Terra-Nullius was over turned and will explain as this book evolves. The Doctrine of Terra-Nullius is being recycled into the Doctrine of Dispossession using the Native Title Act as the political tool, and has caused untold detriment and division in Indigenous communities.

What happened was a long time friend of mine named Fantom introduced me to Robbie not long after returning back from New Zealand, and later on introduced me to Robbie's white barrister Len. Len had worked with Robbie and other Indigenous People at his own expense, as we do also, for about 8 years before I meet him. Anyway I had no real interest in politics, religion, law or history. But after hearing Robbie's true version of what went down over history and how to restitution the problem, I decided to join in and help. Firstly I had to recognize two concepts. Pay the rent Victoria, and Bullam-waar meaning two spears as Truth and Education. Robbie's objectives are to achieve justice and to seek out all political remedies of State and Church "Justification - disguised as Reconciliation".

Robbie was living at Rye on the Mornington Peninsula not far from Fantoms and 15 minutes from my place in Red Hill. Robbie's house was like a meeting place for truth and education and the front line for political activism against the Governments position over Indigenous Affairs. It was from their where Robbie furthered his 25 years of fighting for justice for his People and Culture.

We tried it all, from representation in local and federal elections to running writs and charges in every level of the Court system against political agenda, attending Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal meetings around the circuit, from Cultural Heritage meetings to Reconciliation meetings through to Constitutional Conventions. I wrote letters to Ministers and other political Parties, Union Leaders, News Papers, TV, Radio, and Indigenous people, the United Nations, the Queen, you name it we tried it, of course to no obvious avail. But the legal work we did in the Courts set in play the moral, civil, and ethical ground rules that will come to be eventually. Fantom and myself were the co-founders of the Mornington Peninsula Reconciliation Group that fell away like most reconciliation groups did, because of the lack of political will to move forward with the truth. The Mornington Peninsula Shire Council didn't want to know about our focus on 'Reconciliation and justification' through Traditional Indigenous means. Because, they had a set agenda based on the National Standards of "constitutional white supremacy" called 'Our Built Natural Cultural Heritage Status Report' and being consistent with the Standards of the Church Synod Reconciliation Report that incorporated and preserved some aspects of Aboriginal culture and people, while hiding behind the Native Title Act - 10 point plan extinguishment as the law and order to develop a bias Reconciliation process. I would call it racist and bias towards the First Nations Peoples peremptory rights to exist.

In 1997 after 3 years of Premier Jeff Kennett's installed commissioners to reform our Local Government system and with our new Amalgamated Council Election pending. Everyone but me thought I should run in, I agreed to do so, to exhaust possible local remedies for Reconciliation. The election campaign gave Rob access to two local Majors and the Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs - Keith Hamilton, whom sat down in Rob's house and had a lengthy discussion with us all. Keith Hamilton two years later spoke up in the Parliament opposing Premier Jeff Kennett legislation on the Land Title Validation Act. Minister Hamilton called the Act an act of Genocide and racist a number of times throughout the Parliamentarian Session. He was also elected to represent Gippsland in the following election, but went very quiet about genocide since. For an accurate statement of what went down it can be got on Hansard - The Victorian Land Title Validation Act 1999. Also the Preamble of the Land Title Validation Act is where it says Land Rights are extinguished and all cultural heritage and intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the Premier and Minister of Aboriginal affairs.

Exhaustion of avenues for social - civil justice and reconciliation became our reality!

We later disbanded the reconciliation group and formed the `Pay the Rent' Legal Team and pursued genocide litigation and giving notice rather than beating around the Bush of Government agenda.

We researched and documented the past, present and further intention of the Australian Law Fraternity. Like these samples, Bateman's and Robinson's benign treaties in Tasmania and Melbourne; Angus McMillan's and Major Mitchell secret black war on the Gunnai Nation in Gippsland; Massacre maps on "settlement" of Victoria; The first to the last constitution; The White Australia Policy; The 1835 protectorate system to protection acts up to 1998; The Mission system to the Reserve Act; The 1967 Referendum through to the Native Title ACT. & Forward; The Stolen Generation legislation and Report; The Stolen Wages, Wills, Child Endowment; Modern Slavery; Terrorism; Incarceration of Indigenous people; Death in Custody Report; United Nations Conventions and Covenants; International Customary Law Norms; International Law and Constitutional Law; Legal case work; Doctrines; Illuminati-secret societies and much more. Every law made throughout our history "for Aborigines" leads the blood trail. The vile sophistry and obfuscation of genocide the Indigenous peoples have to endure to survive throughout history is all but amazing, Because of the intention to make Australia a "Legal" Terra-Nullius.

A thought?
Considering the Constitution relies on Terra-Nullius to build law, peace and order of the Australian Nation. "A fair go mate"! [Peace, Order and Good Government]. So then when the High Court overturned Terra-Nullius, the High Court overturned the basis of Constitutional jurisdiction of the developments of the State - Nation of the right to apply laws over land, sea, air, water, ethics and their total denial of the First Nations and Peoples Sovereignties and should have openly address this issue. Instead 'they' choose to stare down the barrel of a smoking gun of pre-emption without a Treaty and an Apology first, no recognition, no respect and no relief from historical genocide. Unless, you want to count "domestic assimilation" and subliminal stereo typing through using a perverted Native Title Act to continue down the same path as history shows.

If the High Court overturned Terra-Nullius, so then what does the Constitution rely on instead? I will get to that!
I feel it is essential to first explain that Darwin's theory of evolution and the indoctrination theory of Social Darwinism is not the same. Social Darwinism came to be in 1851 and was used as Justification over Terra-Nullius. This pre-empted the foundation of the Victorian Constitution in 1855. For 65 years after Captain Cook and Captain Philip began germ warfare and declared the First Nations a Terra-Nullius in 1770 and 1788. By the same means Captain Collins entered Port Philip Bay in 1801 leaving another exposure of smallpox as part of the depopulation Terra-Nullius process for when the military fleets and mercenaries returned from the war for Tasmania in 1828, which was backed up by the vile disease ridden penal system for 65 years to build vital infrastructure and clear the way, before Darwin and then European settlers got to arrive and see the remnants of Indigenous Societies from 1835. Supremacy and the ladder of Social Darwinism (Church and State) was created from the precedence of Penal-Colonial invasion and genocide and only as a preconceived excuse (not divine justification) to start a new genesis over the land and peoples here (done falsely in God's name and Jesus name) of murder, rape, theft, piracy, experimentation, eugenics, extermination, sterilization, woman slave trade, assimilation and war. Now defined as genocide and ecocide, but also an evil and vile conspiracy!
Hence, this evil stage above is fundamental to the past 500 years for the Doctrine of Justification. The "discovery of the New World" for the Selling of Indulgences, Providence and Dispensation for its usage or exploitation by Church and State created the need for a Doctrine of Justification declared to the Australian public in the year 2000.

The Roman Inquisition and the Reformation played its part in bringing about the Doctrine of Justification which split the Roman Catholic Church from being the only Church. Martin Luther a Catholic Priest went back to Germany and formed the Ultra Orthodox Lutheran Church, with Protestant Denominations forming from this as did the Church of England. The Pope apologized on National TV over the Doctrine of Justification for the selling of indulgences in the year 2000 and said, the Church would justify and measure its practices and beliefs of the past 500 years. WE SHALL SEE. Prime Minister Howard won't apologize or recognize a Treaty!
Australia's indoctrination of Social Darwinism and Terra-Nullius put Aboriginal - black people on the bottom of the "ladder of the social order of mankind", with white Caucasian Anglo - Saxon people on the top of the ladder. This was simply racist and with Dispensation of Indulgences it panned out as an ever growing genocide as the ego of the industrial State / Nation develops.

Darwin's ladder was also used as the saying goes the "Survival of the fittest". This stereo type is subliminal and can mean a number of things. In sport for an example, the winner is usually the fittest in body and mind. If somebody cheats by taking drugs, or dirty tricks to win then it's not fair or natural fitness. It's the same when a bad or evil person takes advantage of an honest or naÏve person, or when a strong Culture is deliberately contaminated, or people are shot or poisoned or dominated by trickery and bullies, who are in fact evil cowards. It's not the survival of the fittest. It's the survival of the more underhanded or evil for Power. Surviving genocide is bad enough, but to be able to climb the racist Anglo Saxon industrial ladder is one major hurdle for Indigenous Peoples.

The ongoing conquest of the New World and the later conquest of the First Nations of Australia were targeted when the British Crown's hold on land resources in America was weakened in the led up to the end of the American War of Independence in 1783, with the Industrial revolution beginning in 1765 England wanted exclusive land resources. The dogmatism of the Catholic Church, the English Church - Church of England and Secret Societies (Illuminati - Freemasons, Zionist, Templers, Thules and Bohemian Grove) and Money Lenders (Jewry) of England and Rome drove this invasion of the Lands of the Indigenous Nations from the jurisdiction of the Magna Charta, the Roman Inquisitor and the Commonwealth as they privatized the "King and Church for Parliamentarian rule," from 1215 to 2000 for equity in exploited resources and power for building the Imperial Empire called the Commonwealth since 1649. The above and the Doctrine of Justification and the Reformation are absolute fundamental foundation stones from where we white fellas come from and to where the future lies in the Incorporation Approach of the State and Church!

The Indigenous Peoples here and around the world are struggling and dying from this Genocide jurisdiction. I'd say survival of the fittest belongs to the Indigenous survivors of our insidious history that nation building has forced upon them.

I must say. If your family of past and present generations had to go through what Indigenous Peoples have to suffer without any official end, or change to those injustices. Could you "assimilate or integrate" and believe that Christian Providence would be for the betterment of your culture and family? Colonisation and Christianisation has use God's name in vain for their ill begotten indulgences for conquest over them. Is not this blasphemy of the worst kind?

My reasons for this book is because this story is too much information for me to carry or explain and Australians have to be educated about Indigenous Providence (Independent Source of Jurisdiction) where they have a God, a land, spiritual ancestors and heroes. A Dreamtime that encompasses everything that God-Nature created, so as to sustain life for all future generations. Indigenous Providence took from the Tree of Life while protecting God-Nature's tree of knowledge for hundreds of thousands of years, before greed, lies and a material ego grew into something mankind is overwhelmed by and will destroy the known world if we can't stop, listen and make Treaties with the First Nations of Australia and the World.

Also Australia has no written black and white history. We are indoctrinated and live in a paradigm of English and White Australia history, a colonial account that denies the truth and existence of Indigenous Sovereignties for our natural built cultural heritage of industrial supremacy. Now days White Supremacy is camouflaged behind Multi-cultural - ism, it's not the colour of the skin, but of course you must think white to climb the ladder of opportunity.

Multi-culture constitutes freedom of religion, where secular democracy does not recognize the Indigenous - Dreamtime as a religion. The forceful Christianisation of Indigenous Peoples by consecutive Government and institutions of Church and State doesn't mean anything when it's all based on Genocidal displacements. Indigenous people I know still want to exercise their religion over the evils and the destruction Church and State bought upon them. Refer to; Freedom of Religion, Section 116 of the Constitution says the Government cannot make laws in respect of religion, but the government does make laws in every aspect in relation to First Nations Peoples spiritual existence.

  • Critical Asian Studies. Cover - up and Denial of Genocide. Australia, U.S.A., East Timor and the Aborigines. By Ben Kiernan
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  • The NGUNNAWAL Lecture Series. Treaty Talk: Past, Present and Future by Dr. Aileen Moreton-Robinson. University of Canberra
  • The Constitution Act - 1975
  • The Origins of the Species by Charles Darwin

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Pay the Rent Concept
The Black G.S.T.
Genocide: Sovereignty: Treaty

Writing my story

The autumn of 2002 is drawing to a close and I have no intention of being here in Victoria for the winter. Also I need to be in Canberra by midyear for another Writ the Aboriginal Tent Embassy has launched in the High Court, The Writ is over their Totemic Emu and Kangaroo that is being used on the Coat of Arms as a mark of authority over Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians without the consent or jurisdiction of the First Nations Elders and Peoples.

Refer to web site,

Listening to the radio from my accommodation, a 1993 Toyota Hi ace camper van. The old 1984 Hi ace that I fitted out after returning from New Zealand, I drove into the ground during the most active period of our endeavours to find justice and reconciliation. The interior of my old van went into the newer van that looks like a plain white van from the outside, but on the inside has everything I need to exist; be comfortable and to look inconspicuous, "I call it The Tardis".

Parked on the bitumen car park at McCrae beach, near the historic lighthouse on the Mornington Peninsula where I stay overnight occasionally. From here all types of ships come close to shore as they navigate the channel to reach Port Melbourne, or they leave for the heads of Port Phillip Bay. You can get a good look at the ships from this spot.

The news report on the radio and was not a total surprise to me. Australia was trying to follow America's lead in un-signing the (Rome Statute) new International Criminal Court I.C.C. that's being set up for people who commit crimes against humanity - genocide. The report went on to say that soldiers involved in future wars of America and Australia could be charged and prosecuted for these types of crimes. This is typically misleading. The I.C.C. has been set up for bringing all individuals to justice for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

The impression given by our Government / Media is false. The purpose of the un-signing or not signing up in Australia's case is to protect the elite, the politician, the executive, the clergy, military leaders and the common person. They talk about the soldiers as the persons who would get in trouble, but in actual fact they are making a precedent for themselves so to avoid charges and convictions in their actions of warfare when they commit, incite, conspire or complicit in the overall act of committing perspective crimes against humanity or genocide. Government / Media talk like this to gain public support for immunity, by un-signing or making a clause to give themselves immunity, not necessarily for our loved ones sent to war.

The real reason is to protect the elite powerful from the comprehensive interpretation of genocide - crimes against humanity, 'which historically has always been corporate terror upon native peoples over resources and control of them and their lands'. In recent times evidence on the Internet has come to light of a staged 9/11 "terrorist" attack on the twin towers in America to fraudulently justify pre-empted warfare; as with the lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. For Indigenous people to resist by fight back it has been deemed Terrorism instead of Warfare. The Doctrine of Terrorism is also about removing rights to Privacy and Liberty for more political control of the public sector.

Heads of State and many Officials have been indicted by the I.C.J. for Genocide in the cases for Chilli, Bosnia, and Rwanda. I can see what impunity Bush, Howard, Blair and the Commonwealth are scamming to avoid this new jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. 'Bush and the Free Individual' need to develop the Doctrine of Terrorism and Ad Hoc Tribunals for precedence in watering down the true interpretation of Genocide or Crimes against Humanity to mean mass murder only. Their need for an orchestrated Doctrine of Terrorism and illegal war in the Middle East are for vested reasons, but is mainly about reshaping the Jurisdiction of the Charter of the United Nations and the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court to protect and continue the Old School of pre-empted warfare; from the new ethical jurisdiction of Diplomacy not warfare, that the United Nations was set up for and could achieve if not interfered with by them.

Britain, America and the Australian Crown has plenty to hide and needs a sophist interpretation of preventing and punishing crimes of Genocide as mass murder, not exposure to political / corporate subtle forms of genocide and how they commit it in part and whole: Because they need pre-emptory bias standards in Law Building for the "legitimacy" of the State to exist on First Nations Territories here and around the world. The Australian Crown will try to recycle genocide and subtle forms of genocide of the pre-empted Doctrine of Terra-Nullius for a pre-empted Doctrine of Dispossession through Australian / British Law Statutes of Limitations such as; Dr. Evatt's 1945 United Nations sanction of 3 options that is becoming the now Doctrine of Dispossession*; The 1975 Victorian Constitution Act - heavily sanctioned 4 norms of International Customary Law; The Australian British Colonial Constitution Act 1987; The Customary Law Reform Commission; The Conciliation and Arbitration Commission. The A.S.T.I.C. Act 1989; The Native Title Act 1992; The Land Title Validation Act 1994-1999; The Confirmation and validation of the 1855 and 1975 Victorian Constitution in 1994 by the Kennett Regime; Also through Constitutional provisions of Industrial Relations and External Affairs Powers and through the Referendum on a Republic or not, "Constitutional change". Even the 67 referendum (CERD) is being used to recycle the intention of Terra-Nullius for Dispossession, so to protect historical vested interests and be free from the crimes of perspective genocide!

You could think it would be essential for the Australian Crown to fulfil the U. N. heavy sanctions that came with the adoption of the 1975 Constitution, before Constitutional Confirmation in 1994 of the Incorporated Kennett Charta (Constitution and Australia Act), also the Referendum for a Republic 2000 and the political developments of the domestic Native Title Act.

Australia's obligation to the United Nations Heavy Sanctions of 4 International Customary Law Norms [Covenants against Slavery, Torture, Genocide and Racial Discrimination] were essential when the Queen gave her signed ascension to the 1975 Constitution Act (Victoria). Combine these sanctions with the ratified U.N. Covenant on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination (C.E.R.D) - that allowed the 67 Referendum and the removal of the wording of Terra-Nullius from the 1975 Constitution, so government can make laws for Aborigines. If these 4 Norms were in place before incorporation in 1987 - 1994, and not manipulated into law after incorporation or kept in limbo, then developments would be totally different now. More over if a Treaty Norm was part of our history!
*Dr. Evatt's, United Nations sanctions of 3 options 1945;
1. Recognise the Indigenous Peoples
2. Make a Treaty with the Indigenous Peoples
3. Continue to alter the environment in every aspect.

The Rome Statue is the Law Book the new International Criminal Court will use, and consists and was developed from two main United Nations Conventions.

The U.N. Convention on the prevention and punishment of genocide 1947;

The Geneva Convention on War;

These are only some of the jurisdictions use by the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and Robbie's legal team in our endeavour to find justice and restitution after 229 years of this Terra-Nullius imposition. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy Elders used the Howard 10 Point Plan to force the Federal Court in 1999 to make a decision over the heavy sanction Norm of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

Three Judges, Whitlam J. Merkel J. Wilcox J. two of which said the Parliament should make immediate measure to incorporate the convention in full into Common Law, because it should have been done 50 years ago. In the final appeal prior to the Olympic Games the Judges dismissed any proceeding for charges of genocide against Howard, Harradine, Fisher and Hanson over the Ten Point Plan extinguishment of Native Title, because genocide is not a crime or part of Australian Common Law, and not illegal in Australia until implemented into law.

The Howard Ten Point Plan extinguishment of Native Title put Australia on a short warning list of the United Nations Security Council, because Australia breached the Treaty on the Covenant on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination C.E.R.D. This Convention was the Crown's basis for the 67 Referendum while denying the Anti Genocide Norm legislation since 1947. [The 1975 Racial Discrimination Act [Norm] is being watered down to a Discrimination Act using Special Measure and was suspended to implement the Native Title Act in the first place].

Robbie kicked off the legal casework litigation over Australian history and the original Native Title Act of 1992 as well as the gaps or ambiguities in Australian law and the Constitution when he launched a Writ in 1997 upon the head of State and the Commonwealth for Crimes of Genocide and Fiduciary obligations (care of all people) in the High Court. Thorpe v Commonwealth where Justice Kirby and Three Appeal Judges agreed that Robbie has a heartfelt right, but his actions they said, were frivolous and vexatious and an abuse of the process of law.

Furthermore; Kirby said;
Aboriginal people are a "political matter".

These matters are constitutionally "unfounded".

The High Court has "no jurisdiction". [Genocide is not a crime under Aus. Law.]
"Genocide happened in the past and there's no intention now". Robbie and most black fella's I've meet would like to know, when did the oppressive war and genocide end? This was a fascist and racist decision, in our legal opinion.

In 1999 Robbie had charges applied upon the reformist Premier Jeff Kennett for three counts of Genocide over his Land Title Validation Act from 1994 - 1999.

The decision of Chief Magistrate Adams dismissed the charges, because genocide is not illegal in Victoria and Common law would do as relief from such crimes. Robbie's Appeals and Submission to Justice Warren of the Victorian Supreme Court was pending through and after Kennett's Election lose and dismissed in favour of Chief Justice Adams decision. Adams did a written apology to the Aboriginal People of Victoria after he rejected Rob's charges and that action cost him his job. The facts are and as the saying goes, Common Law has been the killer of Indigenous Peoples, their Culture and the Environment since 1770; and does not prevent against genocide of the First Nations Peoples.

The Federal Parliament failed to implement legislation for the Genocide Convention in full in 2001, after two years, by stuffing it up on purpose once again. Now they sound like they're going to try and pull out of their obligation to be part of the civil world by not signing onto the I.C.C. Jurisdiction to stop global genocide happening here and overseas and to prevent it in business and commerce and war. (Impunity is not possible for ratified nations)
Yesterday I bought a mobile phone for a number of reasons. The main reason was someone close to me passed away and nobody could contact me. This made my Mother a lot happier now I can be contacted easily. Being nearly invisible has been an asset during the past seven years while doing this business, someone else would usually have a phone I could use anyway.

Often I would disappear for a couple of weeks at one time, to recharge my batteries by being alone with nature usually somewhere around the coast. I found sanctuary by being un-contactable and hence my campervan.

Members of my family had to move Mum into a flat, which has taken her a few years of getting used to, but Mum looks ten years younger now, after fifty years of being with the my Father. He's one of those arrogant European men that think he has ownership and control of Mum and the family he's disowned. He never had personal time for our family and I'm sure he doesn't like Aboriginal people or know why, or understand why I help them. I may as well be gay as this would be typical in blaming mum for failing him in my chosen activism party underlying their brake up.

I have half a dozen camping spots around the Mornington Peninsula that I frequently use which for now gives me hassle free accommodation, as I always camp free range with a low budget existence. I'm leaving my birthplace and lifelong friends on the (Boonerwrung) Mornington Peninsula once again. This time for the south coast of N.S.W., the warmer weather, write my story and attend another Writ in the High Court Canberra and along the way catch up with friends I have made over the many years. Ethical reasons may take me back to New Zealand depending on the outcomes if the Treaty being symbolic or genuine. For a Treaty to be genuine it must be based on the Black G.S.T. Genocide; Sovereignty; Treaty:

I caught up with Mum and a couple of friends before leaving for the Gunnai Nation at Bear Gully on Cape Liptrap in Gippsland, which faces east and looks upon Wilson's Promontory across the water of Waratah Bay. Wilson's Prom is a special sacred men's area of the Gunnai Nation, their several tribes and many clans that make up the language grouping of the Gunnai People whom takes dynamic form today.

Bear Gully has ever-changing views of the Prom with rocky points and sandy coves with beaches that are protected from the harsh south westerly weather, which so dominates the coastline of Victoria. This camping spot, as so many camping areas are going through closure or reforms (Privatization) that affect the basic free use of what Australians have become used to. This of course furthers the genocidal disenfranchisement of Indigenous Sovereign rights into assimilation and symbolic Rights. "User pays, no money or job keeps Black Fellas out of places like Bear Gully, unless they assimilate into Aboriginal Land Councils".

Without the anticipated Norms of Preventing Genocide and Racial Discrimination in law, the Kennett Regime was wrongful to confirm and validate the 1975 Victorian Constitution in 1994. This pre-empted the Land Title Validation Act 1999 for the Privatization and Incorporated Reforms of Reserves, Crown Land, Lease Holds, Land Grants, Parks and Foreshores and became the Federal Government design for Howard's Ten Point Plan in 1997. Extinguishment of Native Title (10 point plan National Standard) empowered government organized Symbolic Aboriginal Land Councils to work within the Common Law Statutes of the National Parks, Regional Forest Agreements, Mining, Heritage Trust, Museums, Institutions, Local Friends Groups and Foreshore Committees to Build Partnerships and Strategies. Which means - Aboriginal People receive "colonial common law" and can use the land, as we do if assimilating into this structure, while Government still deny any land rights and customary maintenance of First Nations Peoples. The bulk of Indigenous Peoples have nothing to do with the National Parks etc, while some of their cultural heritage is preserved, protected and displayed (not for use) and while they're living in oppressive conditions stuck out in segregated areas of towns, cities and restructured missions, now called trusts and reserves.

The High Court Native Title decision and outcomes of the 10 Point Plan were designed to extinguish Native Title, after mega dollars were spent. This has only imperially secured our white Title to Terra- Nullius and fascism! The white test for Native Title can only be claimed if Aboriginal people can prove continuous physical connection to land through two parents unbroken throughout history. This has left the Inherit Traditional owners of country with these imposed options; of joining the imposed Symbolic Aboriginal land council and incorporate their future, as opposed to their Self - determination of their Sovereign Divine Providence. Or counter claim for Native Title in the Courts, which would extinguish both parties from Native Title rights. Or do nothing, but argue with the Political and Vested Interests which are seen as a detrimental Hypocrisy. Last but never least, Litigation from a Sovereign position as the Gunnai Mob I know have done, by not signing off to trickery and sitting on their Independent Source of Jurisdiction and Divine Right to exist in their own land, as such. Being the hard way, but a truthful way!

The other side of the coin over Native Title was a political requirement to validate pastoral, mining, commercial and private interest to land. Native Title is our white title and in actual fact a criminal lexicon created by political obfuscators to carry the past forwards and bear no blame.

One of the main points of the Ten Point Plan was to extinguish spiritual connection to claim their land by changing it to unbroken physical connection. This is an aggressive act of law equating to furthering the historical genocide jurisdiction and to secure the displacement of Aboriginal People. [Section 116 of the Constitution says, the Parliament cannot make laws in respect of religion, but, Australian Law now separates Indigenous Spiritual belonging - religion from Land when they are one]. Another point of the 10 Point Plan is for Aboriginal people to become incorporated under the National Parks Statute of common law and policies; which is called Building Partnerships and Strategies with Incorporated Land Councils for political outcomes. This wrongfully allows Parks to market and display spiritual connection like totemic relationships with nature and "some sites of significance" under National Parks signage: State and National Heritage Trusts and others also get a slice of this action, while not allowing Spiritual connection to land when claiming land under the "law", or maintenance of their religion and culture freely. (Refer to 10 point plan at rear of book)

Another point of the 10 point plan is the Indigenous Land Commission that will purchase land for Native Title claimant Groups instead of engaging in Native Title claims. This process has been white washed, by historical interests of white and black getting in on the Act, while First Nations Mobs miss out on both forms of land restoration. This is called the Threshold Test.

These processes are deeply divisive putting political Aboriginal people and displaced Indigenous people at odds with each other and the Inherit Traditional owners from First Nations. This only benefits a few, while denying the rightful majority. The Parks tourist industry and false or fraudulent window dressing props up the covert National Interest of Terra-Nullius by deceiving people; while Australia's Genocide Jurisdiction perpetuates the continuum of white Australia ideology and benefits, because First Nations Peoples really get nothing, but more of the same merry go round of history.

Take a good look at the High Court Mabo decision and the High Court Wik decision of co existence on pastoral lease; and the Brian Harradine "deal" over the passage of the Ten Point Plan extinguishment of Native Title and Wik co-existence on pastoral lease. A deal had to be struck so as to prevent a double dissolution of Parliament in 1998 over the passage of the 10 point plan. Why go to all this trouble and money to create it and then get rid of it? This is perverted trickery to remove the wording of Terra-Nullius from the constitution, but in real terms they are validating it. This deal also put the Howard Government on the short warning list of the United Nations over the Treaty of the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination.

The Deal was with Independent Senator Brian Harradine and was if the Incorporated Aboriginal Family Regimes (Land Councils) failed to work out. Then under section 8 of the Racial Discrimination Act, the original Native Title Act would apply and "Aboriginal" people would get the Full Blown Rights to negotiate for the first time. These Symbolic Regimes have failed more than once and means the 10 Point Plan must go under Harradine's Deal. We will see; more so Native Title itself was imposed trickery, by the Law Fraternity of Australia. Eddy Mabo broke the ice while he was fighting for his inherit rights, and was used by Lawyers, Judges and Politicians to create a "legal precedent" they needed and could manipulate to give the old school a new face, but the same body.

You must see by now how racist this whole process has been. How dare the High Court and the Parliament perpetuate their genocidal jurisdiction over the Original Nations and peoples of this whole continent without even negotiating or gaining their fully informed consent before making more detrimental laws that confirms the recycling of Terra-Nullius for perverted National interest outcomes. This can make Hitler look like a pussy cat because Hitler failed in his genocide of the Jews.

What the Australian Crown and Law Fraternity, or Inquisitor's should have done when Australia's parliamentary legislative powers became independent from the British Parliament in 1987, was the Australian Crown should have legislated the anti genocide Norm and declared a Détente. That would and still could allow First Nations Peoples to enter into historical Unfinished Business with each other, so to give them a strong self-determined position to negotiate from, with the British - Australian Crown. From there a Treaty of Treaties could have and still could be negotiated through the Pay the Rent concept. The Pay the Rent Concept has been on the table for more than 238 years and especially the past 60 years since the Old School lost their foot hold on law making after the Second World War to the United Nations Plenipotentiary World of [jus cogens] Norms of the new Civilized World Order; or did they?

Australia could have totally abolished Terra-Nullius and moved forward as a proper Nation in an economical, social and ethically cultural way where our law had been fulfilled through Treaties with the First Nations. No more genocide jurisdiction and trillions of dollars to pay for the ongoing "legal" window dressing until Indigenous Mobs unduly submit to usurpation and fascism. Or is it going to take the International community to condemn Australia and impose boycotts and sanctions on us as we did to South Africa for much weaker crimes.

Privatization and Rationalization are sophisticated words and the method used for validating retrospective land titles and to sell off built assets for a corporate takeover of Public Infrastructure. In the mix of Privatisation Aboriginal people are to be assimilated into institutional structures while their cultural heritage is to be preserved behind glass in the National interest of Australia, so Terra-Nullius is recycled as the Governments way forward. In the future political dispensation of "Aboriginal Cultural Heritage" becomes our muddy foundation of a new white supremacy.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said; 'In politics nothing ever happens accidentally! If something occurs, you can be sure that it had been planned this way!' The Government in these times of change has to hurt the public interest. So self pity and fear would override and entangle any public sympathy for Aboriginal people or their rights, e.g. your back yard is next, the G.S.T., rationalization, recession, massive job losses, privatization of infrastructure, centralization, alteration of services, fear of war, war of terrorism, globalization, incorporation, education, H.E.X., refugees and detention centres etc. While funding a non-representative A.T.S.I.C. with 1.3 million dollars every three years that is designed to create subliminal stereo types and comfort zones of "blame the victim", while nothing is supposed to get better on the ground for Indigenous peoples and the public can't see through the smoke.

It's no wonder John Howard won't apologize. He said, "It happened in the past and he should not have to apologize for something he didn't do" - [subliminal stereo-type]. Well he is still doing it and as the Head of the institution of past Parliaments he should have to apologize for the past and for what he is doing. But logically you can't apologize if you're still creating it.

Bear Gully has for the past two years been a prime example of change. Parks Victoria and its glossy info, the local foreshore committee and the Kurnnai-Gunnai (common law) aboriginal family regime have the Gunnai people as a tribe of the Kunnai Nation. This is a contentious structure laid down by government - a Kennett legacy. Kurnnai is naming for a "Political authority". Where one percent of Gunnai land area (Gippsland) will be preserved and protected as sites of significance, regardless of what would be there, disregarding the Gunnai Nation.

Parks Victoria installed a camp host for the busy holiday period of the last two years until 2004. The camp host has the job of preparing the patron campers for the 'rational privatization' to the area. This is a national standard. The Parks info board was established in the summer of 2004 with pathetic information and many unprotected midden sites everywhere, weeds and ferial animals. The camp host has a new post on the Murray River and would be to window dress up the Yorta Yorta as Parks are doing to camping places around the country.

Individuals and families have less choice of camping places because of political reforms. Camping spots around the coast that people have used for generations as free bush spots are closed off, or in some cases transformed into National Parks, Conservation areas and Foreshore Committees that are slowly enforcing the 'user pays' system even to just drive in, or visit for the day. The only other choice is camp behind wire fences in caravan parks, or if you have a back yard you can camp there.

Bear Gully will soon be like Wilson's Promontory where people will need to book a camp- site and many people will miss out, because of the lack to cater for enough camping areas along the coast. User pays means for the better off. Most Indigenous Peoples cannot afford it nor should another restriction be put on them.

While the public were under stresses and self pity of Premier Kennett's reforms before the 10 point plan came to be; the Gunnai / Kurnnai peoples and other mobs were forced to become incorporated into his structure. [Sunset - Clause was a time frame to establish Land Councils with an empty promise of all Crown Land and Sites of Significance to be handed back]. As time went on sites of significance were white washed for display, not to use as their cultural heritage rights. Native Title land claim on "Crown Land" could ever be successful under Kennett's Reforms and Prime Minister Howard's structure of the Ten Point Plan extinguishment stopped any claims from being successful. The original Native Title Act opened up the way for political Dispossession to makes sure land rights and cultural maintenance failed. Terra-Nullius was recycled into Native title and means no Land Rights, or Customary Maintenance, just symbolic institutionalization to become immigrants in their own lands. [A political whip as usual]

The camp host has a number of stereo - type lines that he uses to subliminally convince campers that changes are for the better. Like for example "we give the Abos' up north National Parks land back and after six months they give it back, because they can't handle it!" All I said to that was, "yeah but under what law and use and what kind of negative help?" Another one he would use. "People roll up in $40,000 motor homes and expect to camp for nothing". Well that is fine, for the wealthy, but a lot of individuals and families are low budget holiday- makers. Besides Bear Gully was one of Victoria's last secret spots until it was put on the map by Rex Hunt's T.V. fishing show during the privatization period to fit up with executive policy and what the camp host has been saying for reforms to National Parks or bush spots.

The camp host and I have some very opposite views on Indigenous and Human rights. If the 'Parks' staff are selected to portray the Terra - Nullius thinking and attitude of 'we know best'. Well then, the other side of the coin will show its face through the institutional continuum of our aggressive secret history and secret army of furthering Indigenous genocide through denial, from subliminal racist stereo-typing. Parks should be ashamed.

Leaving Bear Gully after three days; washed some dirty clothes and had some enjoyable beach walks between writing. Fishing was poor as usual here. I drove back out past the sheep farms to the main road where I always see at least one dead wombat along the side of the road. Farmers kill them, because they may dig under fences and eat some pasture grass. Wombats don't do any real damage. The fences are usually very close to the edge of the road, leaving little for commuting wild life to habitat. Instead of creating corridors for all types of animals, some farmers prefer to kill instead of sustain. Also the small creeks that gather water off the pastoral land and flow down to sea and cross the beaches are badly polluted and should be fixed.

With Uncle Kevin's Kangaroo and Emu case dwelling in the back of my mind, I headed for the south westerly end and beginning of the Ninety Mile Beach. Picked up a few food stuffs from Foster and continued, passing the magnificent coastal views of Corner Inlet and the picture rolling hills of Toora. Welshpool and the fishing town of Port Albert and other towns including Port Franklin, Barry Beach and Port Welshpool are mostly industrial towns. These towns make up the general area of corner inlet and the mangrove coast and wetlands now under the Ramsard Convention of migratory bird protection.

The town folk of Foster and surrounding areas have put a good token effort into land care revegetation along parts of the creeks, rivers and farm boundaries. There's still some way to go for a sustainable environment. As more and more farmers keep their cattle away from streams that flow into corner inlet it will improve the water quality and fish breeding conditions immensely.

Corner Inlet is a huge mangrove fish breeding area where fish rely on wetlands, streams, creeks, rivers and no pollution to breed in large healthy numbers. The reason why it's hard to catch fish these days isn't over fishing; it's under breeding, because of wrongful coastal, catchments and land management practices, where "it" all ends up in the sea and water ways.

A friend and Naturalist who lives near Foster has conceived with local farmers a plan to limit tidal flow back behind the sea walls that claimed so much fish breeding grounds for cow pasture. These processes and with clean water flow off the land will see fish, birds and other animals spring back, in some cases from near extinction.

I see this in part as a good model and starting point, as it is accomplished for environmental sustainability. But more so as an offering of good will towards reconciliation with the Gunnai people.

As people begin to relate their own physical and mental health to the health of the natural environment they will begin to understand the fundamental side and way Indigenous People think and need to live. Healing the land will start a process of understanding between white and black and while only Inherit Land Rights and Self-determination will truly heal the First Nations and Peoples and undo the evil of our history.

Leaving corner inlet behind and passing a series of islands, Snake Island, Sunday Island, Clonmel Island and St Margaret Island. St Margaret Island begins the ninety-mile beach located behind a long peninsula sand spit, the first natural tidal entrance of the south east coast up till Marlo where the Snowy river meets the sea and makes up the Ninety mile Beach as far up as Cape Conran. The coastal edge of the Ninety Mile Beach is made up of extensive wet and dry lake systems protected from the sea behind a continuous sand dune barrier running along the coastline. Natural plants like Coastal Heath, Tea Tree, Banksias, Paper Bark, Salt March and Gum stabilise this sensitive coastal edge. These Lakes systems stretch all the way up to the eastern end of the Nation of the Gunnai people at Cape Conran.

The township of McLaughlin's Beach situated behind St Margaret's Island has easy access to the Ninety Mile Beach. The town has some fifty or so houses with the original fishing shacks still opposed to the newer style of homes erected over the later years. No shops or caravan park as yet. The town has a main jetty built by the locals, a large car parking area with a brick toilet and an open- air fishing clubhouse.

I camped in the car park near the local fishing club shelter that has a handy rainwater tank attached to it. From the rear of the Fishers Club there is a timber walk way supported one metre above the salt marsh and travels for a half of a kilometre to the boat trailer car park. There's another timber walkway across the narrowing arm of the inlet into the foreshore and down to the Ninety Mile Beach. The nature walk also goes left along the wetlands behind the coastal sand dune barrier to Reeves Beach about five kilometres away, and right along the inlet for five kilometres to the entrance for Margaret Island and the beginning of the Ninety Mile Beach and Corner Inlet.

On arrival at McLaughlin's Beach I was shocked at the colour of the outgoing tidal water flow. Obviously there was major land disturbance (road works run off) coming down the Bruthen Creek into the inlet. When I crossed the creek on my way to Reeves Beach, the same colour water was rushing down towards the inlet.

This inlet is under threat as are the lake systems everywhere. I noticed on and amongst the sea grass brown and green algae another time visiting here. The clay coloured water prevented any visual of the sea grass and reduces photosynthesis as the algae already covered most of the sea grass beforehand. Eventually this will kill off the Sea Grass and breeding habitat for sea life.

The next morning, I moved on to Reeves Beach a beautiful little camping area directly behind the sand dune barrier. No drinking water here but has a drop toilet, which helps stop people leaving surface pollution for other's to walk into. Reeves Beach is the original road entrance to the entire coastal sand dune barrier of about 10 km long. The track travels along the low inside edge behind the coastal sand dune past McLaughlin's Beach through to the beginning of the Ninety Mile Beach and the entrance to the inlet. This is now a walking track that allows people to visit part of the Ninety Mile beach along this walk, while observing the wetland and wildlife. Animals and fish depend completely on the healthy conditions of the wet/dry inlet and tidal push into the land for regeneration of their species and sustainable life. It's a shame this wetland is in such poor condition.

The first day here it rained nearly the whole afternoon and night. Clearing to a sunny morning I took total advantage of this and walked for two hours up the track and two hours back again. There were midden sites, some black swans, ducks, ibises on the water and an array of birds in the bush along the track, the odd wallaby, wombat holes and of course lots of mosquitoes. There are some closed off old camp sites along the sand dune side of the track with the inlet water following on the other side of the track and pasture abutting the water's edge on the near distant inland side. This makes up a beautiful contrast, but the pastoral industry (cows) joining the water's edge is in conflict with sustainable life of fish and other animals, where a wide natural bush barrier is part of the solution!

No other campers here once again, I have another beautiful spot all to myself. Some traffic came through, a Sedan and a Ute later that day. I was quite taken by the two fellows in the Ute. When they pulled out their rifles and headed down the same track. After about ten minutes one shot was fired. Of course the birds and ducks would have all taken off. Five moments later they returned to their Ute and left. We looked at each other without reaction.

Food supplies are running low. I still have enough for two days if I plan it well and by then I hope to be at Barb and Rob's. They love to feed me up and are great company and friends. Moving towards Jack Smiths Lake located close to a small holiday town called Woodside that consists of a caravan park and some houses. A couple of kilometres east from the town begins' Jack Smith Lake Game Reserve. I passed by the National Parks Information Board on my way in, as it was getting late and I need to find a camp before dark. Found a great spot in a crop of tall bush not far from the lake water's edge. Most of the area is grassland with patches of bush. I didn't see many animals, just a fox and one kangaroo.

A very peaceful night with a warm northerly airflow, feeling very warm in bed through the night I woke to many different dreams of my political activism and human rights adventures I experienced with Robbie and Fantom. On awakening the next morning I had a total submission of my conscience to write this book, which I so lacked the confidence in doing; because of the overwhelming circumstances and information plus the lack in my literary skills.

The morning sun started to rise with the fog bottled up between the lake and the coastal sand dune that separated the grasslands from the ocean. It is a picturesque morning and with a hearty breakfast and a walk down to the beach and around part of the lake was a nice start. Along the way I passed the Parks Info board and this is what it said.

"Europeans lack of understanding of Indigenous Culture resulted in the displacement of the Bratuaulung people from their traditional hunting areas. This led to some violent clashes. In 1834 between sixty and one hundred and eighty Bratuaulung were massacred probably on the banks of nearby Warrigual Creek in retaliation for the spearing of Ronald Mc Calister."

Wetland life here depends upon the seasonal flooding and drying of the lake, which provides nutrient essential to the wetland food web. Vast numbers of insects and other invertebrates inhabit the lakes waters. They provide food for over one hundred bird species. Some birds including the pelican, hooded plover, migratory crested tern and ringed plover, kangaroo, wallaby, echidna and wombat.

The abundance of creatures enabled aboriginal people to live on this coast for tens of thousands of years before European settlement, living with their totemic animals and sharing the environment with their spirit ancestors.

Bratuaulung saw this coast change from rocky estuaries to sand dunes and land locked wet and dry lakes over time immemorial. End.

The Parks sign and European lack of understanding of Indigenous culture is a product and design of "Terra-Nullius". The sign is in denial of any aspect of the First Nations Peoples survival and belonging today. This is to try and make it seem like the Bratuaulung are gone or extinct, in-order to further steal their land. Angus McMillan and Ronald Mc Calister were responsible for many massacres of men, woman and children in the undeclared war against the Gunnai Nation. (Refer to book called The Fore Fathers of Gippsland) The Info Board says the Bratuaulung were displaced at the time. Now nothing has changed in 238 years, except the tide of history has been a tidal wave of Displacements. Dispossession is the new subliminal stereo-type as this sign is intended to seal past crimes off from the new ones. "European" or Australians lack of understanding of Indigenous cultures is still the main problem. No ethical legal history and education about how we claimed and still claim "possession" of Indigenous peoples and their lands.

The Other Side of the Coin is that the recycled Doctrine of Terra-Nullius now denies recognition, on the Parks signage, of the existence of the survivors of the Bratuaulung or inherit Gunnai people, which as you can see is now part of the political intention of a new Doctrine of Dispossession.

Tonight, before going to Barb and Rob's place at Paradise Beach tomorrow, I want to camp between Seaspray and Golden Beach in one of the twenty free coastal dune camp sites. These campsites are also subject to privatization eventually. The Mosquitoes are large and abundant and hungry, it's the sand flies I dislike most.

Between visiting friends and chit- chat with other people I meet. The radio is my main contact to what is happening in Australia and in the world. The T.V. is not as informative as the radio, besides the T.V. has a lot of commercial norms and sets stereo-types that seem to be beamed directly into ones brain. I don't like that at all, when watching T.V. now and then I really notice that rape of mind.

Nature is my main source of entertainment like now a couple of months in the future, while sitting here at Gillard Beach Mimosa National Park N.S.W. in June 2002 in the sun writing this story. Small birds come hopping around looking for food, searching around the van door and me. One small wren would jump up on me, first my foot then my arm repeatedly. It's kind of a security thing. The contact is amazing. A bush rat moves towards the under shelter of the van. There are hawks about that prey on them keeping their numbers down. When I look up it darts back into the safe zone of the shrub. It does this about six times before the bush rat becomes comfortable with my presence, so then to check all around under the van for food while the wrens are feeding around me. This is so much better than most T.V. programs!
I can remember one night in 2000 when travelling in the North East of Tasmania, the town of Anson's Bay where I found a small area dry and level near the lake. It was getting late so I didn't want to leave until the next morning. The track in was a bit tricky and there was nowhere around the town to camp without residence being in my face. Anyway where I camped was also the home site for a large number of Jumping Jacks ant nests that have a nasty bit. I needed to form a relationship with these ants or back track. Figuring that if I don't disturb them they will leave me alone. Tip toeing carefully between the nests and ants to reach the lake to do some fishing. There I met a local lad who was collecting shellfish for bait sales. The ants weren't disturbed and I had an interesting time that evening watching the Jumping Jacks from the door of my van, collecting food, fighting, building and reshaping their nests.

With Jack Smith Lake behind me and with the town of Seaspray in my sights for an afternoon cup of tea, before setting up camp in one of the many coastal dune camp sites closer to Barb and Rob's place at Golden Beach. The van is running well like the way I hope it continues to, it gives a sense of enjoyment in travelling when the van is performing well. The music on the radio goes to a news report that rang a serious bell in my mind about what I've learnt of Australia's secret history. Where the Stolen Generation Report is a cover up plot by the Royal Commission to focusing on one fascist of history compared to what is not being told.

The news report was about the Pope calling all the Cardinal's of America back to Rome over the sexual abuse of thousands of boys in most of the Catholic diocese in America. - What about Australia?

This action of the Pope to try and address exposure of this disgusting development can only compare with the split in the Catholic Church back in the early 1500's over the Doctrine of Justification, as the A.B.C. broadcaster stated.

Research and stories tell of overwhelming hidden child abuse and institutionalised paedophilia in Australia, while authorities here have an uncertain way of keeping a lid on history, but the Church confessed to the need for a Doctrine of Justification.

About a year after the Pope apologized in 2000 for injustices to the Indigenous people around the world, the Queen of England and as the Head of State and Head of the Church of England was on T.V. with the Pope signing off on the New Testament, signifying the 6th Seal and end of the last Millennium for the New World Order Providence.

This signing off between the world's two most powerful Deities signifies a seal of time and knowledge over the last five hundred years of the split in the Church and the exploitation of the New World. It signifies how the Church and State will justify their abuses of conquest and the Selling of Indulgences and how the Catholic Church and the Head of State and Head of the Church of England will handle the Dispensation of Providence -- hence the Doctrine of Justification. This and many Doctrines such as; The Supremacy Act of Queen Elizabeth, The Doctrine of Manifest destiny, The Doctrine of Sovereignty, the Doctrine of Providence, the Doctrine of Selling of Indulgences, the Doctrine of Social Darwinism, the Industrial Revolution, the American War of Independence. These Doctrines above, the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius and Doctrine of Justification from 1517 created a safe haven for the demonic inquisitorial Industrialists and Fraternities for the Selling of Indulgences and their evil forces over the usurpation of the New World since 1509 and the Commonwealth since 1649. I can tell you by the time Australia were invaded 238 years ago, there were no more Rules in Warfare; the Germ Warfare; the Paedophilia; the Crimes against Humanity and Genocide were out of control. The Roman - English - European Fraternity's ultra ego for power and greed meant no recognition or Treaty for Australia. Fowl play would be more effective in creating a Terra-Nullius and develop the Australian Nation as part of the Imperial Dominion. Modern times and Aboriginal incorporation is another cover up plot to continue the original Terra-Nullius intention for progress of State developments. Institutions covered up the sexual abuse of Indigenous boys and girls and were systematic in attempting to break the integrity of their cultures. It's like the vampire stories, but the cock was the fangs, as black men and black women are still warring with the indoctrination of white man still today.

What did Catholic Priests and others do to the Indigenous children here?

This was a quiet topic on the home front, also private and the information belonging to Indigenous peoples and for them only to make a fully informed legal perspective of what happened to them. They are systematically denied justice. Australia's perverse history and law is why Robbie's legal work is so important, because the case he seeks will open the Seals of history where tones of evidence are locked away in Archives and minds. A case will be the only way to balance the books and do the unfinished business in the proper legal way. Indigenous Peoples are still denied free access to the courts unless the Establishment needs a precedent.

In my opinion the Catholic Church enforced celibacy on their Clergy for the reason of keeping inherited property as assets within the Church. This is one of the main reasons why Catholic priests and other denominations abused boys and girls, or any vulnerable person. Sex starved perverts will take what they can get away with and keep their image or status, while protected within their institutions, but the law is changing!

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Australian Genesis

(Short version)
Biblical Genesis; is the Hebrew specified beginning of the "claim" of one God and the Western World belief system. This claim began the order of "official agricultural, horticultural and business and commerce period of recorded history".

Biblical example, Genesis; God created the world in six days. God made Adam and then Eve from Adams rib and they had two sons, where Cain tilled the soil and Abel herded the sheep. Cain's son went on to build the first city.

The Indigenous Nations have always had one God and a natural system of Commerce for over 100 - millenniums before the Hebrew and Western claim over God and Nature. In real terms the Declaration and Doctrine of Terra-Nullius was fundamental to Biblical Genesis, which progressively try to replace the Spiritual World of Tribal Lore and Order, so to exploit and rule the Natural World!

It is well known that in later times of this new Imperial order of Commerce, Agriculture and Horticulture was when Smallpox came to be, because of radically altering the natural environment this disease jumped from animal to man and was carried by industrial man through immunity over consecrated colonization. Industrial activity and intentional negligence when exploiting the New World released viruses and bacteria and many others diseases like Leprosy, Polio, Cholera, and Typhoid, Malaria, Aids, Saris, Flues, Meningococcal, etc.

In Australia from the start of invasion, "Germ warfare", Smallpox was overtly applied on the First Nations Peoples. Still today through more covert sophisticated forms of diseases and conditions of life, Indigenous people still die abnormally. Other conditions of life like Well-fair and racism is systemic in our industrial culture, which keeps Indigenous people's ability to grow into a black or white way of life weak. This is political and enables colonisation to proceed unhindered, while politician and the clergy act as if the western system and religion are their god and their saviour. History has only delivered Indigenous peoples unattainable indulgences and temptation, where some Aboriginal people can progress if they do exactly what we want them to do. Just have a long look at the unremitting Reports on Aboriginal Health and the pathetic humanitarian effort. Today in Indigenous communities, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetics, hepatitis, glaucoma, general bad health, depression, drugs, chemicals, identity loss, loss of hope and many conditions of physical and mental harm are the modern forms of Smallpox, with no real change!

Initially the contamination of Smallpox came in two waves, 80% of death on first wave and 80% of death on the second before immunity came to those survivors left after exposure to Colonial Providence. Careful research will show there were many outbreaks of Smallpox and other diseases. It was used to steal the land now called Australia by murdering a huge percentage of the Indigenous peoples before a recorded count of their population was taken. Then throughout history the Crown Fraternity demeaned them as sub human for more than two hundred years as a dying race. Many types of diseases, weapons, poisons, drugs and incarceration and detrimental manipulation throughout Imperial occupation, did not achieve, the elimination or assimilation and the indoctrination of them to hide the ongoing crime and fulfil their intention of making Australia a Terra-Nullius.

Smallpox and other disease were not directly from the hand of God or Nature. It was the hand of man and greed. Because the Free Individual chose not to repent as it says to repent in the Bible. Man's greed meant he, with woman subordinate to him, would keep taking from the Tree of Knowledge until he destroys the Natural order of the World. Then Satin or Lucifer's job would be complete. Customary lore stands in the way of desecrating nature and the hand of man. It is well known that here Indigenous Peoples had no diseases and lived from the Tree of Life!

Charles Darwin 1809 - 1882 an English Naturalist and member of the Church of England who comes from a heritage of "Free Thinkers" had accomplished his theory of evolution called the Origins of the Species after visiting Australia in 1835. The British Crown Fraternity had already judged the First Nations and Peoples through the established "Act and Ego of Divine Supremacy 1559" - Church of England, where this Power sophisticated Darwin's Theory of 1835 and by 1850 became "Social Darwinism" (pre-empting the colonial Constitution of Victoria). This is where man has judged man, but only God can judge man - as it says in the Bible in the Chapter of Genesis. In the 16th century the Pope made a Creed declaring 'Indigenous Peoples of the New World are human beings and should be treated as such'. The Catholic Church also constitutionally condemned the Fraternity of Free Masonry for 300 years until the end of the Second World War.

God / Nature had a perfect code and order of creation. When the male ego of Genesis and Imperialism set out to alter and exploit the natural environment and Indigenous Peoples. This powerful Fraternity used State / Republic ideology, Religion, Wars, Genocide, Ecocide, Indulgences, Dispensation, Providence and the name of God for Individual ultra-wealth building and for dominance and control over the world. From this you can see how man has unleashed the wrath of God's damnation through nature like global warming as one example.

Other legal instruments grew from conquest after conquest such as the Magna-Charta, the Reformation, the Inquisition, the Supremacy Act of Queen Elisabeth, the Church of England and the first Bank of England coinciding with Secret Society Fraternities. The controllers of Free Masonry - the Illuminati created revolutions to overturn Kingdoms for the structure of Parliamentarian States as the method to control their enterprises and worldly resources, wealth and power. The Roman Catholic Church as a Supreme Deity of the expanding built World was also a main player in this Indulgence with outcomes of genocide and ecocide!

Until two hundred and thirty eight years ago the Indigenous Nations and Peoples lived here undisturbed in their God's given Independent Divine PROVIDENCE, (while Europe warred over theirs). God created the World and gave the First Nations Peoples the lore, to maintain creation, by living from the Tree of Life which provided all needs for 100,000 years before Genesis was written. The Tree of Knowledge became "the free Man's" resource, science and industrial Indulgence!

Words can have hidden meaning -
Dictionary meanings;

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To provide:
1. The benevolent guidance of God or nature. 1. The care by the Supreme Being over the universe.
2. (P) - Pope. (P) - God; the Deity. An event of circumstances ascribable to Divine interposition.
3. A looking to or preparation for the future. The exercise of foresight and care for the future prudent economy.
GENESIS; be born, a beginning; origin - [G-] the first book of the bible, giving an account of creation. A combining form meaning origination, creation, evolution (of something specified).
INDULGENCES; 1. The Act of Indulgence; excess; self-gratification. 2. That with which a person is indulged or indulges himself; an act of compliance, grace or favour. 3. Permission to defer payment, as of a note. 4. In the R. C. Church - remission of punishment, by the authorised, of the Temporal or temporary punishment still due to sin after sacramental absolution, either in this world or in purgatory; also, a relaxation, in a person's favour, of a particular rule of ecclesiastical law: properly called Dispensation. 5. The granting of liberties by the declaration of Indulgences. Also Indulgency - Declaration of Indulgence in English history, a Royal proclamation granting a measure of religious freedom.
DISPENSATION; 1. The Act of Dispensing; a dealing out; distribution. 2. That which is bestowed or appointed to one from a high power. 3. The divine arrangement and administration of the affairs of the world; As the Dispensation of Providence. 4. A specific plan; as, a special Dispensation of nature. 5. Special exemption granted from the requirement of a law, rule, or obligation; specifically, in the Roman Catholic Church, exemption by express ecclesiastical authority from an obligation incurred at the free will of the individual; also called indulgences. 6. One of the several systems or bodies of law in which at different times God has revealed his mind and will to man, or the continued state of things resulting from the operation of one of these systems; as, the Mosaic Dispensation; also the period during which a particular revelation of God's mind and will has been directly operative on mankind; as during the Christian Dispensation.
Justification; The state of being justified; 1. To show to be just, right, or reasonable. 2. To free from blame. 3. To supply good grounds for.
Providence: co-exists with the words of God, Indulgences and Dispensation. The Doctrine of Justification is linked to the Selling of Indulgences that the Pope apologised for in 2000.
Genesis: in my opinion Consecrated Genesis was a New Order that broke away from the ancient world of customary tribal nations of Europe evolving from the Hebrew / Jewry - Roman / European - Christian Indulgences.
Reconciliation is supposed to be part of the "official justice" over the Doctrine of justification that continues from the past 500 years. Look at words like; the, theory, theosophy, monotheism, the bottom line here is that Theology is a theory and hypothetical and hypocritical and cannot be proven! Nature cannot be doubted and it is obvious not to desecrate it, or kill the custodians in part or whole, to steal it. Conciliation with "Aboriginal" people over Australia was covert invasion-wars. Reconciliation is now assimilation, genocide and the Doctrine of Dispossession.

"Justification" is an obligation in the Bible and theology; Genesis - Leviticus the Jubilee and other factors are Moses - 10 commandments; the teachings of Jesus and International Law developments. Justification to integrate with the Indigenous Nations of the world came through the book of the apostle Thomas of the New Testament which was removed, as were two other books of about 200 chapters during our past history of Imperial occupations. The removal of the book of Mary Magdalene kept woman's rights subordinate to men.
Look it's not hard to figure out. Get a variety of dictionaries new and old. Take the Bible, or any political or theological word and the dictionaries will tell you the translated lexical meaning of the systematic world we live in. You can break the seals of restricted knowledge by following meanings of the meaning of the word at hand.
Refer to; the Oxford Companion of Australian history, Funk and Wagnall Linguistic Dictionary, Macquarie Dictionary, Synonym and Antonyms, Collins Pocket Dictionary, etc. Also refer to the Book of Knowledge a record of world history.

There are no records or person that has ever seen the face of God. When God - Nature judges mankind, man will truly judge himself. The face of God will be the end of the world, as we know it. Nature will evolve back, while Creation is within the lore of the Universe. The Earth could be Heaven on Earth, if man chose to repent. God and Nature must be respected before its' too late. The Lore of the Indigenous Custodian's to their Spiritual Connection to God and Nature and the Universe - is the Key.

Without this fundamental Key the industrial Revolution continues to develop out of the New Testament, the Magna Charta, the Roman Inquisition, the Reformation, the Renaissance and the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, while the exploitation of the New World and the Doctrine of Justification are all fundamental to the Power Brokers of the 'New World' Order. The industrial revolution began approximately 243 years ago, since then humanity and the environment are being detrimentally exploited and exposed to 100,000 manmade chemicals including nuclear, destruction of the natural environment, pollution, "terrorism" - genocide, racism, greed, power politics, damnation and many new diseases all in the name of Executive industrial Providence of the New World Order hand in hand with the Churches and it's Executives.

The New World Order and the United Nations is the Imperial lineage new face of the Old School from the Magna Charta and its three levels of Title that were progressively privatized and incorporated over the past 785 years. 1. Clergy. 2. Nobility. 3. Common. The United Nations may well become Global self - governing Nations that fulfil their law, which must includes the Key and perspective Sovereignties of the First Nations and Peoples on the lands where the Nations have been established. Or will the United Nations of the World become a One World Order controlled by the Private Sector and ruled by a One World Government through Secret Societies? The Biblical term is the "Beast".

The Magna Charta of 1215 that built the Westminster system was a charter between Pope Innocent 111, King John of England and the Barons of England. The Jews became systematically as the moneylenders or Bank of England in about 1708. The Supremacy Act of the Queen and Church of England empowering the Freedom of the Individual and his heirs and still is the principal of Providence and Dispensation today. The ongoing Roman Crusade since 1090 were for the sacred sites of Jews and Christians called Jerusalem and Iraq. Zionism has taken form from this and created the State of Israel using the legal developments of Australia Terra-Nullius to occupy the Palestinian Territory and begin the Dispossession process as any developing perspective Government of Statehood may do.

The Illuminati 1776 were a later force of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the instigators of revolutions to replace King rulers with Parliaments in the world, they also controlled Freemasonry who built the Cities and infrastructure of the built world, which now has a new incorporated executive militant face growing within the United Nations.

The British King and Church system was replaced for a Parliament of the House of Lords and House of Commons, which the Magna-Charta charter was designed to do in 1215. From this time in history the Westminster system evolved. The Church and the Monarchy systems went through a transformation approach into the State - Nation - Republic and Commonwealth structures using Doctrines of Manifest Destiny, Providence and Dispensation. The Parliamentarian system developed an industrial legislator for building law statutes mainly for enterprises of the free individual to develop wealth, while making law statutes for Corporate and Common Law and Fraternity Institution Building.

The title of Nobility becoming more of a figure head and with the Parliament of Lords and Barons hungry for wealth and power saw Imperialism grow taking over a quarter of the whole World. The three levels of Standing of Nobility, Clergy and Common and the Inquisitorial Law Fraternity [The Crown - Illuminati] controlled and developed the law statute transformation process. It went from the dogmatic ownership and Tenants of the Church and King to the dogmatic Parliamentarian legislator of State for Institutions and Infrastructure of the Commonwealth, Statehood, Judiciary, Executive, Nation Building, Commerce and every aspect of the social order down to controlling formal education, medicine, law enforcement, military, freedom of religion, agriculture, sport, entertainment, science, industry, and economic etc.

The last 785 years of the Transformation Approach, which brings us to the year 2000 where Providence and Dispensation for the future is now the Incorporation Approach. This may end up as a one world government not ruled by Democracy of the Peoples, but by the secret Elite Private sector!

The past Transformation approach over the New World and the perspective future of the Whole World has a fundamental foundation of Genocide and Ecocide. A foundation of this sort cannot ever maintain the peace and security that is necessary for a civilised world. It smells of greed and power leading to revenge and turmoil for future generations to come.

The Key and the Indigenous Nations were dismissed as irrelevant. While this evil and greed for the selling of indulgences in God's name was made "legal" through the transformation period of the King and Church to the new Incorporation Approach of Government - State Nations that are now responsible through the constitution to the Executive of nepotistic industrial dynasties, trans multi-national companies for exploitation of global resources using "Jurisdictions" of incorporated genocide and ecocide stemming from Terra-Nullius. This may well be the formula for the Anti Christ not as one man that religious people are waiting for, but as consecutive men or even women of the man Lucifer State.

These instruments developed the Australian Genesis and others. So then Terra-Nullius being declared was when the "legal genocide legacy" began and continues systematically within the New World Order today. Now in real terms we have a systemic legacy of a Terra-Nulluis Genesis that undermines every aspect of what a perspective civilized Nation should be, a precedent for other "State" ideological invasions and occupations of First Nations Peoples. Australia is the New World Order "Legal" Model for the World to be!

What is never spoken about is the way I look at Australia before we came here. It was like the Garden of Eden before the new order of Genesis and Captain Cook's claim of Terra-Nullius. It's not too late to learn and live by the lore of nature - respect the Tree of Knowledge and use the Tree of Life and repent. Trade, Economics, Commerce and Industry was always part of life - but don't "play God" with the Knowledge of God and Nature. A United Nations report said 70 million people would die from AIDS in two decades unless the wealthy International Community helps. This to me is history repeating in a larger scale, (as with small pox, the hand of man) just a more sophisticated way. Aids, humanitarianism and State - colonisation and interfering with other cultures are "justified" while they covertly help cultures die out. This comes from the Dying Pillow Doctrine and the survival of the most evil-not the fittest.

The theme here is the Indigenous Nations peoples have their own Genesis, Providence and Divinity. Despite this Christianity, assimilation, genocide and ecocide are forced upon them. Regardless of what we do, or don't know about history, or pre-history of the First Nations, Tribes and Clans, they have the same as all National Cultures have - their own divine independent source of jurisdiction. Anything else would be racist and genocidal under the circumstances, no matter what so ever. Providential change can only come with fully informed Inherent customary consent. Would you change and assimilate into something that kills your people, desecrates your land and you can't believe in or understand why, or what is happening?

The Pope apologized for the forceful Christianisation of Indigenous Peoples around the world and the Crusades, slavery etc - Doctrine of Justification 2000. [He said the Church would justify and measure their practices and beliefs of the past 500 years].

O.K. Look at it this way. The "Imperial World" was built from conquest and crimes against humanity for 6000 years. But since the United Nations was formed, the Australian Crown has knowingly committed ratified genocide and enacted the final solution of creating the Doctrine of Dispossession to suit Australia's ambiguous legal history by not fulfilling the laws of Moses and Jesus or the United Nations.

Australia was not settled, it was Stolen and the foulest sins of "man" lay here over this land. Australia was not settled, it's being occupied by using the Bible as lexical language, and "legal" dogma to justify indulgences of genocide and displacements of First Nations Peoples.

The use of smallpox created many unspoken situations. Imagine how the Indigenous tribes would have had to deal with this invasive disease of horrendous magnitude. Not only would this disease mean tribal self-preservation, it may in some cases have caused wars between National tribes and clans, so to eradicate the disease, as news of death and disaster spread through traditional means.

Why was it that the first fleet arrived 18 years after Captain Cook and Banks, and 26 years from when Captain Collins arrived and returned to Port Philip Bay, after joining forces in Tasmania to fight the only declared war of Australia's white history 1801- 1827? War was declared in Van Demons Land because sea traders had a long established port there and the world new it was a settled land and had recognised nations and peoples!

Exposure of smallpox in Botany Bay and Port Philip Bay was a military strategy and was essential in breaking down Indigenous defences before returning to occupy these mainland positions. The east coast of the Main Land and Tasmania were the most populated strategic areas of First Nations defence. Where Tasmania was the most geographically secluded, where a war could be fought and won without the gathering of clans - National tribes to stop imperial forces. Smallpox was still about in the 1900's even as a child I do remember vaccinations. [Refer you to the website at the end of this story for documentation on Small Pox]

Note: For there to be Peace on Earth and the Natural Environment to be protected from desecration and destruction (Global Warming etc). The denominations of Religion need to unite and recognise the Key to God's Creation. Take my word for it; when there is a Treaty made with the Indigenous Nations Elders into the Australian Constitution. Then Religion can find its way to be one with God's Creation again. This would save the World and Humanity from self destruction!

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Camp Site 19

Left Seaspray after a cuppa and strawberry jam on fresh bread, to find a campsite a bit further up the line. There were a few campers there already set up in place with the Anzac long weekend happening. Barb and Rob's home cooking was a draw card to continue to Paradise Beach, but Camp Site 19 was vacant so I pulled in and set myself up for the night.

Retiring to bed early and having thoughts of staying tomorrow as well. Maybe do some surfing for a change. There has been an offshore breeze for the last two days with a moderate swell, or at least have a long walk topped up with some more writing.

Woke to the sound of a helicopter flying low overhead, heading out to sea to the oilrigs. They fly oil workers to and fro on a regular basis. There's a lot of air traffic in this area. Back at Seaspray I have noticed on past stopovers small aircraft diving, rolling, stalling and uniform flying. There must be some kind of flying school close by there. Gunfire in the distance of Lake Reeves took my thoughts from lying in bed any longer. It's got to still be duck season I hope. Lake Reeve runs parallel to the coastline just on the inland side of the road; it goes from Seaspray up towards Paynesville. A long narrow and mostly shallow lake that has been fundamentally altered by agriculture and industry with duck shooters blowing the shit out of the ducks while it lasts.

Australia has a bad track record in environmental management. These lake systems are proof of that with massive amounts of fish dying regularly every year from algae bloom - deoxygenating of the water, because of over pastoral grazing to the edges of the Lakes and expanding industry, like the paper pulp mill on Lake Victoria. More and more housing developments that does not allow for alternative energy and clean sewerage disposal, while the growing domestic animal - pet problems colonise and wipe out native species, of course the destruction of their habitat as well. To top it off the government wants put the States' largest toxic waste dump in the most vulnerable environment, a sensitive place that it shouldn't be in.

Lake Victoria and Lake Wellington were fresh water systems that only connected to seawater when rainfall was at high levels, forcing a breach of the sand dune barrier at Lake Bunge, north of Lakes Entrance. For the sake of the town of Lakes Entrance and it's fishing and recreational industries a permanent breach in the sand dune barrier is maintained. This has caused massive environmental change. Inland rivers flow into the lakes and are also badly polluted from bad land management up stream. This affects all life in these natural systems. While the mix of saltwater and rainwater needs to be just right for Bream to breed properly. The Lakes are continually receiving salt water and tidal flow from the entrance at Lakes Entrance. Even with the flushing of sea water the algae blooms are still dominant and goes to show the extent of the problem.

As the morning moved along, the weather also started to change. No surfing today, so I took a long walk on the beach in the morning instead. I need to get back into surfing on a serious level. Over recent years surfing has taken a back seat. Surfing is an amazing way of keeping fit and feeling the force of nature while being in and seeing the beauty of nature without disturbing the natural environment. It gave me an insight and respect over thirty years of enjoying some of what nature can offer. Like surfing with dolphins, sea birds, the landscapes and seascapes, school fish and the very odd shark that makes one leave the water very quickly, or even by near drowning, only increased my respect for the power of the sea and what nature really means to me. One thing I don't miss is that feeling of a shark lurking about or dark obscure objects in the water or when a piece of kelp might touch me on the foot.

Later in the afternoon the rain and cold weather moved in. This was a good chance to write some more. Towards dark two 4 wheel drive land cruisers came into the vacant part of the camping area. Out came the chain saw, grog and all the fancy equipment they could fit in their vehicles. This area is a National Park with fully signed rules of colonial conduct. When I heard the chain saw start up, I freaked and started getting angry. Hang-on, they're having a good time and I'm getting upset. I thought about it for a minute, the best thing to do would be to find the Ranger tomorrow and tell him. Actually writing about it would even be better.

I see a lot of these types of vandalism in my travels. Those guys could have copped a $1,200 fine for each tree and a fine for possessing a chain saw in a National Park.

The Government is really to blame for not educating Australian's to respect the whole of Indigenous culture from the peoples to the environment. These guys were children once and their children will abuse also as they show them their tricks of the trade, to use and abuse the bush as you please.

You know, they're on their annual fishing holiday and out to have a good time. I don't see a good time ever, as being destructive to the bush and leaving rubbish behind in the bush and on the beach. Then they go home to their clean houses. Fishermen are sometimes the worst for leaving plastic bait bags etc on the beach. It's demeaning to be a fisher person when it's totally obvious who left the rubbish behind.

I've seen it all my life growing up where the outdoors life is so important to most of us, but the national thinking (interest) lets and even encourages the public and industry to abuse the land, which alters the environment. So when certain areas grow in population and has need for infrastructure, it becomes systematic to landscape the environment into a European form. Then care of the environment becomes important with all kinds of limitations, fees, regulations, fines and laws. It's called "Our Natural Built Cultural Heritage" until then its' open season on the environment, just like on Indigenous peoples. National Parks take up only about 5 % of Australia and often they are reworked areas except some pristine spots and Indigenous Sacred Sites.

National Parks are a big part of window dressing the assimilation of Indigenous peoples, using pockets of their landscape to look like they are integrating. We Australians have been subliminally raped of the ability to share and care with the environment and the Indigenous peoples / cultural rights, to the point where we are losing the ability to share and care amongst white Australians.

What else could be expected when the land and its resources are stolen? Exclusive ownership and class division keeps Australian capitalism and the executive government on top, but it is real shame that genocide and ecocide is the principles of occupation. I have no doubt that Australians must become bias and racist because of the segregation of Indigenous people in the social and natural environment.

I woke early in the morning to head for Barb and Rob's. Had breakfast, took a quick walk down the beach. Jumped into the drivers' seat, turned the key and the battery was flat. Now I was really glad I restrained myself last night over the chain saw. My mobile didn't have enough signals to ring Barb and Rob for a tow start. So I had to wait a few hours for my neighbours to wake up. They were on the grog until late and obviously weren't getting up in a hurry.

Slowly one by one they rose. I went over and had a yarn with them for a while, showed them a supply of dead wood on the ground behind my van. Received the push I needed that they were more than happy to provide, even with their hangovers.

I took my van for a good run after leaving campsite 19 and the guys who were from eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I went out to Loch sport to give the battery a charge, had some lunch near the Marina, a beautiful spot. The town also had a mobile tower, so I could check my voice mail messages. Two mates from the Mornington Peninsula wanted to catch up with me further along the way. Packed up the dishes from lunch and headed for Barb and Rob's.

Barb had spent a lot of time living and working in Indigenous communities in the Top End, as a store - shop keeper. We meet at the Paradise camping ground when her and Rob were waiting for their house they bought and are now renovating.

We have a lot in common with the understanding of the historical denial Indigenous peoples are subjected to. Her experiences up north were basically the same as mine in Victoria, as to the political conditions of life. Barb has her own genocide stories and experiences. Like when the Labour Gov. in 1989 funded millions of dollars for Aboriginal health. A hospital was built and when Barb asked the medical staff about actually helping the sick people, she was told no, they didn't want to "rock the boat".

Barb was at home. Rob was at work. It was great to see her. She said: you must have heard me say to Rob that I have a feeling Tony will show up soon. Well, that's a sixth sense I must say, when Rob got home she was stunned also. I like to surprise people. So does Barb.

The first night we meet I could tell she had lost hope. I was at that time writing up some documents for Robbie and spent most of those few days in my van writing and talking with her initially at night. After about three evenings of discussing the genocide litigation and the appeal process-taking place at that time, Barb who is a justice of the peace; turns to me and said; you know I reckon you're on to it. I will always remember that, because at the time it gave me more confidence. It's only been the energy and will of Robbie and other Indigenous friends and good feedback from friends like Barb and Rob that has kept me going. Denial is everywhere in the general community.

We have been through the discussions on most of the genocide issues. These days we only talk about the most recent political sophistry and obfuscation, because it can be too much and upsets that kind of happy atmosphere most people enjoy when getting together to catch up.

I can remember one time when Rob said, how bad she felt by the time I would leave their place. Just simple issues like the 67 Referendum that most of us can remember and don't really understand. This is typical of how political sophistry shapes reality into derogatory subliminal stereo-typing and confuses people to not talk, or think about it. We've had many raves about all kinds of issues. But, the 67 Referendum was far from the consciousness of their minds as most people I speak to. They did not realise that the 67 Ref. allowed the Federal Government to make laws "for Aboriginal" people and for Aboriginal people to be counted on the census. Most people think it gave them the right to vote. (State Governments have always made detrimental law - Genocide Jurisdiction for Aborigines). The Federal Legislation on how to remove Aboriginal children from their families came before 1967 in 1954, when the Federal and State Constitutions said; Governments cannot make laws for the Indigenous Race! The 67 Referendum did not give aboriginal people the right to "Common Law". That happened in 1992 with the High Court Mabo decision, which overturned Terra-Nullius the foundation of Australia's Land Tenure and the Constitution as a lie, fiction and an unutterable shame; only recognizing a political process of civil and political rights, white man's way since then. The 67 Referendum only removed the text of Terra-Nulluis from the Constitution, not the application and intention of it.

So if Terra - Nullius was allude to (overturned) in 1992. Then obviously the 67 Referendum was intended to be political assimilation only and being a white Australia Policy at the time, with only white Australians voting in the Referendum. It could make the public complicit to the fact that assimilation is a "jurisdiction" used to further their historical genocide through statutory aggression.

The way I see it is the 67 Referendum was for the prospective / perspective assimilation of "aborigines" under Statutes of Limitations. Only to absorb them into politically controlled common law Aboriginal Regimes eventually. The Government intentionally denies any Independent source of Indigenous Sovereignty or Self - determination Rights as it always has from the start, while systemic political racism and public ignorance over flows as harmful, stopping Indigenous peoples from participating in the benefits of mainstream Australia or being Indigenous.

The Government / Crown have used an old hat that's thirty three years old of a 99.9 percent vote of white consent to covertly usurp First Nations Sovereignties, customary lore and land rights into Law. The Public or the Indigenous Communities are not fully informed of the Political processes and we do not ever go to the polls on important issues concerning First Nations Peoples Rights. The 67 Referendum and the powers it gave government have come to no good. Australians are becoming more educated and mature on their outlook of the way the world is behaving and we behave at home. There should have been another Referendum held with both sides of the argument and should have been done on a non racial discriminatory grounds, before Australia tries to move forward as a Republic again. Importantly there should be Referendums more often and the Public should be actively involved and educated in the National Interest and what it means to have Human Rights.

Australians are becoming more aware of Indigenous Rights and this shows up in the largest democratic people's movement to happen ever in Australia. The walks across the main bridges of every capital city in Australia were for a Treaty and Reconciliation in 2000, ending the 10 year political Reconciliation Act. It's hard enough to walk the talk, but when Politicians like John Howard won't move forward and Peter Costello made remarks on the media years after the Walk, when he said, 'the walk was symbolic'. This proves their intention because the Opposition Parties said nothing. I'm sure the People who walked across the bridges were not thinking symbolic. I for one walked on that day for True Reconciliation and a Real Treaty!

The Government (all parties) put Indigenous and non- Indigenous people through a Native Title merry go round and a Referendum for a Republic or not, "Constitutional change". Based on the past and the ignorance of our secret history from the powers the Crown gained from the 67 Referendum - for the Incorporation of the Constitution Act. A State or a Republic means; to be ruled by the People. While First Nations and Peoples are under statutes of limitations, Australia moves forwards in a very bad way!
I'm sure the propaganda machine could not succeed in deceiving and abusing the intelligence of Australians about genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and who the beneficiaries are of past and present injustices. If politicians told the truth and were accountable to the Public and principles of law we would not have this mess.

While I'm on the issue of a genocide jurisdiction and how it relates to Australia, I should mention that in 1949 the Menzies period the Government ratified the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide - Internationally. But, not into Australian common law: Menzies speech was recorded as saying; 'Anglos Saxons could never commit such crimes' etc. Menzies speech compares to Howard's speech over the International Criminal Court and where he has failed so far in legislating the same anti genocide law as Menzies didn't. The Menzies Government enacted the official Stolen Generations Legislation. Removing children from their families is one act of Genocide under that Convention.

From Captain Cook to Menzies to Howard and all leaders and parties. There has never been a Law Statute enacted to define, prevent and punish crimes upon Indigenous peoples, or a consensual agreement, or treaty to officially end the continuing obfuscation invasion and occupation of covert warfare. Everything described in the Anti Genocide Convention and the Geneva Convention on war crimes (including fall out of twelve nuclear bombs) Indigenous people suffer from. These Nuclear experiments were also done after International Ratification of the Geneva Convention and the U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide!

The Kennett - Howard period 1992 - 2007 of government developed a Political Hypocrisy costing trillions of dollars (that First Nations Inherit Elders did not ask for, or design), it was imposed on them, because there is no Treaty, or avenues to keep governments honest, or true to the Order of Indigenous Lore or International law.
This Hypocrisy is endemic to White Australia's - Inquisitorial Law Fraternity who controls and creates all conditions of life in part or whole and continues to destroy and assimilate Indigenous traditional cultures and environments in every aspect. "Indigenous Peoples are treated like Heretics, another old hat" and systematic in the independent genocide jurisdiction package over the First Nations. When did the Inquisition end?

If one thinks about how Australians have to vote at election time. It seems to me that our vote is essential for this heresy style of jurisdiction. Whether you make an invalid vote or not, to have your name crossed off the role is still a vote for the constitutional values of Australia through political obfuscation. This makes all voting Australians complicit in the fact of the matter, whether they realise it or not. Ignorance is not an excuse in the eyes of lore / law, but is in "Australian Polity" for policy makers, so far!

Enough of that for a while; Sometimes I rave on a bit and loose where I am in the story. Having left Barb and Rob's for a couple of days to check out the area around Seacombe on the lakes system, back in the Loch Sport direction. An amazing spot on the McLennan Strait between Lake Victoria and Lake Wellington and approximately two kilometres further inland and parallel to Lake Reeves. About twenty minutes at the most from Barb and Rob's.

I pulled into Seacombe's free camping area next to the McLennan Strait. Found a level spot only metres away from the water's edge, then took a walk around the camping area. I am trying to learn not to get pissed off with the mess people leave behind. The toilet block had shit everywhere, I mean everywhere, I had to turn around and walk straight out; it was totally disgusting and could not be used! On the bank of the strait, besides the plastic bags, there were dead Carp left behind to rot. The feral fish and mindless attitude express some of the people this country seems to breed. I mean it's that bad in some places that there's a need for policing to catch these polluters. They should be caught and made to plant trees and clean up after others. Instead places like this get closed down, or turned into user pays. Local Government wants to privatize these places anyway and this abuse only gives greater cause to justify local government reforms. One year later this spot was closed.

Back to my home cooking tonight after three nights of Barb's delicious cooking. The warmth of a combustion wood heater, TV which I can do without, and some socializing with their friends and family who dropped in for a visit was nice.

The plan is to go back after exploring this lake system, to do some odd jobs that they need doing around their house. Wednesday is when Rob has her day off, so it's a good time to do the jobs and have the day and evening altogether. They work quite a lot, I'm going to time it to fit in with them and no doubt we'll have another great feed before I leave on the next part of my journey.

The sun is starting to set over the other side of the strait behind and the Paper Bark Tree backdrop. With dinner out of the way and gunfire becoming more prominent towards dark, there's no wonder the bird life is not very obvious, a raven and some pelicans fly by. The water is going glassy as the wind drops off. Some fisher persons along the bank, but the mozzies are too thick for me; much prefer to sit in the van behind the mozzie net that covers the opened sliding side door. The fisher persons soon started leaving, because of the mozzies. One fisherman pulled up next to me in his four-wheel drive and gave me his whole box of sand worms. Beauty! I thanked him very much. The mozzies won't be as bad in the morning and I've got fresh bait thanks to them.

The morning sun rose to a clear sky with a faint full moon still high in the Western sky. It looks like good weather for the next few days. The water is still glassy and look's inviting for a couple of hours of fishing. Grabbing my fishing rode and the rod holder l found yesterday sticking out of the bank. Set myself up just meters from the van door after having some breakfast.
A couple of Kingfishers cruise up and down the strait diving for food. The Strait is about one hundred meters wide, on the other side the bush comes right to the waters' edge, looking like it grows straight out of the water. The white Ibis stand like statues propped on the edge waiting to spear small fish as they swim by. A Pelican glides past huge and graceful.

While watching nature I managed to catch two small Bream. The big one got away! They will make a nice lunch just the same. Then suddenly there's a loud splashing and snorting sound coming from the distance, a pod of about 10 Dolphins came swimming past. What a magic sight! Barb and other locals had told me about them, but I did not expect to see them on my first time here.

Just before the Dolphins came past, a flash thirty-foot yacht motors past with a friendly wave from the occupants. A Black Swan with white tip wings fly's past holding its long neck up suspended like a penis as the head points the direction it wants to go. To my surprise three more covert looking vessels came along in file. Looked like to me to be military rubber duckies capable of carrying thirty or so people in each boat, there were three men up front of each boat dressed in dark clothing like the shade of the boat. They waved; I waved back, but gave me a feeling of terror compounded with all the gunfire that woke me this morning. Being duck shooters I hope, it kind of gave me the feeling that we are at war.

Ate the bream I caught having an early lunch and even had enough sandworms left for another go later. It's the last day of April. Radio National news - medical indemnity insurance collapse - New Zealand has the model that works! Abuse and violence in Aboriginal community's conference! Global reforms in trouble!

The last two mornings the van has started O.K. The morning it wouldn't start at camp site 19, I found a slightly loose battery terminal. I'm hoping that was the problem as I am restricting the use of the interior light and radio, while camping around here. My mobile signal is strong enough to reach Barb and Rob's, or there may happen to be someone around like the last time. It could be as the day light hours shorten more stress goes on the battery, for the need of light at night. New heavy-duty batteries aren't cheap but the feeling of an unreliable start in the mornings is not a nice feeling.

The landscape is magic here. The road into Loch Sport has the lake systems on both sides of the road hidden by bush. Many tracks that two wheel drive cars can handle to choose from. There are a lot of Banksia trees, Tee trees and Coastal Gum trees and lots of wildlife. Spotted a few Emu's on the way into Loch Sport which quickly reminded me of the High Court Writ of Uncle Kevin, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy launched last Australia / invasion day 2002 over the use of these Totemic animals as the Coat of Arms. I still have plenty of time while heading slowly in the direction of Canberra for the preliminary hearing, so to witness the case and write about it.

Anyway went into Loch Sport. Had a chilly pie and a cake, my treat for the week. Found a beautiful spot on the edge of town by Lake Victoria for early afternoon tea. Then drove north into the Lakes National Park to the viewing tower, looking north towards Paynesville, Metung and Bairnsdale, where there are amazing views of the lakes, beach and ocean.

Headed back to Seacombe - McLennan Strait by way of the scenic drive along the edge of Lake Victoria; the Lake being on one side of the town of Loch Sport with Lake Reeves on the other side. Back out of town fifteen km. is the turn off for Seacombe. Decided to take one of the many tracks, the Lake Side track took me down to the McLennan Strait again, but about two km. further along from where I was last night, nearly where the strait joins onto Lake Victoria. A beautiful spot - aren't they all. Besides the rubbish, which I cleaned up by burning it on the fire I lit as night came closer. There was quite a lot of solid firewood left behind from previous campers, whom I assume left the rubbish.

With enough daylight left to use up the rest of the sandworms before cooking tea, a quick fish was called for. The bream caught here were too small to keep, had fish today anyway. The fire was building up a base of glowing coals. The surface of the water was turning pink from the sun setting; the veggies cooked in time to eat before dark and then settled in around the fire for the night.

A four by four Search and Rescue vehicle pulls into my camp just before tea, it seems somebody had made a prank call that a person was injured between here and Seacombe. We had a quick yak and off they went to complete their phantom run. Some people!

The night was magic, no wind and no mozzies, the sky was filled with stars. The waning full moon rose two hours after sunset, slowly fading the stars as the moon became the more dominant light in the surrounding area, like half daylight.

A couple of south eastern Water Rats swam down the strait in the half-light on the surface of the water. One car with young people came into another campsite further along. Must have been a bit of hormonal balancing going on that kept them there till all hours; Hearing a male cry of success that woke me as they drove out. I smirked and fell back into my dream world.

Waking to an early morning can be the best time. Got up and took a walk down to the end of the track. Passing only one other camping rig, they were still sleeping. Moments later I nearly walked into a mob of Kangaroos grazing on the edge of the track, we all got a fright. Coming to the end of the track I could see the beginning of Lake Victoria and the Strait; returned to camp for breakfast and the morning songs of the Kookaburra's and Magpies. The van started O.K. so I took off for Barb and Rob's to give them a hand for the afternoon.

Barb had the gutter material waiting there when I arrived. We knocked the job on the head over a couple of hours. Rob cooked a nice casserole for tea: Told them about the Dolphins during conversation that evening. Barb hadn't seen the Dolphins, she was so excited by this she was gone early in the morning to see them, without any luck but would have gone down every morning until she had success.

Through the evening we came to the conclusion that Mothers Day was next Sunday, we did not have a calendar to verify it. So the next day after Barb got back from her Dolphin watch I set off for mums; caught up with Rob at her work place on my way out of Golden Beach, to say goodbye.

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Home for Mothers Day

Plenty of time to go before the Writ comes up: It wasn't far back to Mum's, I like surprising her, and considering the weather showed signs of staying warm for some time yet there was not a real need to head up north just yet. I feel more at home on Gunnai country and prefer to spend as much time as possible writing my story on their land before the Writ and winter.

Called into Seaspray for lunch before heading toward McGauran Beach for the night: While eating lunch and looking out at the Merriman Creek that runs out into Bass Strait on the Ninety Mile Beach, I noticed a sign from the Environmental Health Department saying, testing of the Merriman Creek has indicated that a potential health risk may result from swimming in this vicinity. Since returning a year later the sign has been replaced with a Marine Parks sign, but nothing has changed to the creek and the Marine Park is a bit further down the beach from the creek. Creeks are essential for breeding?
The process for the establishment of the Marine Parks was a series of meeting around the coast with Aboriginal people and referenced Government consultants. Robbie went to all these meeting and with other black fellas they stood fast on their rights, but as usual government push their agenda forward regardless of what sites of significance lay under the water, or what Indigenous people are saying. You see Marine Parks are symbolic and were created for implementing law; the real reason is because Captain Cook only claimed the Land! The 10 point plan Native Title Extinguishment allowed political law statutes over the Land, Sea, Air, and Water. This is typically an aggressive example of the abuses of colonization upon the land and the customary lore of the Gunnai People, while the Creek remains polluted.

All Water is sacred and protected here under Gunnai Lore as is the maintainability of the natural environment. This is also called spiritual connection, which the government extinguished.

Australian Land Care policies and general education falls miles short of establishing a balance between Indigenous interests and industry, economics and the sustainable use of natural resources. Australia moves dangerously towards environmental catastrophe under Government "environmental sustainable policy" of resources. We move into an era of stealing the customs of First Nations peoples while destroying their inherent cultural maintenance through further assimilation and by denying their customary lore, usurping their Sovereignty and recycling Terra-Nullius, while designing a Bill of Rights, a Republic and a Treaty through an Inquisitorial obfuscation process. Indigenous people are treated and incarcerated like they're heretics.

Politicians are still creating the Australian Polity by legislative means comprehensively using criminal Genocide and Ecocide to extinguish Indigenous Providence and their Independent Source of Jurisdiction, once again Australia moves forward without them. 'Really we move backwards'.

Another main reason why Governments impose incorporated structures upon Aboriginal people; is to succeed in the Reforms to the State using the Kennett Charta Constitution from 1994 - to change and fully incorporate the Constitution Act of 1975 and to also validate and confirm past Constitution Acts of 1855 and 1975, while no Treaty exists with First Nations Elders! [Amendment made to the Constitution Act; No. 108. 1994 Pages 156, 137 -136, 77, 31, 15, 14, 12, 10, 2. and the Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) Amendment S. 85 (11) No. 6. 2001].

The Kennett Government inserted 'Executive Powers' into the Victorian Constitution in 1994. This fully incorporated the (Version No. 183) Constitution Act 1975 and conforms' it to the revised Australian Federal Constitution from 1986 to 2007, without having a Referendum of the People to change the Constitutions!
The Constitutional Convention 1999 for a Republic seems to me to be another scam, because independence came to the Federal Parliament in 1986 with the adoption of the Australia Act from the British Crown. Since then the Governor General has actually became the head of State. The Prime Minister appoints the Governor General not the Queen. The Queen has become a token figure and the British Parliament has no Legislative powers over Australia. However, Executive Powers are vested in the British Crown and came with the Australia Act in 1986, which gave our Parliament independence and set Australia up on a path for Privatisation and incorporation of the land and infrastructure. No Referendum has ever been held to make those changes to the Federal Constitution, but has been revised a number of times? [Section 128 says the wording of the Constitution cannot be changed without a Referendum of the People]. If the People were asked the question about Privatisation or Executive Powers and the Australia Act 1986, it would have most likely failed. Because the Public would have become curious of how Indigenous Peoples and land tenure were to fit into Reforms? Questions like Indigenous self - determination and land rights? Instead the process became an Executive - Political Matter to impose Indigenous Dispossession without the consent of the Indigenous people's or the Australian people. They did this to make sure (Terra-Nullius / Dispossession) Reforms went through so to Privatise Australia. I personally believe Australians are good and fair minded people and would have seen through this Privatised Dispossession process and the Establishment knew that!
This Political movement wrongfully change the Constitution, which this book is about, and begun in 1986 when Australia received the Australia Act; it became obvious to me when I read the Annotated version of the Australian Constitution. The Politic did this to avoid a Referendum to change the wording of the Constitution. Instead they used annotates and overviews to change the meaning without changing the actual wording of the appropriate sections of the Australian Constitution.

My perspective on Constitutional change from 1986 is Australia's Polity lies in criminal limbo, somewhere between a Monarchy system and a Republic system. Because since independence in 1986 the Governor General is appointed, by the Prime Minister not the Queen, nor is he or she elected by the Parliament or the People! You see since independence British law does not apply here; for example the Anti Genocide Convention exists in British law. However during reforms to Australia no Anti Genocide law exists here and at the same time Australian politicians are formally educated Terra-Nullians. With no Anti Genocide common law available from Britain or Australia and with the Queen sitting on the back sit and the Governor General being an in house appointment, the First Nations Peoples did not stand a chance!
In my opinion this was racist and an abuse of law and due process and must politically swing off the 1967 Referendum, where Indigenous Peoples did not vote in. Making the above process ultra racist.

Reference to: The Australian Constitution (Annotated) First published 1997. Annotated text Constitutional Centenary Foundation/Cheryl Saunders 2000.

Also the pocket size Australian Constitution: Parliamentary Education Office. Commonwealth of Australia 2007. First edition May 1995; revised editions 1998, 2001, 2003, 2006 and reprinted 2007.

I would refer you to a book called The Great Constitutional Swindle by Peter Botsman: This is a very informative read on the building of the Constitution through history; Fundamental points like only 11% of the Australian population, excluding Aboriginal people and women, voted in the Referendums to become a Federation of States, which in my opinion does not give "legitimacy" to the Commonwealth Constitution now: His book explains how Australians have not been involved in the Polity of Australia and why, or why the Constitution seems frozen from the people and how the people have become apathetic towards it and Governments. However, he does not connect the Polity of Australia and how fair minded Australians objected to Terra-Nullius and how dispensation and arrogant polity making was necessary to pull of the biggest land theft and worst Genocide in world history, but at the same time supports most of what I am saying.

Don't forget; Premier Jeffery Kennett never recognised the High Court Native Title Decision and Treaty with the United Nations. He used handpicked Think Tanks and installed Commissioners into our Local Government (and installed Governor and Governor General). The reconstituting of Native Title was his master stroke to pull off the Privatisation of the State and for the full Incorporation of the Constitution Act 1975 in 1994. He wrongfully allowed for the imposed assimilation of First Nations Peoples Rights, the theft of their Land and the revisions of the Federal Constitution from 1995 to 2007. Prime Minister John Howards 10 Point Plan was built from this process. John Howard was reprimanded by the U.N. for his 10 Point Plan, but not for the Constitutional business and perversion of their Polity.

Through this Incorporation Approach First Nation Peoples were swallowed up into these political incorporated structures; to window dress their politically created Dispossession / Terra-Nullius from the International community and fair minded Australians.

One week after John Howards Constitutional Convention the Government held another Constitutional Convention with A.S.T.I.C. unbeknown to the rest of Australians. The leader of A.T.S.I.C. Geoff Clark has stated a number of times that A.T.S.I.C. 'does not represent Indigenous Peoples'. When A.T.S.I.C elections were held less than ½ % of the Indigenous community voted in those elections. The Government will use ATSIC for its Executive Reforms and then get rid of it. In my opinion there is an abuse of all Law; used upon First Nations and the Australian Constitution and all Australians right to know and participate in Constitutional Change!
The Aboriginal Tent Embassy endeavoured to steer both Conventions by serving all participants with a notice that they are carrying the weight of history, by being complicit and conspire in the continuing intent to further the crimes of genocide upon the First Nations and Peoples.

Robbie took Fantom and me into the A.S.T.I.C. Constitutional Convention in Canberra. We split up and sat in different forums. The room I went into was where A.S.T.I.C. people were discussing with government lawyers and consultants the Incorporation Approach of the Constitution and four main Common Law Statutes concerning Aboriginal people and mainstream eventually:
A Statute for Sovereignty.

A Statute for specific Customary Law.

A Statute for a Treaty.

A Statute for a Bill of Rights.

We pinned their notices on the exit notice board for all participants to collect on their way out and then sat down and had some free lunch with them. All participants of the Federal Constitutional Convention were handed their notice as they entered Old Parliament House on the first day.

Through these incorporated 'Common Law" statutes derived from Terra - Nullius. Terra-Nullius gets a new face. Because there is nothing consensual, traditional, or customary about incorporated common law as rights, or A.T.S.I.C. roll in this, it's only more of the same historical assimilation. While Indigenous peoples and their land are subjected to desecration and genocide on them through statutes of limitations of whom they are or who they will be! [A Treaty in the Constitution is the only way]
Remember the High Court overturned Terra-Nullius in 1992, but was not abolished. Terra-Nullius was removed from the Constitution after 1967-1975 for Race Powers. The Kennett / Howard tag team of the Constitutional Convention 2000, where Kennett already confirmed and validated past Land titles through past Constitutions of 1855 / 1975 as the National Standard from his 1994 Victorian Constitutional Reforms. He set in concrete the full Incorporation for the 2000 Constitutional Convention and Referendum. Terra-Nullius is now the systemic "jurisdiction", subliminally used!
Jeff G. Kennett never recognized the High Court decision on Native Title before Howard extinguished it. He set the National Standard based on the 1994 Constitutional Confirmation, and the Reserve Act of 1972 that privatized Church Missions into incorporated trusts as land rights and set up "Aboriginal Land Councils" for incorporated family regimes for government empowerment of mainstream services and control of "Aboriginal Cultural Heritage", well before Howards 10 Point Plan.

Premier Kennett did this so the Law Fraternity (the Crown) could fully incorporate the Constitution Act, for Local, State and Federal Executive government powers. He began the process when he installed Commissioners into Local Government for three years and dismantled local councils in 1993. The electorate still have no democratic right to vote for the Major, or the C.E.O. Hitler used appointed commissioners for his reforms to Nazi Germany. Robbie wanted to charge Kennett before the election of our newly amalgamated Shires. Robbie's barrister, Len, wasn't able to do it until Kennett's legislation on the Land Title Validation Act in 1999. Better late than never!
I must make this point. To fully incorporate the Constitution means, as the Federal Court said in 1999. 'The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide must be fully incorporated into Australian common law, because it should have been done fifty years ago': So, to fully incorporate the constitution in 1994, without the anticipated anti genocide law norm at the same time, or well before hand. Says to me, if genocide were illegal in Victoria then reforms to the State-Nation would have been totally different and morally civilized, but now puts the Constitution into a moral, ethical and uncivilized crisis of a politically vested game plan.

Moreover, our legal work shows on the transcript of the Bairnsdale County Court in 2001: Where Kimm J. asked the police prosecution to produce their jurisdiction over a Gunnai man, as a preliminary matter to the charges. The prosecution produced the 1975 Victorian Constitution and the 1984 Commonwealth Constitution, which are fundamental to the new subliminal reconstruction of Terra-Nullius. The High Court overturned Terra-Nullius in 1992. This shows that Terra- Nullius has been recycled and sophisticated through the 1994 Constitutional reforms of the 1975 Constitution Act and in my opinion must be in crisis. Refer to, the abuses of First Nations Customary Lore and International Law in respect to the Heavy Sanctioned Four Norms of International Customary Law; the racist obfuscation of the 67 referendum and the breach of section 128 of the Federal Constitution.

Mull that over for a while in your head Fred, because genocide is still not illegal and the draft Federal Constitution and Constitution Act are in prospective criminal limbo.

Political aggression such as political structure, protocols or a symbolic Treaty won't change anything. Indigenous Inherit Elders must agree to the process and there must be fully informed consent without duress, misrepresentation, or undue influence in establishing a perspective Treaty.

The old saying goes. Once you tell a lie, you have to keep lying, or tell the total truth and undo the wrong. Because if you don't it will catch up with you eventually.

Robbie and his sister took A.T.S.I.C. to the Federal Court in Victoria in 1989 for racial discrimination. The Court found in Robbie and his sister's favour, but said, to bad, go away, the Government has already spent millions of dollars and is not in the national interest to do otherwise. [John Howard disbanded ATSIC in 2004 saying it was a bad experiment, but without ATSIC there could not have been a Reconciliation act or a Native Title act or Constitutional Reforms and a cover up of human rights abuses]
In 1997 Fantom and myself formed the Mornington Peninsula Reconciliation Group. We attended the Reconciliation Convention in Melbourne for the three days with Robbie. Even though Sir Ronald Wilson, a retired High Court Judge who sat on the Stolen Generation inquiry said to the 2,300 representatives at the convention that assimilation is with no doubt genocide, he said, do you want me to spell it for you! The Convention was about mainstream organizations and institutions to allow Aboriginal participation while preserving and protecting Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, also recognizing and respecting Aboriginal values and aspirations. There was nothing about the Indigenous people being self-determining Indigenous Nations and Peoples, customs, cultural identity, cultural maintenance and integration. This was a white assimilation standard for cultural genocide and State Dispensation for it.

Robbie launched the first Writ against the Commonwealth for Fiduciary Obligations and Genocide just prior to the Reconciliation Convention, knowing quite well the overall intention. Because he has fought Colonial invasions all of his life and companies funded the Convention.

Prior and during the Reconciliation Convention; John Howard developed his 10 Point Plan of extinguishment, to do, as you politically like with the Native Title Act and Wik co-existence on pastoral lease. Howard stated at the Convention that the Ten Point Plan was not to upgrade land title. Hundreds of people stood up and turned their backs to Howard. What a lie that was! Kennett had already upgraded land title through the Constitution in 1994 for the National Standard to be developed from. The 10 Point Plan put Australia on a short warning list of the United Nations Security Council. Nearly caused a double dissolution of the parliament, which was left to an Independent Minister Brian Harradine to decide, the Brian Harradine deal over the passage of the 10 Point Plan went through on the grounds that the incorporated "Aboriginal Family Regimes" must be successful. (This government imposed Regime has failed time and time again and will continue to fail).

Then the naÎve do-gooders driven by opposition parties formed the Defenders of Native Title, D.O.N.T. All they did was gather support for a white paper Australia Native Title Act that was not negotiated from any point with Traditional Inherit Elders from all Territories. DONT impose fascism it should have been!
By the end of the year the Aboriginal Embassy Elders had launched charges on Howard, Fisher, Harradine and Hanson over the Ten Point Plan and their genocide jurisdiction game. Robbie was to intervene in the Case after years of no jurisdiction arguments in the courts, a writ and appeals. The Attorney Generals of Australia called for a hearing in the Supreme Court. By now it's 1999.

On Appeal to the Federal Court the Law Fraternity [Inquisitors] obviously had worked out their position before sending Julian Burnside Q.C. down to the Tent Embassy to convince the Elders to let him run the case, which Len should have done in my opinion. Burnside already knew and said that the charges won't go through, but there would be a win over Australia Legislating the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. No legislation has been forthcoming by parliament. The final appeal for the charges went ahead just before the Olympics Games. Phillisity Hemphill Q.C. showed up just prior to going into court to offer her services for free, like Burnside did. Uncle Kevin couldn't make it to the High Court and Aunty Isobel was running late. Hemphill Q.C. convinced Aunty Wanjulabinna, Rob and Len to let her run the case. Hemphill could not answer the Judges simple question on the 10 point plan, or where can it be shown and documented that mental or physical harm of Aboriginal people relates to the 10 Point Plan and equates to Genocide. At this point where Hemphill Q.C. couldn't or wouldn't answer the questions, or look for reference from the plaintiff or witnesses. Aunty Isobel walked into the court and took over from Hemphill. Aunty Isobel as a living witness to genocide of all descriptions of statutory aggression causing physical and mental harm, she tried to explain the denial of the legal system and ongoing treatment of Aboriginal people by the Polity. The Judges would keep interrupting her and asking for documentation on physical and mental harm. This is where the victims, Aboriginal people are not recognised as credible in white courts. Before the Judges could wind her up, preventing Aunty from speaking any further. Robbie stood up, throwing his documents across the room and shouting, 200 years of genocide, you racist bastards, God dam you! We all got up and walked out of the High Court before the three Judges could make their sophist decision.

Physical and Mental harm [Aggression] is obvious though this story, the Judges (not by the lawyers) were trying to nullify this part of the U.N. Convention on the prevention and punishment of genocide prior to it becoming common law.

In 2004 Hemphill Q.C. was working in the U.N. lecturing on human rights and this would be based on John Howards' genocidal jurisdiction precedent of Native Title and "validated" State occupations and her ambiguous work in the High Court.

Just prior to Jeff Kennett's failed re-election in 1999 and after the Federal Court win in Canberra over having the U.N. Anti-Genocide law Norm implemented into Australian law. Justice Warren of the Victorian Supreme Court sat on our submission for Rob's appeal, so to maybe hear the dismissed case of Premier J. G. Kennett over three charges of Genocide in the Magistrates Court. Prior and through his election campaign and shortly after Kennett lost the election, Warren J. agreed with the Adams J. the Chief Magistrate of Victoria that the case could not be heard because genocide is not illegal in Victoria. But, Chief Magistrate Adams did a written apology to the Victorian Indigenous peoples preceding his forced retirement!
During the proceedings in front of Chief Magistrate Adams for the charges against Premier Jeff Kennett, while Len was arguing with the court that genocide is an illegal long excepted Norm and if it's not part of Common law then these gaps and ambiguities in our law can be fulfilled through International Customary Law, or British Common law which makes up Australian Common law. Well you should have seen the racist contempt of the Government lawyers through sign language, which I stated in my follow up Affidavit for the next appeal. These two lawyers were making hand signs to each other so the Magistrate could clearly see them. In the next appeal to Master Wheeler he said; in his decision that this was reprehensible, but has no bearing on the case. In my opinion this bears the historical marking of supremacy attitudes towards Indigenous Peoples and they only get away with it because of their systemic genocide jurisdiction that they continue to strengthen through corrupting the order of law of the International Community while perverting divine Justification - Doctrine of Justification.

Seaspray to McGaurans Beach was about 35 kilometres down the bitumen road and five km. of dirt road from the main turn off, straight down to the beach. A ninety-degree turn behind the typical coastal sand dune barrier of the Ninety Mile Beach. Where the road did a ninety-degree left hand corner, it continues for another 500 meters before turning into a four-wheel drive track. There is a locked gate to the north end of Jack Smith Lake by the left hand corner. Behind the coastal dune along the edge of the road there are five cut out camping or parking areas: Found myself a level site and proceeded down onto the beach, a very clean beach; not like at Paradise Beach where light green - brown sediment have been left by the high tide.

The Lake system of Victoria and Wellington, from where I came, disperse some of the waste products of industrial pollution out through the entrance at Lakes Entrance and washes up on the beach for fifty kilometres north and south depending on the weather. This problem also affects the life in the sand, where at McGaurans Beach, Pippies (shellfish) are abundant, but at Paradise Beach I'd be lucky to find any.

I collected about fifty Pippies for bait, but instead of going fishing I couldn't resist cooking up the Pippies and ate them for tea, a bit gritty but nice. In the middle of the night I woke to the van shaking and also needed a piss. I got up and knelt in the doorway, pulling the mozzie net to one side, so I didn't have to get out of the van, looked around in the bright moon light to see nothing. It must have been a wallaby, or wombat leaning against the van and scratching itself.

The next morning after brekkie I went back to the beach and gathered more Pippies for bait to fish with at Bear Gully. Walking back to the van with the Pippies, I noticed in the northwest a big patch of dark smog on the horizon: The heavy cold morning dew air kept the pollution of our electric power plants at Yallourn low to the ground; confirming this on my map.

Packed up and ready to go. The van started O.K., touch wood. Fresh bait in the bucket, I took off for Yarram for some money and to stock up on food. Couldn't resist a cake from the bakery; Cruised onto Bear Gully arriving at lunchtime; Soaked some cloths in soapy water while eating lunch before doing some more fishing; Didn't catch anything worth keeping.

Later I went over to say Hello to the camp host; got a confrontational hello from him. He said; what are you up to Erastus, have you come over to hassle the camp host again. He must have read the Pay the Rent Concept pamphlet I gave him. No, I said; I've just come over to say hello, I'm heading home for Mothers Day on Sunday. He informs me I'm a week early. Oh well doesn't matter. I've got to catch up with Fantom and other friends anyway. Fantom and myself might be needed in Canberra for the preliminary hearing over the Crown having the right to use Indigenous Peoples Totemic animals on the Coat of Arms. Not showing much of a reaction, he usually has a stereo type to throw in. I explained I'm writing a book on our human rights endeavours of the past six or so years. He said, what are human rights? Well, the richer you are the more user rights you have. Simply Australian, I said. The book is called the Other Side of the Coin. That seemed to pacify him and I'm sure it made him look inwards. I cruised back leaving him and his mates to their own thoughts to find sanctuary in my own space of the van and surrounding nature.

So now I'm not in such a hurry to get to Mums. I will spend the next few days writing and using up my bait here, while it's fresh.

It's another perfect day. The tide is low, weekend campers and day-trippers starting to arrive; a few fishermen taking up their positions on the rocks on one of the nicest autumn weekends of the year. With the tide out I walked along the rock edges exploring the rock pools, like aquariums, until coming across a fishable cove of sand and sea kelp. The rocks were dry and protected from the small swells with a deep edge into the water. I caught a nice size Leather Jacket for dinner tonight. Threw everything else back. Admiring the array of kelp and seascape over the next three hours was so relaxing and enjoyable; fish to eat is a bonus these days. Rock and beach fishing doesn't seem to be as lucrative as years ago and it is not caused by over fishing. It's bad land management that is preventing cycle breeding and worsening year by year. The government is blaming family fishing fleets as over fishing to turn the public and anglers against them, while industry and abuses of the land and water are not addressed or repaired. The desecration of the land and water ways suits industry and huge profits that drive economics! If you drank the water out of the creek at Bear Gully camping ground you could very well get sick.

Disappointed with the goings on at Bear Gully and with many other spots along the way to visit, I decided to head for the Tarwin River at Tarwin Lower, the boarder of Gunnai and Boonuwrung Nations. Gave the camp host and his mate a wave on the way out past his van; they are friendly blokes. It's not their fault they think they're superior. I'm like a mirror reflecting his own racist beliefs back at him; won't go back there for some time, I seem to be agitating him, which is good for now as I see it.

Had a rat under the bonnet of the engine again, Bear Gully is bad for that. I'm worried the rats might chew through a cable or hose. The mongrels had partly chewed an insulated brake line another time I was here, but not enough to really damage it.

Picked up some water at Walkerville North in front of the caravan park, good spring water, I always fill up here, because good quality water can be hard to find: Tarwin Lower is about 20 minutes towards Melbourne; there are a number of clearings along the riverbank in the paper-bark trees, reedy bush edge of the river. No camping signs everywhere along here. That doesn't deter me from staying overnight, or fishing in a spot throughout the night does not warrant the definition of camping. Besides driver fatigue is a good excuse. I pulled up near the river edge and set up for some morning tea. Checked my mobile for messages; there was an unreliable signal and a message, so I packed up after a cuppa and crossed the Tarwin river and border of Gunnai and Boonuwrung, to move closer to Inverloch at a spot on Andersons Inlet before the town, where I've camped before many times by the picnic area and boat ramp.

Got a call from a friend, Phil who was my neighbour for twelve years in Red Hill, where I brought my first block of land and built my first and only home. I sold my home through the mid years of my activism as Fantom and Robbie did. That's how I've managed the freedom over the last years to write this story: Phil decided to come to Andersons Inlet to do some fishing, he arrived by nightfall and I must admit it was nice to catch up. We have lengthy discussions on human rights and the environment.

The next morning we left there and went to Powllet River a very beautiful spot near Kilcunda to fish and camp for a couple of days. I went and did some shopping in Wonthaggi and met Phil in the first car park later. He'd set up a small fire on the ground for that evening to cook dinner on and boil the billy to wet whistle through the evening. The next morning we took a walk over the sand dune, fishing rods in hand. The plan was to search for Pippies along the beach while spinning with lures until we reach the mouth of Powllet River. Then change to bait and spend a couple of hours fishing in the quiet river atmosphere. We couldn't find any Pippies in the sand and Phil cast off his lure out to sea on his second cast. I spun our way along the beach; there were some good gullies, rips and sand bars to fish in, but no fish, not even a bite. It turned into a walk along the surf beach and back around the river of about three kilometres, was great exercise and a stunning contrast. The health of the river left a lot for the imagination. The river water looked like grey water. A good rain and flush would artificially fix it for a while.

The next morning Phil was up early. It was a clear cold night, which he was complaining about being half prepared for varying weather conditions. I got up out of bed to the sound of his car radio. The news was on and was about America officially withdrawing its signature from the International Criminal Court. I said, Phil, "it's the 7th of May 2002 and what did I tell you last year". Howard's bound to try and get on Bush's bandwagon if he can. Bush is using soldiers and peace keepers as his reason to withdraw, because the United Nations will not give him sanction for his troops as "peace-keepers". He was bluffing to get immunity for others more elite and powerful. By withdrawing America's signature the I.C.C. cannot prosecute him or his buddies, but at the same time does not look good! "They" also want to twist the true meaning of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity, while creating a terrorist treat, using catch cries of war on terrorism, or Weapons of Mass Destruction, defence, humanitarianism as justification to change the principals of the United Nations Charter and the Four Customary Peremptory Norms of the Civilized World!
Phil said; there's no mention of what Australia is going to do: 'The news was all about interest rates turning with increases of .25% at a time and the war budget'. I said; this will keep the debate from how Australia will dodge the International Jurisdiction of the I.C.C. and the Rome Statute over our treatment of Indigenous peoples for the moment. You watch; very time the I.C.C. becomes an issue something will happen to distract the public from looking inward. If it's not headline news it fades quickly from debate. Media is complicit in this clone show.

Phil, this is actually all about the developing Doctrine of Justification that stems from the Reformation. This is bigger than Moses, or Jesus, it's all about the new universal jurisdiction of Jus Cogens Law for the next millennium and starts I think in July this year. It's all about International Customary Law of the four peremptory norms that prevents and punishes crimes against humanity of Indigenous peoples here and all peoples around the world. Restitution of First Nations integrity and sovereignties and natural rights should come from this. It is about the transformation of the Magna Charta to the corporate New World Order that ends the Old World Order of Imperialism: What the real reasons for the war is about, is who will control the world, and people must be told all about it!
Phil said, there are people around that want like what you are saying; 'I not care about that or what might happen'!
Look laws have always been made for our industrial "culture" based on industry, commerce and economics that built our law statute books here and around the world. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court is a Law Statute Book for Humanity, laws against genocide and war crimes could even end wars forever!
The Rome Statute of the I.C.C. says; there is no impunity for free individuals, and no statutes of limitation to protect power brokers, or anybody. I can imagine, Blair, Bush and Howard whom are locked into incorporated executive reforms ever wanting true Justification, or another Jurisdiction that would interfere in their global "vested interests of a very evil history". A coalition war now on pre - emption would seem to clarify our historical jurisdiction and how "Roman - British - American - Australian" Imperialism has always done business.

I'm now talking about Phil not to him: Phil plays the devil's advocate sometimes, he is also bi-pole; but will agree most times. Things like he can't identify with the need for diverse cultural heritage and how that's important to most peoples, or how history can relate to modern times. He sees globalization as one universal order, as everyone being like him.

He say's no one owns the land, but he owns two blocks of land. The word ownership is an English capitalist word to buy and sell, to make wealth. Phil relies on an apathetic ignorance over land and cultural heritage issues to justify what subliminal beliefs he has over what he calls, "Aboriginal disadvantage" Like a lot of people I suppose!
He has a typical comfort zone to justify his indulgences over what he has and Indigenous people don't have. I gave him the opportunity to 'Pay the Rent' on his blocks of land through Robbie, but he chose not to. He says the government should pay for it. I tell him about himself all the time and he is coming around slowly.
We had a good talk about the last Australia Day - Invasion Day in Canberra, which was the thirty year birthday celebration of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. What a great atmosphere it was and the things that happened over that weekend, also the taking back of their totemic Kangaroo and Emu and launching the Writ over the Kangaroo and Emu being on the Coat of Arms. I tell him about my understanding of Indigenous spirituality, totemic relationships, the dreamtime, cultural heritage, intellectual property rights, providence and divine independent sources of jurisdiction, customary lore and kinship etc that I've learned through the concept of 'Pay The Rent' and much more. Many things I won't tell him and other people simply because their minds are not ready to understand.

He wants to see history as nothing; a reminder of his own heritage he doesn't want to really know about in full. I say to him; genocide now hides its' face through modern subliminal stereo-typing to further the effects and conditions to assimilate Black Fellas: Because the High Court in 1992 allowed sophistication of Indigenous displacements into a beneficial word of dispossession, with Terra-Nullius as a subliminal authority not a true jurisdiction, Australians are lead to believe that we have some sort of "right to tell Indigenous people what's best for them". I remember John Herron Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in the late 90's saying that on TV: Both Herron and Fisher the man who said on TV, the "10 point plan is bucket loads of extinguishment". However both ministers left their jobs early - why? - was it for better jobs or as fallen soldiers.

Dispossession or dispossessed as I've said to him, look it up in the dictionaries. It does not suit our true history. Displaced or Dispersed are much truer words, - a person forced from his or her country in war and left homeless elsewhere for example, conflicts - wars - mission system - orphanage system - welfare system - corporate trust system - mainstream health system - mainstream education - housing system, legal system, criminal system, segregation. The Native Title Act is now used to build case law and develop subliminal stereo types to create political dispossession. Often I hear people use the subliminal stereo - type word dispossessed; this falsely suggests an empty human and has subliminal tones of loss of cultural spiritual identity to be Indigenous. Dispossession is a doing word and means - to deprive of land. Deprive is part intent and not a suitable definition, because acts of genocide were and still are inextricably connected. Genocide did happen in the past, as the High Court has stated, but nobody knows when, how, or if it has stopped or ended. So lets' get the definition right and stop being complicit in genocidal comfort zones.

I say to Phil, if you don't understand history, it can repeat and come back in dangerous ways. That makes him think, but he still prefers his comfort zone by not accepting the other side of the coin. Subconsciously he does!
Phil and others use subliminal stereo - types; like don't worry about it, let old dogs sleep; you can't do anything about it anyway; it is to late they lost what they had; it's a different world now; no one owns the land anyway; you can't help someone if they won't help themselves; you can't change the past; they all get the dole and wreck houses and what we give them: This one is a dozy - if it wasn't for us coming to this country they'd be a lot worse off; most of them can't handle grog and are drunks anyway; or the words I hate the most are abo, boong or coon.

A new "legal" subliminal stereo-type our Leaders use and the public have become comfortable with, only because of their ignorance and formal education is; what 'happened to Indigenous people happened in the past and they should just get on with life'. The past started in 1770 and continues in a much more sophisticated way. Would you say to a victim of a crime to go back for more of the same treatment, when assimilation is the end product of genocide? Consensual Integration is not genocide! When did political assimilation stop and integration begin? Nobody can answer that question. There's many more subliminal stereo-types, I'm sure you could think of some!
Phil played with the word abo in front of Robbie a few months ago, even after sharing all our hard work and research with him. I can tell you he got what he deserved, he's lucky it was only words and still lucky to have me as a friend.

The next morning before Phil went home, it was going to be another glorious day. We took a walk down to the river and back, I explained two important things to him after he said, "it's all the dole money being wasted on aboriginal people", I had to laugh, how stereo-typed is this guy I thought to myself.

You haven't been listening have you; the dole is another form of the ration system and pennies, Indigenous people are officially about 2% of the population and in most cases have to work for the dole through government programs out of A.T.S.I.C. funding, for more than fifteen years now.

The government has spent trillions of dollars of tax- payer's money on lawyers, consultants, committees, organizations, programs, propaganda, assimilation, and built a huge hypocrisy. Aboriginal services and resources barely get down to the people on the ground. "Aboriginal Affairs" are a huge white industry, while Black Fella's miss out and keep dying. Hey there's plenty of money! It just we pay to be mugs and vote for it the Australian democratic way, so to fund assimilation and continue the historical genocide jurisdiction. (Genocide is not illegal yet).

The other point I made on the way back to our cars before he went home about midday; was about Providence, which comes from the Doctrine. This is the imposition the First Nations peoples are unwillingly involved in, for outcomes of a New World Order. This is the evil task of Australia's Fraternity to achieve their type of "Justification" for our Indulgences of Indigenous Providence.

Australia has broken all the rules of the world, of the Bible and International Norms of Customary Law. There's no Treaty! There's no consent for occupation and dominance of them, or their land! There's no non- bias means to achieve justification legally.

Australia is stuck in white Australia law statutes. There are no maps of the new world in the rear of the Bible - hence the doctrine of justification over dispensation of the selling of indulgences of it. Multi - culture policy have detrimental values and intent to commonise Indigenous cultures, while history continues down a path of domestication and assimilation of sovereign peoples and nations through more obfuscation to occupy their land.
For a long time before and after the Bible, Indigenous peoples maintained their own providence from the natural genesis that stems from their Dreamtime and Independent Divine Source of Jurisdiction that came from God - Nature. For more than 100 thousand years Indigenous peoples of hundreds of Nations continue their natural right to their structure of trade, social system, religion, spirituality, equality between men and women, family, kinship, economics, culture, lore, heritage, identity and much more. This is God (Bungil) given through Nature and the Lore of Nature. They sustained their providence through peace, order, justice, sharing and caring with all living Creation - God. This is stereo typed to not have ever existed.

Phil and my-self get into Biblical raves a lot, but our morning and two nights came down to Divine Providence affords Sovereignty. Where Christian providence is usurping Indigenous Providence and Sovereignties for our form; and all religions have the same creation, they just have different names for God.

Phil took off home and a feeling of peace came upon me and the environment around me.

I usually say to him and most people I talk to that ' Pay the Rent' can be the Treaty way to go, wake up, it's how to do the unfinished business. This is how it can and will work.

Local, State and Federal Government recognise First Nations Sovereignties and pay an agreed amount for land tenure and resource use. This money is rent / land use payment and goes to the Elders in Council of Inherit Territories only, exercising their cultures and customary lore's.

The Elders sit in their Sovereign Councils, whom dispense and provide for their people, their culture and the Bringing Them Home Generations. Australians keep doing what they do, while receiving knowledge and understanding of co-existence through the P.T.R. concept, to share and care and build community with Indigenous people and the natural environment; Also the base line for a Treaty.

The Elders can buy land back and nobody loses, or has to fear land claims over time. There would be an incorporated structure, arm for business and commerce with mainstream Australia that the Elders over see for the younger generations, so to integrate with mainstream and their own inherent cultures, not assimilation, but, self determination. Their culture is their economy!

The Elders are not incorporated; they are the keepers of Providence and have their Divine Independent Source of Jurisdiction that God gave them as Nations: International and Australian dignitaries can communicate on that level over a cup of tea and a civilized discussion on perspective issues. This would fulfil the lore / law not change it or divide Peoples.

Indigenous people would have the choice of integrating or assimilating - no subliminal genocide!
Politicians, executive, business people, entertainment, sport, employment, charities, companies, institutions and infrastructure etc, can do business with the incorporated arm of First Nations structure of the territory in which they dwell.

Later in the afternoon I gave another friend a bell, Dennis he was home, but not free to come down to do some fishing. He suggested I come over to his place after visiting Mum on Mother's day, after explaining that I would only be back for a quick visit.

Two women on horses appeared wanting to head down the track Phil and I came up, one horse wouldn't step over the spent ashes of the fire. I only saw one other couple for the rest of the day. They were in a nice motor home and when approached the sign they muttered the distance of the walk then turned around and took off in their van.

Hit the sack early. The next morning I needed to make a trip into Wonthaggi for a gas bottle refill. When fitting out the van I installed a 9kg gas bottle into the design, gives me longer range between fills and cheaper to acquire. I get three to four weeks on the fridge and stove per bottle, depending on the weather and how hard the fridge has to work to stay at the right temperature.

I still had three days to kill before Mothers Day, with no detailed maps even though my Motoring Guide to Australia is very good; it leaves me with a lot of exploring to do. Gassed up, I took exist out a back road of Wonthaggi. Finding a turn off for Hammers Haven not realising the road took me down to the coast where the Boonuwrung Marine Park starts. I thought it began at Cape Patterson and went to Inverloch.

There are some very secluded spots that suit me around these parts. No toilet and water here, or signs stating no camping. I don't mind digging a small hole in the morning when nature calls and leave the area like I found it.

Wonthaggi has a huge coalmining heritage and of course farming, plus like the rest of Australia a secret black history. What we have here is a long part of the coast locked up under a Marine Park and named after the local National Indigenous people. The Boonuwrung Nation is the overall language of the clans that make up the many tribal territories of a matrilineal nation. The thing is that the Boonuwrung Elders and people are denied any customary maintenance rights over the Marine Park, or any land. It's just locked up for non- use.

It looks like some locals don't like their own history too much. Where I'm camped there's a granite rock with a plaque to commemorate the discovery of coal in the area for military / navy Captain Thomas Hovel, with shotgun marks nearly making the plaque unreadable. The town was always a borough town with a municipal corporation granted by Royal Charter in 1826. [Transformation Approach]
The military fleets of Bateman and Robinson from Tasmania after the Black War arrived in 1828, so even before the arrival of invasion in Port Phillip Bay, Hovel had already sussed out mineral deposits.

The midday siren still blasts out every day as a memory of the active coal mining days. A Tidy Town, pretty also, with its painted murals on buildings displaying their built heritage. Classic old pubs and buildings, friendly people make up the town with everything a person could need.
Wonthaggi is one of my main centre points for supplies on the south coast, when camping around this part of Victoria. Small towns are a back up for foodstuffs, but cost a lot more than larger towns.

Hammers Haven Beaches are beautiful sandy coves with rock points that expose hidden reefs on the low tide and sand dune between high cliffs. Not thinking I've grabbed my fishing rod and went down to do some fishing. Only metres from where I was going to cast out and realized it's a Marine Park, woops. Pulled my rod apart and turned dinner into a walk; hope no Rangers, more so objective residents walking along on the way back. Back at my van a young bloke arrived and suited up into his diving gear. He had no fish catching device, he must appreciate nature by just looking at it. That's good.

Leaving this spot the next morning from in front of the Hovel's plaque at Hammers Haven, where the largest bull ants I've ever seen were preoccupied removing chunks of dirt and placing the pieces outside their nests.

Continued to follow the dirt road I came in on further along to find myself in the rear beach car park of Cape Patterson. The coastal road keeps going along the Boonuwrung Marine Park to Inverloch, a most beautiful scenic drive. There are lots of 'No Camping" signs in and around Inverloch. The local residents obviously don't like free range campers in any form around that town. User pays only."

It's getting closer to Mother Day, so I went back via Wonthaggi to Powllet River for the night. Late morning received a voice mail from Fantom; I'll ring him back tonight when it's off peak. He's the other half of the reason for going back to the Peninsula, so to verify and to discuss with him the strategy for how we can help the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Elders, or if we might only get in the way, not that it really matters. It was good to get his message; he's been in Tassie catching up with old friends for the past few weeks, or so.

Drove up to the mouth of the Powllet River for lunch and a walk, then moved to the second car park in the reserve, seemed like the best spot for the night. There are picnic tables, toilet and a water tank. I've had problems with mice invasion here before, although it seems worse in winter. I'd like to have put sliding windows with fly wire screens either side of the van, but sleeping with the sliding door open will have to do, or go and earn some money to pay for it.

Noticing a pink dye left behind by herbicide spraying in the dying grass around the picnic tables and other timber structures. The amount of chemical use seems to be more than less over recent years. I kept clear of those areas, can't trust chemical use no matter what they say.

Within an hour of being here, I hear on the radio that thousands of dead fish have washed up again on the shores of Lake Victoria from where I've come. The radio said; it was from deoxygenating of the water. You know it is the lack of oxygen to man's brain that is the problem!
This abuse of nature is now termed as ecocide. To have ecocide you must have a genocide jurisdiction over the custodians; or it could not happen, because the customs of the Indigenous peoples would protect the environment through their lore's and maintenance. Our singular common law has been developed from company need of natural resources for corporate law and power. To have a real common law, common law should have and must develop from customary law to be "common". Or common law remains Racist as a bias Genocidal Jurisdiction.

What I see from a non- class middle aged mans view of life in Australia, is a colonial Nation that is being built from lies and deception, because of genocide stemming from Terra-Nullius, I won't vote for this. I won't pay taxes for this. I won't take the dole. I hope for change while trying to create change. I believe the Elders concept of Pay the Rent is the consensual self -determination way forward for Australia to become a civilized modern nation.

I see a sick environment that makes people sick. I see customary lore as the proper and necessary balance for a healthy environment and healthy people. I see the Sovereignty of the Indigenous Nations and peoples being the only ethical and moral outcome for a civilized Nation.

I see customary lore as the only way to develop common law within the meaning of humanity.

I see no end to the aggressive "settlement"/ war / occupation and genocide since 1770.

I see "legal" statutory political injustices all the time.

I see the subliminal genocide and overt operation.

I see the need for a proper Treaty of Treaties through the customs of Indigenous peoples and Nations as essential.

I see the need for a Détente.

I see Howard's practical reconciliation and native title ideology as re-cycling Terra- Nullius into a more sophisticated genocide jurisdiction than the world has ever seen. [Doctrine of Dispossession]
I see white hypocrisy and symbolic aboriginal family regimes and protocols as Statutory Aggression and genocide upon First Nations and peoples.

I see A.T.S.I.C. as a government instrument to pass legislation so not to look racist from the outside.

I see the common law Aboriginal Legal Service as a white industry and worsening incarceration and the stolen generations and all condition of life; also setting bad legal precedence against customary lore.

I see the black police history.

I see integration policy as assimilation.

I see hope as an instrument to divide and assimilate Indigenous people.

I see hope as out of reach of the majority of Indigenous people's wellbeing.

I see Indigenous cultural heritage as preserved and locked up in museums and institutions as to deny customary maintenance.

I see no real land rights.

I see public walks for reconciliation and a treaty as the biggest democratic movement Australia has ever seen.

I see reconciliation as a political movement not a people's movement. Politicians set it up and killed it.

I see the courts in Australia as incapable of delivering black, white, or international justice.

I see the Constitution as being in a legal, moral / ethical crisis and open to aggression.

I see nepotism as the new world order of industrial dynasties.

I see Indigenous people accused of nepotism.

I see the subliminal stereotype of nepotism as a means to commonise Indigenous structure.

I see the law continuing the war.

I see the clergy, nobility and common titles as condoning genocide by complicity and conspiracy to continue the holistic crime of genocide for its jurisdiction.

I see the Crown denying Indigenous peoples restoration or restitution
I see Australia as a safe haven for Nazi war criminals and more so the philosophy in its more sophisticated form.

I see all conditions of life are calculated, created and intended to further destroy Indigenous customary self- determination - their culture.

I see the ongoing historical mental trauma Indigenous people carry.

I see the abuse. I see their identity vacuum. I see the mental harm. I see the physical harm. I see the "legal" conspiracy. I see the complicity. I see the blockage of mind and law. I see the denial. I see the aggression applied through Australia's Polity.

I see symbolism as worsening Indigenous conditions of life.

I see the chains of history upon the Indigenous Nations.

I see the fascism of our leader and institutions.

I see the need for divine justification.

I see the other side of the coin.

I see the 1967 Referendum as an old hat of an old school of thought.

I see the need to change the way we think and act.

I see the absolute need for an International scrutinized Court Case in the ICC and a Referendum of the People based on First Nations Jurisdiction and Treaty!

It looks like the weather may change. The wind has been blowing all day after weeks of calm sunny autumn weather. Probably swing to a cold rainy south westerly tonight just in time for the weekend and Mothers Day.

Powllet River is located on the edge of the town Kilcunda. Kilcunda is exposed to the extremes of the weather being located close to the high cliffs. Phillip Island is not far, in the direction of Melbourne, the coast has high sand dune with rocky cliffs and points. There's a walking track that travels along the top of the dune cliffs, the walking track crosses over an old just renovated trestle bridge.

Kilcunda consists of a caravan park on the cliff top edge, looking over the sea. Across the other side of the highway they're the local pub, general store and motel. Behind the shops is the town, a small and quiet town in amongst rolling pasture and some remnant bush.

I wish I knew more about the Boonurung people that lived around here. The area looks like it would have provided a lot of food. The Boonurung and other central mobs were hit hard by colonization of Victoria, because it all started in Melbourne and grew out into the regions. A lot of Boonurung people were displaced to the islands around Tassie. We also have evidence of massacre maps of Victoria. Yes; official maps naming the mercenaries from 1831 to 1851 was recorded. The protectors system (missions) from 1835 stop the overt extermination, as "official settlement" began the invasion from the declared war for Tasmania in 1801-1827.

It wouldn't be very hard to develop a clear picture of how events unfolded, but for now I want to concentrate on the present day conspiracy to usurp all First Nations Sovereignties.

I must quickly say;
The High Court in 1992 overturned the lie, fiction and unutterable shame of Terra- Nullius. Does unutterable shame mean we can't talk about it, or what? Because, still I do not hear any politician talking about Indigenous customary rights and Sovereignties: Terra - Nullius has always meant that this didn't exist, but now Terra-Nullius is a lie and fiction and overturned, so that should restore Indigenous rights and customs and Sovereignties. 'The High Court Mabo decision also said; tribal law is superior to the invading culture regardless of political and economic implications'. "No one is talking turkey". [Quote in the U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage web site].

The High Court also created a new subliminal stereo- type, when saying; 'the dispossession of land over the passage of history from Aboriginal people'. By saying that allowed politics to do the job for dispossession. [A do word]. By not securing the truth in their decision they side - stepped Indigenous Divine Territorial Independent source of Jurisdictions of Sovereignties, so to covertly perpetuate displacements and genocide: As to also not allow for restitution of territorial providence.

By the High Court saying; 'the dispossession of land from aboriginal people'; Firstly they only recognized it as depriving aboriginal people of land, which is too weak and lets politicians continue past practices of understating the truth and the crime at hand. Second [all] inherit territorial status was not recognised and has never been ceded. Everything at hand is being structured up around the subliminal stereotype of Dispossession another Terra-Nullius using Native Title to do it.

The Australian Crown has again judged man once more. Where man cannot judge man, only God can judge man. The colour of a man's skin does not come into this argument, it's all over land. In the Australian context man has become so evil that evil can hide subliminally within man. Only the truth can drive out this vile possession before man can repent. Then man can truly judge himself, or God / Nature will!
Fantom rang, just before I got to ring him. He's going up to Melbourne tonight to see Robbie and to catch up on things. I'm going to give him a quick ring on my way back at Tooradin tomorrow, to see where he's going to be. We will need to work out our movements for June, when the Writ in the High Court comes up over the Coat of Arms.

If the High Court throws out the Tent Embassy Writ and the chance of having a case, to set the record of history straight over whom the totemic religion of the Indigenous nations belongs to, then the world media will soon spread the news overseas. Australians might not even hear about it. Little was reported when the Tent Embassy Elders and the crowd took back the stolen kangaroo and emu last invasion / Australia Day in Canberra; or very little press releases during past litigations.

The plenipotentiary representatives of civilized nations around the world are watching. They know Australia cannot prevent genocide in Common law and if Australia doesn't ratify the International Criminal Court - Rome Statute and follows America, or "tokenism as the rule of law", it would be time for the civilized world to act against the fraternity of Australia.

This would also send a very serious message to Indigenous peoples of the world and humanitarians that globalisation will eventually mean the same for them through the executive constitutional standard Australia has set and believe me Australia has the constitution to do exactly that.

Another phone call came through not long after Fantom's. Neil and Jan, really good friends going way back. We played cards every Friday or Saturday night for seven years without fail. I can tell they really care about my well - being and the crusade we're on. Neil had a great grand- mother who is Aboriginal, he whispered to me, nobody talked about her - "the black sheep of the family". I can tell that really hurts him and still today eats at his human fibre and nationalism. He has some characteristics, but I see it in his solid beautiful nature.

Passing through Tooradin and arriving at Blind Bight, not far from Warneet in the mangrove upper reaches of Western Port Bay. On arrival I rang Fantom. He was still in town looking for Robbie. So I decided to stay here for the night and try again in the morning before heading in.

Blind Bight's picnic area, has a boat ramp, swimming hole and toilet block. It's located right on the edge of the housing estate. The locals keep this area in good condition and I've never been hassled here sleeping in the van. The trick is only stay one night and move on, especially when locals use the area a lot.

The white Ibis stand in the mangroves around the water's edge about a hundred feet apart. They seem to be taking advantage of the tide going out. The Ibis stand very still only moving to change position from time to time, or when catching their tucker as the mud slowly shows itself.

There's a viewing stand with three information poles on a short colonial history of Warneet and Blind Bight and the environment. A sign saying; "we" empty the bay twice a day for your pleasure - beware of deep mud'. From here there are stunning views of Western Port and French Island as a back drop to the mangroves.

There are lots of people coming and going in cars. Others take their dogs for a walk. There has been a lot of plant regeneration and fencing to keep people off sensitive areas of native bush, since I was here last about six months ago and still no signs yet saying people can't stay overnight.

I had some visitors this evening, two young guys on bikes. They were curious as to how I live and where I'm going; a middle aged bloke with two small dogs and a lot of friendly fishing tips of the area came by. He went on to say he'd been canoeing out in the entry of the small bay this morning where he saw heaps of school fish swimming around.

It's Saturday morning and is time to get ready to leave for Bittern, where Fantom lives. The dunny block was a fair way around the other side of a dug out swimming hole, got my exercise for the morning. Warmed up the motor of the van and head for Bittern; tried to phone Fantom first off, his phone was rather out of range or not turned on. So I drove to his place only about half an hour away: Arrived not to find him there, so I waited a few hours. Talked to his brother in law for a while, he hadn't seen him. Not answering his phone, I gave Phil a ring in Red Hill, he was home and said, come up and stay for tea, spent the night socialising with him and camped in his driveway as I've done so many times before. The next morning I took off for Mum's; drove down Arthurs Seat to Dromana, from Arthurs Seat there are magnificent views of the whole of Port Phillip Bay. Dromana is a favourite shower spot on the beach front - hot showers. Cleaned up my act and proceeded to surprise Mum. Gave her a quick ring saying, I'll see you in fifteen minutes.

Mothers Day was really good, or Mothers morning. I never stay too long, while there I caught up with my three sisters, my auntie and younger sister's mother in law. My brother had already been who gave Mum some flowers as I do. Had Mum to myself for nearly two hours before the others arrived. Told them all about the book I'm writing, but they didn't seem surprised. I have mentioned the idea over the years. My family is the hardest to convince, or talk to about the other side of the coin because they want to believe in the system and I'm sure they hoped the whole thing would just fade away after a while. Well they know I'm serious now. Even if the book is not a success, well, at least I can give my family and friends a copy, so I can stop trying to explain it all to them and say "just read this".

I left Mum's and went to Dennis's place up on the highway for the afternoon until I manage to contact Fantom, ended up meeting him at his place at about 9 o'clock that night. It was great for us both to catch up. He told me he had a good time in Tassie. We talked until three o'clock in the morning. Fantom talked of buying Kip's, a mate, his property in Tassie and use "Pay the Rent" and friends to buy shares in the idea; a co-operative living, in agreement with the Indigenous Elders of the area.

It still comes down to paying the Council Rates as well, or means having more legal battles with the Courts. I'm reluctant to buy any land in Australia at this time, because of what we've been through and don't need the stress of it, when we know very well that the court would rule that we have to pay the rates, or lose the property. We have been there and done that. I can't justify buying validated land title based on continuing genocide, that we have fought so hard against.

I was up first and standing in the doorway of Fantom's bungalow at his sister's place. Fantom had to sell his house at Rye under different circumstances as Robbie did ten months later. He was lying back in bed with a big smile on his dial. Beautiful morning I said, I'll be back in a few minutes. I shot down to the shop for some milk while he rose from bed. We went on raving all day before we knew it. Not much of an outline over what's happening to the Writ over the Kangaroo and Emu, which I'm still going to next month in Canberra.

Just after we got back from our long weekend in Canberra (Invasion Day 2002) the Queen was due to visit Australia for her Golden jubilee Tour. Robbie wanted Len to serve a notice, or writ on her while she was in New Zealand or here, to ask what her intentions are toward the First Nations. Well our barrister Len was a bit off colour that week. Could even be worse, it seems another lawyer has got in on the Writ and might railroad the litigation process as has happened twice already.

Len did an unreal job of putting together the Writ on the Sunday night, of the Birthday weekend for the Tent Embassy, over the Kangaroo and Emu through the High Court register by 9.30 on the Monday morning. As rough as this Writ may have turned out to be, because of the rush, it is the original one and should remain so.

We found out a new lawyer named Alex came onto the scene about six months ago. Who seems genuine in helping one of the lads to defend himself over some police charges; (I remember Len saying, we can use help like Alex, it's not often we get help. Yeah, I've agreed, but to help, not run it, I have replied.) Alex wanted to tidy up the Writ, but would have had to do another one?

Thinking back to the other two times, Queen's Council lawyers offered help and took over on the eleventh hour, now makes me feel suspect. Now it seems, time will tell, after building the solid case work of the past six years, it's going to leave the front door open for others to wreck the Writ on totemic religion, or fails as a non event. We will see, besides this it shows up the law fraternity for what it is!

Len can't see how religion relates to law. I think he can, he just doesn't want to deal with it. Australia would never have been invaded if not for the Crown, the Church of England, the Catholic Church, and look at the law that came out of that. In the past "Church and State" always had a partnership in developing doctrines and from doctrines developed tenants and laws, which today with the separation of Church and State, political dogma develops doctrines and from doctrines they develop laws! The concept and sophistry comes through the Doctrine of Providence - the Church of England with the Monarchy as the Supreme Head of Church and State.

Len is Robbie's Barrister and is helping Auntie Wanjulabinna. Auntie is the main signature for launching the Writ. The Writ has another dozen signatures of Elders from around the country on it. Len is the most knowledgeable lawyer in Australia, if not the world, about doing the proper law/lore business: Whatever he does will be recorded in this historical war upon the First Peoples and Nations.

Len has stuck with Robbie, like we have. It's the safest and most productive way. Working with Robbie is golden; he opens doors, keeps you correct and in an atmosphere where Blackfellas support you, because we're dealing in the truth. Black fella's aren't going away. Never set my hopes too high on any outcomes in this business of civilizing the gaps in Australian law and Indigenous Sovereignties being properly recognised. I feel it must happen soon through the vision of the unfinished business and Australia's weaknesses in International law obligations, which has allowed political white paper superiority for well over two hundred years.

Ursula rang Fantom, great to hear her voice. Ursula came on board about two years ago a young lass totally devoted in stopping and preventing crimes of genocide upon the Indigenous Nations Peoples. She did a deadly job of writing hundreds of e-mails to politicians, asking them to legislate for the prevention and punishment of genocide in full, as the Convention states. She did this based on the win that the Tent Embassy had in the Federal Court in 1999. The parliament was supposed to do this immediately.

After two years of a Senate Committee looking at the legislation, a Democrat Senator Brian Greg, (who Ursula pressured) put a Bill to parliament, but changed the meaning. So the Bill failed. The Liberal Party didn't want to know about it anyway. Labor wanted to change it to suit our criminal code and the Attorney General, said, it must go through in full, and with the ratification of the International Criminal Court in July 2002. Refer to the Anti Genocide Bill 1999 Proposer's Speech.

Australia's Law fraternity has had fifty three years of sanction to define and prevent genocide, which they haven't done. I reckon Howard will have to ratify the Rome Statue in full, there's no way out for the government to side step this statute book any more. It's how they intend to deal with this, the actual jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court?
Sophistry of Terra-Nullius is how the fraternity will deal with the International Criminal Court's jurisdiction, as government policies and regimes are backed up with the spending of billions of dollars to "prove it".

'Money talks and money kills' through funding and accountability and government terms of reference, as consultants shape the Aboriginal structure as "legal". The government sets the terms of reference that become the "agreed" protocols whether Indigenous people agree or not. 'Protocols are perspective agreements that need "consent" to move forwards as a Nation', if there is customary consent then the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court is nullius. We all know Indigenous peoples do not have the right to negotiate with government, that came out of the 10 point plan and the constitution, also Kirby J. said Aboriginal people are a political matter. Refer to [Thorpe v Commonwealth 1997.]

If the right to negotiate from either side existed, and inherent Elders exercising customary lore were recognised, I doubt very much if the Elders would give consent for the protocols formulated from not being able to prevent genocide. Why has not the government legislated the prevention and punishment of genocide before setting the terms of reference and protocols for a statutory Aboriginal Structure? Why is there no apology forthcoming? Why didn't the fraternity quit white Australia Policy in 1948 when they ratified the U.N. anti genocide convention internationally? How can "integration" of token aboriginal regimes not be assimilation? Why is the heavily sanctioned 1975 constitution still the jurisdiction used for reforms? Why is Terra-Nullius being covertly recycled? Why is Terra-Nullius never debated? Why is the law fraternity sophisticating historical genocide as a, "legal" jurisdiction? Why doesn't the Australian Crown recognise 'Pay the Rent and make the proper Treaty?
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Reality of being home

It's always good to be home. But these day's I find a strange peace when leaving my born environment. My family has the typical mind blockage and apathy of the Christian built system instilled into them. I know it's not their fault. Ignorance is bliss, as the old stereo- type saying goes, or everyone makes their own choices in life. Boy that is ignorance and in this country it can even be racist used towards the Indigenous Peoples.

I remember one occasion I am prepared to talk about. I was in my favourite pizza shop waiting for a vegetarian with prawns, pineapple and garlic. The best pizza I've ever had over the years of the same high quality every time. Anyway my in-law came into the shop. He didn't look to happy, probably because, of me running for Local Government on issues of Aboriginal Reconciliation and Social and Civil Justice.

He started on me by loudly saying, 'Abo's have never had it so good'. People in the shop noticed straight up. I replied, with the un- true information and stereo- types you rely on from your education, falls miles short of the reality. Indigenous people suffer because of attitudes like yours. He replied, 'Europeans and Christians saved them from their own destruction'. That's bullshit I said.

He goes on, by now everyone in the shop was trying not to notice, in courtesy. He then goes on to say, 'Any Abo that doesn't believe in Jesus Christ should be shot, or kicked out of the country'. At this point I'd had enough of this demeaning conversation. Replied by saying, what about the Ten Commandments and where would they go, they come from here dick head, and what your saying is inciting genocide!
I Left the shop and pointed out everyone is looking, told him to shut up, went back in and grabbed my pizza and left, I still enjoyed my Pizza that night. I'm sure he still hasn't swallowed his.

Just for my in law and others like him, I'm going to explain the definition of Indigenous, Aboriginal, Native, Coconut and Australian. 'Indigenous' people are from specific territories that go back through time as bloodline, the family tree - First Nations Peoples: "Aboriginal" (refer to letters at rear of book) is a "general" word for all the Indigenous peoples of 500 Nations, or the original peoples of the world. 'Native' people are the national occupants. Australian mean - Colonialist; a 'Coconut' is someone who is dark on the outside but thinks white: Koorie a new word that is used politically and belongs to a Nation in N.S.W. In the Funk and Wangle dictionary Abo has a derogatory meaning as slang!
You can relate these meaning to plants. Indigenous plants come from specific areas. Native plants come from anywhere in the country and exotic plants colonise as weeds….

Government sophistry and lexical language through developments of Australian white paper, for Protocols, have made Indigenous mean the same as Aboriginal in law, (using the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Protection Act 1998) which extinguished Native for token Aboriginal Common Law Regimes. These Regimes assimilate First Nations rights and controls their cultures, to make them settlers in their own countries as immigrants. (Refer to Yorta Yorta land "agreement as settlers") This is with no doubt, in my mind the sole intention of Australia is to further destroy and commit sophisticated Genocide on the Indigenous Nations and Peoples. But, also set an evil sickening precedent for the State and Globalism. (Refer to symbolic recognition of Aboriginal people in the Victorian Constitution 2004)

Reality check!
With a couple of hours left before dark. I've said goodbye for now to Fantom. Jumped into my white Hi ace; the fuel tank is full, enough food in store for a while. Turned the radio on creating that euphoric feeling and took off. Reckon most people experience it when driving to a destination of leisure, the feeling of being free.

I pointed the van back in the direction of Powllet River, an hour or so of pretty well straight motoring. Finally I'm going back up to the south coast of New South Wales for a warmer winter, finish the draft of this book and consider my ethical option on whether to live here, or go back to New Zealand. I'll gauge it on what happens over the coming years.

To live in New Zealand I can get a job, buy land and live the sustainable life style I crave for. If, I stay here in Australia, I feel, I will always be fighting for justice and equity of land tenure and human rights and never able to settle down in the comfort zone I need personally. Sadly, subliminally Australians take for granted.

In my opinion the pen is greater than the sword. I believe this could work for me more effectively from another country, where I can be stable in a civilized legal environment and make a living. There are too many closed doors in Australia. Because, there is too much to hide!

No sooner had I set up for the night at Powllet River, I had a call from Phil. He was ringing to see how far I had travelled. Once he realized I was close by he suggested we go fishing the next day, good idea, come on down; which we did after he went surfing in the morning. While he was gone I went to move my van to a better position. Well the battery was half flat. The shorter days and a little more need for light at night tipped the battery over the edge. I was glad Phil was here to tow start me. We went back to his place that afternoon without any fish.

The next morning I put the van into the tyre service for two front tyres that were nearly due and a battery. The battery checked out O.K. This was getting confusing, but I knew the battery was on its way out. It happened to me a few years ago in my other van with similar symptoms.

Seeing I was back in the area again, I caught up with Neil and Jan that night. It is always nice staying there. Neil makes all kinds of home brews. Little taste of his different meads, beers, or ciders is a great mouth experience. While being very careful of not having tastes to close together. The only time I touch alcohol is at their place. Jan always cooks up something really nice and treats to boot.

The next morning after playing cribbage until late, I took off for Seaford to look at batteries and solar backup systems. After talking to an auto electrician across the road from Mr. Sola I decided to take the less expensive approach of buying a better type of battery that would suit my needs. Even though the battery tested good, a second time, the auto electrician said; it didn't suit my purposes and was probably on the way out. Gave Fantom a ring to see if he could use the old one; he could, so I went back to his place where we changed batteries around and had further discussions over a couple of cups of tea. He will ring me when the Writ is happening. Fantom gets tired some days from a mozzie bite that gave him the Ross River Virus; it's like Malaria and reoccurs with similar symptoms. He was feeling a bit off and needed to have a nap. Too late to head off again, so I went to Phil's and camped in his driveway for the night. Phil arrived home about an hour later and I joined him inside for a few hours of TV; and the usual discussion. His driveway is one of the most peaceful spots I camp in on the Mornington Peninsula. Being in a southerly catchment at the top end of Main Creek that runs down to the coast at Cape Schanck, big gum trees and tree ferns, a damp environment and dark in the early morning, the sun rises late over the top of the hill into the valley giving a sense of night time in the morning.

Rain nearly all night, a big change in the weather coming through and looks like winter is on the way. A week of cold weather forecasted. The mountains had the first snowfalls for the year last night and as usual the radio portrays a good year ahead for skiers. We had a quick chat in the morning; Phil was heading for his block of land in Walkerville near Bear Gully to erect a shed for the purposes of constructing his second home. I thought I might be in the area by the afternoon when Phil and his Dad were due there. I knew I wouldn't go to his block, but in the manner of politeness, hinted of giving them a hand. We originally agreed to Pay The Rent on a block each and help each other build our houses, when I realised he had no intention to live up to our agreement, I pulled out. I won't help him with his new investment, because he plays the devils' advocate and seems to enjoy my imposition over the past years. I'll give him friendly advice on construction, or whatever. But that's all. He sees the government as having the responsibility to pay the rent to the Gunnai over his block and he has no obligation to judge himself, or justify his indulgences, even though he knows the truth and seen our hard work. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with him and the frustration of his self- justification. If he'd paid the rent to the Gunnai I would have built his house for him for nothing, but I shouldn't have to explain that. He might pay just to get a hand and save heaps of money.

A new battery, two new front tyres, oil and filter in storage and a feeling of confidence in my van. Third time lucky, I set off once more: This time with the cold weather driving me along and not such a need to stop over for long at my usual spots.

After leaving Phil's, drove over the top of Arthurs Seat for a last look at the bay, being the highest point on the peninsula and the tallest mountain until the Dandenong Ranges. A magnificent view of Port Phillip Bay from the Heads of the Bay to Melbourne, with the Uyangs across the other side: Dropped down the windy road under the chair lift to Dromana, passed up my usual shower on the foreshore, because the hot water was turned off by the local foreshore committee.
I kept moving along. It was a tossup on whether to camp at Corinella, or Powllet River again. Once I got around to the northern belly of Western Port Bay, the wind was too strong onshore for Corinella. Besides Fantom told me it was a bad massacre site of a Boonurung clan there. When coming back for Mothers Day I took a drive through the area. The pier area looked good for an overnight stay and fishing; the ferry for French Island crosses from here.

I cruised on to Powllet River for the night. Being a Saturday there were a lot of cars on the road regardless of the cold weather. Powllet River always seems to be pretty quiet and hassle free. I put my hand to paper and caught up with the past week of writing. A nice dinner of veggies and marinated chicken, it is really good to be able to use my interior light instead of candles and know the motor will start in the morning.

Bang-bang two gun - shots rang out from the dark of the direction of the river. I must admit even though I was brought up using guns, I don't like the sound of gunfire; avoid guns altogether now. I just hope they point their toys in a sensible direction and are not killing native animals.

Through the side door of my van, displayed on the corner of the fridge is a sticker of the Aboriginal flag, the stove cupboard near the entrance of the side door is a treaty sticker and reconciliation sticker. (I hope they don't think I'm a black fella and open fire on me - only joking?) I display those stickers to encourage discussion with people, when camping on my travels. I don't display any stickers on the outside of the van. Because people sometimes feel angry when driving and with road rage being a bit of a problem these days, also being a bit of a slow coach on the road: Keeps attitudes neutral when driving.

Most of the conversations with people are about their genuine concerns of what is happening in Indigenous - Aboriginal affairs. Most people don't understand. They want to know and mostly would like to help, but feel they can't, which on the other side creates a comfort zone that politics relies on to keep the covert operation going for total usurpation.

It rained all night, actually it rained on and off for the next two days. I moved on by midday the next day, after a slow breakfast and some writing. The van started with grunt even after four hours of light and radio last night, as one would expect from a recommended new battery. Good, the problem fixed.

I decided to cover some distance while it's rainy weather and try and arrive at Barb and Robs Tuesday evening being Robs' day off on Wednesday. I drove to a good roadside rest area just past Foster on the side of the Franklin River for the night. The rest area is well back off the road lower down by the river, There is a toilet, rubbish bin and barbecue areas with a large lawn all around down to the river, a bit thin on Indigenous vegetation along the edge of the river.

It rained all night and is the coldest night for the year. I had the kettle on making extra cups of tea. Not only does the hot drink warm me up, the heat off the stove warms up the small space in the van. More work on the book.

Reeves beach became my destiny the next morning, because of its high sand dunes will give me good protection from the on shore cold wind. On the way there I stopped on the Albert River Reserve for lunch, just before the Port Albert turn off. Privatisation in Port Albert has seen the local Caravan Park sold for blocks of land and locals put out of business! The road into Reeves Beach was so corrugated I had to use second and third gear to prevent everything shaking to bits. A grader smoothed over the road while I was camped here; the trip out was good.

On arrival I saw a beautiful brown hawk perched on the top of a dead banksias tree. With that as an inspiration I worked on my book for a few hours before taking a walk. The weather looked like it was starting to break up, but I still need my rain coat and gum boots. At this point another camper van pulled in. Would you believe it, they parked within fifty feet of me, between the toilet and my van. Nobody else in the whole place and twenty sites to choose from; must be friendly people, I've continued to take my walk.

I got back close to dinner time and feeling hungry, as I sat down in my van I noticed the two occupants walk off down the same track. I will have a chat with them tomorrow just to be friendly. Well, really I can't help myself in finding out other people's opinions and what they understand about history!

Some dinner; the news and early to bed as usual: On the news John Howard won't meet the Dalai Lama, because he's not a head of state; also another attack on the unemployed and pensioners. With this in mind I hit the sack. No matter what, I always sleep well and enjoy my dream's, it's the best part of the whole day.

The people camped next to me were up when I rose. They invited me in for a cup of tea and bit of breakfast. They came from Tasmania and were very interested in the book and what I had to say. We introduced ourselves with me doing most of the talking.

I started with Genocide not being illegal in Australia, explained white Australia policy and how the 67 referendum relates. How and why John Howard wants out of the International Criminal Court, but can't avoid ratification, because of the Embassy's win in the Federal Court. But what we really got talking mostly about was why Australia dropped national service in 1972.

I went on to say that Australia was quick to abolish National service when the threat from the Cold War still existed. In 1972, I turned eighteen just after National Service was abolished, so I can tell you I was pretty happy about that. But for years wondered why? Well the reason fell in place over the past six years of research and political activism with Robbie.

It goes like this. In 1975 Australia had to implement legislation of their obligations to the United Nations Racial Discrimination Act (C.E.R.D.) into Domestic Law. This was precedence on the white Australia policy and the 67 referendum, so to count Aboriginal people on the Census. 'Now remember Australia has no law to prevent genocide, or define it.' The 1967 referendum was allowed by the British Parliament based on the United Nations Covenant on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination! This allowed the British Parliament to legislate their obligation to the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide in 1968, but could not be used in Australia. The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 was based the Treaty on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination and stems from the 1967 referendum and should mean equality and self - determination for all Indigenous peoples in Australia. [The Constitution said until 1967 the Government could not make laws for the Indigenous Race']. Thousands of laws were made anyway!

This would mean that Indigenous men and women would have the choice to be Australian Citizens and do National Service or not, so if traditional men and women wanted to they could participate. This would have given Indigenous communities the ability to build healthy educated men and women and given them a solid voice in the mainstream community to help Indigenous community find their feet and rebuild their lives.

The Army Reserve only enlists men and women on merit, health status and education; in past war times "Aborigines" could volunteer for the war front! Besides Indigenous people would have to be on the electoral role! The A.T.S.I.C. Act of 1989 states, Indigenous people do not have to be on the electoral role, as Robbie proved when he ran as a Gunnai man in a recent Federal election, it would be racially discriminative otherwise.

In recent history Indigenous Peoples struggle has stemmed from the 1967 referendum to achieve land rights, self-determination, health services, legal services, education and housing. Their endeavours, achievements and ideas were stolen and are now mainstream Medicare, Legal aid - "Aboriginal legal" service, "Koori" education and accessible housing. This has only benefited mainstream Australia, or for assimilating Indigenous peoples as their "betterment", while Indigenous conditions of life are no better and getting worse! Nation building is based on 'commonising' people through twisting the Lore and International law and rights, by continuing the Genocide Jurisdiction over Indigenous traditional life and customs.

I pointed out a few more fundamental conspiracies to Jack and Jill. The Constitution act in 1975 was given ascension by the Queen, with heavy sanctions of the four peremptory Norms of International Customary Law; which are still in limbo and are being shaped around Terra-Nullius / Dispossession!
These Norms should have ended the white Australia dogma and ideology from the conventions to prevent slavery, torture, genocide and racial discrimination, after the end of the Second World War especially by 1975!

The Word "Multi culture" is deceiving and stems from the R.D.A. in 1975 and now seems to have gone very quiet. [No Norms] (Multi - Religions is what Multi - Culture really means, so where is the First Nations Religion in this?)

1982 the Government set up the A.D.C. Aboriginal Development Commission; which allowed Aboriginal people to develop their own ideas, only to be assimilated through the government establishing A.T.S.I.C. for the full incorporation (political take over) and 'commonising' of their very successful self-determination!
Since then everything has really moved backwards.

1984 the conspiracy over Terra-Nullius took shape through the Australian Customary Law Reform Commission and the Commission for Conciliation and Arbitration. [No Norms]

1986 was the British Colonial Constitution Act of Australia, called the Australia Act based on historical precedence gave the Australian Crown independence from the British parliament. But really was about Executive Powers to Privatise Australia and get away with genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. [No Norms]

1989 the imposed (A.T.S.I.C) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Commission representative body was developed to incorporate their ideas from 1982 A.D.C. and to impose common law structures and services into "legal" force; which assimilated all Indigenous peoples' initiatives and achievements into incorporated bodies. Or systematic denial destroyed those self managing achievements! [No Norms]

After the High Court Mabo Decision in 1992 Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating did his Redfern speech of the atrocities committed on "Aboriginal people". He then did the amended Native Title Act that hundreds of Elders from around the country protested against at Parliament House at the time when he implemented that legislation, by burning the Native Title Act in front of the Media. [No Norms]

1997 the Native Title - Wik Extinguishment Act (10 point plan) came into force for authority, so to subliminally replace the authority of Terra-Nullius. This Act control's the mainstream Aboriginal Land Councils as common law corporate Family Regimes for covert-overt operation of historical vested land titles and interests. [No Norms]

1994 these processes above were pre-empted by the 1994 confirmation of the Victorian Constitution for retrospective validation of the 1855 and 1975 Constitutions and the Victorian 1994 Incorporation Constitution reforms; this set the National Standards from these above statutes of limitation forced upon First Nations Peoples, for assimilation over time. The four Peremptory Customary Law Norms that sanction's the Constitution are being twisted into what they are not meant to be. The Law Fraternity is commonising the four Norms of Slavery, Torture, Genocide and Racial Discrimination. [No Norms]

After this point everything political has been in the National Interest for policies and court cases to recycle Terra-Nullius and create the Doctrine of Dispossession and keep the past genocide jurisdiction in a more sophisticated way than the world has ever seen before upon First Nations Peoples on Earth.

These lovely people from Tassie were not over surprised by this, but were disgusted by the lies and deception of government / media and their new meaning of 'genocide.' I also told them by compulsory voting we all support the constitution, to have your name crossed of the role and not vote at an election is still to give your support for the "legality of the constitution"; it's just an invalid vote, meaning you don't like the choice of parties. So democracy the Australian way is to make everyone complicit in crimes against humanity such as genocide and terrorism upon the First Nations Peoples. More deception the Australian way mate!

It was nearly 11 o'clock a.m. on Tuesday 21st of May and no sooner had we finished our three hour discussion when Geraldine Dougue on Radio National came over the air waves doing an interview of a young Australian woman. The woman had been back to her country of origin of Mexico to find her roots. She met an Indigenous man who enabled her to gain her traditional names. A very interesting story of what she went through to achieve some of her inherent cultural beliefs and identity in the colonial atmosphere we all live in.

It seemed not to affect Geraldine in relating to what policies here might be doing to Indigenous men and women, like this lovely young women who strives so hard to regain her cultural identity. The other side of the coin is not possible for these A.B.C. sophists. The story after this one was about racial discrimination of "Aboriginal" people in the work place. What about their cultural identity?

Jack and Jill looked at me in horror, they are well educated people, all, I could do was smile and say, "it's not hard to understand what white Australia means now". Ha! Told them what Sir Ronald Wilson an ex Judge said, who sat on the Stolen Generation inquiry that assimilation is genocide and what the President of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission now say's, that integration policies for Aboriginal people are assimilation policies in real terms.

"Their last words; besides goodbye was that racial discrimination, or even any discrimination in Australia could be genocide". I couldn't agree more. Nice people!

The rain wasn't going to subside, so instead of leaving tomorrow, I went not long after Jack and Jill left, to Seaspray for some dinner, before proceeding to Barb and Robs that evening.

Keen to keep moving I left the next morning. Barb gave me one of her old sarongs, so to use as a new rear curtain in the van. I will fit it along the way, the old one is stuffed. Went straight to Sale for supplies and continued to Lakes Entrance to catch up with Marjorie, have a cuppa and ask her if its O.K. to write about her Federal election campaign 2001, as an independent Gunnai-Marr woman for Gippsland.

Marjorie Thorpe is a Gunnai-Marr woman and Robbie's sister. Rob suggested I be her campaign manager for the five weeks we had left, which I did.

Marjorie wasn't home. Her daughter Lydia, husband and son were looking after her house in Lakes Entrance, while Marge was working in Melbourne. She is heavily involved in all levels of Indigenous affairs, community building, history, politics, justice, true reconciliation and restitution of her own Nation.

I had a catch up with Lydia over a cup of tea. I told her about the Writ coming up soon in Canberra and Marjorie being in this book, she liked the idea and thought her Mum would too. She told me of some "positive" progress within the "Kunnai-Gunnai" Regime and gave me an invitation to Reconciliation Victoria "I have a dream" the 2002 dinner for reconciliation. It is in aid of funding community education and development of Indigenous Leadership. $200 is too much for me and I wasn't turning tail home again.
Under statutes of limitation or terms of reference - reconciliation has been turned into another act of assimilation. But there are a lot of positives that can come out of the process and Marjorie is a positive person and has worked for positive change all her life, she is the chairperson of Reconciliation Victoria Foundation. Marjorie was also a member of the Council for Reconciliation and a key person in developing the Declaration for Reconciliation.
(Declaration of Reconciliation at the rear of book)

Quote, 'Reconciliation Victoria has been established to give voice to the hundreds of thousands of Victorians who marched in Melbourne for reconciliation in December 2000.

The work towards true reconciliation is unfinished. Recognition of past injustices together with a commitment to working for a just inclusive future is a part of the process.

Reconciliation Victoria is committed to working with all Victorians to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples. The membership is drawn from across Victoria: metropolitan, regional and rural. It is partly funded by the Victorian Government.

For National Reconciliation Week 2002 and beyond! "We have walked and we have talked. Now we must "walk the talk" and deliver true reconciliation"! Special guest speaker was Martin Luther King 111'.

I could pick on Reconciliation Victoria, but if you have been taking in, or comprehended what I have written in this book. Then you could figure out the language yourself; while some positives are better than none. As a Peoples Movement I condone Reconciliation and at the same time negativity does not solve anything, while there is an optimistic alternative in working to changing the law!

The last Federal Election late in 2001 was an amazing full on experience being Marjorie's campaign manager. It was an honour and a pleasure and gave me an insight not many white Australians could imagine.

The campaign was very short. The feeling was Marjorie had a very good chance of winning, by the positive responses she was getting through the campaign. The main objective was all about getting information to the other candidates and the public, also enough votes to carry the information - education after the election, win, or loose.

Marjorie has very important issues, which needs support from everyone, such as Indigenous Affairs of the region. Treaty and customary lore; true reconciliation and how that ties into all other domestic issues, like building community, refugee, war, sustainable environment and education, public transport, bass link, fishing privatization. Marjorie's also calling for a judicial inquiry into the Aboriginal Trust - Mission at Lake Tyres, employment, real help for rural families, fair tax, no G.S.T. on essential services, human rights, world peace through negotiation and her ears in the community and a voice in Canberra for Gippslanders.

Marjorie got great preferences from nine of the twelve candidates; she supports and has involvement in the local school, council, R.S.L., local people and businesses. Everyone loved her presentation and profile and her policies. She got amazing support from other candidates and the community, but got only 1% of the vote.

Our analysis of the election outcome; was the fear campaign of the Liberals over the war on terror and refugees, causing a very conservative vote. The main lose of votes in our opinion was the summing up of the candidates on the 6 o'clock news, WIN TV, on the 11th hour the night before the election. The news portrayed Marjorie as an Aboriginal woman who is out 'to represent all Aboriginal people around Australia' - not true, she ran as Gunnai-Marr woman for all the people of Gippsland. Also WIN TV said; 'she would seek compensation for Aboriginal people' - not true, another lie!
The dirty play of WIN TV in our opinion cost Marjorie thousands of votes and was as deceiving as the campaign of the previous Liberal re-election over the G.S.T. (goods and services tax) and the Ten Point Plan. The Liberal party put the fear of "your back yard would be next" into the public. Also John Howard lied about the Declaration of Reconciliation as the way around debating his ten point plan on TV. He has ignored the Document and now talks about "practical reconciliation", which means more of the same kind of the past ignorance and assimilation; while the public are not being fully informed.

I hope the people of Australia begin to understand the double standards that Indigenous peoples endure. "Where might is right, no natural right, for building a fascist nation of corporate law - one nation one law".

Lydia rang her husband Andrew out at Nowa Nowa where they normally live, to let him know I was coming out to stay for the night. Andrew is a Greek orthodox man, who understands and knows his own heritage. We have good yarns about all kinds of levels of injustices, but we live in different realms, he's into horses, I'm into human rights as Lydia and her whole family. Andrew likes to hear about our work, but has commitments and interests that take up his time. Like most people say they do.

I slept the night in their front yard, a nice spot in Nowa-Nowa. Changed the motor oil of the van the next morning, Andrew could use the old oil for painting timber to help preserve it. Had some lunch with Andrew before Lydia rolled up and not long after that I took off, as they also had things to do.

Plenty of fuel, food supplies are looking good, so I headed for Marlo where the town is located not far from the side of the Snowy River and a bit further from the ocean entrance.

Arrived late afternoon with a couple of hours of daylight left. The weather becoming very still with the odd light shower of rain, I couldn't resist camping where I pulled up at the Marlo pier. The van parallel with the sea wall and the water abutted the wall. The view over the water was hard to leave.

Tried my luck in catching a fish off the pier just before sunset, I only had a lure, but no sooner had the lure hit the water and a Tailor took it, I played with it instead of hauling it straight in, it got free.

Retreating to my van to cook up some tea with the last of the fading sun penetrating through the window and the bird life just outside the door on the water was godly. Pelicans, White Flat bill Ibis, Cormorants all busy doing their thing before dark. A few fishermen arrive to fish off the pier and another couple from Western Australia camping in their flash motor home further along in the car parking area.

The next morning was cold, but soon warmed up to a still sunny day. The pelicans fly around huge and graceful, landing on the water skidding on their flipper type feet, like a skier after letting go of the towrope to stop. These magnificent birds fly within centimetres of the surface of the water, flapping their wings a few strokes every fifty feet or so. Through the van side door opening, I've been getting a display this morning from different birds I can't describe. I took a long walk down the river to start the day. On my way back noticed three pelicans and two cormorants in a group cruising along the edge amongst the sea grass fishing as they go. The cormorants diving and the pelicans head dipping. They must have been complementing each other as they went for the catch.

I decided to drive further towards Cape Conran to look for bait, to fish off the Marlo Pier with tonight. Called in Marlo General Store for some bread; then continued about two kilometres along the coast road until I found a siding park with a view of the Snowy River exit. Beautiful views of sand bars in the river and the might of the waves breaking across the entrance of the river. The river continues past the entrance, for some distance behind the sand dunes and becomes more lake like, tattering into a kilometre long arm.

Near the entrance in the calm water a small fishing boat placed itself in the outward flow of the river keeping well back from the breakers for a catch of fish.
The lowering of the tide allowed me to pump some bait out of the sand. I got a few Shrimps, half a dozen Pippies and some Sand Worms, a good variety of bait for tonight.

Taking in the views, bait in the bucket and some writing to see the afternoon out. I could see a large object on the horizon. Like, an oil rig or maybe it's that huge ship that's laying the gas pipe line to Tassie that Barb and Rob were telling me about. At times wish I had some binoculars. The sandbars in the river were slowly being covered over by water and an increase in boats with the high tide at 8 o'clock. I'd better head back to the pier for some tea before trying my luck.

Another still chilly night perfect for fishing in my opinion, only one other fisherman a young fella named Brett. He had some nice Tailor on his line but didn't manage to land any of them. I caught only under sized fish, but Brett showed me a bait catcher he uses. Must get one of those or make one. A bit of bread in the trap, put it in the shallow edge of the water, ten to twenty minutes later enough shrimp and white bait for the night.

We exchanged fishing stories, as the fish seemed to go off the bite. About half an hour before Brett left to go and sleep at Cape Conran for the night he asked what I do. I explained in a much shorter version than this book. He said, are you for Aboriginal people? I replied yes, for their sovereign rights as cultural peoples and integration with mainstream.

Well that loosened him up, he went on to tell me about his Aboriginal family tree and he is proud of it. I said, so you should be, he reckons white people should lay off them. I agreed. Brett asked me what genocide is exactly, I said well it not just killing, or massacring Indigenous people. Genocide is much broader, like removing children, destroying language, or creating conditions of life that bring about their destruction in part or whole, or even causing physical and mental harm to the groups that bring about their destruction in part or whole. I went on to explain, incite, commit, conspire and complicity in the crime of genocide, by any person at any level of society.

Brett asked are the government doing all those things. Yep they never stopped doing it", I said, "look at the Aboriginal trust at Lake Tyers". The old mission you mean said Brett, yep the new style I replied. Look it works like this; the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs has first and final say on all matters. The Administration of the place is white people and they run the whole property on the guide lines and law of old McDonald had a farm and through common corporate law only.

"There's a Community Manager, an accountant, a maintenance man and a business and infrastructure man from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria. These people are "white", now when, or if aboriginal people eventually get their jobs, the statutes of limitations, will hold them accountable to the common corporate white way law. This puts them at odds with their own mobs and especially the Traditional Owners".

"The way the trust is run and controlled is through debt. The above structure manages the debt, so funding and accountability controls the agenda of the political administration of the place. The administration advises the Board of Directors on how to place the money and vary the budget. This is where the money goes".

"Employment on the trust is done through work for the dole and C.D.P. and C.D.E.P. programs. This is covert slave labour to build the infrastructure for the shareholders. Shareholders were all once upon a time Aboriginal people, 'not Gunnai people', but over the past thirty years those shares have been sold and bought, but have never paid real dividends. C.D.E.P. programs are political. People living there have training in many fields of employment. Never proper employment it's just a merry go round of oppression that feeds the physical and mental abuses and violence, of being trapped in a white man's industry".

"Unlike this Aboriginal Trust, back in 1998 J.G. Kennett said publicly that Victorian "Aborigines" were extinct. To make a statement like that was inciting genocide and to spend billions of tax dollars on establishing imposed token "Aboriginal" corporate Regimes there must be a bigger conspiracy going down than meets the eye, don't you reckon? Especially if Aborigines don't exist as Kennett stated!"
Brett asked, "how come you know so much about the old mission". Well, "when Robbie who is Gunnai and his partner and their kids moved out there, I went as well, but not full time. Over that three years Robbie was there, they began to create some remarkable changes, but the political agenda, not only stopped them, but they had to move out in fear for their children and possibly themselves".

"Robbie had a good go at making positive changes, as others have in the past. They had a no grog rule in and around their house and kept big dogs. Over a short period of time they informed the Board of Directors of their corporate law rights and customary rights. Robbie took the job of Chairman, on work for the dole of course. The larger part of the community was starting to get confident about themselves and self-determination. Robbie refused to sign off checks that needed invoicing to show how large amounts of money were to be spent. He got two of the administrators sacked for incompetence".

"Robbie and his partner created a visionary plan for a fully contained retirement village, cultural centre, proper- maintenance on existing houses and home ownership, a proper funeral service; all to be done through resident skills and self-determination. I assisted in valuation of the building construction of their concept".

"The administration of the trust was put on notice over genocide, by Robbie on a number of occasions. It didn't seem to affect their conscience at all. Their fat pay packets, flash cars and their sophisticated red neck attitudes that must keep them blind to the oppressive genocidal conditions they see and cause every day they go to work. They did spend one million dollars renovating the Anglican Church while most homes are condemnable and the residents are expected to pay rent for them. There was 3 million dollars for 10 new houses, where one house was completed over the passing years - the money well, ask the minister".

"Their conditions of life are kept as bad as possible to force people out of the property. When there's enough white thinking people, assimilation, living there and the shares are in the "might is right no natural right" hands, that's when white beneficiaries will cash in on the land, business, infrastructure, culture, tourism, agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and call it 'integration'."

"Look I've seen the cemetery bulldozed and good people driven out by the administrations indirect gang of thugs. One family had to leave, because their two and a half year old was raped. Robbie's brother was bashed within three millimetres of his life. People have been murdered, the list goes on".

"The police only get involved if a white person is involved, or else it's a let them kill each other jurisdiction. Aboriginal people living there are denied, by political agenda and laws, their traditional identity, culture, customs, lore, land, or any form of self-determination. For people to leave the property and live in a town would be just as bad, because then the police act, but not in their favour. Also racism outside the mission is systemic".

"Look nothing came of a judicial inquiry into the Trust that Marjorie Thorpe campaigned for during the election and requested many times in the past. The whole establishment is corrupt from top to bottom". Brett understood me very well, confirming a lot of why and how. He left and I kept fishing for half an hour with the shrimps he left me. It was getting deeply cold, so I went back to my van, had a cuppa and hit the sack.

The next morning driving towards Cape Conran, I passed Brett going the other way, probably going back to the Marlo Pier. Cape Conran is getting close to the boarder of the Gunnai Nation. Not sure exactly where Gunnai finishes and Bidwalli begins.

It's about twenty kilometres drive along the coast to Cape Conran from Marlo. Arriving nearly at lunch time, I pulled into one of the many car parks. There is also a cultural trail of the Gunnai - Kurnnai, with foods signs placed along the boardwalk that heads around the rocky cliff point. This has not been done the customary way, but at least there's some recognition of their culture outside of propaganda.

The Carrawong are the dominant bird species here. They look like a cross between a Magpie and a Raven and hang in large groups. I'd like to know the Dreamtime story for them. They were all hanging around for some food. Carrawong eat nearly everything. I threw out an avocado skin with a little flesh on it. The yellow eyed, black pupil birds stood around the skin happily sharing the contents. Not like sea gulls, who would squawk and chase each other for food. So I took a slice of bread and threw a piece to the closest one in front of the van door. As they received their piece each they would move aside to allow the others to follow up for their bit. The kookaburra missed out, he was out numbered.

I managed to get two good walks in today between writing. Good thing because as night came the rain came too. If it keeps up tomorrow I'll head further north to Bemm River. Lots of people traffic here today. It's a Saturday and must be expected I suppose. Many people were collecting shells and stones. I hope they're not taking those objects, because of their subliminal thinking and as significant to Gunnai people.

It looks like a family is mourning a lost one on the rocks near the surf, with lots of flowers tears and hugs happening in front of my van view point.

The next morning turned out to be a glorious day, a rather large glassy swell crashing in with a sea mist. The breaking waves can be deafening. People start to arrive early for their Sunday recreation, some carry bags for collecting shells, stones etc. I hope nature can keep up with all this pilfering.

The tide was high at dawn, as it drew out the water left flowers on the high tide mark, from the mourners yesterday. The first family to come walking along the beach was gifted with an assortment of flowers, to their surprise. I'm sure they couldn't work out how those flowers got there.

Staying another day at Cape Conran, because I'm not in a hurry to leave Gunnai country and the Cape is a special place. Its land and seascape provides protection from different weather conditions for comfort and use. I can see how important this Cape is to the Gunnai of past, present and future generations.

Cape Conran is used now as a coastal park with many walking trails all over the Cape and to Bemm River along the coast. Camping, fishing, picnicking, surfing, dogs allowed on a lease. But what I have noticed over the many years of coming here and anywhere I go camping around; is that Indigenous people are never about enjoying or free to be in the environment. I have seen "Aboriginal" lads working on trails and obviously work for the dole on community development programs that only a few would get to participate in anyway. One time I saw a group of "Aboriginal" lads in plain uniforms under supervision working in this area. You know, to me it's like martial law, a type of war driven by fascist government policies to conform nationals of diverse peoples into our white way.

When I think about the Yorta Yorta people taking their land claim into an Australian Court, I shudder. By doing so their natural, spiritual rights to inherit land - inherit divine independent source of jurisdiction to land and culture will be extinguished, only by "law", as an example of how the law fraternity of government is manipulating the interpretation of genocide through case law into statute books as legal.

If Australian society; can't co-exist with Indigenous territorial societies and inherit traditional use of land and cultural maintenance and their customs; then we are as a neo Nation are the most deprived, dispossessed, perverted, fascist, white culture on earth, living on someone else's land while stealing and reshaping their culture etc, as we vote and build Australia.

Cape Conran has tank water on tap, so I filled up the next morning before leaving the Cape. The landscape begins to change to more mountainous forest terrain. The lake systems continue up the coast with more rivers passing under the highway bridges. Not long down the highway and the Bemm River turn off came up. The road in joins the side of the river for the last eight kilometres before reaching the town of Bemm River. There is a coastal dirt road from the Cape to Bemm, but is only open in the summer.

The condition of the river is like most rivers in Australia, brown silty water with next to no small bait fish swimming around the edges. I pulled into a sunny spot along the river, dug up some worms, took my deck chair and sat by the edge; put a line in the water while observing the environment for an hour. No bites, but very relaxing. Only mozzies and cows, so I decided to go into town by the boat ramp for some afternoon tea.

The town is a tidy town; it has a caravan park, general store and a new pub. The old one burnt down some years ago. There's no display on the information board showing recognition of any Indigenous connection to Bemm River.

The town is located on the edge of Sydenham inlet a quiet fisher haven. The inlet seems in good condition. This would be because of the national coastal park surrounding the bulk of the waters' edge, except for substantial parts of the river. Bemm River empties into the inlet not far from the outlet into the sea which would help the health of the inlet.

Until farmers along rivers, stop their animals from getting anywhere near the river banks and revegetate wide areas along the river edges, the slow but sure desecration will continue to affect all life connecting to the river and inlet. Silt is only one problem. Farm animals' discreet manure, hormones, antibiotics and whatever else they are given. These are very dangerous to cycle breeding of all creatures. Private and commercial chemical use and the runoff from agriculture or horticulture badly effect the cycle of life of the environment, while chemical companies promote their own products and farmers believe them. It's downhill all the way.

Land care Australia has organized river management programs for the region, but only get small amounts of money and is not a fully comprehensive plan that covers all the chemical additives farmer and residents use, and of course Indigenous interests.

Cape Conran Nation Park info board showed a camping spot further up the track here at Bemm River called Gunnai Camp. The information board here shows no recognition of the Gunnai at all, probably because of their fear of potential native title claims if they recognise Aboriginal people. Most of the surrounding area is Crown land under land title validation law. I'll go and have a look up there tomorrow. Hopefully there might be some Blackfella's camping there, unlikely. I doubt if most Gunnai people would even know the spot was named after them.

I must quickly explain the term Blackfella - black is beautiful and means how a person thinks', its customary thinking Indigenous people without gender. It's not necessarily the colour of the person skin, more how the person thinks and acts. Blackfella, Whitefella, or any skin colour is not being racist; it's the tone of voice or projection of stereo- type that twists the meaning.

There hasn't been any mobile phone signal for the last four days since leaving Nowa Nowa. Cann River might have a signal being a bigger town. Bemm River is the kind of town I would like to settle down in for a while, or even permanently. Bemm still has a healthy environment that wouldn't be hard to fix further. The local people are friendly. But it comes down to the right woman and soul mate, some land to live on knowing the rightful treaty business will be done. This book is my contribution to achieve that through truth and education.

I will know if the treaty of treaties will be a just one, because Robbie will tell me. There is a slight possibility the government - fraternity may take up the treaty process after reforms have been achieved. But remember the base law statutes are of Terra-Nullius / white supremacy while genocide remains the jurisdiction.

The problem is the detriment in Aboriginal communities as life continues, while a huge imposed token "Aboriginal" regime structure has been built. If this continues, but should never have been established in this way; it will become totally obvious that the token structure doesn't allow for self- determination, customs of sharing and caring of the Elders and communities, the lore of the culture, healing, providence, sovereignty and restitution, while the detriment of the genocide jurisdiction in Australia might become the norm.

The Burning of the Native Title Act outside of Parliament House in 1992:

Three hundred Elders from many different territories gathered outside of Parliament House on the day the Keating government sat to implement legislation of the modified High Court Native Title Act.

U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage web site states that Tribal lore is superior to the invading culture regardless of political and economical implication as the High Court said.

Well nobody was listening to the Elders of Tribal lore as they burnt the Act in front of the Media on the steps of Parliament House. The reason why nobody heard of this at the time is stereo- typical of how the government controls people and our knowledge. The then leader of A.T.S.I.C. not that it's her fault as she was removed from her family and institutionalised for the political conspiracy that is still shaping up.

Louis O'Donahue came out of the Parliament and told the Media that any person that publishes this burning would never work in this country again. The High Court Native Title Decision is in conflict with the Keating N.T. Act 2 and the Howard 10 point plan N.T. Act 3 extinguishment, but most of all and most disgusting is the Elders superior Lore was suppressed. This should have been big news!

Still at the Bemm River boat ramp and Jetty car park. The night produced a moon round and full as its light beams through the sparse clouds. Black swans grouped on the glassy moon light water. Nobody around, a fishing boat tied up to the end of the jetty and the lights of the pub glowing in the direction of the town.

Waking to the sound of a fishing boat taking off into the inlet from the jetty, as the first signs of light came out of the dark cold morning. After a while more fisher people arrive. The roar of the swell across from the other side of the inlet came over the coastal sand dunes. The sun began to warm up the rear window of the van, which gave me the inspiration to get up and face the chilly near icy morning.

Stepped out of the van to the Welcome Swallows flying around me, Pelicans socialising, Ducks still gathered in groups as the Black Swans do also, Sea gulls dipping their heads in the water, Shags, White Ibis and King Fishers getting about, the Sun warming my back as I walked one hundred metres to the elevated composting toilet in the park not far from the pub.

Pulled out my deck chair and sat in this beautiful warm morning environment to write. The water is like a sheet of glass with the odd boat planted on it. A huge dark cloud is moving across the south and clear sky in the east and west. Looks like good weather for a while. Later I had a good read of the tourist information boards of the fishing history and town development that began here in 1852. This was at the time of constitutional beginning of the colony of Victoria, as Terra-Nullius was confirmed in 1848 by the Supreme Court after McMillan was pulled up for his 3 year secret war on the Gunnai Nation. (Refer to the book called, Fore Fathers of Gippsland)

A covert war continued and has no official end. The truth will hurt people, but the pain must be shared amongst all, it is not something that Indigenous peoples must bear while being stereo - typed for our benefit. This land here and the whole of Gippsland will always be Gunnai, because (God) creation made it that way and the Gunnai survive conquest.

Four pelicans approach me as I exposed my drink of tea outside the van while curious sea gulls came closer thinking there must be food. Another pelican glides in centimetres above the water as it skids on its feet and then bellies to sit on the water. It wriggles its tail feathers as a happy sign of joining the others. These pelicans must stand four feet high and look tame, but I wouldn't try and get close. That's how people get hurt. When taking off to fly they flap their wings and run-on the top of the water using their flipper feet to get enough height and momentum to lift off.

Wiping the condensation from the front window screen, the sun had dried the rear window; packed away the dishes and headed down the dirt road around Sydenham Inlet to find the Gunnai campsite. When I got there the sign called it Gunnai Beach and people were using the available space. I continued to the end of the road to Pearl Point where people can walk the track back, or in summer drive back in the direction of Cape Conran. Found a good spot at Py-yoot Bay just around the point from Pearl Point to camp for the night.

I found between the two car parks along the beach and on the point is a Gunnai midden site. The Parks have obviously been trying to stabilize the erosion of the area, but with not much success. Over recent years the main front of the sand dune has blown over to the other side of the point, creating a huge sand cornice down onto the rock point and beach. Over time as the sand was blown to the other side of the point the midden shells and stone tools would stay behind, because of the weight factor. This left a very steep face to the main sand dune and one of the highest points along this stretch of coast.

I climbed carefully to the top of the main sand dune. The views were amazing, but more so, was the three Sea Eagles that soared on the thermals not far from where I was standing. It's like they came to greet me. So I will definitely stay tonight after that: When I returned here a year later, Bill a veteran camper, told me that two of the Eagles must be from the Inlet. Some redneck idiot shot one of the pair from this area, as there was only one Eagle flying about on that visit.

Tomorrow I will head for Cann River and go further into Bidwelli country. Uncle Albert is a Bidwelli Elder who I got to know through Robbie while staying on the Aboriginal trust mission. During this period was when the legal work was evolving around whether the courts' have "jurisdiction" over Indigenous peoples. We did this by defending Blackfellas that were prepared to plea no jurisdiction to the court, instead of taking a plea of guilty, over charges from police. We did five cases.

The police withdrew their charges on Uncle Albert, because their tactics were being exposed. As the jurisdiction argument over [producing any document of consent and the anti genocide case was gaining momentum].

Pauli's case was the first one, but the magistrate side stepped the question on jurisdiction, by blaming the police for not checking their (domestic) jurisdiction before charging him, throwing out the case.

Frog's case got him community service instead of jail, because technically with a no jurisdiction plea, he would have become a political prisoner as with all these attempts to find justice.

Charges laid against Josie and Jennie, two white women who tried to protect old growth forests at Goolangook. They went into court with a Treaty they did with the Gunnai and Robbie went as a witness. Magistrate Lewis said, they were there with permission, so there was no conviction, but fined them. They appealed the fines. But again the court side-stepped the preliminary question over the courts' jurisdiction once more.

Plugger's case produced answers not solutions. Plugger for eighteen months was on indictable charges. He kept pleading no jurisdiction, Jus Cogens, until he got into the County Court in Bairnsdale 2001, where a deal was struck he couldn't refuse for a light sentence. But during the upset we all caused to the court that day the judge made the prosecution produce the "legal jurisdiction" of the court. Well it's what the high court overturned in 1992. The prosecution produced the 1975 Victorian Constitution and the 1984 Commonwealth Constitution, which is based covertly on Terra-Nullius law statutes of limitations; fundamentally a war constitution. Plugger got community service and no conviction, or jail.

The Courts or Premier Kennett could not produce any Document showing the fully informed Consent of the Gunnai Peoples or any Indigenous Nations - to have jurisdiction over them!

So what this means is while constitutional and national reforms are being made to the country - Terra-Nullius is still the under lying "historical jurisdiction" used to reform and confirm the Constitution Act (of Victoria) from 1855 and 1975. But the High Court officially overturned Terra-Nullius in 1992, while Jeffrey G. Kennett reconfirmed and validated the next hundred years of centenary in 1994 from the past since 1770, because when you say 'the Constitution Act' it means the one's that came out of Victoria. These lexical double National standards suggest very strongly that the constitution is in crisis, because Terra-Nullius is the Australian Crown's only "imposed legal authority for land tenure, jurisdiction is Australia's unfinished business" and is still killing Indigenous peoples commonly!

If for example you built your house without a solid foundation under it. The house will eventually have to be rebuilt, but if you fix your house with another dodgy foundation it becomes a very expensive exercise and a very unsecure way to live. Every Nation needs a solid foundation!

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Leaving Gunnai Land

Waking up at Py-yoot bay to a Ravens call, each call got closer until it seemed like the Raven was just outside the van door. The Raven may have woke me, but the cold clear morning delayed my - exist out of bed. Lying in as the morning warmed up a little, my thoughts were on my next move, should l stay another day or move on, fuel supply was good, food would last 2 maybe 3 days.

Ronda is an old friend, who l had not seen in years, as far as l know she lives in Eden now. I've got her phone number somewhere. No mobile signal here and I do need bread. Cann River is not far, decision time.

There's a slow forest track drive from Bemm River to Cann River, pick up some bread, Try Ronda's phone number and head for Saltwater in the Ben Boyd National Park N.S.W. where I've camped in the past many times and always caught some fish, be there by tonight.

Had breakfast and left Py-yoot Bay by mid morning. Taking the forest track to Cann River where quite a bit of logging has been going on. I came to a fork in the road. There was a huge truck loaded with logs stopped on the other fork. The driver was walking around his rig hitting the tyres with an iron bar checking the tyre pressure by sound and impact. I stopped to check for directions, he was a friendly and helpful man, had a quick discussion and I continued slowly to Cann River noticing several cleared areas along the way.

Clear felling is the method used these days to get the logs; where in the old days logging was selected, which left a fair amount of habitat and did not disturb the ground as much. Arrived at the Princess Highway about 3 km from Cann River; grabbed some bread from the general store in town, no mobile signal, so I went down to the local Thurra River for lunch and a walk. Keeping up the pace I continued for the border of N.S.W. and Victoria. Twenty km. from Eden I came up to the Saltwater - (chip mill) turn off with another 23 km. of dirt road to the camping area I've stayed at many times. The chip mill is at the end of the bitumen road past the turn off for Saltwater. This is where our forests go to be chipped and sent to Japan for paper at 17 cents a tonne, which the consumer subsidizes when we buy hardwood from the shop for 60 dollars a square foot.

The van shacking and vibrating for the second time in one day as my destination gets closer, a Parks sign appears stating day fees and camping fees apply. The Parks should have their notice board at the beginning of the road not 20 km. down the road.

With one dollar and forty cents in my pocket and no want to look for somewhere else to camp, I continued to the Saltwater camping ground and car park.

The Parks and Wildlife display board had been up dated, or else the place was still as natural and beautiful as it has been for the past 25 years of visiting here. The Parks has a self-pay envelope system where it now costs 6 dollars a car for the day and another 5 dollars per person if you stay the night.

This is not good. Indigenous people and low - income people would find the most beautiful and accessible beaches are unaffordable and no longer a part of their social natural environment.

My other gripe is the double standards used on Indigenous people, so to pick from their Cultural Heritage, while Terra-Nullius - Dispossession is the Rule of Law and Traditional Land use is out of the equation. Parks and Wildlife are looking to display Indigenous spiritual connection to the land. When the reality is, land people, spiritual relationships, totems, lore, sovereignty etc. is Cultural Heritage and cannot be separated. I don't enjoy the feeling of having a confrontation with rangers, but if it comes down to it, I'm not backing down from my principles. No rangers came in through the day and I will leave for Eden early tomorrow morning anyway.

I took my daily walk along the beach. The surf was larger than six feet on the sets. Seven guys were out surfing. Saltwater is a renowned surfing spot and for the first time in all these years I have finally seen the surf work here. I'm not fit enough to take on surf that size any more, knowing ones limits is wise and I'm not as young as I used to be.

Walked through the camping ground to the creek, the place is named after. I can see the bream swimming around the bottom through the water. The old Goanna doesn't seem to be around it is longer than 2 meters and a resident of the area, the Kangaroos and Wallabies are fairly tame, but beware they are residents with attitude; also a fabulous array of birds from parrots, wrens to bower birds.

Saltwater's landscape has a wide sand beach curving around the sea with dangerous rocky points at each end. The beach is about 300 meters long with a creek at each end of the beach. The campground is between the two creeks and the beach. Both creeks enter the sea from time to time depending on rainfall and size and the direction of swell. These creeks are in very good condition with plenty of fish and bait living in them, simply, because their surrounding water catchments are not disturbed. All creeks and rivers should be of this minimum standard.

Waking earlier than normal, to a warmer morning than in the past few weeks: The swell had picked up over night, a thundering three meter swells slamming onto the sand bar. One early bird lone surfer was standing on the rocks, waiting for a gap in the swells so to enter the water. Hope he made it, it looked a bit dangerous! Parted Saltwater for Eden by 8.30 am, too early for the rangers and most likely wouldn't show up until later, if they showed up at all.

On the way out I nearly turned left for Green Cape when the sign for Parks day fees appeared, a right hand turn became more appropriate. N.S.W. Parks and Wildlife and the Fisheries are quite advanced in "reforms" to land and sea use as with Victoria. It's just like I said to the camp host back at Bear Gully in Victoria when he said. 'What are human rights anyway', I replied, the richer you are the more rights you have. He did not disagree.

I turned onto the Princess Highway for Eden, after two log trucks past by heading in the same direction, I continued along the highway after them. Driving over a couple of long span bridges of great heights that would clear the river water when heavy weather swells the rivers, as I approached Boyd Town not far from Eden an old favourite fishing spot on the Nullica River became a stopover. Pulled the van in for a cuppa, with thoughts of staying the night; confronted by a huge sign of the Fisheries stating fish sizes and limits of your catch, fines starting at 500 dollars and went up to 11,000 dollar's depending on the offence. A bloke can't fart without paying for the space anymore.

This spot has a nice picnic area by the river. The entrance of the Nullica is a tidal river inlet setup. I've taken a walk along the beach to the entrance and back around the sand spit to the picnic area. There are a couple of barbeques fireplaces on concrete slabs. Written on the concrete for all to see, was "Fuck the Koons - KKK". If I was a local person I would be totally embarrassed by that racist foundation.

Time to put the billy on for a cup of tea and try to ring Ronda again, I got no answer. Decided to leave the river for shopping and banking in Eden; it's about 10 o'clock and after trying Ronda four more times, I got through, but the wrong number. I tried matching names and numbers in the Post office phone books later with no luck. Oh well, bummed around the town all day, found a spot on the main beach of Eden where there was a good camp for the night alongside the road. For awhile I parked up the end of the main beach where another inlet was situated with great views of large swells breaking across the whole beach.

An old local man came over for a friendly conversation. He started with 'how good the logging is here and pointed at the chip mill across Two Fold Bay'. He went on to say, 'getting rid of those old trees for new ones was a better result for the forest and the industry'.

I was the wrong person to look for affiliation with on this issue. I gave him a good debate, over what he meant, as to the new methods of clear felling used now, compared to the old method of selected logging or not logging sensitive areas at all. His argument was the new trees grow better in clear areas because that allows more - light into the crop.

I explained certain areas should never be touched. Those areas protect the water catchments quality and elements, nutrients, bacteria's and habitats of essential life, to be sustainable. Clear felling is very dangerous in the long run and even in the short term. The process is also very wasteful, by, first cutting the tree off about 5 feet above the ground, then cutting out the trunk from 600 mm. in diameter to the crown of the tree for chip and some saw logs, mainly chip. Then turning the stump upside down so it can't re-sprout, the Forestry leaves one tree about every 2000 square meters for seed rejuvenation of one species. Then fire - bomb the lot. This with rain releases the essential ingredients of life into the water chain of life. Next thing you know Algae Bloom, fish dying, fish and many other species ability to breed are badly retarded. You should be able to drink the water in creeks and rivers and is actually very good for proper health. All life relies on clean P.H. balanced water. Using chemicals commercially and domestically are also a major worry.

I could tell he did not like what I had to say, but didn't disagree. He thought he had all the angles. It was when telling him they're selling the chip for nothing, 17 cents a tonne, and as a trades person I have to pay heaps for timber from the shop. He must have begun to feel a little cornered, because he said, 'what are you a Greenie are yah?' I said no, don't you like Greenies? He said, 'They wreck the machines and so on'; I replied loggers have also trashed their camps. There's a case in the courts now and does not look good for the loggers; he said, oh, 'I have not heard anything about that'. It is big news, I said.

Look, I'm not against loggers, miners, greenies, companies or Blackfellas rights. When it comes down to it, Blackfellas should have the main say over the land and their lives. We've got to have all sides of the argument, or else it would be bias and could be totally destructive with no pulling it up.

I knew once I mentioned Blackfellas this conversation would be over; anyway the old bloke changed the subject to his dog and more domestic issues. I Left soon after he did and drove down the road for two hundred metres into a siding I spotted earlier, where to camp for the night.

Some other old friends whom I haven't seen for years live in Wyndam inland about 30 km. from Pambula. After tea I rang Jexy and Debbie. They were home and still living there. We had a quick talk and Jexy would be home by 3-30 pm after work tomorrow. Just as we were clear on the timing to meet, my phone card ran out. It will be good to catch up with them for a day or two and then go on to suss out a half a dozen or so camping spots between Eden and Narooma. These spots will enable me to prop for some days at a time, so to work on this book without being in a position of getting hassled by authorities. Also the Writ over the Totemic Kangaroo and Emu as the Coat of Arms comes up in few weeks, if everything goes to plan.

Rising out of bed to a cold morning, the swell sounding like it has backed off. Put on my cloths so to walk 50 metres to the beach for a look. Another man came across the road from the Caravan Park as we meet at the steps, we said good morning, but he obviously didn't want company. So I continued down onto the beach. The swell was only one metre high, looking left, then right for a while and turned back to return to the van and he was gone.

Turned the radio on and began making banana sultana porridge for breakfast. The news was warning people of dangerous seas and how a man was swept off his feet and dragged in to his death last year. Also the Jewish organization that tracks down Nazi war criminals was having a go at Australia for harbouring war criminals and the Government won't do anything about trying them or deporting them.

Over the course of litigation and gathering court decisions, the Nazi safe haven of Australia was used in our argument to the courts to partly describe the absolute need for the Legislation, on the prevention and punishment of genocide as an example. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy gained a fundamental win in the Federal Court that the Government still dodges, as they do with the Nazi war criminal issue. These kinds of news articles stand out to me, because of my involvement with Robbie and personal interest in Jus Cogens Law.

In defence, a Government Minister got on the radio and said. 'These people live here as citizens and it's not fair to strip them from their citizenship to send them back'. This is double talk, if Australia had their obligation to the International Customary Law Peremptory Norm of Anti Genocide Legislation in our Common Law, then the Courts could deal with it here and the vile treatment of Indigenous peoples could change. People need to see the other side of the coin.

Our empty and ambiguous Australian history lets me reflect on two typical scenarios that just recently reoccurred again.

When crossing the border from Victoria to N.S.W. the radio was talking up the only two hangings that are obvious to me in our media history, Ned Kelly and Ronald Ryan. Our commercial indoctrination is subliminal and because of Terra-Nullius our mainstream knowledge is controlled and limited.

(No freedom of truth) Bush Rangers and hangings for their antics didn't stop with Ned Kelly and Ronald Ryan. When driving out of Sale towards Melbourne there's an old dead tree on the left side of the road, it is called the Hanging Tree and stand's there as a subliminal reminder of what our history doesn't talk about. But Blackfellas know. A lot of Indigenous men were hung, shot and so on, while white Australia has not even given Indigenous people the recognition of their struggle to survive, where history and it's institutions deny true history for a couple of white criminals.

Secondly: Not one year ago while at Fantom's place in Mornington we had a telephone call from a Traditional man in Fitzroy Crossing, Northern Territory. He had heard of us from a friend of a friend. He wanted to take A.T.S.I.C. - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission to court for causing detriment in their community through government policy that is dividing the community as well. He wanted Robbie's case - work, so we - Fantom and I gave him Rob's web site that Len set up. Www. aboriginalgenocide com. au. He also said, 'if we ever get our legal work up in a court, he'd be more than willing to be a witness to Genocide, because there are covert sites up here that are still warm'.

These two examples are of thousands through our continuing history as this book shows why John Howard won't apologize, or won't support true reconciliation or by not fulfilling the gaps in Australian law. Simply because, the historical intention is still the same! You see, you can't apologize if you are still doing it!

The morning news finished on the note that today is the start of Reconciliation week;

Martin Luther King is touring around Australian cities speaking on Human Rights, I hope the A.B.C. give him a good plug as the lead up to N.A.D.O.C. week is coming up soon. (The radio was very quiet!)

Packed up the dishes into their secure places and headed into Eden to do some clothes washing before going to Jexy's. Found a Laundry Matt, filled two washing machines before returning to my van for lunch. After lunch attended to my washing and if you know what laundry matt's can be like, usually end up talking with someone.

A woman who was folding clothes from four dryers became my partner in discussion for half an hour. I could tell she is Indigenous and quite mainstream. After a while I told her about some of our activism and about the book. We never exchanged names, but had total respect for each other as we swap our truths. This lovely woman only confirmed further what I already knew. She went on to say, 'over the past 20 years of her adult life, conditions and the whole mess has only gotten worse for Aboriginal communities'.

'There's a mission - trust inland from here where the ongoing rapes of young Aboriginal girls are condoned by the Towns women and went on to say it is the worst in Australia'. I'm sure every mission experience is the worst one to those who know.

I told her about Rob's legal work. The Black G.S.T. - Genocide; Sovereignty and Treaty: More so, her miss- belief, that most Indigenous people in Victoria were wiped out or assimilated. Mr. J Kennett stated that incitement during his political reforms of the 90's. He said publicly, "Aborigines were extinct in Victoria". Not true, Indigenous Family Tree lines are many and are in the front line of state and national incorporated reforms. The Gunnai People I know and other mobs are staunch and remain true to their Culture and Lore's. If they stick to their guns they will eventually win!

I said to her, every Aboriginal person is Indigenous from somewhere and persists with the Conditions to find a life in and around the mainstream community. Let Robbie and the Elders of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy force the change. The change will come and until the fundamental difference happens' Indigenous people will keep suffering and dying through government policies. I could see a glimmer of hope on her expression. She went on to say, 'she has no connection with her culture, since her father died and now she lives in mainstream with her English husband and children. Living in mainstream keeps the stereo - types from our doorstep. We don't take any government assistance, because it is used against the Kid's eventually'.

She supports their right to inherent cultural beliefs, but from an unspoken depth of her heart and soul. She told me of a recent racial episode when shopping for clothes with her little daughter and her little white friend. After her daughter's friend tried on a new dress, her daughter wanted to try the same dress on. The shop - keeper said, you know you have to buy that dress if she tries it on.

I could not imagine living with that kind of racist attitudes. We wished each other the best as she left. I finished folding my clothes and went back to the van, put everything in its appropriate place and took off for Jexy's and Deb's in Wyndam.

I thought it was two years or so since seeing them last. After a bit of talking and thinking about how fast time flies by. It turned out it was more than 5 years, to my surprise. Their two oldest children are living independently and the youngest girl is only a couple of years from doing the same. They were taken by our activities over the years, it was great not only to catch up, but were supportive and very open to the logical and truth of our history. Also the government's manner of the sophistication of genocide over the Indigenous peoples now.

Jexy and Debbie are friends from when they used to live on the Mornington Peninsula. We caught up over old names of friends they haven't seen for years. Like Pete and Enna who lived on the other side of Eden: When one - day years ago their under construction skeletal pole beam house blew over from a strong gust of wind. I thought Jexy must have known about it. They up and moved, sold the lot and went back to Victoria for a while and then to central Australia.

We talked until late into the night. A cup of tea or two in the morning started off a glorious looking day. Everyone was doing their normal Friday activity and I needed to explore some camping spots, so to work on this book and wait for Fantom's phone call leading up to the Writ.

Cruised off down the side of the mountain where they live, back through Wyndam towards the coast. Past a sign for Goodenia Rain Forest about 10 km. out of Wyndam, pulled over to the side of the road, hung a u-turn and headed up a rough 8 km track to a magnificent patch of rainforest in a southerly catchment high in the mountains. The rainforest walk track went down a steep valley for 300 meters from the car park before joining the water stream and continuing along it.

The feeling of being in the tree tops of a rainforest up in the mountains, with nobody around for miles with these huge Stringy Bark trees 5-6 feet diameter across and 30 feet Tree Ferns is amazing. From the car park and down the steep catchment there are tops of trees from below and the butts of trees in the car park and in between. The shade made the air cold and damp, so I gathered wood from the ground and kept warm around the provided fireplace until evening when I retired to the van for dinner and the warmth of my bed.

The National Parks and Wildlife have a sign erected in the car park asking for written submissions on what people think should be done with this park picnic area.

This sign says to me history is repeating. They are using the public for land title validation, and more of the other side of the coin. May I say; where are the inherent Elders and First Nations consent in these land reforms? They would not have the resources to go to places like this to see, or read Parks signs. I've got to call into the National Parks and Wildlife centre in Merimbula anyway.

Leaving the Goodenia Rainforest; down the mountain to the sea, through Pambula into Merimbula for shopping, some lunch and a look at the Merimbula Bar outlet of Merimbula Lake. The Pambula River on the way here was once large enough for steam ships to go miles upstream. The logging, agriculture and industry has silted the river up to the point water is not usually obvious when crossing the flood way.

Looks like a southerly front starting to move in with strong wind and rain, from where I'm parked at the Bar I can see the whole town across the lake. There are boats of all kinds moored over the calm water with the town buildings surrounding the far edge of the lake. Lots of people getting around determined to have their Saturday leisure time down the beach, bad weather or not; a Kit Surfer having a hoot of a time, zipping up and down the inside of the sand bar, looks like great fun, I wouldn't mind giving that ago one of these days.

After lunch I went into town to the National Parks and Wildlife service. They where closed until Monday, so I read the display info out front and collected their pamphlet guide. The information given by the Parks are typical exploits of Indigenous Providence and their Divine Independent Source of Jurisdiction over usurping their Cultural Maintenance. Under National Parks statute law these displays portray Indigenous Culture as A OK, to the international and local tourists, while the Mobs on the ground are disenfranchised from their Cultural Maintenance and divided further by Government legislation and policies.

To confirm this further, in 1998 Rob, Fantom and I went to most of 12 meetings around the state of Victoria over the "Aboriginal Cultural Heritage PROTECTION Legislation" (National Standards). The agenda was to change existing law to incorporate, preserve and protect Aboriginal Cultural Heritage. On average there were 2-3 Aboriginal people at each of these meetings. Most Indigenous people would have seen it as Gubba business. (The terms of reference are set before hand anyway). PROTECTION Acts have only served to protect the white National interest, through the many law statutes made over history.

What's happening is National Parks and Local Government can exploit Indigenous spiritual connection of the land and people, like sites of significance, Totemic relationships and spirituality etc. While the Howard 10 Point Plan extinguished this connection to claim land. In other words, the bulk of Indigenous people have to live like us to own land in Victoria, and under the cover of night Victoria sets the National standard, to assimilate Indigenous Spiritual Connection into National Parks Law Statutes, Museums and Heritage Trusts for the rest of the country.

The sun has come out again. There might only be showers tonight, it's not as cold as Victoria, but not warm by any means. I'll camp here tonight and move up the Sapphire Coast road to Bournder Island car park tomorrow.

From here I will begin to suss out picnic areas, reserves and car parks by beaches, bush spots, and maybe some National Parks if there's nobody around, to camp and complete most of the story, between Eden and Narooma. But, after reading the assimilation agenda of the Parks authority, I could not participate by paying fees for covert cultural theft - subtle genocide.

Camped at Bournder Island car park for the next 24 hours, to do some solid writing and then returned to the Merimbula Bar outlet again for some more fishing; caught one Salmon that evening in the channel and another in the morning further along the rock shelf outside the inlet channel. Rocks that have fallen over many years from the cliff; lay about on the rock shelf and are of different colours and shapes, the accessible part around the cliff edge of the left hand side of the inlet.

With two nice salmon in the fridge, I went into town, picked up a phone recharge card and a gas bottle refill before heading for the Bega River and Mogareka Inlet at Tathra. Just before the bridge that spans the Mogareka Inlet before the Mimosa Rocks National Park, there's car parking either side of the road and a Lions Park picnic area that has water and a toilet. Penalties apply for camping, or overnight stays in the Lions park area, but not the car parks, suits me fine and gives me great access to the river and beach. I caught another salmon off the beach in the afternoon and I am eating more fresh fish for dinner than I'd caught since leaving Mornington.

Stayed two nights on the Bega River: Bega was only 25 km inland from here where another interesting friend Mick lives, who resides in the local caravan park. Must catch up with him and ring my Mother and Fantom as well, where Vodafone should have a decent mobile signal, being a large town.

Arriving in Bega there was a strong mobile signal and had three messages on my voicemail. Mum sounded well and happy to hear from me. Fantom had great news; Robbie is getting terrific support over his legal casework from lots of influential people.

Martin Lutha King 111 was very interested in helping Rob. He and Rob had a long talk after the Reconciliation Dinner in Melbourne. Robbie is finally getting the recognition, respect and support that he is due, where politics still deny. No word on the Writ yet, so I will need to stay in mobile range for the next week in case.

Phil wants to meet me up here in a few weeks. Neil and Jan's usual catch up call when Neil comes off shift work. Mick is also an old friend of Neil and Jan.

Mick and myself sat outside of his caravan in the sun for two days, and just talked and talked. The last time we caught up was at Neil and Jan's about 18 months ago. That was the first time I'd seen him since before going to New Zealand. 18 months ago I stated clearly to Mick about the genocide. Mick said, while sitting in the sun, 'you known that was like a slap in the face', yeah, I said, a wakeup call and now comes the culture shock!

Mick has been around in his years and has been taking a keen interest in John Howard threat to un-sign from the I.C.C. He is a year older than me and a year younger than Neil. Mick has worked in the Philippines many years ago, as a seismic tester in the exploration and exploitation of minerals. He has had to deal with Companies, Indigenous people, Anthropologists, Military and Governments. Reality came to him like a bomb as he began to understand the definition of preventing genocide and the spiritual relationship Indigenous peoples have to their land. He could see how our education has subliminally stereo-typed them to claim their resources for our ideology, greed and expansion, at the cost of humanity.

When I have discussion with people like Mick who have an open mind and are optimistic through logic and truth, it allows me to express what I understand of the world and where the world is heading and why.

I said; of course what it comes down to in western thinking; there is a beginning and every beginning has an end; also the end must have results and the results become the new rules or the beginning for something else. Indigenous thinking is circular and continuously maintains all life and harmony, while change comes slowly for the whole benefit of everyone including nature.

Raving on a bit:
"Genesis" began the new order of religion, agriculture and city building over all things through temptation while man won't repent and needs to pray for salvation for that. Indigenous Peoples lived here in Gods Garden without temptation until we arrived with all the evil man could muster, to steal the land and alter Gods garden, judge the black man and put "our" God's altar over their land, for imperial greed through genocide and ecocide.

To me the "end result" (revelations of John) has been upon man for the last five hundred years or so. Armageddon shows its head as continuing wars of the Roman - Christian Crusades, Industrial Revolution and Nationhood, as well the exploitation and collapsing natural environment. The Anti Christ is the forthcoming result and empowers the man Satin State through Heads like Hitler, Bush, Blair, Howard and installed (puppet) Heads of State. Wars have been over Indigenous Lands and between the thieves, who have warred over their indulgences and the benefits, while judging and killing fellow man.

The way I see it Mick; "If mankind sees the face of God, it is all over for mankind, nothing will survive it. But, Nature / God and Creation will rebuild".

We are at the end, I explained to Mick. The results are there for all to see. The Bible tells us the Lamb and the book of the Lamb shall protect the Lord of the Lord's the King of King's as he walks the earth to bring peace on earth for the next millennium. The result is a new beginning, after 2/3 of mankind is destroyed!

As I've said, to many people and Mick. The only Book I know of that could be the Book of the Lamb, when the Lamb is interpreted as being the meek, the newborn, Jesus and the innocent. 'The meek shall inherit the earth'. The book of the Lamb must be the statute Book of the Rome Statute of the I.C.C. that has a Universal Jurisdiction of Jus Cogens Law, a Lore / Law Statute for Humanity.

I'm not religious but I read this stuff and have my own beliefs in God.

For the first time since the written word of Genesis, the world's Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of Civilized Nations have made statute law for all to live by, without impunity for any person who commits genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, so State /Nations can prevent and punish crimes of genocide and war crimes. (Yes corporate genocide) There have been many International Conventions, Covenants, Treaties and Declarations since the end of the second - world war. But while in the past National interests of different countries could and have altered their obligations to suit the needs of their state. State limitations do not apply to the International Criminal Courts Jurisdiction.

The I.C.C. is for humanity not for the corporate state to manipulate and must not be corrupted! Since Genesis, laws have been made for agriculture - industry and economics that in essence has brought about the end results we as the world now face. Like Wars and Global warming! Mick is like most people who take interest in Biblical reference and how it can relate to our situation now.

The first day was mainly about the above and what I've been doing. The second day was about what Mick has been doing, life experiences, knowledge, work and travels.

I camped just outside of Bega on the Thursday and Friday nights which began the Queen's birthday long weekend. My budget and preferred way of living took me to a roadside rest area - viewing point on a small mountain over looking Bega, with the river running through the edge of town. Why would anyone want to stay in a caravan park anyway, when spots like this are free and beautiful and are safe as far as I'm concerned!

Friday night became rather a late night for a change. Leaving Mick's after dark and back out to my perch looking over the town; cooked dinner, some radio and writing. It was 10 o'clock before I knew it. This lookout point is also a place for parking romances. I can come at that, because when growing up parking and drive inns were all favourites.

The changing weather pattern produced a warm morning after having some freezing nights because the airflow coming down from the Blue Mountains as the snow starts to build for winter. Time to head back down the coast, on my way out of Bega I had to check out the river running through the back of the town. I was nearly tempted to stay for the night on the edge of the river. But the smell of cow shit put me off and I can't stand looking at environmental neglect by farmers who mainly consider their animals only.

Took off out of there for Tathra, where the town is located high on the rock headland, for lunch, by the main park not far from the pub. The town is in two sections, one part on the head land about 60 meters above sea level and the other part is along the beach with a whiny road down and a straight section of road for two km to the Beg River-Mogareka Inlet, where the Mimosa Rocks National Park begins on the other side of the Inlet. There is a long curving sand surf beach between the headland at Tathra and the headland at the beginning Mimosa Rocks.

Not far from where I had lunch, down the north side of the headland is an old historic pier, which is basically planted on the side of the cliff and over the water. Took a pleasant walk down to the pier and lots of tourists where around for the long weekend. The pier stands above the water line six meters or more depending on the tide. The old fishery building is now a café and tourist souvenir shop.

Ten people fishing from the pier, the water is so clear you can see the fish swimming around the bottom. A man hooks a nice Silver Trevally; he held the rod while his very young daughter whines in the fish. It was just as exciting for me to watch, as it was for them.

I decided to go and pump some bait from the mud by the river, so to return and catch some fish for tea. Ended up using the bait in the inlet feeding small Bream; caught a nice size salmon off the beach later using a silver lure.

I decided to camp on the other side of the bridge where the Bega River flows under and spans the Mogareka Inlet. A couple of blokes practicing their fly casting on the beach in front of the cars; seems very popular around these parts.

Sea Eagles glide along the rock headland of Mimosa Rocks, flying up and down the river looking for food at different times of the day. Magnificent birds: A Sea Eagle dives from about 50 meters onto the water and lifts off with a fish in its grip. This side of the inlet has better views of the area, and out to the entrance. Sandbars are exposed here and there at low tide. The rocky heavily forested cliffs of Mimosa Rocks gives a beautiful contrast with the sand beach, the inlet and its sand bars that finish against the narrow entrance of water out to sea. Pelicans, Shags and an array of birds use the sand bars at low tide.

Back to Merimbula tomorrow for supplies, money and a phone signal encase Fantom has tried to contact me.

While in Merimbula the next day I ran into Mark an old friend from the Mornington Peninsula. He invited me to come out to his property at Rocky Hall and stay awhile, so I followed him out to his place past Wyndam back in the mountain country.

Mark and Lynette's property is an amazing spot with mountains, a river running through the place and abundance of wildlife. Mark even had a boxing match with Big Boy a small Kangaroo, amazing! We took a short walk into the mountains that ended up being an all day walk after getting slightly lost. Their house is all sustainable energy and solar design. We raved on about the genocide jurisdiction I've already written about. The News at the time was over the Government looking for a clause of immunity from the I.C.C. jurisdiction.

I had to leave after two days for Pambula to check my phone messages being no signal out there. On arriving at Pambula River picnic area there was one message from Phil and nothing from Fantom yet. Phil is coming up to do some surfing, so we decided to meet at Barmouth the south side of the Pambula River the next day. We stayed one night and Phil left for the Thredbo ski fields early the next morning so to meet up at Merimbula Bar late in the afternoon.

Mark was already there surfing. Lots of swell all over the coast, but dropping away, by the time Phil arrived the swell was half the size compared to the morning. Mark asked me if I would like to look after their place for a week while he went back to Mornington. That did not suit my frame of mind; I needed to keep moving north and stay focused on the main plan.

We all went our own ways, so the next morning I caught up with Mick in Bega for a short visit, do some shopping and finally head into Mimosa Rocks where Mick agreed to meet on the full moon at Giffard beach.

On the way to Mimosa Rocks the News report 21 June 2002 said that the Parliament decided to ratify the I.C.C. - International Criminal Court. It said on the 24 of June in Zimbabwe, one thousand farmers must leave the land and stop production. They got 45 days notice to leave. If they do not leave they will be breaking the law, the report said.

That evening on A.B.C. radio with Sandy Mc'hushin, Australia Talks Back; where John Howard has involved Australia in the war and pre-empted strikes against "terrorism", where no other countries' has put up their hands.

Most callers were against Howard going to war. The discussion on the war was kept deliberately separate from the Ratification of the International Criminal Court. But in my opinion, Political propaganda like weapons of mass destruction is the Old School at work setting up Constitutional Parliamentarian States or the Crown Illuminati trying to establish their One World Government. Zionism and the establishment of a secure Israel is a big part of it, as is the Order and Economics of the Middle East. But the main reason is to control how the International Criminal Court hears cases of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity. You must see how "They" can make wars or displace Indigenous Peoples and it's never called Genocide and Crimes against Humanity. The last thing "they" want is a case like the occupying State of Israel brought to Justice for committing forms of Genocide on the Palestinians, or Australia's Genocide and occupation, or how America was behind Saddam Hussan's Genocide, or what high-achy was behind the Rwanda Genocide or any other Genocide and especially how the New World is being won! Conspiracy, Complicit, Incite and Commit are definitions of Genocide that may expose their power politics through the New International Legal System that can set Case Law and would then judge and prevent their continuing crimes of Imperial Indulgences and Dispensation.

Over the last few days I cruised about Mimosa Rocks to Moon Bay, Wajurda Point, Nelson Lagoon and Baronda Head and now camped at Birthy Inlet. The rock formations are amazing, thin plates of clay forced together pointing vertically of various colours through the cliffs, never seen anything like it. Birthy Inlet, Parks info board goes like this; the area has been used for thousands of years by "Koori" people. Further info on this use is still being gathered.

The local Aboriginal community is working together with the N.P.W.S. to produce appropriate interpretive material on their culture to present here. "This is a highly ambiguous and political"!

Full moon tonight: Late this afternoon after some fishing I will move to Giffard beach to meet up with Mick, the fishing here at Birthy should have been excellent, but only caught one Leather Jacket and two Toad fish. You never can tell what's up stream, or coming down stream that affects fish breeding. I stink and need a wash my hair will have to wait, because of the usual lack of fresh water.

There's a couple of people here making plaster casts of fresh animal foot prints in the sand, while I was trying to catch some fish. They built up a small wall of sand around the animal prints of about 2 inches high and then carefully filled the area with wet plaster; wait for it to dry and whalla a perfect copy coated in sand, looks good.

The 25th Geraldine Dooges - Radio National, she kicked off with Aboriginal health, where Aboriginal men die on average at 60 years of age and women at 80. That is false info, its' more like 40 for men and 60 for women. (Main stream heath care does not work, obviously, and never will while conditions of life are calculated by the National Interest).

Radio goes on to say: Pat Anderson and N.A.T.H.O. has experienced people of 30 years and goes against what Rudick is doing to mainstream Aboriginal health. In Indigenous communities there's no money, no Medicare, no doctors, no political will and no resources. Example, when no doctors are available in outback communities then there is no access to the money pot and decent national health standards.

I would say: The Howard government ultra ego could be his down fall even if he gets out of politics. Howard and Kennett set the law standards of no land rights, main-streaming and assimilation for the Indigenous Nations and Peoples, no self-determination, no cultural maintenance, no right to negotiate over these matters while denying mechanisms to find justice. "Not saying the Labor Gov. would be any better because of Polity".

Howard's ultra ego relies on the one nation one law principals as with Pauline Hanson, while she gets labelled as being a racist, so he can recycle the Doctrine of Terror -Nullius, while hiding behind her skirt at the time. The Howard Government ratification of the I.C.C. will be calculated so to keep any cases here in Australia and deny the any cases. But it does not work that way under the I.C.C. jurisdiction. Or will the ICC end up symbolic like the way Australia does it?

The Kennett--Howard alliance relies totally on the ambiguous imposed Aboriginal Regimes and ambiguous developed Domestic Protocols of one law - one nation to sidestep the Universal Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Or "they" wouldn't have done any of this structure building. [Look good window dressing - A.T.S.I.C. - Incorporated Land Councils. This is an Aboriginal industry of one hundred thousand white jobs and millions of dollars in token funding - so to only blame the victims as we move forwards]. I predict A.T.S.I.C. will go once it served its political purpose!

The next interview Geraldine did was with a white Aboriginal educator, she was called a teachers teacher and was a rape victim from when she worked in an outback Aboriginal community. Meaningful as this woman was and her ideology allowed; the reason for her being raped was not spoken about on the program. It's far more systematic than as the reasons given that the education department did not put curtains on the windows of the teacher's accommodation. Although, this invites attacks and attacks of any sort creates a bad image and subliminal stereo-types. There is no excusing this, but reasoning is far more deep seated than the news item projected!

I have no doubt that any official person coming into their communities can remind Indigenous people of their rapes, displacements of family members, mission systems, the wars waged on them and ongoing perverted justice to have one imperial providence over them in Australia.

Where to abuse any institutionalized person might just keep others from going into their communities, because of fear. There are no rules in perverted warfare and you cannot blame the victims black or white. You can blame our Leaders for this perversion of providence and ideology. Race over race!

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Going Home

It's a full moon tonight at Giffard Beach (mimosa rocks). Mick got tied up and missed out on two absolutely beautiful nights. Moved to another spot called Arhannue and still in the Mimsosa Rocks National Park further to the north, where Mick told me there was a "very good Aboriginal display". I did inform Mick later on about the deception when I saw him, the information given by the Parks and wildlife is Moomba - Gubba information.

The signage posted there for all tourists and locals to educate themselves around seems very false and totally misleading. The signs had damage marks over the very durable surface to give the impression of disagreement to the information.

The signage stated that the area in front of you was a Midden site where Aboriginal people cooked their food, buried their dead, and born their children. This is totally wrong of what I was taught. Parks could be putting up their version, or local Aboriginal people are gamming the authority, because they know how history works and the "authority" will obfuscate or sophisticate what it wants anyway.

The landscape here at Arhannue is most beautiful. There is a Lyre Bird only 5 metres in front of the van singing many different tunes, while hidden so well in the bush, not far from me; I could not get a look at him or her without disturbing its stage show.

I explored the area for the day and moved on to Bermagui the next morning.

Bermagui is a fishing town and has a tourist friendly atmosphere. I camped one night on the rock groin walls that harbour and give access to the many fishing types of boats moored there. Also gives anglers good position for fishing, I caught a nice size Bream off the wall near the entrance and after eating it for dinner I decided to sleep the night.

The next couple of nights I camped on the north end of the town in a bush spot behind the sand dunes.

July 1 and a local fisher family are hauling in a large beach net full of salmon onto the beach. Two flat tray one tonne Ute, with sides, where loaded to the brink and went off down the road to the local fishery. While sitting high on the cliff watching this, a news report came over the air waves, where the International Criminal Court came into force on this day. The Media has been full of main issues lately and the political timing to distract people is uncanny, in respect to the I.C.C. while Reconciliation week and N.A.D.O.C. week were hardly presented by the A.B.C. or media.

The airwaves have been full of war talk and immunity from the I.C.C. jurisdiction for U.S. soldiers, refugee and mandatory detention, politicians bad mouthing in parliament, the Lorry Oak's exposure of Cheryl Kernol book and superannuation failing. While all this was argued nobody was comparing Australia's position up against the I.C.C. jurisdiction.

The timing of the Bush, Blair and Howard war on Iraq and the orchestrated war on terrorism is in my opinion been created to weaken, or even destroy the creditability of the I.C.C. and the United Nations Charter as a Global Jurisdiction against War - war crimes - genocide, human rights in real terms.

The Privy Council has up till now been the highest court in the industrial world and has a colonial history that might be unearthed if another jurisdiction super ceded it, or sets a precedent for genocide or subtle genocide. It also is about the State of Israel and genocide on both sides as war crimes. While Israel uses the developing Doctrines of Pre-emption and Terrorism being manifested by American Imperialism!

Now Australia is trying to get a seat on the U.N. Security Council while saying we will sign up to the jurisdiction of the I.C.C. with regard to some type of "declaration" John Howard said.

The political declaration Howard seeks, will be sophistry based on "protection" from perspective charges of genocide and ecocide jurisdictions. If the U.N. gives Australia a seat on the Security Council then politicians may be able to handle or short circuit any international justice that Indigenous people may seek. America will seek to control the U.N. Security Council and try to rewrite the Old School of Pre - emption into the U.N. Charter (using terrorism they historically caused). "The U.N. Security Council must evolve into a Democratic vote of all U.N. member Nations and First Indigenous Nations, on all global issues". Wars created the United Nations, the U.N. Charter and I.C.C. stands for no more wars and for diplomacy to prevent war - war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide - the maintenance of Peace and Security of the International Community as a whole. "There needs to be full consensus of all First Nations and Second Nations States for democracy to have any merit in the Global World".

It is time the U.N. acted over our track record. No politician in Australia will! United Nations Conventions have sanctioned Australia for 55 years to do the right thing and our Constitution is open to do this through External Affairs obligation; where a case in the I.C.C. would instate the United Nations to evolve into a real democratic global jurisdiction.

The Crown's continuing attempt to usurp First Nations Sovereignties (through twisted corporate law) over past years and our exhausted attempt for possible avenues for justice, leaves Robbie and his legal work no option but to seek international support while trying to inform the Australian public. Australia had the chance many times to do the proper business and chose not to, so God help Australia, because where going to need it when the world judges us. The will of the international community, humanity and integrity of the United Nations is greater than the pre-emptive Crown Coalition of the Old School.

My trip is nearly at an end, no message means no Writ, it's now the 5th of July 2002 past the expected date. Seating in my van at Mystery Bay near Narooma; writing, waiting and watching the Whales migrate north pushing up their waterspouts. The warm sun beams in the door, wearing only jeans and a T-shirt. The view is stunning with Montegue Island close enough to make out the land shapes on the island.

At this point of writing the other side of the coin, I am rewriting it to make the story clearer from the start to where I have got. But I will need to go home to finish this story. A few more weeks of this life style should see it clearly written and me back home. Then I'm going to need a computer and printer for this version, before Rob and appropriate Elders get a copy and fingers crossed they will approve it for publication and a type of affidavit.

The Writ over the Kangaroo and the Emu has seemed to disappear into hypocrisy. The "legal" system of Australia is not capable of delivering any form of true justice and restoration for the First Nations and Peoples, where now the Native title act is the law and authority of occupation, and Howard's practical Reconciliation is the political machine to falsely "justify" the Terra-Nullius / Dispossession - Native Title Act of "white paper supremacy as they call it".

These two mechanisms are how the government hide the terms of reference for the development of protocols, so to bluff the general public to believe "Aboriginal" people are integrating with mainstream society, while this can only be assimilation under the circumstances. Integration and protocols can only be developed from the unfinished business and a Treaty first, or it will be Terra-Nullius recycled. [No more political football]. Logically you need a Treaty before you can have Reconciliation.

Wallaga Lake picnic area was the first stop for a cuppa after leaving Mystery Bay this morning. A very friendly couple of young Magpies were walking around my feet at the van door, waiting for some of my morning tea biscuit. The magpies kept hanging close to me as a mother arrived with her young child. They were curious and sat by the swings watching the Magpies from about 20 feet away because the child was totally fascinated by this, as another mum arrived with her two children the Maggies took off.

The small picnic area is right in the middle of Wallaga Lake by the side of the road with the seawater all around. The road goes straight across the lake with the picnic area planted on the side of the road. The mum's and their children left and one Maggie came back, I shared my apple core with it before leaving.

I left Mystery Bay a little pissed off for two reasons this morning, one was the lack of true information given by Sandy on Australia Talks Back A.B.C. radio over a series of shows about the I.C.C. Sandy never mentioned about how State Statutes of Limitations are not applicable to the jurisdiction of the I.C.C. or subtleties of genocide here, besides the whole debate was not meant to look inward.

The other reason was this morning a local bloke probably about 35 years old came back, after fishing, to his car parked next to my van in the car park of the camping grounds. I'm standing in the doorway of the van in the sun when he returned. Turned to him and said, "good morning, catch any fish". He replied, 'gid-day, you know your camping in the car park'. His tone of voice was judgemental. So I said, well it's cheaper than a site, in a friendly way. He obviously was not in the mood, probably because the fish were not biting. He said, 'I suppose you save 13 dollars, you know we have to pay for that', as he started his motor and closed the door to his car. We exchanged a few more words, me having the last. He and many like him are misinformed about privatization. I reckon he would have gone straight down to the town and put me in to the Parks Ranger.

It's a good thing he kept going, because my next words would have been black and white and with such a high Indigenous population in this region, who knows! On the tip of my tongue was, you steal the land for a second time and now your whingeing about looking after it, or others using it, besides the place make a lot of money in season. He does not understand the political life on the land and I was only trying to be friendly. I can see him the way I was becoming years before I came down with stress related illnesses.

I mean it is a bit like being the thought police or worse. People start judging other people on standards they don't know how to deal with, or when those standards affect Australian society in the way we socialise, or try to make a living to pay for it.

My wakeup call came with two stress related illnesses some years before going to New Zealand, but the stress load on people has become worse with the rationalisation and privatisation process. This has created a new divide and rule with no caring or sharing to do with public land use for all, especially with Blackfellas. Some people can't even identify with other possible ways of life, or views other people may hold. This bloke's attitude will make him sick, or something will happen to him that might change his ways, maybe he will just be another casualty.

I mean as far as he knew, I could have pulled up here just before he did. I may have arrived early in the morning or through the night. He just jumped to his own conclusion and judged me unto himself. I do feel sorry for people like this. It's not their fault, but is their problem and I do try to find their ear. Maybe this book might change some heads.

Narooma has a tense black and white atmosphere and the name sounds like it means - no-more-room-here. This name reflects on the fisherman from this morning and the vibe I got from the town.

It's a type of mental disease that keeps white people in control of black cultural heritage and land, and community status. Too much of this is mine and that is yours. You know when somebody gets caught with stolen property the law makes you give it back. So while there are fundamental gaps in Australian law, we will continue down the path of divide and rule and fear, of all of this is ours and you Blackfellas only get that - the dregs. This historical "stand over" creates continuing physical and mental harm, violence, abuse, suicide, subliminal stereo-types and Aussie comfort zones, inequality, inequity and detrimental weakening of human identity and moral strengths, as conquest is the end result of political divide and rule and fear.

I remember once when I went to Sydney after I finished building my home and had come to terms with my stress related illnesses years before going to New Zealand. In Sydney up from the country visiting Michael, I was walking around Sydney streets with a smile on my face, the way I like to be. Well people would look at me like I was strange. When I stopped smiling after a couple of days of being in a city, people stopped looking at me. This usually is normal in cities or very large towns. But these days no matter where I go, people, not all people, but some can't look or even give some kind of recognition another person is passing by them. People seem to be cut off, and fear life from others socially and environmentally.

Here are some situations to compare. When Australian men shake hands there is an ego present in the way of pressure applied. When Indigenous men shake hands it's like a three or four part dance that has no ego.

The Australian ego is the major problem we have to deal with and how tunnelled our vision has become, as to how assimilation in part or whole works in Australia.

Indigenous people are expected to climb the social ladder and while generally racially discriminated against to get what we have. The Aboriginal mission-trusts are kept in appalling condition and while housing in mainstream is usually politically allocated around industrial towns, like where I have been in Morwell, Moe, Yallourn, Bairnsdale, Orbost, Hasting etc. Indigenous housing is usually quite separate from middle or upper class housing and mainstream integration.

It is very rare when Indigenous people can escape the oppression in their communities. To get a good job in mainstream is nearly impossible, while stuck in oppression and kept like that through political neglect and the unfinished business. "Aborigines are a political matter", systemic racism, and historical laws maintain our subliminal genocide jurisdiction over them. Of course the people who can break away usually do so, by not sharing back to the community, or they could not break away and climb the political social ladder of opportunity. So division over status begins there. Mainstream Aboriginal people can live amongst us if they are like us. So that divides Indigenous people further and creates different classes of "Aboriginal" people. Indigenous culture is of one class and equal in the Lore of God and Nature. Their Culture must belong and be owned by them!

The domestic Native Title Act only confirms our system of Australian "industrial culture" and is causing physical and mental harm that continues to destroy Indigenous lives in part or whole, as Australian values assimilate only some people while detrimentally disregarding the rest. Indigenous languages are being destroyed through government policy, by dropping bilingual languages from the school education system to encourage one language. When Aboriginal languages are disappearing it's a sure sign of subtle genocide. Even when Rob, Fantom and myself, where picked out by the Unity Party for the 1998 Federal election the party used in its campaign that 'one Indigenous language was disappearing every year'. This to me is overt genocide. An Elder said on the A.B.C. radio, "to lose our language is to lose our lore".

Moved on down the coast towards home; It is now the 14 of July 2002 and America gets immunity for Peace-keepers only, from the United Nations not the I.C.C. America is not a signatory to the I.C.C., but wants to be a leader in globalism, while the United Nations cannot force a country to sign up. (Double standards by America)

The 20th of July at Haycook point between Merimbula and Eden; I am in the Ben Boyd National Park reading their information board, after catching up with friends in the region. The Parks signage is a "legal" statement where I have underlined the "legal" intentions of the Australian Crown.

Aboriginal Nations

In the southeast area of N.S.W. there are two Aboriginal Nations, Monaroo and Yuin. These Nations were then divided into groupings determined by skin, totems and language.

Many Acts have governed the lives of Aboriginal people. Now, the N.S.W. regional forest agreements and policies of the N.S.W. National Parks and Wildlife service acknowledge the rights of Aboriginal people to protect and preserve their heritage and culture, and examine social and economical structures with in their community.

Further research is continuing in the Aboriginal history of the area for better-informed response to the general public.

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Working together

The Aboriginal community and National Parks and Wildlife service are working together to establish a culture camp for Aboriginal people at a nearby area of the Park and to decide how the culture of Haycook Point will be presented.

The Wording in this sign is highly lexical: Firstly; Aboriginal Nations should be described as the Monaro Nation and the Yuin Nation. This weakens the standing of sovereignty inherit to First Nations, into mixed nations and gives government the ability to place an "Aboriginal person from another nation to do non customary business in someone else's country. Preserve and Protect means what it says and does not allow customary maintenance of culture or national self-determination.
(Refer; to the stolen generation, bring them home report) The rest of the under lined words I will leave for you to work out!

John Howard opens Reconciliation Place in Canberra on the 21st of July in the name of "practical reconciliation". Well this opposes the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, where Howard and his cronies want to put the sacred peace fire in a glass dome inside their 6 million dollar building, while trying to remove the Aboriginal Embassy from the grounds of old parliament house. (Embassy fire bombed 3 time, is this not more terrorism)

There are no Human Rights in Australia for anybody yet, because of the historical war machine our Constitution is founded on, or means to safeguard the First Nations and Peoples achievements. Unless there is a fully informed Treaty process through the Aboriginal Embassy, with the Elders in Council from inherit territories they will never be safeguarded. There are only two provisions in the constitution where people can gain rights, as women have gained over the last generation and have partly had in common with Indigenous peoples. These are the provision of Industrial Relations and the provision of External Affairs Powers. (Hence the I.L.O. International Labour Organisation and the United Nations Conventions on Universal Human Rights also the Twin Covenant on Political and Civil Rights) and loads the International Conventions stemming from the four Peremptory Norms of International Customary Law. Government develop our Bill of Rights knowingly from these two Constitutional provisions, while the public are not involved yet! We are governed by lineal vested politics as they pick and choose and manipulate law to suit occupation of Australia!

The First Nations Peoples are the oldest culture in the world and are the last in every aspect of Nation building. International Industrial Relations and External Affairs Powers now give "legal responsibility and obligation" that cannot be denied anymore, but the void of First Nations in our constitution means exactly what is happening. This void shapes the assimilation of Indigenous Peoples like they are immigrants, while denying Justice and the necessary Self - determination for the healing to grow strong and for them to restore their cultures, so they can be part of the Worldly Nations.

The question here is do Australian's condone, or condemn assimilation?

People need to aware that Howard's form of political integration used is really assimilation and a continuum of subliminal genocide and will divide Indigenous people so much that Australia will see detriment we could not imagine. To steal the land is one thing, but to steal their cultural heritage and identity is another thing; and turn Terra-Nullius into "Dispossession" and then build Human Rights or a Bill of Rights from all forms of genocide using common law to do it. (A labour government might not be any different if they use Howards work to continue)

Torture - Slavery - Genocide - Racial Discrimination are the Jus-Cogens four International Customary law Norms. These peremptory norms have a universal jurisdiction of the civilised world through the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court - I.C.C. jurisdiction and are gradually being corrupted by the vested interest of State, so to prevent any form of true Justification.

On the news; Downer and Howard do not want U.N. inspectors in Australia over detention centres. The inspectors should come and have a big look at the general Aboriginal living standards on the ground. They might just see how far the Australian law fraternity has twisted the Norms of the Civilised World. The inspectors might compare the detention centres with the precedent stemming from the mission system of retrospective historical concentration areas, "as detention centres". Refer to 1982 World Council of Churches Report. Refer to Deaths in Custody Report. No recommendations have been implemented by Governments.

On the move I went back 10 km to the edge of Pambula for a gas bottle and the cheapest fuel until Bairnsdale. Headed south down the highway from where I came, it's not far from the boarder and then Gunnai country to Mornington. Passing through Eden I picked up some food and had a scenic drive down to the Eden Wharf before proceeding further south to a place called Green Glades at Lake Wonboyn. Green Glades is right down the very end of the dirt road after passing through the small town of Wonboyn and a beautiful Banksia forest.

A beautiful quiet spot on the main surf beach, on inspection of the beach so to do some fishing, I noticed a perfect rip and deep gully protected by an outer sand bar from the surf. I could nearly smell the fish and with the odd salmon jumping out of the water further out, I was convinced to stay awhile. Ended up staying for three nights with fish to eat every day, Ticks were the problem here, they seemed to drop out of the Paper Bark trees; I got 6 on my body and as many on my head.

There has been a fair bit of rain over the last few days. Nothing a good raincoat and gumboots can't remedy. Next move was to Bemm River again. This time I got the Gunnai campsite. Stayed the night and ventured not much further south to Cape Conran the next day. While here doing some reading and corrections of this story, I had a visit from a policeman doing his usual quota of checking licences etc. You should have seen how suddenly he became busy and in a hurry to get away when he realised what I was doing. I got a nice smile from one of three women that were walking past, while leaning up against the bull bar of my van that was nice.

The next morning Marlo was my choice to try some more fishing through the day before going to Lidia's and Andrew's with the catch, stay the night at Nowa Nowa and keep moving the next day. I had a good catch of fish, four for Lidia's fridge and a nice one in the frying pan, with my stomach full I left Marlo pier just before dark for Nowa-Nowa.

Keen to make up some distance south I decided not to visit any more friends and just fish my way home, called into Bairnsdale for fuel and some supplies and continued to Mc Lennen's Strait at Seacombe for the night.

The weather is warm like my curiosity of what Rob, Fantom, Ursula and Len have been doing over the past 4 months. There's been no word on the Writ over the coat of arms and I'm sure the I.C.C. jurisdiction must be coming into force in Australia some time soon. This could be creating quite an atmosphere back home.

A strong warm northwest wind was blowing early the next morning. The day was like a summer's day in August, a strange feeling being this warm in the middle of winter. Rain and a cold front was the forecast on the radio weather report for Tuesday, which is three days away and will be my first real dose of winter this year.

Sunday morning now and most of the campers are packing up their gear. Some fishing boat's setting off for their day on the Lakes, or the Strait. I decided to go to Mc Laughlans beach for the afternoon and night. Then Bear Gully the next day and then home. While at Mc Laughlans beach jetty I caught enough fish for two nights eating.

I can't write about every person I meet, but Paul who was fishing on the jetty with some other people and myself, is a typical human casualty of Australian society. He lost his personal potential and belief in humanity, when he was succumbed by mental illness in his prime of succeeding in what he thought was normal. The weather forecast was wrong and the rain came early, but was still warm. We stood in the rain on the jetty for two hours talking, while he fished.

To cut a long story short. Paul said to me a number of times over the two hours that he can't get answers to his questions from the church he attends or the doctor he goes to. He told me that I answered his questions where "they" couldn't or wouldn't.

There are many people like Paul; I hope he gets a handle on life, it's not his fault because, as far as I'm concerned Mental illness is becoming more common and is being caused over generations. The world is changing faster and faster and people are at the mercy of politics and corporations. Their use of sophistry, obfuscation, lexical language and marketing abuses, industrial exposure to chemicals and simply not being able to understand society and how to fit into life comfortably or ethically, sometimes drug use may spark off mental illness.

There are many ways of explaining the State of Mind and its relationship to stress and strains that bring about mental harm. The development of the Australian Nation for example, needed to create a suitable State of Mind, which relies heavily on "justifying" lies and crimes upon the original land owners. The National balance of mind has to be continually shaped from the deep sited roots of industrial white supremacy, because of the ramifications of Terra-Nullius, but it gets worse because, it is now a known "legal" lie, but really an unknown crime. The State continues to dispense our formal education and general knowledge for our State of Mind as a peaceful settlement. The mental and physical conditions of life are calculated by the State upon the Indigenous Nations Peoples and for the mainstream public to accept. The indoctrination of Terra-Nullius is the 'lie, fiction and unutterable shame' of Australia, as the High Court said. Does the fiction and unutterable shame set the State of Mind up not to think or talk about it: Even though the High Court said that; Our institutions still refer to Captain Cook as "discovering" Australia and still makes him out to be some sort of hero and is still being taught as such in our schools; underneath people know different and eventually the truth will reshape the State of Mind! However Australian history has not been equally written from both sides of the story yet! Especially our Black and White history that continues from the covert lexical and obfuscated battles over "Australia" in the Courts and Parliaments, or how to keep the lid on it, like child abuse by priests and other institutions in Australia; Or the new Dispossession process; Or the new stolen generations from assimilation policies now. Or why Indigenous people suffer from traumatic self- harm. Or why Indigenous incarceration and death in custody happen at all, early mortality, high morbidity, or why suicide happens, physical and mental harm, etc.

The Howard Government is surely trying to create a greater under class to suit the standards Indigenous people suffer, while a hand full of Aboriginal people succeed in political programs. This way "They" can say there is no "discrimination", like in unaffordable housing, education, health and under employment; and hide racial discrimination amongst it all, why would people not become confused, angry, stressed and ill?

The State of Mind: In my opinion Governments are directly responsible for the Bully syndrome in the schools and suicides of most people of all ages, because it starts with our formal education and generational fears. Everything that is wrong and politician want address, is justified by the term "economics". Parents often indirectly and directly pass down to their children their fears of social and economic pressures. The bully in school is part of that and the typical place where kids learn and confirm their personal strengths and weaknesses. To take the bully out of our children and a lot of parents take the utmost care in trying to doing so, but some children do not get that nurturing, while some parents actually encourage it for self preservation. These days' in some cases kids are throwing school and their parents to the wind and making their own rules, but the bully still thrives.

I feel the real polity of Australia need bully types for their future recruitments and formal political agendas, divide and rule through fear is without doubt their method of keeping the public under their control and agenda, especially since Privatisation!
If we got proper education on norms like human rights and lore / law and how to co-exist with First Nations peoples - real Polity building. The social and natural environment would be totally different and so would respect for each other and the environment!

Another example I can use is when certain person I know commonise what I am talking about; For example I was talking about conditions of life on the mission I stayed on for awhile or the Indigenous Community in general. When I was saying the abuse, drinking, screaming abuse at night was really bad, she would jumped in and say; its' like that everywhere! Not just her many people do that over differing issues, but an Indigenous state of mind is living in the imposed commonising problems, or the ongoing crimes of history, the victims know the truth and what is happening!

Another example is private sector marketing. S.B.S. broadcast a program called "Persuaders" on the 1 / 2 / 2005 showing how companies compete heavily for advertising space and that is threatening Australian "culture". The commentary went on to say, 'the public are so insulated by marketing to catch people's attention on every level they use feelings, love, environment and subliminal reaction to all emotions, where ever they can they will. This free market is causing mental illness and is continually reshaping our social, cultural and natural environments'. In my opinion, "people are suffering from marketing, a sick environment, sophistry, obfuscation, fear, divide and rule and chemicals that society try to cope with, we will see a continuous rise in especially black, but also white Cultural Detriment perpetuated from marketing and mental and physical harm, while this still stems from Terra-Nullius. However the politicians will blame the drugs and the victims before blaming the out of control industrial economics and class-wealth, to keep the State of Mind, The State of Mind depowers people and forces people into self preservation".

Another example of the State of Mind is abortion. Most people who terminate a pregnancy are usually unwilling, but forced to do so, because of an economical matrix to compete for what is (marketed) "seen" as need. This killing becomes very political when Government do not provide an economical ethical choice especially when most household budgets need two incomes.

In early 2004 a rare T.V. program on A.B.C. exposed what I mean about the State of Mind. The show was located in the outer western district of Melbourne, where Indigenous Elders and anthropologist's were describing an Indigenous Site of Significants, which broke down some historical stereo - types that reinforce the lies and fiction of Australia's State of Mind and expose history to a criminal Indigenous Genocide. Maybe some historians are just blind to the truth, or complicit.

The program showed the stone foundation of approximately three hundred village dwellings, Eel framing with extensive man made irrigation incorporating a much larger lake. Sediments in the mud showed usage for thousands of years and a smoke house in an old hollow tree. When they tested the fat sediments in the ground it showed use of smoking Eels from that tree alone was for thousands of years. The Elders went on to say, 'there was economics and trade connected to this site'. This was backed up by the anthropologists and to be registered under the National Heritage Trust, the only way to protect this site at present. Terra-Nullius meant this could not have existed.

The State of Mind is developed due to a number of factors, while many historians and anthropologist are complicit in the National interest and indoctrination of their and others writings. The factors are economic, resource based, justification based on ego, which shaped their Manifest Destiny of a self indulgent western system evolving from an Imperial industrial white supremacy.

The old school of race over race of white supremacy thinking people; they needed to protect their position, by demeaning and under writing Indigenous cultural societies. Considering history and records were written by only one side of the story. These obfuscators are really good at using knowledge - lore and lexically turning the obvious into something it is not.
To give some examples;
"They" will try and say, "The Stolen Generation never happened, because the fathers of the removed children were European and the children were as much European as "Aboriginal". Those children are Indigenous, besides the fathers were not being responsible to their families and the mobs on the ground. The policy was based on Eugenics and was to remove the "half cast" and let the full bloods die out - the Dying Pillow Doctrine was to deny Indigenous Peoples the right to exist or co-exist, while half cast Aborigines could be absorbed into the Nation. Death by Denial!"

Obfuscators indoctrinate on the level of saying, 'even though there is no hard evidence', "Aborigines" were cannibals, killed their children and eat them, continually warred amongst tribes to keep down their populations because of competition for food, talk down population numbers as sparse and nomadic people who would starve if they didn't have warfare as a cultural factor". "Or Small Pox was not brought here by Cook or the First Fleet, but by traders from Makassar and spread from northern Australia by migratory "Aborigines". Also say, "Small pox could not have been contained and released, because the tropical heat on the journey would kill the virus after three weeks". The truth is, the First Voyage of Captain Cook, Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander came from South America and New Zealand where they may have contained Small Pox along the way and the climate was cold enough to keep it for months; then released the virus in many spots along the East Coast.

Migratory or nomadic "Aborigines" are a symptom of colonial displacement. Indigenous Nations - peoples had strict customs for travel between territories with wide trade lines between Nations. Their customs would not allow the spread of small pox it would need to be placed in many territories to have real effect. The First Fleet in 1788 could have without much doubt brought small pox amongst its people cargo and records say so, with the many other types of diseases that were foreign to the Indigenous Peoples. It is known now that Banks released small pox on tribes of the Mississippi River of colonial America; quote, "with great results!"

Although historians like W. D. Rubinstein say, 'there is no real evidence for what has been written' through Australia's secret history. The pressure to maintain our State of Mind of the fiction of Terra-Nullius is paramount for it to have been a "Peaceful Settlement", because Genocide is a law crime now since 1948. So to indoctrinate the Public Interest to think Aborigines were genocidal in character and culture could mean Genocide is not an issue now. But it is and always has been as is it for a peaceful settlement!

In my opinion, Political sophistication of Genocide is a dangerous factor and an issue that needs utmost attention of all people all over the world. To sophisticate the interpretation of Genocide to mean only mass killing is a problem for the State of Mind. Politicians and the media must realise their wars are usually on land that belongs to Indigenous people. Modern day wars of State and fear is harbouring the definition of Genocide. The real Genocide is happening domestically within the State that occupies Indigenous land. On the ground Indigenous Peoples - Nations are being displaced by the industrial Executive States. The real wars are over land and resources, where Indigenous Peoples have a Divine right to live properly in their own countries. When Indigenous Peoples in the world naturally resist State occupations and of course you would expect that when there is no proper consent or negotiation platform or ethical legal standards in practice. Then expectedly there is conflict, murders, cultural denial, divide and rule, tokenism, trickery, displacements, dispersions, etc. and assimilation using incorporated regimes; an Australian precedent in genocide. These processes and outcomes are "still Genocide and Terrorism hidden by sophisticated interpretations of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Australia is a world leader in sophisticating and implementing Sophisticated Genocide through using aggressive statute law and bias authority.

If you want a sophist opinion of more historical lies, deception and the State of Mind. Refer to, Genocide, by William D. Rubinstein. Refer to, Keith Windschuttle both are contemporary historians with plenty of reference. Also the history wars - Windshuttle v Reynolds.

Believing in science can be a very dangerous State of Mind: Science can be a good discipline if used in the truthful and knowledgeable way; that is why Lore is so important to keep science on track! Too often science is used for justifying progress and economic benefit to alter the natural environment and humanity for the sack of Ideology and ultra wealth of Free Thinking Individuals!

I must stress the point that I do speak to a lot of people about these issues and do appreciate their different opinions and questions. I have found more than 90% of people I talk to will agree with me; however most people have ambiguous knowledge of Australian history, but by the time I've finish filling in the important missing pieces of information they usually are glad to know and that people are doing something about it. I am sure some people only agree, because they know it's not right to disagree anymore. It's like smoking was once, when most people could justify it, you were laugh at and mocked if you said too much.

Leaving McLaughlans beach the next morning; taking mostly back roads where possible, a rainy day, but still warmish, the cooler air from the change in the weather came on the way to Bear Gully. A little bit of writing and reading in the warmth of my van saw out the wintery afternoon and night. In the morning I headed for mums with the chance of catching her some fresh fish along way. I stopped in at Corinela pier on Western Port Bay as I circumnavigated the large mass of water that harbours Philip Island and French Island. No luck catching fish, so I pushed on to my mother's at Mornington.

Legal note to end this chapter;

Sandy's show A.B.C. Australia talks back and Media - what is not spoken about.
The Rome Statute content and the International Criminal Courts Jurisdiction.
The Genocide Convention.
The Geneva Convention.
Jus Cogens Law.
The Universal Jurisdiction of the Peremptory Norms of International Customary Law.
No Nation / State Statute of Limitations apply to the jurisdiction of the I.C.C. section 29.

How the Aboriginal Tent Embassy precedent in 1999 in the Federal Court over the Genocide Convention affects Australia and why the secrecy?

What is John Howard's declaration over signing up to the I.C.C. to be, and what of all the retrospective legislation that has been dumped on Indigenous peoples? What of Australia's obligations to full fill our law to the First Nations, the International Community and International Customary Law, more so the wrongs done to the Indigenous Nations and Peoples and while Terra-Nullius is still the covert constitutional jurisdiction and ideology applied?

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The last chapter of the beginning

After staying the night I left mum's early the next morning. It was nice to see her again and catch up on what has been happening around the place. I decided to head down to Fisherman's Beach boat ramp and car park in Mornington on Port Phillip Bay, to tuck in behind the southern point of the beach that faces north. A lovely warm aspect to prop somewhere for a while and have a cuppa tea.

While having a drink it was a good time to give Fantom a ring to find out what he's up to. He responded quickly to my call by saying, I am five minutes away and see you shortly. Fantom was on the freeway heading towards Melbourne to Robbie's place. Rob, Marjorie and Fantom were going to see John Pilgers over a talk luncheon for his new book, the 'New Rulers of the World'. Rob and Marjorie's brother Calister dropped out so there was a spare seat at Pilgers venue.

John Pilgers book is a good read that helps prove what the "other side of the coin" is about. I found his last chapter called 'The Chosen Ones' to be truthful, but comprehensively weak on law and the conditions of sophisticated genocide in Aboriginal communities today, he only writes about some common rights and can only be for outcomes of assimilation that is genocide under Convention and the Rome Statute. Pilger, Reynolds, Windshuttle, Tazts, Fuller, Rubinstein and others don't refer to the "political correct national interest of today's covert genocide". I am not institutionalised so I will say it for them and drag them into this debate.

It was typical, the first day home and I was straight back into it, like I haven't even left. I said to Marjorie and Rob in the car on our way to Pilgers luncheon speech. "I heard on the radio, while up the coast that the Gunnai-Kurnai is making a Native Title claim". They looked at each other, as Rob said to Marjorie, "did you make a claim?" no, "did you?" no. "Must be some token Blacks" said Rob. Rob had a chat with Pilger after his venue. Shorty after that we went back to Robs place. We yarned on for hours over many issues and what to do next. The Writ over the Kangaroo and the Emu ("coat of arm") seems to have disappeared, but the charges laid by Canberra Police over the matter haven't. Uncle Kevin and Rob had Len - our barrister, have the charges adjourned to a higher court, because of Uncle Kevin's plea of no jurisdiction. This matter and our exhaustment of "legal" avenues for justice will be dealt with in the I.C.C. eventually.

Rob went to the Unfinished Business Conference Melbourne in June, where he made a deadly speech and got a standing applause and his speech was used in the Conference for a Treaty on the 27th August in Canberra. This is Rob's oral speech;

Robbie Thorpe community activist, Kratoalung people.

I pay my respect to the elders, past and present, of this land and also to the Mabo family who brought about this day - honouring Eddie Mabo and his efforts in the courts in this system.

The question here today is: "Is Australia a racist society?" In my mind I have no doubt about that. My question is: "Is Australia a civilised society?" I say that because Australia can't prevent human rights atrocities like genocide. It has no human rights legislation to protect people's human rights in this country. Without those types of laws, which are the fundamental peremptory norms of international customary law, you have to have the capability to prevent things like genocide to call yourself a civilised nation. Without these laws, you're not a civilised nation. Now, if you're not a civilised nation, how's it possible to be making laws for the Indigenous people of this country? Apart from the fact that Australia'' got no jurisdiction over the Indigenous people.

If you have a look at the Mabo case, the main thing in the Mabo case to me was not the Native Title that came out of it afterwards, but the removal of terra nullius - the basis of European occupation, the basis of the Australian constitution, the basis of every institution in this country - the indoctrination of the people that this was an empty land; there was nobody else here.

That went on for two hundred years. That type of indoctrination and education programme is obviously going to end up a very severe and racist society, a society that I've lived in - total denial of the Indigenous people and their rights and their culture. If people look at this statistical information on Aboriginal people - their health, their infant mortality, their jail rates in this country - you'd think that Aboriginal people were in state of war because the age of forty is the age that Aboriginal people die, and that's the age of a soldier.

We're facing genocide in this country today like no other time and you can look at Victoria's history, because I'm from Victoria. The first constitution came from Victoria in 1855, and it was premised on the fact that there were no Aboriginal people here. That gave the constitutional basis for that. From the constitution came the Australian constitution of 1901, the white Australia policy, but that was premised on the Victorian constitution. If people have a look around today, you'll see that there's a law called the Land Titles Validation Act of 1999, delivered by Jeffrey Kennett, the man who put the fear into people about the Aboriginal people coming to take your backyards. They put this law in place to secure the titles of non-Aboriginal people and to extinguish the title of the Aboriginal people. I see that as a clear- cut act of genocide against the Victorian Aboriginal people. In fact, I took it so far as to take Jeffrey Kennett to court and charge him with the crime of genocide.

If you go back further, you go back to the 10- point plan, which is the federal government's racist attack on our title - it stripped away the guts of Native Title. Apparently, the federal government said they had international legal advice that the 10 point plan wasn't racist. We challenged that and we ended up taking the federal government to court over the genocidal intent of the 10 - point plan. In the last five years, I've spent a number of times in the High Court; I've done a number of High Court cases of various federal and other lower courts, put these questions to Australia - why hasn't Australia got a genocide convention? The idea of the [UN] Genocide Convention was to prevent genocide. In 1949, Australia actually ratified this law, International Convention for the Prevention of Genocide - they ratified that law, but they never, ever legislated it. And that legislative act would have given Aboriginal people protection from genocide. There wouldn't have been children taken away since 1950. We would have had the protection of that international, civilised law. Aboriginal people have the right to be free from genocide, like all people in this country have the right to be free from genocide. But that act doesn't exist.

And, as this International Criminal Court is put into place, I'm just wondering whether Australia will do the same thing. They'll posture as though they're going to support this court and legislate in respect to it, but it needs to be followed up, because if we allow them to get away with another situation where they ratify the Genocide Convention, but never legislate it, well the Aboriginal people are in for a lot of trouble. And I think we've got to accept that. We've waited a long time for the European people to civilise themselves and it seems that it's not forthcoming.

Aboriginal people are well versed in the norms of international customary law. We know how to look after people. If people come to our shores in a desperate situation, we'll look after them in terms of taking care of their human rights. But, in regards to the current situation of so-called illegal boat-people, the Aboriginal people are still reeling from the first load of illegal boat-people! And we haven't been able to sort that problem out. If this is the Aboriginal people's land, which I know it is - there's been nothing in white-man's law, black-man's law, or God's law to change that - It's still our land, it hasn't changed legally. It's up to us to decide who comes to this country because we are the customary law - holders of this land. If you enter into this country without entering through the customs of the land, you're a problem to the environment. You're an illegal alien, you're feral. You need to be customised. You need to understand the law of this land, which, I might add, is recognised as one of the oldest laws on the face of the Earth. That's civilised.

We were a social society for a long time before the whitefella got here. And we seen what the whitefella did to our people. We expected them to behave like human beings and that was the Aboriginal people's biggest mistake, because they weren't. They were dehumanised, they were dispossessed, They were savages, they were barbarians. And they treated us accordingly. And we're still here. We haven't resorted to acts that would describe me as being assimilated. If I was to act like a white-man and use violence as the means, I'd be assimilated. I'm not assimilated. I believe in my elder's approach - be reasonable, be rational and be responsible. And with that approach, sooner or later the noose will tighten on them and we'll get recognition and the rights we're entitled to in this country.

Our rights aren't to be decided at the whim of the white people. Our rights are there, regardless of what they think. Like in the Mabo case. It was stated - against the whole world - these people had these rights. That goes for every Aboriginal mob in this country. We have sovereignty over our land, we're got language, we're got territory, we qualify for all those things. We haven't been dispossessed. We've been dispersed.

Dispossession means that we've lost possession. I don't see that - I'm still living in my country. Whitefellas are not living in their country, so how are we dispossessed? Remember that possession is nine points of the law. We shouldn't be calling ourselves dispossessed people and I don't think anybody else should call us that either, because that muddies the water. We are the sovereigns of this land and we are the responsible people for this environment and this land. And it's about time non-Aboriginal people took that into account and came through the customs of this country and then be part of it rather than be apart from it and not being able to relate to Aboriginal people.

It wouldn't be a problem for me, under our Aboriginal sovereignty to create some sort of domestic Native Title for these new Australian people so that we could co-exist. That's the way to go on it - That's the truth. It's not the perverted way in which it's turned out.

In my language, "Bullum waal" means two spears. Now my two spears are truth and education, and I reckon I'll drop every colonial, fascist, racist society with those principles. They're the weapons. The worst weapon, the biggest weapon against the Australian government is the truth. They're all destroying it and we've got to keep pushing it in their face, and stick together. We're the Law of this land; we can legitimise your title. My elders can put a thumbprint on your title and legitimise it. It's a simple thing. And it's a simple thing to understand what's happened to our country, people. There's been a mass murder; now we need to get all the evidence together and put it in front of the courts of the world. Not this court - we can't win in this court; we've exhausted the domestic means in trying to get justice here. We need your support in the International Criminal Court of Justice. We want to be the first people in there - just want to sort this out.

Australia's got a great chance because of the nature of the Aboriginal people. We could create a society and a system that is like nothing else in the world. And you can create that because the Aboriginal people will allow you to create it.


Ursula went to the Treaty Conference in Canberra with members of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. They carried the Sacred Peace Fire from the Tent Embassy to the lawn in front of the building where the conference was being held. Many people gathered around during the day. An Aboriginal woman, who works for ATSIC, came out of the conference abusing them and doused the fire. I wouldn't like the karma she might receive from such an act.

During our discussion after Pilger, Rob asked me to do two things. First was to draft up a budget for 6 people to go to the Hague in Holland, so to commence litigation in the I.C.C. Ends up "on the cheap" about $60, 000 for 6 people for 6 months, but there would be a need for lots of support from many people and N.G.O.'s, like Friends of the Earth here and internationally to help out.

Second was a final letter; to produce the required anti-genocide legislation, to the leaders of all parties, the Prime Minister, the Premier of Victoria, all the Attorney Generals and the Governor General. Fantom will give me a hand to polish up the letter.

Having left for Tasmania where I'm writing this chapter from, the Attorney General Daryl Williams still has not, or is very slow to respond as expected? It's too bad anyway, whether the parliament legislate the convention or not, the I.C.C. has the jurisdiction if the state/ nation do not, simply because, Australia is a signatory to the I.C.C. of civilised nations. This jurisdiction came into force 1 / 7 / 2002 and will set up its presidency in due course around the world. And we can prove prospective - perspective genocide! The I.C.C. sets up its Registrar in Melbourne about May 2003 and the Office of the Prosecutor a year later.

George Bush wouldn't sign up to the I.C.C., but reluctantly John Howard did based on the Tent Embassy win and condition that his government was to provide a "declaration or clause", well neither he; nor the media have said anything about what the declaration might be. The only declaration I know of that has any consensus was the declaration of reconciliation document that Howard referred to when he and Beazley had their T.V. debate over the G.S.T. before the election. The 10-point plan was not debated, because Howard relied on the declaration to stall for time and "look good", so to implement and instigate the extinguishment of Native Title that was racist to start with.

John Howard has probably had his fraternity draw up a clause allowing them to withdraw if they need to, while actually he has bagged everything into "practical reconciliation" and relies on political Aboriginal leadership, a product of trickery and the State of Mind to get away with his reforms.

Regardless of what Daryl Williams reply is and Howard's declaration say's. They do what they do, because of the gaps and ambiguities of law in the constitution as there is no statute in Australian common law to make genocide illegal, also when they retrospectively make a treaty and a republic these will be ambiguous too, or they would be doing things in a totally different way, as they should have been.

Fantom and I arrived back in Mornington that evening after Pilgers venue. All pumped up to give final written notice to our rulers, the sheriff's of Black Peoples, and start the process of taking them to the I.C.C.. He took me back to my Hi Ace van and with relief it was still intact. It's always a bit of a worry leaving my home and all my belongings unattended.

The next morning I headed up to Red Hill where Phil lives and Peter who lives approximately 2 km. away on the eastern side of the hill from Phil's house. Phil is actually bi-polar, manic-depressant. When he is out of balance, high is a definition we use. When he's high he plays the devil's advocate, which really is his racist side and shits me to tears. What makes' him high are the unfair social condition and the bully types that rule our lives. Since I've been involved in the genocide conditions that Indigenous people suffer, Phil has been sick a number of times. The time he came around to Rob's place in Rye and carried on like a know-all racist he was on the edge of being high-manic. When depressed which comes before and after being high, if he doesn't end up in hospital, he becomes mentally logical and fair-minded - no racist tone, but very insecure within him-self. When balanced he is typical of most Australians while living a self-justifying indulgent lifestyle based on self-pity to achieve: As I said to him many times. "Phil you get five star treatments for your illness; Blackfellas die all the time from all kinds of illnesses, without diagnosis or proper help. Besides, he was fine and happy to see me as usual. I camped in his driveway overnight and went over to Peter's the next day. I'm also very keen to catch up with Ursula.

Usually I will mull over in my mind for some days what the letter Rob wants as to how to phrase it. Peter is always good for reflection on issues from a white man teacher's point of view and his involvement with TAFE and the East Timor Committee over an aid project.

Left Peter's to spend a couple of nights at Shoreham Beach on Westernport Bay, known as Pine's, so to construct Rob's letter. Peter often comes down here for a walk and sometimes finds me here. The other day I returned from a long walk to find the local long-board surf club propped around my van running a surf contest. I knew a few of the blokes and it turned out to be a social kind of a day.

Moving around the Mornington Peninsula camping is fine this time of year; but once the holidays start the whole place becomes packed out with overworked holidaymakers. Flinders is located at the entrance to Westernport Bay, not far from Pines. It is a small wealthy community, very liberal and has a military installation on the point. Often there is weapon fire at dummy targets and can give quite a fright on the first shoot.

Flinders Beach from where the pier is on the Westernport Bay side of the gunnery has been classified under the Ramsard Convention for migratory birds. Well you wouldn't believe it, an older man collecting bait from the risen sand banks of sea grass at low tide. The sand bank, stand about 500mm above the floor. He was digging into the edge, digging away at the sidewall of the sandbanks to expose the worms, massive erosion will occur from this. When I approach the man he just ignored me. Another time, there were two terrier collies chasing flocks of birds up and down the beach. No dog owner around anywhere. These dogs were not going to give up. After about 20 minutes of this annoyance I called to the dogs. To my surprise they came and walked up with me up the steps that lead in the direction of the town where they must have headed home. This dog owner should know better. One year later I noticed the Ramsard sign was removed and another Marine Park put in place on the Bass Strait side of Finders. I wonder if someone taught the birds and fish to read signs!

The bitumen car park near the Flinders' pier is a good camp. There's water and a well-kept toilet block. The dirt car park on the Bass Strait side of Flinders town in front of the golf course is another good spot I use from time to time, and is now the Marine Park called Mushroom Reef.

A couple of nights around this area saw the letter nearly finished, all it needed now was Fantom's touch before taking it up to Rob's. We went to Melbourne and when Rob read it he smiled and approved it. We addressed the letters and posted them off.

This is how the letter went;

Dear Sir, eight weeks have passed since the International Criminal Court- Rome Statute came into force. - 1 / 7 / 2002

Three months have passed since the "Australian Crown" ratified the International Criminal Court.

Over three years have passed since the Federal Court found in favour of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, that, "the Australian Government must incorporate the United Nations convention for the prevention and punishment of Genocide, in full, into Australian domestic law".

It has been fifty-two years since both houses of the Australian Parliament unanimously voted to incorporate, in full, the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, into Australian domestic law.

Fifty-three years have passed since the Australian Government ratified and signed on to the International Convention for the prevention and punishment of Genocide.

For more than two hundred years the British and Australian Crown have failed to gain the legally required consent of the Indigenous Nations and peoples for the occupation of Aboriginal Land. The definition and interpretation of "Terra - Nullius" was recycled into a perverted token form of domestic "native title". The unresolved legacy of two centuries of brutally savage, illegal invasion is perpetuated by this sophisticated plethora of injustices. This Unfinished business undermines every aspect of humanity and renders Australia "the last bastion of white supremacy".

Stop, Cease, Desist the Genocide Now!
The Australian Government's Jurisdiction is founded on Genocide, the worst crime known. Australia remains a "Nullius" state while it fails to have laws preventing Genocide.

The Divine requirements of humanity and the fundamental prerequisite of Civilization demand that you produce the legislation IMMEDATELY. I request you advise me when a bill that does not depart from the International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide is being put to parliament. Aboriginal people must have a legal process to gain permanent relief from Genocide.

The Victorian Bracks Cabinet response cited two acts, the privacy act and the security act, so the document will be stored and shared in developing policy.

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Dear Mr Thorpe;

International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide;

Your letter dated 27th August 2002 to the Premier, The Hon. Steve Bracks MP, has been forwarded to the Attorney General, The Hon. Rob Hulls MP. As matters in relation to the convention for the prevention and punishment of genocide fall within the ministerial responsibilities of the Commonwealth Attorney General, The Hon. Daryl Williams AM QC MP, I have taken the liberty of referring your letter to the minister for consideration and direct response:

The Attorney Generals have not responded yet.

Spring is upon me with a warmer than normal winter while forecasts of a major drought, fires and water restrictions being introduced early. It will be a long, hot, dry summer.

From mid August to December I camped around the Mornington Peninsula and came to the realisation the book was not advancing on paper, with more and more issues rising up on the local scene. So I decided to spend December to February in Tasmania finishing the manuscript as the weather warms up down there.

A friend of mine, Sue, offered to type up my handwritten pile of papers into a typed manuscript, while I finish off the last quarter of the story in Tassie. Sue had a run in with some liberal pre pollsters when she was giving out how to vote Labor cards in the week leading up for the Victorian election on the 30th Nov 2002. Mind you not one party campaigned for including reconciliation as part of any political policy. Anyway what happened to Sue was during pre-polling. The Liberal pollsters started carrying on about Aboriginal people from Drouin, who came down to their R.S.L. and blackmailed them for $90,000 over the development of the Marina, (as if anyone would pay it!) one at Sorrento and the other at Dromana. Well this was bullshit and total racial vilification to discredit Aboriginal people.

What's really going on is. Under the "common law genocide jurisdiction" of the Native Title Act, the "Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Protection Act" and our Local Government Cultural Heritage Status Report. Developers have to pay compensation to the Boonuwrung people for the extinguishment of "Native Title" over areas being developed on Crown land, or where a site of "Aboriginal Cultural Significance" exists, hence the Marina's. But what the political interest and the law does are turn mob against mob using a poison carrot. You see it's the old rule of divide and rule and conquer. While in the meanwhile the Mornington Peninsula Shire pushes on with fundamentally altering the environment by definition, as a biosphere and the green wedge. Now in the meantime they have Aboriginal people fighting in our common law genocide jurisdiction of the court system for who has the "legal" right to determine over Aboriginal cultural sites of significance and who gets the compensation; pennies anyway!

The ousted Premier Jeff Kennett set up this retro- pro-perspective legacy. He structured Native Title extinguishment and paved the way for Howard's 10 point plan, which is a federal responsibility and then legislate the Land Title Validation Act in 1999.

He confirmed past constitution building (terra-nullius) in 1994 to do the "Land Title Validation Act" by 1999 (national standard). In 1992 he established the "incorporated Warrundjeri Land Council" that has the so - called "legal custodianship" over a 200km radius of the metropolis of Melbourne.

After 1994 Premier Kennett used A.T.S.I.C. Act powers to incorporate and wreck all the initiatives Indigenous people had developed through the A.D.C. - Aboriginal Development Commission, while denying the Boonuwrung people their position in this, or any inherit rights!
Since Kennett established the Warrundjeri land council; Boonuwrung Elder Aunty Caroline Briggs has against these above mentioned odds established the Boonuwrung Elders Council in Melbourne. Now the Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council was given political rights over sites of significance and the compensation (through the law) on Boonuwrung land. The Warrundjeri Land Council would have some Boonuwrung people in their mob as there is in the Tassie mob also. This is how they have been divided without consideration to customary lore and inherent family tree structural processes. So to recycle and confirm the doctrine of Terra-Nullius into the developing Doctrine of Dispossession through sophistication, by creating a battle in the Federal Court in Nov 2002 to be decided by Inquisitorial judges and their law, over the top of the Indigenous National Peoples lore's, identity and ways. So yes, with all this division and political rights the R.S.L. may have been "white mailed".

In early Oct 2002 Dr. David Price, the political facilitator of the Mornington Peninsula Inter Aboriginal Awareness Group and in conjunction with the Uniting Church invited Aunty Caroline to a meeting at St. Mark's Church in Mornington. I attended this meeting only to listen. Because I will not join in anymore under the genocide jurisdiction of retrospective statutes of limitation this all functions on. 'We tried and no-one would listen.'

Aunty Caroline was put in an imposition of justifying her family tree in front of this inquisitive church group that obviously preferred to support her than the Tasmanian Land Council, or the Wurrundjeri Land Council. Caroline's lawyer Mr. Steel explained to the church group that Native Title was extinguished and their backyards were always safe anyway. Aunty Caroline explained their establishment of the Boonuwrung Foundation. No local newspapers reporters came. The Uniting Church Group seemed very happy with the meeting. I was totally disgusted that nobody there asked how they could help the Boonuwrung achieve land rights, customs, self-determination and co-existence on the Mornington Peninsula.

Just after Sue experienced the blackmail theory of Liberal pre-pollsters vilifying Aboriginal people, the local newspaper did an article on your backyard, but did not come to Aunty Caroline's talk. Fantom was to send a letter to the newspaper and speak to Neil Adams a councillor at the time.

Thinking back to the walk for a Treaty and Reconciliation (walk across the bridges) in Melbourne. We were all gathered on the Melbourne City Junction Bridge waiting for Aunty Caroline to open the walk with her speech of Recognition of Country and Reconciliation. We all stood around waiting in the dignitaries' side of the barrier line, where the public would follow the Elders and political representatives along the highway to a park called Kings Domain for a day of music and festivity, which was fantastic.

Aunty Caroline's speech; where she spoke about the Ravin and the Boonuwrung people and their relationship to the land. Well I got goose bumps all over my body as the wind picked up around us while Caroline was giving her speech. Her hair stretched back by the wind, dust and some papers fly about, her voice strong and true, the wind stopping as she finished talking. It was like the ancient spirits were authorising her every word she spoke.

Prior to Aunty Caroline opening the Walk, Plugger, Rob and myself were yarning by the side curb of the road, taking in the overwhelming atmosphere of the event. I was looking towards the public barrier line over Plugger's shoulder; I noticed a file of people walking in our direction toward the promenade. I said to Plugger, Steve Bracks and his entourage are coming up behind you. Plugger swung around to find the Premier right behind him holding his hand out to shake Pluggers hand. Plugger said, how's it going Brackcy and shakes his hand as they continued up to the Elders area.

Plugger was doing his no jurisdiction plea - stand in the courts at the time. Rob and his legal team were requesting Rob hulls to intervene in the casework, also to meet with his legal team. Rob spoke to Hulls in the Park about the matter also. The best we got out of that was I'll look at it and a meeting with his secretary, to no avail.

It was strange that Brackcy walked directly up to Plugger to shake his hand. In a political two faced way it seems that they welcome Rob's law actions, but is incorrect to be seen, or known to discuss these very fundamental and ethical matters inside or outside of their political structure. "Every legal action is a win for them".

Reflecting back on these political impositions from my camping spot in the N.E. of Tassie: After arriving at Devonport on the evening of the first of December 2002 to hopefully finish this story; taking the new Spirit of Tasmania no.1 from Melbourne to Devonport over the day voyage, leaving at 9.00am and arriving at 7.00pm. It was a calm trip across Bass Strait. The voyage didn't seem to take long, by the time I explored the ship, read the Sunday paper and took in the ship's movie Harry Potter, which I really enjoyed, the ship was only 1.5 hours from docking at Devonport. It's much nicer to see the scenery leaving Melbourne and arriving in Devonport, than some coastal lights and being in darkness throughout the voyage.

The wind has been blasting away since arriving. This was the deciding factor of where to camp. The wind was dominating from either side of the west making the choice of points with east facing bays the target, so the wind is offshore, while tucking in behind sand dunes barriers or stands of coastal bush.

After two weeks of travelling east along the north coast. Visiting Port Sorrel, Beechford, Weymouth and Bellingham on the Pipers River, Bridport on Anderson Bay, the Conservation Park at Waterhouse in Ringarooma Bay. Then to the most N.E. corner of Tassie at Cape Portland to a spot called Little Musselroe and now arriving at Great Musselroe Bay next to Mount William National Park, the wind still blasting. I will descend down the east coast to Policeman's Point and then to St.Helen's where I will spend my birthday, Christmas and the new-year in the adjoining areas. The wind has moderated a lot, because of the geographical lay of the land.

The two nights in Bridport were interesting where I drove through the town and continued along the dirt road and then a sand track until 2 wheel drive vehicles could go no further. There were 3 shacks down the end. Shacks are common in Tassie and would be a great lifestyle to actually live in one, grow some vegies and catch fish. To acquire a shack would near on be impossible, because there usually handed down through family.

Anyway I caught a big silver bream off the beach with some nippers I pumped up from the tidal inlet. Two local blokes came down to their shack to do some work to it. Bill and Don, two really nice men who had quite open minds towards the Indigenous people. Don was the owner of the shack and Bill was there to help him with some modifications. Don has a wild bushy tail possum that visits him. The possum comes inside for a bit of bread and allowed us to pat her. While we were talking about having a game of cribbage, the possum went into Don's bedroom and made herself comfortable on his bed. He called her out and she left. Don reckons she is wild?
Bill and Don had a lot of good jokes and were great company. They were the type of Aussies that would call each other all kinds of "abusive" names and then burst out in laughter, while sucking on and shouting stubbies of beer. The old saying is if you dish it out you've got to take it also! Don won the overall games of crib. The next morning it was hard to leave, but I had to get on with my objectives, might call in on my way home.

Tasmania is a great place for free range camping, except for National Parks that charge for the use. Where State Parks, Conservations Parks and most spots around are free of hassles or fees, but have the usual common rules of behaviour that some pigs don't adhere to. Like on the mainland I rarely, or never see Indigenous people using these spots. It goes to show the effects of developing history of subliminal segregation for the benefit of "white" people. National Parks have some signed information that looks like Indigenous people are involved here as on the mainland.

While on route from place to place, other people that are doing the same route become an interesting social part of travelling. When I prop in one place for longer periods as I do generally then different people pass by with short, or no contact. For awhile I was running into a German couple Daniel and Mimi from Berlin. Daniel and myself go fishing together when we meet up. We had some very interesting conversations about genocide, jurisdictions, treaties, war and what Hitler failed in doing is what the Australian Crown is trying to perfect over the Indigenous Nations here. Also our conclusion that World War 1 & 2 were over Imperial control of trade and the laws making of the international community. "Power Brokers" use the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny to create a One World Order to control global resources and national governments around the world!
Terra-Nullius is a precedent they want globally to succeed and secret societies are behind Imperial forces!
See Internet - type in Doctrine of White Supremacy; Doctrine of Manifest Destiny.

Another man whom I keep bumping into, Jeff is an English traveller and an historian- economist. He has a strong interest in contemporary Indigenous culture. Jeff has been following very closely the political environment over many years and understood everything I told him about the non- consensual Native Title Act, with disgust. I can be like a vulture, when I see someone new, I pounce with overwhelming information. But sometimes my batteries can be a bit flat and I'll keep it to myself by not talking about genocide. Jeff was good for a blast at first.

Doing a big stint of writing here at Great Musselroe Inlet hoping this wind would back off some, so I can walk around the inlet to the mouth where I have caught fish before when here 2 years ago. The wind is so strong at the moment the line, hook and sinker would come back when casting into it. Jeff cruised through looking for a sheltered spot.

Thinking back, to when I caught up with friends on the Mornington Peninsula. The day I caught up with Ursula, she was just back from a women camp that an Indigenous Elder Aunty Sue was holding. Ursula happened to be at her parents' home in St. Andrews Beach when I called by. She was writing a letter to the local court for a no jurisdiction plea over her not voting. Ursula rang the clerk of the court to make her plea as required prior to going to court. When she said, her plea was no jurisdiction because of the circumstances of secret voting for "legal genocide". The clerk asked her to put it in writing, because he couldn't understand what she meant.

While she finished preparing her letter I gave her a copy of Rob's, Fantom's and my letter over the genocide convention we sent just days before. Ursula rang Rob to see if it was o.k. to use the letter with hers', which of course was OK Ursula had to go shortly after we sorted that out, back to the women camp. About a week later while I was at Fantoms' place in Bittern, Ursula rang to say the court was not going to deal with this matter and set it aside. Fantom and Ursula had a lengthy discussion about the workshop of the women camp, where a local women's organisation wanted to do the Treaty business and buy land to hand back to the inherent Elders of the region.

When Fantom got off the phone, we discussed it and with our mentors in mind came to the only conclusion that the Elders could do the Treaty with the women at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra and the Mayor of the local government and also by public notice in the local newspaper. Also observe the Pay the Rent Concept. This would avoid the genocide jurisdiction of Government by working on the ground.

Back to Jeff the historian: When we were having a yarn while camped at Little Musselroe in the most N.E. accessible part of Tassie. Jeff found it hard to believe that the Aboriginal legal service generally only represented Aboriginal people on common law grounds and a mandatory plea of guilty for a lighter sentence was the norm, also its part of the Aboriginal white industry of Australia.

I explained that reasoning through this story, but last Oct / 9 / 2002 on the A.B.C. radio things got worse. The A.L.S. (Aboriginal Legal Service) is a common law institution that has developed a "legal" precedent case to assimilate - "integrate" customary lore into the judicial authority of common law. [Refer back to the Con. Con. ATSIC 2000].

Now a forty year old Aboriginal man was charged and convicted of carnal knowledge and violent abuse, because he had sex with his 15 year old wife. The A.L.S. appealed the sentence of 15 months jail to be reduced to 1 day in jail. The A.L.S. argued on the grounds that what he did was customary lore. This is not necessarily so and is a perversion of justice.

This decision is a Sophist precedent to entangle customary lore and allow common law as superior to customary lore. It is not about what is right, or wrong. The decision set in chain a misinterpretation of customary lore, by allowing violence and carnal knowledge as the way tribal lore operates, so public support will go with the courts.

Today customary lore struggles to be holistic, because it is conditioned on historical oppression, traumatic stress, missionisation, Christianisation, genocide and assimilation. All these conditions of life were created to destroy the cultural groups in part or whole over continuing history. There has been over two hundred years of imposed physical and mental harm to the groups that has tilted customary lore through conditions of undeclared war that is destroying the cultures in part or whole.

Customary lore is exercised by the Elders in Council from inherent territories (not a common law A.L.S. industry or an individual aboriginal man) and is under increasing pressure of Australia's common law genocide jurisdiction. Customary lore cannot function properly while the State / Nation or Territorial laws oppose self-determination and inherit cultural maintenance. The High Court has said; 'Tribal Lore is superior'; they speak with fork tough!

(Genocide is not a crime) This shows up as follows - A.B.C. Radio 12 / 12 / 2002. On the same day the Yorta-Yorta people - lost their "Common Law Native Title" claim in the high court and two historians Keith Windshuttel vs. Henry Reynolds argue over whether genocide happened, or not in Governor Arthur's time of Van Demons Lands through "settlement" - invasions.

This is sophistry of the highest degree. There was no legal interpretation of genocide until the end of the Second World War, after the United Nations developed the convention on the prevention and punishment of genocide in 1947.

The crimes that happened before genocide was defined as illegal was; invasion, terra-nullius, murder, kill, steal, the 10 commandments, piracy, breaches of maritime law, breaches of treaty obligations, breaches of the Geneva Convention on the rules of war, and breach of the order of law of the international community.

There sophistry lies in arguing that genocide did, or didn't happen in the past. But nobody is arguing that genocide actually became illegal in 1947 when Australia ratified the convention, meanwhile never legislated it into domestic law as they should have and is still legal in Australia!
[After ratification in 1948, government removed Indigenous children from families and much more].

The High Court in 1997 said in Thorpe vs. Commonwealth that genocide happened in the past. But, did not say how or when it stopped in the last 55 years. Kirby J. like all judges make decisions based on the "law".

The Yorta Yorta people have been, by the invaders culture, fraudulently falsely extinguished as a traditional culture, because they are denied by "law" to have natural rights to traditional land, as 99 percent of Native Title claimants will be extinguished, even when the Native Title White test exists; then the "Aboriginal" group gets a "freehold title" with common law that will eventually assimilate anyway. (The truth is always the first casualty of war)
The High Court's ethos-centric decision and ability to create subliminal stereotype phrases, like 'the tide of history has washed away their Native Title rights'. This was a racist decision using Jeff Kennett's and John Howard's formulated law plan, through a common law genocide jurisdiction and foundation of Terra-Nullius. This is intent to deny land rights and further destroy First Nations Polity in whole and part over time for a political chess game of Dispossession.

The Attorney General of Victoria, Rob Hulls said, in response to the High Court Yorta Yorta decision, 'the best way is mediation not litigation. I know he hasn't tried to mediate before, or during this fairytale court decision. (The Crown was in want for this decision) He would not meet Rob and his legal team when we were running the jurisdiction arguments in the courts from 1998 to 2001.

Besides, there is no right to negotiate under the standing Native Title Act and throughout all of history. Mediation or negotiation is laid down by the parliament as the "terms of reference" to suit the "law". The Yorta Yorta or any Indigenous mob would have tried this avenue to find there are no land rights, or natural sovereignty, or common law - Native Title in the terms of reference. This only left the Yorta Yorta people the avenue of litigation. The typical political double talk of 'mediate not litigate' is to gain public support once again, while through public ignorance and the perverted constitutional values of our genocide jurisdiction.

It must be obvious the political timing of the early Nov. 2002 Victorian State election was to precede the High Court decision. The Yorta Yorta was doomed before it started. So this disgusting High Court decision would not be debated prior, or during the Bracks' and Doyle's campaign. Now "Jeff" - Bracks has a majority government he will use the full force of the "law" while doing Howard's bidding from Kennett's legacy. This is in my opinion a "criminal" covert non - democratic operation, an attack and evil decision of the High Court Fraternity Inquisition. There is not a two party democratic system for Indigenous people, only constitutional usurpation and assimilation!

Australia talks back 16 / 12 / 02 A.B.C. Radio. Public support for the Yorta Yorta people and other Indigenous mob's as usual was overwhelming, like we saw when democracy walked over the bridges of our capital cities. Except for one toffy caller who like Hulls and the High Court use subliminal stereotype as a fascist Australian answer for their problems. She said, "They want the prime agricultural land and they're concrete people anyway". What it comes down to is that we Europeans make the laws (over other nationals) and change the law when it suits us, so indigenous people gets the dregs. As far as I'm concerned if Indigenous natural sovereignty doesn't exist in law, or that thinking, then genocide in its subliminal sophisticated form does. [The genocide jurisdiction does]. 'There is no domestic law to prevent, define, interpret, or punish crimes of genocide laid out in the U.N. Convention. Genocide is happening "legally now", not legally in the past before International Customary Law Norms came to be, but has always been illegal under First Nations Customary Lore!

Australia talks back 17 / 12 / 02 A.B.C. Radio host Sandy. Keith Windshuttel vs. Henry Reynolds: The issue is black arm - band history, or assimilation. First of all I must say, "The political and institutional systemic denial towards the Indigenous nations, tribes and clans shows clearly that Indigenous people cannot even mourn or heal over the past. They are denied even that natural right to have a black arm - band history". Keith Windshuttel and Henry Reynolds work within their institutionalised discipline, as historians do. They never use holistic law, as lawyers never evident the rhetoric of oral, or unwritten history. Unless archived or produced by institutionalised "professionals", because historical case law for legal precedence are the authority that lies within the constitutional jurisdiction, as terra-nullius does, so there's no account of black history. Mr.Windshuttel says "there's too much academic misconduct?" Anthropology and Archaeology are tied into the same-tunnelled boundaries.

Mr. Henry Reynolds at least gives leeway for Indigenous account, by reading between the lines of "terra-nullius" archived records. Terra-nullius is never debated in full of how deep reaching it goes into cultural, social and environmental, economic, political and civil and justice issues. While Terra-Nullius was and still is the "legal status" of white supremacy Australia, which in real terms means covert invasion and covert occupation, but since 1947 it is genocide. [Terra-Nullius is the cause, everything else is symptoms].

Mr.Windshuttel must come fresh out of a Kennett-Howard-Bracks right wing think tank. He must realise when Indigenous people used guerrilla warfare, as he said, against the incoming tide of white history, it is then absolutely obvious that colonist's did not have consent, or an agreement to occupy Indigenous land. More so, when the initial invading penal forces brought their diseases with them, it would be logical to wipe out the host. "Settlement" officially began in 1835, it was a penal system for 65 years that harboured the worst diseases and mental attitudes known in those times, but perpetuates!

Keith Windshuttel works within the institutional written boundaries of Terra-Nullius, as John Howard, or any politician does. This is the national interest of the genocide jurisdiction of huge gaps in constitutional law that props up Terra-Nullius. They play with dangerous precedence that will be the destruction of the moral fibre of the Australian psyche, by fortifying a nullius nation.

Historians like Mr. Windshuttel should go into Indigenous communities, as I have and hear what Elders and people have to say; Instead of keeping his head in the books of sophist history that have been written to make Australia as intended, "a Terra-Nullius". He should realise after many years of invasion in Tassie, war was declared under the League of Nations and a treaty promised to end that war, by Governor Arthur. This was never fulfilled, or it, a treaty, would have created a conflict of interest. So when did the covert invasion and covert war of genocide finish. I would go as far as to say, he and many like him are disciplined professional warmongers.

Furthermore on the 7 / 12 / 2002 it was reported on the A.B.C. Radio news that in Victoria the welfare system is shaping up another stolen generation, (it never stopped) by removing Aboriginal children from their families, because of "created conditions" and putting them with non-Aboriginal families.

Last winter a statement made by the Victorian Commissioner from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission said, that 'policies of "integration" are in actual fact policies to assimilate Indigenous people'. This is genocide in its full interpretation, including conspiracy, incite and complicity to commit genocide in part or whole, because it continues from polity created conditions of life causing mental and physical harm through statutory and academic aggression.

Through the millions of dollars spent on Aboriginal people each year, there has developed a white Aboriginal industry that is mostly made up of non-Aboriginal people who have "merit". The common law white Aboriginal industry is built from lawyers, consultants, teachers, administrators, facilitators, work (slave labour) for the dole and in all levels of instituted areas. For example 27-30 percent of the national consultancy budget is spent on 2 percent of the "official" Aboriginal population to shape them into imposed token incorporated Aboriginal regimes etc. There are 100,000 white jobs in this "Aboriginal" industry. This is founded on the lies of Terra-Nullius as "protocols" are developed from this industry through, yes, have a guess, the genocide jurisdiction for Dispossession.

An example from when I was on the Mornington Peninsula. There is a distant friend named Dick who is a C.D.E.P. teacher. His job was to teach Aboriginal people glass blowing. His opinion of his experience is that, Aboriginal people are corrupt, because they abuse the program by keeping the enterprise to themselves and waste what money there is. He and his peers are self-justifying and conditioned to think you can't change the way it is. Dick is a stooge to his institution that alters the culture and blames all "Aboriginal" people for not assimilating into our way of thinking. This is subliminal stereotypical of people who get paid to think they are helping - wrong. [They blame the victim]. Cultural restoration first then it is possible to have integration with the proper consent from the Elders in Council. [Without this we have dogmatic genocide].

My Mum asked me a very good question one day before leaving on this trip. She said; what if the English people didn't come and "settle" here. Some other country would have and things might have been worse?
Well it's like this, the Dutch were here a long time before the English and colonised Indonesia also. Colonisation was supposed to be done under the order of law of the international community. This is why the Dutch assisted in setting up the Nation / State of Indigenous Indonesian people, so to do trade within the meaning of being civilised and maritime law. (Even though the Dutch were horrid masters) The Dutch were already here for 120 years before Captain Cook declared the land Terra-Nullius, and had an international sea trading post in Van Demons land. If the Crown obeyed international law of the times this country that was called New Holland - Van Demons land would have had Indigenous structure similar to Indonesia. (See Crown instructions to Cook)

Terra-nullius not only meant the whole continent and surrounding islands was open for grabs, but the rest of the world will be as well. The English claimed it wholly for itself, while covertly losing the American War of Independence. The British and Co. fought wars for Parliamentarian Rule in Europe and against Indigenous First Nations for land, and resources like for example; Crown - Illuminati have manipulate most wars the world has experienced including the Napoleon War, the 1st and 2nd World Wars, Vietnam etc. not forgetting the Commonwealth countries. Now the war of terror and genocide has historically been against Indigenous Nations, and has a diverse and dynamic frontier of the new world order.

This new Millennium brings with it the need for justification of the New World for its benefits and crimes against humanity. The Crown declaring Terra-Nullius was a conspiracy and a holocaust with ramifications for all Indigenous Nations and the developing world. (Freedom of the Private Sector)

The Malaysian President and other S.E. Asian leaders, who I agree with, said in response to John Howard's threat of pre-empted strikes on terrorist cells in Asia, was the same attitude he has towards the Aboriginal peoples as them. Also Howard is a white sheriff on a black land. You see Pre-emption started here in 1770. A year later retiring Malaysian President stated that the Jews run the world by proxy. [The Money Lenders]

The New World Order that is represented by Britain, America, Australia, Red White and Blue are treating the developing world under the same "legal" standards as the tide of 500 years of history without "justification", because we hold the incorporated sophisticated genocide jurisdiction precedence of how to do bully business of industry and economics without the consent of the First Nations peoples of Australia and the rest of the remaining undeveloped world.

When Rob Thorpe launched his Writ at the Commonwealth in 1997, Justice Kirby (who has his rights to be homosexual) said, "genocide is not illegal in Australia and Rob was being frivolous and vexatious in his action, etc", why? Well we know why, that anti-genocide laws [or a case] would give Indigenous inherit land custodians protection of their natural human rights. But there must be a case, where Kirby and the Crown dogmatically dodge this!

Justice Kirby was on the ABC Radio sometime between winter and now (Christmas Day): After John Howard signing up to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court - Rome Statute with a "clause'. Kirby J. was giving a talk on human rights and this goes for the western world and the new world order of colonised industrialising countries. He said, "human rights will be achieved through two main disciplines that drives' the developing world, which are, Industrial Relations and universal human rights, which comes through External Affairs Powers". Remember Kirby J. knocked Robbie back on what he now lectures about.

Kirby J. forgot to mention the third discipline of how to legally commit genocide and ecocide in the name of economics. His formula for human rights is very narrow and tunnelled; housing, health and formal education and maybe a job. This is his cultural basis of what universal rights are in Australia so far, where Indigenous people still strive for those 4 rights. His genocide jurisdiction denies them for the colonial majority that need Indigenous land for their expansion and ideology, while destroying the natural environment and causing global warming to achieve selfish ultra wealth and power.

What about Norms, Universal Human Rights and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. There are many International Covenants using External Affairs Powers for developing human rights that he does not explain properly.

The Pay the Rent concept deals with the ethics of economics and industry and cleans up industry, while giving everyone the true justification of their indulgences, so to maintain the environment and the natural human rights of the Indigenous Nations Peoples for lasting peace and healing in Australia. Kirby knows the concept of P.T.R.

Repeat ABC Radio 19 / 1 / 03 and 21 / 1 / 03;
(My interpretation of Kirby J. complicated language on human rights)
Kirby J. only referred to sex discrimination, or discrimination not racial discrimination in or out of the work place through his talks. He never mentioned racial discrimination especially towards Indigenous people in general. He used ratified treaties to gain equality in relation to expression of sexuality. (Never mentioned the UN convention on the prevention and punishment of genocide was ratified in 1948 and not in use) Double talk Kirby J. said, "When there are gaps, or ambiguities in the constitution or common law then invoking universal human rights, treaties or norms can be applied to fill the gaps in common law. This is what Thorpe v Commonwealth 1997 argued, but Kirby J. knocked him back. Website - links back ground briefing.

Kirby J. goes on to say, "global forces of Industrial Relations are bigger than the venues of Australia. The International Labour Organisation I.L.O., the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission 1919 -- Australia's External Affairs Powers of the Constitution, the Australian law Reform Commission 1984 and the UN Convention on Political and Civil Rights have brought about changes to our Common Law in relation to the gaps, or ambiguities in the Constitution and Common law, example he used was "Mabo". This together with the Declaration of Universal Human Rights and the four International Customary Law Norms will bring fundamental changes to Australia's Common Law and Constitution, because Australian's are a just society and will force these issues through the courts". (This was Robbie's application in the courts and denied by him and other judges)

Kirby J. said, "human rights are the corner stone when there are gaps, or ambiguities in Australian law. Simply, because there's no Bill of Rights in the Constitution, only provisions for External Affairs Powers - treaty obligations and for conciliation and arbitration (I.L.O.) - Industrial Relations Provision that is now compelling Australia through pressure of International law, for the gaps to be fulfilled through Universal Human Rights and International Customary law peremptory norms".

The government still picks and chooses what law it uses. [It took the Aboriginal Tent Embassy case in the Federal Court 1999 for the gap in law of genocide to be put on the table, or Kirby J. would not be talking about human rights] This talk must include the natural sovereign human rights of the First Indigenous Nations and peoples of who the land we occupy. Of course it's seems not politically correct, or convenient for Kirby J. to speak of these matters.

The facts of the matter are that the conciliation and arbitration commission, the Australian law reform commission and the Native Title act, recycled Terra-Nullius for the development of the Doctrine of Dispossession and was confirmed by the High Court in the Yorta Yorta decision through the discretion of the Executive and Parliament. This was formulated and implemented by the law fraternity founded on Australia's executive constitutional history of vested interests, retrospectively and perspective for having no anti genocide law [Norms] or Consent or Treaty when imposing laws on the Indigenous Nations.

More so; the British Crown's separation of its common law from Australia's common law, happened from when implementing the Australia Act in 1986. This created a void in law here and gave Australian politicians a free hand at manipulating International Conventions. From here Australia had to fulfil its External Affairs obligation to the International Norms and Conventions of the United Nations, which by then the British Crown already had in its common law. This wrongly allowed Australia's Politic to pick and chose and then to manipulate International Norms and Covenants to suit its vested interests of Terra-Nullius. (Example; Native Title)

The influence of British common law in 1982 developed the A.D.C. the Aboriginal Development Commission began and had willing Indigenous participation and integrity up to 1987, until A.T.S.I.C was established once Australia's politic got independence in 1986. This is political football between Britain and Australia and International Conventions, starting with the 1967 Referendum and C.E.R.D. while having no anti genocide law as one of many more examples I have already made.

However these ambiguities in the rule of law and the Australian Constitution were very convenient to enable the Governments to establish independent Executive Powers of the State in 1994 - Kennett Victoria to further steal their land. These powers allow the Inquisitorial Crown fraternity to drive our Nullius States towards becoming a perverted player in the Global Neighbourhood as a Republic or not, while the Australian Constitution is in a void - draft - crisis.

Politic will use Convention's like Political and Civil Rights, while their developments really come from a genocide jurisdiction without First Nations Peoples having any rights to negotiate over their own lives or the rule of law. The Government without the consent of First Nations Elder's, set up Protocols like Aboriginal Leadership etc. and call it "Special Measures", (or just suspend the Racial Discrimination Act.) a bias political interpretation from the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination. In the mean time the Politic ignores the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and worse ignores the Elders sitting in Council from Inherit Territories. This is their typical political attempt to usurp the Indigenous Nations Peoples Sovereignties further and to formulate External Affairs Powers obligations to suit Political Dispossession! So to "keep them", and continue secret past wrongs as a Republic or not. Forget Prime Minister Howards "practical reconciliation" based on more deceit, lies and fascism.

For Australia to become a Republic based on the above developments of our genocide jurisdiction and statutes of limitations that a Treaty and a Bill or Charta of Rights would be founded on eventually. This would make the Australian Republic, a perverted evil fake. (Refer to A.T.S.I.C. Constitutional Convention)

The Republic debate has focused on political structure for control, while saying that the Sovereignty lies with the people. Well I reckon the Crown should give the Nation a road worthy, before selling it to the people, because if the 'Sovereignty lies' with the people then so does the genocide jurisdiction over the continuing "Dispossession", we the people would inherit.

The County Court Bairnsdale 2001 Kim J. held the "1975 constitution as their jurisdiction over Aboriginal people". The 1975 Constitution, because of Terra-Nullius was grossly sanctioned under International Customary Law Norms by the United Nations, on its adoption. However in 1994 when Premier Kennett confirmed the 1975 Constitution [no Norms in place] he also confirmed the original 1855 Constitution, which is totally based on Terra-Nullius. Obviously a road worthy entails the truth and the total abolishment of Terra-Nullius and Dispossession Doctrines and sealed with a Treaty in the Constitution. This may take a Referendum of the People, forced by the People through litigation of the People. There must be a case in the I.C.C.!

The I.C.C., the International Criminal Court Registrar opens its doors in Melbourne in March 2003.

When the Aboriginal Tent Embassy and Rob's legal team go to the Registrar here in Australia, with the People of Victoria or Australia behind them, they can force the application to reopening the Charges previously laid against Jeffery Kennett. The case would have to be adjourned and sent to The Hague in Holland, because judges in Australia have a conflict of interest. Other Nations of the World could support the Aboriginal Embassy from this point. You could think that the Bar of the Australian Judiciary should be perusing the fulfilment of these gaps in law, as it is a moral and an International obligation for lawyers to pursue, or take the [victim] Aboriginal Embassy and others as litigants to the I.C.C. based on their effort to achieve justice and justification.

This book is an account of what has happened, why and how. It is also an affidavit of our support for our brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties and their efforts to exhaust all remedies in Australia for civil and social justice and reconciliation. The book is also for educating the public and to gain public support in actions to stop this Political conspiracy. To rid Australia of the institutionalised systemic evils it is being built on, to civilise the institutions and the Australian Nation.

Now I am going to have a couple of weeks trying to relax touring about Tassie into the New Year before going home to begin the next stage of developing this manuscript into an authorised book by the Indigenous people I know and work with. Fantom and myself will fine-tune the manuscript before giving it to Rob to distribute amongst his mob for editing.

I must say, only days before leaving for Tassie Uncle Mick was at Fantom's place, he had a read of the first 20 draft pages of this story. The first thing he said to me was, make sure you add the slave trade of mostly Indigenous women, sealers and other pirate industries, second I had to promise to deliver him a copy when completed. I said I will in person.

Mick who is Boonuwrung / Pairemariner and an Indigenous Elder from Cape Barren Island - Tasmania told me the North East part of Tassie where I am heading was heavily populated with Indigenous people. This is easy to understand because of the geographical layout and the moderate climate of this area. Midden sites are an indicator and they are everywhere.

The Bay of Fires is where I ran into "bloody" Jeff again. The area is beautiful with land locked lagoons and creeks that only reach to the sea when rainfall is at very high levels. Granite boulders and point out crops finish the ends of the glass like sand of the curving beaches. The Bay of Fires are north of St. Helens about 25km and are some of the best conservation free range camping areas in Australia, for now, privatisation is having its effects, as local people here have told me.

On arriving at Swimcraft Beach, I noticed reddish orange slicks out on the surface of the sea. At first I thought it was red algae, but no, the thought of ballast waste from a passing ship entered my thoughts as more logical. As this detrimental looking slick floated closer to the beach the waves would pick it up and disperse it into the turbulent force of the white wash. The clear aqua blue colour of the water turned milky and remained that way for some time, like 14 hours or more.

After watching this for a couple of hours, I moved further into the conservation area to find a shady spot. The weather has been quite hot. Cosy Corner had many sites and plenty of shade, so I decide to have a quick nap. No sooner had I started to nod off, I heard my name called, Tony, it was Jeff the English historian. Well at first it was like seeing an old friend. Went over to his camp for a cuppa after a quick discussion on what the government and the courts had done to the Yorta Yorta people and the ATSIC election. I explained to Jeff that the media have been vilifying Geoff Clark, who was re-elected anyway. This vilification started after Geoff Clark produced an educative book on how to make a treaty through international law guidelines, it's not what the Government pays him to do. I told Jeff; ATSIC will be dismantled eventually and was only created to develop Native Title for privatisation and constitutional reforms. Also the Indigenous people of Uluru were on the radio calling racial discrimination over the local tourist town excluding the mobs from partaking in Christmas festivities and how the town's shopkeepers make them pay a lot more for goods. The town made 10 million dollars profit last year. Jeff and I agreed that something smells bad in Australia. I couldn't agree with him over the reddish orange slick being a "natural" algae bloom, or much else that came out of his disciplined mind after a while.

You know the old saying; if you can't stand the heat then get out of the oven. Well the English built the oven and now it is time to turn the heat up!

He started on me first by putting words in my mouth and raising his voice when saying, you don't know what you're talking about. The discussion was about law and Nation building. I kept trying to explain the relationship of Roman Catholicism and the Magna Charta to British imperialism and Nation building of tody through Constitutional structure. He'd cut in and say, you don't know what you're talking about. I said, what do you think the world is just stumbling along as she goes? No response. Anyway when he told me England doesn't have a constitution. I said, "The Magna Charta must still be your Constitution / Charter". You don't know what you're talking about! At this point I felt like walking off, but instead I went in pretty hard on him, by saying, how can your country be a Western Nation if you don't have a written Constitution. He replied, "There is a notion, but nothing written". Meanwhile America and Australia derived their (genocide jurisdiction) constitution from Britain. So I stuck it into him like institutionalised thinkers have been sticking the demeaning knife into the backs of Indigenous people. I said, well, so that's why you people sailed around the world pirating other countries and acting like barbarians towards the Indigenous Nations peoples you colonised. 74 Commonwealth countries were colonised and this one without a treaty and England still has no constitution. Every Nation / State has a constitution and incorporated law". Jeff didn't know that the Pope was a principal signature to the Magna Charta. He never read the Scriptures, he couldn't see any relationship between law, religion and politics, but is a historian, he refused to believe that the Scripture's (the church) and the Magna Charta (Rome/British imperialism) put up the structure of the last 800 years of Providence. 'John wrote the Revelations' 2000 years ago that relates to now time. The Roman crusades began appro. 1000 years ago, 1000 year after Jesus died for mankind. The Magna Charta, Inquisition, Renaissance and Reformation super cedes the Crusades for "Israel". Nation / State building of today come from the nepotistic dynasties of free industrialist and usury economics. All this was built from each apocalyptic war since the New Testament after Rome fell to the wisdom of Jesus, or Genesis began the official agricultural - city - state period about 6000 years ago. The first covert declaration of terra-nullius was genesis. Jeff was looking very uncomfortable.

Historians and Institutions are disciplined by, the Seals of restricted knowledge over blocks of time, through Theological Doctrines and Dogmatic Tenants of the Church and State. Now it is in the hands of the Dogmatic Executive State. - Hence the Man Satin State of systematic institutions, that continually create stereotyping and indoctrination for their comfort zones called "Justification".

After Jeff made the point that England has no constitution for about the fourth time, but never mentioned their system of common law and convention. I said, "England must still rely on a Dark Age - Middle Age charter of the Magna-Charta as your foundation to be part of the United Nations". He got up from where he sat and took offence to being aligned with pirates and barbarians as he walked off. History speaks when historians can't handle the truth, or being classified in a true context. Because really the way authorities demeaned "Aborigines" was actually their own reflection, all done in the name of greed, imperialism, power, providence, Jesus and God: People like Jeff run around blaming the politician of the day, which is also correct, but lets the real criminals off the hock. (This is where he said 'bloody Jeff' Kennett to blame him alone). When he is actually trying to justify and glorify the last 500 to 1000 years of the past, so to start off again in the same, but more sophisticated way. Lies and fictions have been the most grossly deadly weapon used against Indigenous peoples; and some historians, or any institutionalised sophist will get upset when they hear the truth, goes to show! How dispossessed from the truth and the real world, people like 'bloody Jeffs' are. Intellectuals who climb the institutional ladder are kept in an education system of disciplined tunnelled vision. Jeff runs around the countryside calling himself a historian and economist, while I cannot agree to the imagination of making the Queen and country and English history look good, righteous and faultless. Because when has the Crown ever recognised Indigenous Terra-Firma, while Terra-Nullius is not a word in my Collins pocket dictionary and acted within the meaning of divinity and what is fair and just. Nothing he could say would ever justify, or excuse him, or the denial that exists. Sometimes the most intelligent people are the most dispossessed from knowledge and life.

Before I come to my final note of this chapter and the beginning of where this story is taking us all. Two Tasmanian's that stood out as typical Aussie blokes, one a digger of about 80 years of age and a bush bloke of about 45 years of age.

Boxing Day 2002 fishing off the edge of the Scamander River 15km south of St. Helen and an old digger slowly makes his way down the steep grassy slope towards me, walking stick in hand on his daily walk. Akubra hat proudly place on his head, one side turned up with the serviceman emblem pinned to the other side.

A really nice old bloke, gave me a few fishing tips I didn't know and surprised me on how green an outlook he had on the methods of harvesting forest timber. I didn't bring up the genocide debate. I thought it might give him a heart attack at his age and probably would have. Because when he was describing his musical activities of playing the organ possibly three nights a week and how hard it's getting for him at his age to set up his gear, to and fro. I said you need a roadie to assist you. Well as one could expect in this country. He said, "Yes I need a little black boy". I bit my lip because I needed to relax and not get into an ignorant racist argument.

The bush bloke, I met outside the public showers - toilets at St. Helens pier after having a hot and much appreciated shower. We crossed paths while filling my water supply from the side tap. We got talking mainly about holiday crowds and camping spots and what the council is doing through the privatisation of the conservation free range camping areas. Anyway I never got his first name, but he was pissed off with the council and parks and wildlife, because he lives out at one of these beautiful bush spots on the Bay of Fires, where I'd just come from. Privatisation is like colonisation when Blackfellas were moved off their territories. At least the bush bloke doesn't have a bounty on his head. When the bush bloke said, "it's Aboriginal land anyway", I thought beauty someone who understands. But not so, as we got further into our discussion I realised what he said, was a racist subliminal stereotype so to protect his access. Bounties lasted until 1886 for men, women and children. I read that on a

National Parks sign when visiting friends on the west coast.

He went on to explain to me more about Aboriginal racism by saying, look, "the other side of the coin is that (my jaw nearly hit the ground) they're lazy, they get heaps of money and if I try to get a job in their organisations they'll tell me to fuck off. If I was to say that to one of them, they would have me for racial discrimination"

Well I took a big slow breath and said, that was too much of a common subliminal stereotype for me, and it is really like this. He stood and listened, while I explained and was very stunned, actually speechless as he left. Prior to his awakening he invited me out to his camp. But I don't think him and his bush buddies would take too much of what I have to say.

Last, but not least. Michael Tom interviews Robert Fuller about his book called, "Breaking ranks", New Dimensions ABC Radio 27 / 12 / 02. I'm not sure of Mr. Fuller's institutionalised discipline. But he put up a part perspective, (in my opinion of the "genocide jurisdiction" I can debate) as he said, "Racism and Rankism are the cause of terrorism, the 1st and 2nd World War and the violence of the Black Independence Movement in America in 1974".

Racism and Rankism he opposes. He said; "Rank though it is important with limited powers of leaders, while a leader can be replaced through our democratic system". However their discussion was narrow and is not the whole picture.

Today's Racism and Rankism is a legacy from Imperialism and Deism that was a major element of building the modern world. Rank has always existed in many forms; we can see it in all cultures and nature itself. Important forms of rank like the family tree that maintains the order in which a family and extended family exists within diverse cultures. The type of rank that is detrimental to cultures and nature is the militant form, which in turn builds and nurtures racism especially when Imperialism was the norm. The ladder of "Social Darwinism" was used to nurture racism to demean Indigenous people as Imperial ego and control spread across the "World". Ownership over title to land and wealth entails rank, while individual greed for ultra wealth and power also nurtured racism. Deism and theological justification played a major part in securing rank and race. Industrial supremacy and a growing demand for global resources and labour, mixed with greed and Imperialism grew rankism and racism beyond any natural or godly sense of humanity! However until the 'Industrial Revolution began in the mid 1700's land and all natural resources became the "base line" of power, greed and fascist expansion of the elite industrialists, and dynasties of the Church, Crown's and State. The Imperial law fraternities have always made laws for agriculture, industry and economics, so to protect the benefit of the powerful elite. Especially in Australia, rank of military, police, rangers, public officials or any position in society was formulated through Terra-Nullius and White Supremacy and not for the Indigenous peoples of lands they usurped covertly and overtly and still control through major gaps in law to keep Rank and Race. [One law one nation, assimilation].

Never has this history been justified, while the doctrine of justification has still to be fulfilled by the Crown, State, and Church and should be the Australian national interest. Even though the Pope apologised in the year 2000, the national interest still remains systemic. The top of the pyramid or ladder of supremacy is unseen and has a secret official Rank and doesn't give a shit about Race - It is the Private Sector!

What Robert Fuller said, about taking generations for change in racist attitudes, because of what the American parliament did to stop racial tension, violence and burning of Black ghetto's. Only once the government realised they had a major problem, was then to declare integration of Black African Americans as having equality and declared past policies as racist. What about the Indigenous Americans? It has worked so far, but it goes a lot deeper than that and much more systemic. I do agree that 'the 1st and 2nd World Wars were ideological', but also theological and a lot more fundamental than his version. Mr. Fuller is correct in what he says, in relation to generational change, but when it comes to the old digger, the bush bloke, institutionalised thinkers and many apathetic uneducated powerful people. If National / State governments play hard ball and don't fulfil the law properly. It will be slow as it goes also very dangerous as it goes.

I must say, "Robert Fuller failed to mention National Governments obligations to the Peremptory Norms of International Customary Law (Humanity) and how the "legal fraternity" is twisting the full interpretation of the United Nations Convention of Racial Discrimination, Genocide, Torture and Slavery into part law of limitations.

Terrorism has been legislated in full. The four peremptory norms of international customary law have large gaps in Australian - American law, or suspended law, because we use these gaps in law to exploit the New World and other countries like Asia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Timor, Papua, Solomon's, etc. This fulfilment of law norms would bring to fruit what Mr. Fuller was talking about. The way it is being done is in part law, so to interpret law away from the fulfilled meaning, as circumstances violent enough arise. Or "nothing changes".

For argument sack the rank-racism of Terra-Nullius can never be a legal word, as its history is a lie and a fiction. It is not in the dictionary as a whole word. You will find it in a lexicon dictionary.

At the finish of the American War of Independence: America was made into a fictional undeclared Terra-Nullius through the "American Declaration of Independence". Meanwhile Terra-Nullius was declared in Australia just prior to American Independence, which in turn fraudulently confirming "Aboriginal" ancient lands of the New World, as empty of law and usury. The land became pirated resources of the industrialists, of the Industrial Revolution of England and Europe. If Terra-Nullius shows up in the general dictionary, it will be the day when genocide - becomes an evil "legal incorporated Norm". There are no countries on earth that were ever a Terra-Nullius, it was race over race and militant rank over race!

What I'm getting at here is rankism and racism is part of the intent and motive that brings about the destruction of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group in whole or part over a period of time. The Rome statute clearly defines genocide as war crimes and crimes against humanity and has a very broad interpretation. Every act in the Rome Statute has, or is happening to Indigenous peoples here.

Refer to Doc. 3 and 9.

Mr. Robert Fuller and "others" need to deal with the justification of the Indigenous Americans and all First Nations Peoples, not just the violence of rebellion of a black majority that has the physical ability to react against the genocidal jurisdiction of the racist ranked powerful, to bring about change. What about the Indigenous custodian minority and diplomacy?

People are becoming a collective critical mass around the world and will force legislative change. The jurisdiction of the I.C.C. will only punish those who knowingly commit and conspire to continue in crimes against humanity - genocide. Well if you didn't know, you know now.

You can't change the past. But you can change the future if you know the past.

It is now the evening of the 5 / 1 / 2003. I've just rang Fantom from a spot along the Tamar River, north of Beauty Point on the west side of the river not far from its exist into Bas Strait, on the north coast of Tassie, making my way home.

I rang Fantom to let him know that I will be sending him a copy of the last chapter of the manuscript. Fantom had some great news that didn't come as a total surprise, but with historical suspicion. The Federal Government has implemented the Rome Statute and the 1948 Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide into Australian Domestic Law, incorporated in full?, as the Federal Court decision layout.

Fantom said; the Attorney General Daryl Williams has put a clause into the act. Something like a veto or final say whether this law can be used, or charges can be laid and if so he becomes the prosecutor. I said to Fantom, what does Rob think about that? 'It will need to be tested', he said. Maybe I should B line it back home, I replied, No, its holiday madness over here, you would be better off enjoying your break away for a while, there is no rush, Fantom said. Before we knew it my $3.00 of change ran out. We got to have a bit of a yarn just the same.

This is how the Law Inquisitors [Crown] are going to attempt to get away with genocide in part and whole. The Federal Court in 1999 found in its decision that the "Incorporation Approach" must be used to implement anti-genocide laws. Not the "Transformation Approach". The transformation approach is to adopt the Genocide Convention as a Norm and superior to common law. This could lead to litigation. [Case law]. A legal case could correct the lies of history. A legal case would precedent genocide as a crime. A legal case would stop token protocols. A legal case would recognise terra-nullius for what it is. A legal case would mean true justification, no more lies and deception. A legal case would recognise customary lore. A legal case would need a defendant and conviction. A legal case would mean international scrutiny and non-bias judges. A legal case would mean an interpretation of the national interest. A legal case would end the war / invasion officially and openly, etc, etc.

The incorporation approach; would mean the political agenda would continue as usual. Would mean the anti-genocide common law could not be applied because, "the Native Title Act" and the "protocols developed" since 1986 are the law of the "national interest" for justification of the past and future. Merkel J. said in the 1999 Federal Court decision, "the Native Title Act is the law regardless".

The other side of the coin explains the pre-empted genocide jurisdiction used to develop and impose Symbolism, Protocols, Dispossession, and the Native Title Act as a covert Terra-Nullius jurisdiction. This was done through misrepresentation, duress, undue influence and no consent from First Nations Elders. The racist foundation of the Constitution allowed this process to happen. The Constitution has not changed since Terra-Nullius was removed and all the political law statutes made for the First Nations Peoples are actually statutes of limitations!

The Rome Statute under section 29 does not allow statutes of limitations in its jurisdiction over crimes of genocide. Also the High Court does have the jurisdiction "now" to hear a transformation case of genocide and if Daryl Williams the Attorney General won't allow it, then the I.C.C. has the jurisdiction to hear it based on section 29 and most other sections of the Rome Statute and the Genocide Convention, if Australians get behind the Case. Refer to Doc. 9 and 3 also for case work already prepared see,

A transformation case is essential to stop the tide of history washing away the Indigenous Nations and peoples into corporate extinction of White Paper Australia perversion. The Attorney General should hand over Jeff Kennett or the reigning Prime Minister as the defendant to be prosecuted as an example to others, or else he himself and others could end up in the Hague as complicit and conspirators to commit perspective genocide. This would change the institutional - thinkers for the betterment of humanity and the institutions here and around the world. 'It is not personal' there is always a mug in crime.


Never before in written history has there been a jurisdiction of justice for humanity that has spiritual - religion links to the natural environment!

The International Criminal Court, I.C.C. is only for perspective crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide that has taunted humankind and spread over the world since Genesis. This jurisdiction would give credence to the Earth Charta and Sovereign -Self determination of Indigenous Nations globally, if the right case is heard!

Those who could be prosecuted are those who continue with crimes of genocide after international Ratification and implementation of the Rome Statute of the Nation / State who doing it.

This court was established by the [Plenipotentiary] Nation / States of the United Nations and has a [jus cogens] universal jurisdiction, where no individual has impunity.

Australia is a stereotypical case for prosecution and fulfilment of Justification. The jurisdiction of the I.C.C. must be able to set a proper ethical legal precedent base on the Rome Statute in its full interpretation in part or whole.

The I.C.C. has the jurisdiction to hear the oral, written and physical material that the Australian courts refused to hear as evidence, or if the Attorney General won't allow it now.

The law fraternity of the global powerful industrialists must not weaken and corrupt this jurisdiction, or reinterpret the definition of genocide through covert and overt operations. The Rome Statute in my opinion; is the 'Book of the Lamb' and must be fulfilled. Those who oppose and or corrupt it will be judged eventually. Cultural Diversity and Divinity of Nationals is integral for a holistic United Nations and greater than any industrialist or corporation driven state. The Indigenous Nations and Peoples are due their ownership of their Divine Providence and co-existence with the natural environment and a civilised Australian Nation.

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What has become of the last ten years?

1. The Indigenous First Nations Tribes and Clans "officially" exist for the first time.
2. The political symbolic and token Aboriginal incorporated structure the government imposed, shows statutory aggression and perverted want.
3. The long waited (50 years) Anti Genocide Legislation is now in our Common Law.
4. Nothing came out of the last ten years of Native Title for the Indigenous Peoples.
5. Is there going to be an International Transformation Case, or more of the same Genocide Jurisdiction now shaping the Law through incorporated common law and symbolism.
6. More so, where will this leave the Indigenous Peoples customs, gardens, cultures and their Justification of Divine Providence if there's not a case to set things right.
7. The democratic walks across the bridges shows overwhelming want for a Treaty and True Reconciliation.

8. The International Criminal Court (with a clause attached) has been ratified!

The Beginning is - Detente, I.C.C. Legal Case, Referendum to change the constitution, Pay the Rent - Treaty in the Constitution; healing and forgiveness!

The litigation process has begun once again.

Uncle Kevin kicked off on May 9 and Robbie on the 26 of May 2003.

Any ongoing information can now be obtained from the web site.

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Consent or what

It is now the middle of 2004 and many things have happened since putting pen to paper last. The main events that have occurred are the formation of the Elders in Council from Inherit Territories in Victoria.
Denis Walker and Robbie started up the traditional Sacred Treaty Circles for sorting out the unfinished business amongst their people and communities.

The fall of A.T.S.I.C.; and the mainstreaming of Aboriginal services, leading up to the next Federal election in October.

The Premier Stephen Bracks announcement of, "Aborigines win land recognition, and symbolic recognition of Aboriginal people in the Victorian Constitution".

Uncle Kevin's litigation over the Coat Of Arms and Jurisdiction of the Indigenous Nations Sovereignty, as litigators prepare for I.C.C. intervention: The President of the I.C.C. accepts Len's application of Indigenous litigators, for update see;

Robbie, Clare and Fantom have been running a new radio show called Fire First being broadcast every Friday morning (moved to prime time Wednesday) on 3CR community radio and simulcast with Kool and Deadly Koori radio and Internet stream. Many issues are being brought to the attention of community radio listeners as the show gains momentum. These are not necessarily in order. ------

Indigenous Stolen Generations: Stolen wages, child endowment, wills or any financial advantage came to light on mainstream radio news, no information on the TV.

Redfern Riots, police accused of chasing and killing a young Aboriginal Man, Hickey. Aboriginal Tent Embassy sets up in Sydney to seek Justice for the death of the young Aboriginal man. One month later the Embassy camp was removed by force.

Inquisitors - Inquest found that the police were not at fault, although many witnesses saw the chase and the man hit.

250 Police raid Redfern and arrest over one hundred people, looking for so called heroin dealers - blame the victims. On the same day a standoff outside the Aboriginal Health Service in Fitzroy Melbourne between police and Aboriginal people. (Intimidation)

Disenfranchised A.T.S.I.C. members form a political party called Your Voice, which will be typical of political correctness and the National interest of the LAW.

There have been in Melbourne many protests, marches, meetings and voices of Indigenous Peoples making fundamental speeches on issues, by standing up to be heard. But the Media and Politicians are very quiet, as usual.

26 / 6 / 04 Thursday night S.B.S. news presented a good decision made by the United Nations. Kofi Annan said in front of the World, meanwhile very quite on mainstream new, "the War in Iraq is an illegal war and the U.N. cannot give any exception to American troops for war crimes". However in real terms this applies to the Leaders of America.

George Bush defends himself over no weapons of mass destruction blaming agencies meanwhile John Howard has been mixing his election campaign with army colours and has upset the Military institution. In 2005 January no W.M.D. found, Inspectors give up search - no comment from coalition leaders.

Saddam Hussan to stand trial in Iraq, for Genocide, not the International Criminal Court; this would protect the power brokers involved in his crimes against humanity and disallows proper precedent in I.C.C. case law.

The Governor General and Australia invalidated by the British High Court.

The House of Lords to be disbanded, seen to be a non - democratic institution.

The International Commission of Jurist examines Australia. I.C.J. Legal Resource Centre-internet.

Tasmanian Aboriginal Leader Michael Mansell calls for Aboriginal Government. As Robbie said on Fire First we have been there and tried that so why would there be any change of that now. Aunty Sue holds a traditional camp of the Jarra People at a location near Bendigo for discussions on the Black G.S.T. The Police busted up the gathering, which will continue. See Black GST website

Aboriginal Tent Embassy firebombed for the third time. Is this not Terrorism under the law?

John Howard reshuffles cabinet days before Daryl Williams was due to answer questions in court on their Jurisdiction and Consent over the use of the Kangaroo and Emu on the Coat of Arms.

Indigenous Jalung Artefacts (The Barks) from a British Museum on display in Victoria were claimed by the Traditional Owners and may cause a legal case over consent, jurisdiction and perpetuated genocide.

Ongoing discussion and updates from Len about Uncle Kevin's litigation. See website.

Yorta Yorta people become Victoria's first "Indigenous Settlers".

The Victorian Government bill to amend the Constitution so to symbolically recognise "Aboriginal" people in the Preamble of the Constitution, while giving no new legal rights or cause of action in the courts, began in this Session of the Spring Parliament. The Bill went in with support of both parties, but has not come back for a second time and may not while the Supreme Court in Canberra is in want of a legal decision over a document, treaty or agreement for consensual jurisdiction over the Indigenous Nations.

Germaine Greer speaks up for Indigenous Peoples.

The Court overturns decision on Geoff Clark pub brawl. John Howard wants to appeal the decision.

Conference, Genocide in Australia held at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.

Litigation over taking back the Coat of Arms is in the Supreme Court. The Judges are saying the Constitution would need to be changed by Referendum for the Court to question its Supremacy over Indigenous Sovereignty. Len makes the Judge aware that there is no Impunity under I.C.C. jurisdiction.

Indigenous Health worsens and has been compared to the horrific conditions of the neglected provinces in China. Indigenous Nations are kept and nothing has changed for the better, only gotten worse while the Nation of Australia has moved forward with a massive economical surplus.

Study shows racism ripe in Gippsland Victoria, no Indigenous people are being employed by the private sector, only government jobs.

Government raid 12 / 11 / 04 for documents concerning Noel Pearson, not wanting to disband A.T.S.I.C. (white politics)

N.I.C. new handpicked National Indigenous Council without any form of customary consent or democratic elected process.

John Howard makes changes to the Native Title Act to allow Freehold Title on reserve land in the Northern Territory.

A riot at Palm Island North Queensland - Doomadgee an Indigenous traditional leader dies in Custody, another political cover up.

John Howard establishes Mutual Obligation contracts for "Aboriginal" funding.

K.K.K members threaten Indigenous people living in shanty - town Queensland.

N.S.W. State Government plans to push ahead with the redevelopment of Red Fern.

Author, Arundhati Roy, accuses Australia of Genocide.

Government is to abolish Community Development Programs 2005.

Redfern - Young man Hicky Foundation established to reopen the case.

Palm Islanders calling for independent inquiry because of ongoing murder cover up of Doomadgee. Refer to the book by Jeff Waters - Gone for a Song; ABC Books.

C.E.R.D. the Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination condemns the Australian Government over the last three years.

Government Health funding has only increased the detriment in Indigenous communities.

The Black G.S.T. and Stolen-wealth Games (Commonwealth Games) is an ongoing exposure to show up Australia to the World.

Many issues are being exposed on Fire First and the Black G.S.T. shows. Fire First has taken a prime time slot and expanded to an hour show as more people take on board the truth. This section of my book can only grow and grow, but I need to finish somewhere for now. (Uncle Kevin went back into court 30 / 3 / 2005 for police charges not the Writ).


The Symbolic recognition of Aboriginal People in the Preamble of the Constitution; is a very important issue and warrants another letter to 10 top sitting members in the Spring Session of Parliament.

To Premier Stephen Bracks: Minister Gavin Jennings; and all responsible Ministers at the Spring Session of Parliament. I voiced this letter on Fire First radio.

Re: Symbolic recognition of "Aboriginal" People in the Constitution.

Please take Notice:
The Victorian Constitution was established without the consent or consultation of the Aboriginal people of Victoria. The peremptory Customary Norm for consent comes from the Elders in Council of their inherit territories exercising customary law.

Now as in the past you are in denial of the above Customary process and proper consent. Minister Jennings has witness the reformation of the Elders from inherit territories in Melbourne last April, pledging his support for their meeting. (No consultation with the Elders)

It appears the Government has only exercised an intention to furnish the Doctrine of Dispossession retrospectively from the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius using a continuing Genocide Jurisdiction and so to sophisticate the Constitution for only assimilation and tokenism. (From in house consultation)

Take notice that these imposed amendments to the constitution are without Consent and Genocidal and misleading. "Where there is no consent there is no Jurisdiction". "Where there is no right to negotiate [amended N.T.Act] there cannot be consent or Jurisdiction forthcoming from the proper Elders" that parliament ignores. (Denial is your foundation of perpetuating Australia's genocidal jurisdiction and worldly precedent as such)

Typical non-response - "They" note my concerns. Date, 20 / 8 / 2004.

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Rob named the radio show Fire First, because as Rob puts it; Fire being the first Lore. As with the Sacred Fire that Uncle Kevin Buzzicote established at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in 1998 now burns across Australia and will continue to slowly grow the unfinished business through the lores and customs of the First Nations. The radio show is all about the truth and missing education, it's about Pre - empting the political sophistry of our Government and Media, so to fully inform the public on what is really happening in Indigenous Affairs and is getting great support. I'm amazed the government haven't shut the show down.

I'm a not so confident speaker on the show. My work is still mainly concentrated around finishing this book as curiosity grows by friends for a complete copy.

I have added a historical time line below, which gives a general understanding of what has taken place. It is very important to have an understanding of where we come from and where we are heading and what is controlling the Nation of Australia. The question is do Australians want to be governed by a One World Order controlled by Corporations? Australia might be a small Nation, but its Constitutional building plays a fundamental roll in what is and is not acceptable in the world, when applying international law and convention to its common law: Moreover, applying international law and convention to the First Nations Peoples, while there is no Treaty with the First Nations Elders. Consecutive Governments have been hell bent on establishing its own form of Aboriginal Regimes and now symbolic recognition in the Constitution, leaving International Law and Convention open to abuse and manipulation.

The whole global conspiracy is relying on establishing Constitutional Order for the operation of Corporations within the Nation State. Australia has the needed criminal Constitutional perspective for this, by side lining First Nations as symbolic Aboriginal people in the Preamble of the Constitution Act, while no Treaty exist. [Also the precedent for the amendment to the Federal Constitution] The New World Order Constitutional power will be tied into the Executive Powers of their Constitution. Premier Bracks Government is the leader in stealing Indigenous Providence and taking full control of every aspect of Indigenous Sovereignties through the Constitution and Corporations Powers.

It is very important to understand who the New World Order is and how to deal with them from a democratic community action stance. They are the World Bank and the I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund) and the G.8 grown to be the G. 20 (Illuminati - Bohemian Grove secret societies) and Trilateral or the American Foreign Relation Commission. What's happening in Iraq is the "old school of Imperialism" perspective of Government for the whole Middle East, whether the Indigenous people like it or not. It is but the same pre - emptive standard of invasive government of which Indigenous Nations here and around the world are being forced to accept and live under the One World Order or Government. When I say perspective, I mean it is done through the thinking of industrial supremacy of state and likeminded natives, where foreign power brokers create puppet governments. To have a Perspective in real terms means to have a consensual agreement between all parties, especially with the First Nations Peoples to move forward in a future partnership and relationship. A True perspective can maintain peace and security of the whole international community.

The Republic debate in Australia relies on the theme that the Sovereignty lies with the people and a State is ruled by the People. However does the definition of people mean all people, or a type of people? So where do the Fist Nations Peoples stand in this definition of the people? The Republic movement stated clearly a Treaty would be essential before becoming an official Republic. The Native Title 10 Point Plan is formulated to make First Nations Peoples into Aboriginal people as does the Preamble of the Victorian Constitution Act.

This is two faced politic, which hides the real debate from mainstream Australians, while governments create common law regimes without a Treaty and fraudulent symbolic recognition in the constitution. Fraudulent recognition because, the Government and its appointed Head of State refuse to recognise the Inherit Elders sitting in Council, exercising self determination.

This two faced and pre-emptive Government standard of Britain, America and Australia is historical and of the Free Industrialist driven by greed - capitalism, religion and the Private Sector - Industrialism as they set the design of the One World Government that might very well get total control the United Nations eventually. The Peoples of the World will be continually subjected to their Genocide Jurisdiction for the purposes of the Elite's Corporations. SO BEWARE OF THE SYMBOLIC RECOGNITION OF ABORIGINAL PEOPLE IN THE CONSTITUTION AS A STATE PRECEDENT OF INDUSTRIAL GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

This is a time line of fundamental change from the First Crusade 1090;

1215 A.D. the Magna Charta began the Parliament of the House of inherit Lords and House of Commons giving freedom to the Individual and his Heirs. The King no longer had total power.

1248 A.D. the Roman Catholic Church Inquisition against heresy continued until 1835 - "official settlement" of Australia; precedent of how laws are still made!

1300 A.D. the Renaissance helped lead to the Reformation in 1517. Renaissance Fr. a revival, a birth of Art, Literature, Architecture and Learning in Europe, 14th, 15th, 16th, centuries.

1309 A.D. the Inquisition appeared in England when Edward 11 accepted Papal inquisitors to take part in the trials which led to the suppression of the Templar's.

1451 - 1504 A.D. Isabella of Castile has credit for the Spanish Inquisition and Columbus adventure for the New World.

1492 - 1509 A.D. English colonial expansion from which Empire and Commonwealth were to grow began after the discovery of the new world.

1509 A.D. the Discovery of the New World, by Columbus of Spain R.C.C.

1517 A.D. the Reformation - R.C.C. the action of Martin Luther split the Roman Catholic Church into denominations of the Church over the R.C.C. doctrines and selling of indulgences and dispensation for a doctrine of justification, also of the new colonies of England.

1534 A.D. The Act of Supremacy, King became supreme head of a new national church - English Church reunited to the Church of Rome 1549 - 1552. Queen Elizabeth 1 restored the Reformed Church, and by an Act of Supremacy of 1559 she was made Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

1607 A.D. the English founded their first permanent settlement at Jamestown, Virginia.

1649 A.D. the Commonwealth was established. King Charles 1 beheaded and Lord Protectorate Cromwell's Rump Parliament took control. Britain, Ireland and Scotland began the Commonwealth.

1662 A.D. King Charles 11 founded the Royal Society. Charles 11 greatest service to his country was his support of colonial development already under Charles 1 and Cromwell. Charles 11 on his death bed announced his membership of the Roman Catholic Church.

1713 A.D. the Treaty of Utrecht acknowledged the New World as British. [Commonwealth]

1714 A.D. George 1 the Crown of England and Scotland first Liberal Parliament with a Prime Minister. George 1 a German could not speak English and was no more than a figurehead. The King no longer attended Cabinet meetings. A new era in the British Constitution had begun.

1717 A.D. Ancient Masonry revival for Freemasonry in England. (Mysterious force) where it changed its name to Freemasonry through the Heirs attributing it to Epochs - Old Testament prior to Jesus. Refer to section on Hebrew manuscript and also see Moneylenders and Usury, Jewry, Zionism. See Internet - White Supremacy.

1721 A.D. Sir Robert Walpole Britain's first Prime Minister.

1738 A.D. Pope Clement X11 and consecutive Popes Constitutionally condemned Freemasonry up to the end of the Second World War. But not other secret societies.

1765 A.D. the Industrial Revolution officially began.

1770 A.D. the lie of Terra - Nullius was declared over the Indigenous Nations of Pama. New World Order precedent.

1775-1783 A.D. War of American Independence, resulting in the loss of 13 American [slave] colonies and foundation of the United States of America. Also separated from the Commonwealth where Britain had to grant Independence as the United States of America through the Paris Treaty. [Precedent for Statehood] Georgia was founded in 1733 on the Savannah by the British General Oglethorpe as a Philanthropic experiment to settle white Caucasian debtors who must otherwise have languished in English prisons - good for cotton growing and one of many slave transportation States.

1776 A.D. Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati as the controllers of Freemasonry. The Illuminati also saw to the end of King Rulers for Parliaments.

1782 A.D. Attempts to occupy Australia as the North American colonies gained their independence in 1782 (see American Independence). Until then Britain had been in the habit of transporting most of their convicts to work on the American plantations. 1788 the First Fleet of nine transports carrying 828 convicts of whom 300 were woman, and escorted by two warships arrived in Botany Bay.

In contrasting the development of North and South America; it is also important to note that South America was chiefly colonised by Spaniards and Portuguese (catholic), who did not regard the New World primarily as a land to be settled, but as a treasure - house to be exploited.

1823 A.D. American Doctrine of Manifest Destiny and Special Virtue of white supremacy - the closed door policy of President Monroe to keep European colonial powers out. American Civil War ends slavery 1861-1865 and President Franklin Roosevelt Corollary - 'Open Door' policy 1933-1945 Atlantic Charter.

1830 A.D. the potent force of colonisation and the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny is perhaps best exemplified by the policies of President Andrew Jackson, his 1830 Indian Removal Act.

The Protectorate system for Aborigines 1830 in Victoria, removal and missionisation coincides with England, America and Europe's Manifest Destiny of white supremacy and industrial expansion.

1830 A.D. the French Revolution ends the last of King rulers in Europe for Parliamentary rule and Freedom -Freemasonry - Illuminati.

1830 A.D. Slavery was abolished in Europe.

1835 and 1828 A.D. the Black War in Tasmania - Robinson's Treaty promised and not fulfilled. In 1835 Batemans Treaty over a part of Victoria was annulled by Governor Bourke. This knowingly shows Crown denial of Indigenous Sovereign rights and many battles and wars.
1835 A.D. official "settlement" began in Victoria.

1835 A.D. the Roman Catholic Inquisition ends.

1847 A.D. Terra - Nullius became colonial law endorsed by the New South Wales Supreme Court, because no office was found in the Natives possession. Using the Crown Supremacy Act.

1835-1851 A.D. Darwin's Theory of Evolution and reconstituted into the social ladder of white supremacy by 1851.

1851 A.D. the first colonial Constitution Act Victoria - precedent for the colonies to develop into States of Australia.

1865 A.D. American Civil War and the end of slavery.

1870 A.D. the formation of the German Imperial Empire. Germans were strong in Australia and stood for Australians for Australia not the Crown.

1901 A.D. the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, and White Australia policy.

1913 A.D. the First World War

1936 A.D. the Second World War - See 1738 A.D.

1945 A.D. the establishment of the United Nations.

1947 A.D. the international ratification of the Genocide Convention.

1966 A.D. the end of the Roman Catholic Inquisition.

1975 A.D. the constitution act to officially allow statehood and obligation to fulfil International Customary Law Norms.

1986 A.D. Independence of Australia and Privatisation.

1994 A.D. Privatisation, incorporation and confirmation of the Constitution Act.

1999 A.D. the Aboriginal tent Embassy forces decision in the Federal Court for Anti Genocide legislation to be implemented into common law.

2000 A.D. Referendum to become a Republic or not 'Constitutional Change', failed.

2002 A.D. Parliament implements Anti Genocide Legislation with clause attached.
2004 A.D. symbolic recognition of "Aboriginal people" in the Constitution.

2007 A.D. change of Government to the Labor Party without change to the Liberal Howard law standards made against the First Nations Peoples.

2009 A.D. America gets a black President, Barack Obama. Bush, Blair and Howard gone and leave the world in an economical mess and wars.

This time line and information in this book helps explain how Australia was establishment and could be developed much further. Wars, Conquest, the Industrial Revolution and the Crusades continue today whether it is in, Iraq, Palestine, Australia or any Industrial frontier.
Some Corporations; Dynasties and Secret Societies seek to control the world as they see fit.

Refer to the Book of Knowledge. First edition 1922 - Sixth edition 1959.

Oxford Companion of Australian History - 1999.
Internet search engine.

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Never Ending

Uncle Kevin's case saw a week of very bias and intense argument. Len explained the case on radio - Fire First the week after the decision. Len once again did an amazing tough talk trying to convince the jury of fundamental norms such as jurisdiction, consent, International customary norms, genocide, complicity in genocide, the I.C.C. jurisdiction, terra-nullius, and especially the jury being complicit in crimes against humanity or sophisticating genocide further. When Len would try to argue the case over the Kangaroo and Emu the prosecutor would but in by saying irrelevant your Honour and using Australian law to dismiss what the real argument was about!

The Judge of course had to instruct the jury on the law and praised Uncle Kevin with respect to his rights, but asked the jury to decide their verdict within Australian law. Uncle Kevin got a good behaviour bond for 6 months the most lenient penalty available under Australian law. The Transcript of the seventh day in court where Uncle Kevin spoke about his spiritual totems and lore and many other genocides was not available with the transcript. The Truth is what they don't want people to know and that is why writing this book is so important!

The Black G.S.T. campaigned was launched to coincide with the Commonwealth Games, which has been rightfully called the Stolen-wealth Games! The Fire First Radio show (3CR - 855) has the community and radio station a buzz over the message Indigenous bring to Melbourne through the Black G.S.T. and what it means. Indigenous people came from all over Australia to the Stolen-wealth Games to support and express their rights over these fundamental issues; that real politic still shun!

Kings Domain Park was the chosen location for Camp Sovereignty where Boonuwrung representatives and Indigenous representatives from many First Nations gathered. The event was a drug free camp, a healing camp and an unfinished business camp. Camp Sovereignty projected hope, identity and away forward; as one lad said, 'I slept the whole night for the first time in 6 months and was without the aid of drugs! Blackfellas who live on the street are now off the drugs and on a healing path'.

The Queen had an opportunity to meet with many First Nations Elders when she arrived in Melbourne. One Elder from north east NSW stood in the hot sun for 3 hours without the slightest response from the Queen or acknowledgement of the new formed Elders Council of Victoria that Minister Jennings said he supported.

The Queen should be ashamed of herself and her statement in the Age newspaper the next day; she only made praise for our status in the world, while saying; Aboriginal people should transcend! What's that mean assimilate?

Kings Domain Park is where the last gathering of Indigenous people took place in 1840's during invasion, as Robbie told; a responsible place for the Scared Fire which was carried from the Tent Embassy in Canberra by Robert Cowara to Yorta Yorta country for ceremony and then onto Boonurung country for ceremony at Kings Domain Park, and is finding its way over Australia and the world.

The International Media was mopping it up at camp sovereignty. Camp Sovereignty was calling for Premier Bracks and Jennings the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs to come to the camp. Marches and lots more were planned; An Aboriginal flag to go on the Ericka building; a march to Captain Cooks' cottage placing a ribbon around the building and classifying the historic building a crime scene; call for an Apology from the Queen, many activities, speeches, smoking ceremonies each day for anyone who wished to take part in customising themselves, talk sessions, cultural events, workshops, traditional cooking, song, dance and much more.

Attracting International Media to the issues of the Black G.S.T. was an objective, while trying to educate the mainstream community. The Black G.S.T. has for many years prior to the games been a growing movement and will continue to grow here and around the world.

The local Media has been running hot: The true colours of politicians, certain radio hosts, news papers and T.V. are out in force inciting the pretence of typical historical propaganda to have any reminder of camp sovereignty removed - news paper achieves show much of the racist language used throughout records, to prevent Indigenous people from gaining self - determination and especially traditional integrity verses the terra-nullius status quo!

Andrew Bolt reporter for the Herald Sun and Neil Mitchell a radio host had their say 16th and 12th April 2006 and sing the same tune as Prime Minister Howard, political Wurrundjeri elder Ian Hunter, former Premier Jeff Kennett, environment Minister Ian Campbell, acting Premier John Thwaites, opposition leader Robert Doyle, former R.S.L. Boss Bruce Ruxton and others who lead the charge against Indigenous Spirituality - Religion and the Lore and message their fire carries.

Mr. Mitchell or any of the above people did not go and sit down at the Fire or even attempt to ask for an interview, where Minister Gavin Jennings actually went to the Sacred Fire and with fork tough spoke of a Bill of Rights and a Treaty. He said; he would also keep open communications with the Black G.S.T. organisers. This was political window dressing! But Mitchell like other who shut out the real First Nations Peoples perspectives only frustrate and blame the victim is so typical rhetoric of history. Mitchell said; 'when Robbie Thorpe uses words like invasion, genocide and evil'. Mitchell turns it into a 'missed opportunity to talk sense, to embrace some basic logic! Goes on to say; Robbie is not from this area, but I know he has links through his family tree! Mitchell spins it up further by saying; Robbie takes welfare and other benefits, all to discredit him in the public view. This is not true and goes to show how it works against Indigenous people. I've never known Robbie to be on welfare and in any case what does he mean? In a lot of cases welfare is not a choice!

Mitchell should have checked his information before he tried to convince the public if anybody else tried setting up a camp they would be removed immediately. The G.S.T. organisers set up the camp under the cultural heritage act with the government approving it! Then he goes on to say; 'Aborigines like them want one law for the black race and another for the rest, he uses words like apartheid and calls them barbarians and worse! "Our media make it racist!" If Mr. Mitchell and others actually had along logical discussion with Robbie or Elders from the Tent Embassy they might realise that customary lore is superior and without it common law can never be a settled law or justify occupation of this country!

John Howard the Prime Minister said in a news paper article 'the camp must go, as with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, it should be dealt with quickly now the Commonwealth Games are over. If its left as the Canberra experience is instructive' - it stays he said. (Tent Embassy fire bombed again) The dozy of them all is the type of attack Andrew Bolt uses; Thorpe says he is an Aboriginal Elder though he has more British blood than our ethnic Major Johnson or me! Andrew Bolt is not involved with the Indigenous community and as he said, Bolt has no Aboriginal blood and has no qualification to judge Indigenous people or history!

These sophists must realise in a normal situation when you are born in a country you become part of the people of that land. However an act of superiority or an act of state with much unfinished business, no Treaty and a Constitution that still relies on the lie and fiction of Terra-Nullius, to proceed to Dispossess the First Nations Sovereignties via an "overturned" doctrine of Terra-Nullius; he can never justify his statement. War was declared in some cases and abdication was never sort, while treaties have never been made to officially end this horrendous injustice; with a history of all forms of Genocide enforced upon the First Nations Peoples this does not give these tall poppies validity or jurisdiction over them or to speak like they do, unless they are barbarians themselves.

I am sure those sophist's have family trees and value their inherent linage. Even though Anglo - Saxons have mixed their blood: they don't call themselves half cast or measure how diluted their blood is! They still claim nationhood back to their home lands and can maintain a multicultural integrity, while hanging shit on Aboriginal people.

What about Indigenous integrity to exist and maintain their identity as they see it in their home lands? First Nations matriarchal and patriarchal systems of marriage still exist in a war torn fashion, so when white colonisers have only married up Indigenous women and not married into their families and countries; while white women never married up Indigenous men and in general undeclared war exists on them, it shows the racist struggle that continues for Indigenous men and women to have a normal life in their own customary ways and how these institutionalised obfuscators still keep Indigenous people in stereo type boxes for white supremacy sake!

The T V series called the First Australians on S B S shows how the State and Church miss used their powers in an obfuscation way by applying Measures (Special Measures) to slowly destroy Indigenous Peoples Providence for our Industrial Providence that could look to some Aboriginal people to be obtainable and the only way for survival, but the under lying racism and formal education would not allow such advancement of "Aborigines". Trophies and Tokenism of Aboriginal advancement happened politically only as window dressing, so that the most holocaustic genocide ever in the world could be kept hidden and appease the conscience of white Australians. So what's changed when the media today run similar campaigns that only recognise the right to assimilate using racially discriminatory laws and measures of past treatment now called Special Measures to give government a fraudulent immunity from fulfilling the Four Norms of International Customary Law, with in a Treaty with the First Nations Elders and Lore! Or is it still war?

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The Final Solution

It's been a few years since putting pen to paper. I thought conditions on the ground for Indigenous people would improve immensely since the Anti Genocide Convention was made law in 2002, even possibly the proper unfinished business of Sovereignty and Treaty might eventuate in an integral way as well.

By the time the Howard government lost office in late 2007 and with the Emergence Intervention into the Northern Territory under way, I was starting to believe that International law was weak and subliminally in on what Mr. Howard did while in Office; 'as I wrote about'.

Listening to Fire First radio program one morning was when I found out the Anti Genocide Act is still sitting on the floor of the Parliament and the Racial Discrimination Act has again been suspended, 'as Robbie put it! This is true in around about way which politics are so sophisticated at doing. Now once again government has lied and used deception to keep the subliminal frontier of Terra-Nullius / Dispossession moving forwards.

Keeping in mind the then Prime Minister Howard refused to recognise the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, the Declaration of Reconciliation, the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples or a Treaty, Government irresponsibility to the four Norms of International Customary Law and used a political 10 point plan to extinguish Native Title before he announced on the 21 / 6 / 07 an Emergency Intervention into the Northern Territory based on child abuse and violence in Indigenous communities: Which I believe and is being proven to be based on a false report (Little Children are Sacred Report and ongoing through a mindful Board of Inquiry) and no real changes or advancement for Indigenous people will come of it. The soul intention of Government is to Upgrade Land Title [to a State] and force mainstream assimilation upon them using the 10 Point Plan and the same measures used throughout Australia's history.

In the last 16 years Indigenous communities have been bomb barded with rhetoric of Native Title, Reconciliation and Dispossession to no benefit for them, leaving most Indigenous people feeling worse than ever before. This imposed political agenda has further worsened the mental and physical harm to the group or individuals that keeps the ongoing destruction of the First Nations Peoples and the environment in a permanent state of subtle forms of aggressive Genocide and Ecocide!

No Government has ever taken the time for real concerns of Indigenous communities belonging or rights, or Australia's abuses upon Indigenous children and adults experiences in general. The Stolen Generations and paedophilia has been rife throughout the institutionalisation of Indigenous children. Now it seems governments accuse the victims of being at fault to gain public support to intervene in their lives again and again!

Late last year 2007 the Rudd Labor Party was elected to office: Early this year 2008 Prime Minister Rudd did an Apology to the Stolen Generation for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and governments; I can tell you, obfuscation and sophistry are at full steam ahead. The Establishment is using all smoking guns and this is how it goes!

The Rudd Government has not repealed any of the laws John Howard made in his time in office; the only difference is instead of the Racial Discrimination Act being suspended, they now use the R.D.A. with a clause called Special Measures, which is the same thing; I will get to that in my letters at the rear of my book.

If this Government were going to do the right thing by Indigenous peoples they should negotiate with the Traditional Elders Council of Victoria and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy not create Aboriginal Bodies they invent: "They" could have also implemented their responsibility / liability in legislation of the Four Norms of International Customary Law in full, but they leave out the most important parts of these Conventions that would keep them honest and which gives them immunity from prosecution; which in turn lets the government use dirty tricks to shape the Norm of a "Domestic Treaty" to "settle Australia" without the Consent of the First Nations Elders and communities!

The intervention is again another political act to move Australia "forward" in the way history hides and the Gaps in the Constitution allows. Parliamentarians want to keep consistency of 238 years of Crown land title; meaning the Northern Territory will go through land title upgrade! And needs window dressing to do it because the public would not stand for it otherwise, also it's what they don't talk about is what their really doing!

John Howard said at the Reconciliation Convention in 1997 before participants stood up and turned their back on him; 'the 10 Point Plan is not about upgrading land title'. Well Kevin Rudd may Condone that because he is using Mr. Howards work and he said in his Apology; 'he has established a Bi partisan war cabinet to bring on constitutional conformity of land title and housing in the N.T.' (housing is an old catch cry where the service industry sucks up the money and Aboriginal people get the blame for wasting it)

Conformity of Land Title means Upgrading land title for a National Standard that Victoria has set and is called the "National Interest"; not in the First Nations Interest. (See Victoria Land Title Validation Act 1999 internet). Political right wing catch cry of economics, centralisation and privatisation sets the corporate and civil structure regardless of what Justification Indigenous Nations are due.

Native Title has become a manipulated act to give governments authority (not real jurisdiction) in the "National Interest" as the law. Native Title is an International Treaty Norm; the government and its executive made a Native Title Treaty with the United Nations and delivered a domestic form of Native Title, so to develop a "domestic Aboriginal Nations Native Title Groups" that government set up and control every aspect of! (This deems First Nations - as immigrants of national, racial, religious or ethnic groups, not Sovereign Nations of Australia)

These Victorian National Standards will see all of Australia under the same corporate and civil structure eventually. This covert Terra-Nullius - Polity of Australian Independence will do whatever it takes by lying and deceiving the public, while gaining support from the public to achieve the Final Solution through this so called Emergency Intervention and at the same time reinterpret the meaning of genocide, racial discrimination, slavery, torture and terrorism!

Fire First 3CR Radio have for the last year been exposing the Intervention for what it really is, figures show there is 0.25 % of child abuse in the Northern Territory and is far less than anywhere else in the whole country, while mainstream and institutionalised abuse on Indigenous generations are not reported by the Media past or present. There's more Paedophilia on the Mornington Peninsula and no intervention here, which racially discriminates against Indigenous people.

Quarantining of welfare payments, alcohol bans, food vouchers for shopping in designated centres, school attendance, winding back bilingual languages, deeming communities unviable, removing children or not, staying out of trouble. These demands are aggressive aims to centralise Indigenous people into large towns for food and to comply too the welfare system; if a child is removed from its parents, the parent or parents (not removed to extended family) would have to show they have a job, a house and are drug free to get their children back - removal generation! These tactics would open up the land for mining etc., so Privatisation and Centralisation can happen for Aboriginal people and the land and means; assimilation into incorporated Native Title Groups who without the right to negotiate or necessarily have traditional owners in the Land Council are supposed to build partnerships with mining companies and national parks; Amalgamation of Shire Councils will see the closure of Indigenous local community councils; also to close C.D.P. - Community Development Programs structures and open Mining Company Training Centres. C.D.P. may be reintroduced, but what changes will be made to it.

The change of Government does not seem to have turned the Intervention around and with an Apology at the fore front Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is not negotiating with the appropriate First Nations Traditional Owners; while there is lots of rhetoric and double talk of preserving the integrity of the R.D.A. and looking at the implications of the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; also talk of setting up another "Aboriginal Representative Body" and reworking the Native Title Act. The Prime Minister has said nothing about a Detente or a Treaty so to look forward at becoming a Republic: None of these changes have any consent or integrity without the participation of the Traditional Owners of the First Nations - Tent Embassy. To turn the Intervention around; the Government in agreement with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy could declare a Detente, so to sort out this historical mess for the whole of Australia! Why has the Government left "Article 4" of the Genocide Convention out of law and made it illegal only for the Public? People can't carry out Genocide or continued subtle forms of it; it takes a government or powerful people to commit crimes like those! [Traditional Owner means, their full rights to Customary Lore]

Watching Late Line News 20 / 6 / 08 with two dear friends, Mick and Jill in the N.E. of Tasmania; Jill is editing my book and Mick is an Indigenous Elder from Pyemmairener - north east Tasmania, Cape Baron Island and the Bunuwrung Nation where I was born on the Mornington Peninsula. Mick does not get involved in the business of the Aboriginal Land Council because as he said, it does not represent him or his culture! When Jill has finished the correction of my story and a quick trip down to Coles Bay to catch up with an old friend, I will do the edit along the way as I head back home and hopefully by the end of November I can give Robbie and other appropriate Elders a copy. It turned out we launched the Other Side of the Coin on the Radio Fire First program late 2008 and fingers crossed with some more editing, the Internet and a Publisher in early 2009!

With major rallies against the Intervention about to take place around Australia; Mal Brough the ex Minister for Aboriginal Affairs was on the News in support of his and John Howards Intervention the night before the protests were due the next day. Mal Brough was making a lexicon for their former government over the intervention; it is a qualified opinion their approach was to suspend the R.D.A. and move in the Army and Police to make their political reforms into 73 communities based on a false and misleading report, but he said, 'they could not proceed without cooperation of the Elders'. If re elected they would have proceeded using their "advisers" regardless of what the Elders or communities had to say and called it a Mandate!

Politically "aliened Aboriginal" and non Aboriginal speakers in support of Rudd's version of the Intervention are right on two aspects of what they say; it is true that Indigenous conditions of life need urgent attention all over Australia and government have a "responsibility" to fix and maintain a "consensual" solution: But without the Tent Embassy and the Black G.S.T. Parliamentarians can "legally" as history shows why First Nations Peoples are living in these neglected conditions of life; is because one government to the next can change the rules without obligations to a legal norm called a Treaty which our ambiguous constitution allows and GREEDY capitalism enjoys, while shaping the Final Solution "their" way!

Over the last 11 months I have been determined to finish writing this book; starting with the Rudd apology, which again the new government placed over the top of an organised protest rally against the Intervention, pre organised by the N.A.A. on the 12th of Feb. 2008 in Canberra outside of Parliament House. The Government and Media flooded over the top of the Indigenous protest on purpose so to keep public support for the Howard - Rudd Intervention. See

I wrote five fundamental letters to 14 of our representatives to get clarification of concerns of what the Rudd Government might do; as we are being lead into a time of change of world status to be a Republic and an integral Nation, or not, in a Global Neighbourhood!
These letters and responses end my story, however make up this book:
1. Pre Apology:
2. Detente Cabinet or War Cabinet:
3. Constitutional Building:
4. Attorney General - 3 questions:
5. Governor General - Treaty / Republic:

This book is for educating the public before we have a Plebiscite to become a Republic or not. All profits will go to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy so to help resource very important litigation in the I.C.C. and to help Indigenous communities to become fully informed of their real rights!

Information and major issues keep raising their heads, so I need to enter some more detailed info before my letters and reference: On the 23 / 11 / 08 A.B.C. T.V. 7.30 Report, Kerry Obrien questioned the Aboriginal Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin over commitment, time line and progress in the Northern Territory. Minister Macklin gave ambiguous answers, no time line and only thing she really had to say was 750 houses will be built while still talking up the so called child abuse theory!

On the 30 / 11 / 08 the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in partnership with Andrew Foresight of Fortescue Metal and 15 other companies announced their Covenant on Employment for Aboriginal people to create 50,000 jobs.

The 30 / 11 / 08 at 9.30 A.B.C. T.V. a program on the finding of the first 9 months of the Intervention into N.T: So far next to no child abuse has been found and the theme is changing from sexual abuse to poverty, a figure of 0.25 % was established and is probably the lowest anywhere in Australia. Fear and stereo type stigma has cause a lot of mental harm to Indigenous men and women; men feel like they're been branded paedophiles. There has been about 6 case of teenager having underage sex where the police have stepped in and laid charges. The program went on to say; all Aboriginal people are to go on the Dole because, C.D.P. Community Development Programs are cancelled, 50 % of dole money is automatically quarantined for food vouchers - meaning travelling great distances to Centre Link offices and designated shops. Alcohol bans are forcing alcoholics into towns and getting arrested for it as well as forcing alcoholics into dangerous places on the edges of towns near by busy roads etc: The Intervention has also deprived people from their Liberties and freedom of choice!

Put these three scenarios together and public criticism can become apathetic and Rudd's popularity stays at its high levels since elected. But in actual fact these jobs and the Intervention are designed to force Indigenous people off the land to open up the land grab for all types of mining and nuclear waste disposal and force some Aboriginal people into jobs! ("The Authorities cannot round them up anymore") "John Howards and now Kevin Rudd's Domestic Native Title 10 Point Plan extinguishment" is what this is all about! Most of these jobs will be in the Mining industry, Regional Forest "Agreements" and National Parks related work. C.D.P. goes for mining company training centres and there is no right to negotiate; quarantining welfare payments and other deprived liberties will force Indigenous people into these industries or times will get very hard.

How must this type of work affect the cultural values and identity of Indigenous people? Obviously if political propaganda of paedophiles is a strategy to racially discriminate against their primacy then forced labour and dispossession is of course the agenda of the Government and its Executive!

First Nations Traditional Owners exercising their Lores are disenfranchised through the government controlled Aboriginal Land Councils. This is a corporate structure that uses "environmental impact statements as the legal process" to justify mining which only assimilates and commonise the First Nations sovereign divine providence for the sake of greedy aberrant capitalists who need Terra-Nullius and the Dispossession process for their blind wealth and conformity of land title; and in the end the destruction of the natural environment now being called Global Warming!

The Intervention is only window dressing for another land grab as the same as any other time in history and whatever special measures were applied then or as now is the same intention!

This is why the Black G.S.T. is so important; because with Sovereign Land Councils and Treaties in place the land and culture can be protected from aggressive destruction and desecration and at the same time government business and commerce can co-exist to the benefit of all Australians and end this Political Holocaust!

Fire First Radio has exposed the manipulated Report on the Intervention into the Northern Territory by the Board of Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse and it is nothing like what the government and media are saying: While Lex Wotton from Palm Island an upstanding Indigenous Leader in his community is in jail as a political prisoner; he was targeted to be made an example of after a riot that took place when the death in custody of Doomadgee another up standing Indigenous Leader was killed by police.

"The Police officer who killed Doomadgee got a promotion to Supervisor and 100,000 dollars compensation for his trouble". There is a website called free Lex Wotton now - face book and a global movement over political prisoners in jail is shaping up with protest marches in Melbourne today, New Zealand and many other Capital Cities around the world; it will be an eye opener for the "civilised world" if the multimedia put it on the News, and who knows this book might put me behind bars for telling the truth!

What happened to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide?

The Howard Government implemented the legislation nearly in "full" in 2002 and the Rudd Government sits on the implemented legislation without change, why? If they were doing the right thing it would be implemented into law in full! Implemented legislation is usually not retrospective meaning it can't be use for the past so "they" would be safe from prosecution if doing the right thing forwards! Both Governments have left out Article 4 the part which implicates "them" and have implemented a domestic version into common law where "they" have immunity and the Attorney General becomes the Prosecutor, while having first and final say on whether any charges can be laid in Australia. [Genocide is not a Jus Cogens Norm when in common law; it needs to be in the Constitution as a Treaty does]. It is a well known fact that the public usually don't have the resources to carry out or to create conditions for genocide or crimes against humanity if politics don't provide those "legal" conditions and in this case common law would not prevent politicians in relation to subtle forms of genocide or aggressive laws.

The Establishment has deemed First Nations Peoples as "Domestic" and this is how they get around fundamental Norms and Conventions of Jurisdiction, Racial Discrimination, Slavery, Torture, Genocide and Terrorism and use a lexicon called "Special Measures" which stems from the 1967 Referendum (C.E.R.D.) Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination by treating First Nations Peoples as immigrants; they have been classified as (domestic) national, racial, religious or ethnic groups and allows the legislator to not make separate laws for "Aboriginal people", as Section 51 xix, xxvi, xxvii, xxxi of the Constitution gives power to do!

There has been a huge manipulation of the meaning of words, to shape the "law" so to make laws for the First Nations Peoples disguised under the meaning of "Domestic", "Aboriginal" "Incorporation" and law made to make Indigenous mean the same as Aboriginal!

C.E.R.D. is a United Nations Treaty that came to be through the 67 Referendum; see Special Measures article 1 in response from the Attorney General's Department at rear of this book. As I have already said in this book the 67 Referendum is an old hat in a time of White Australia Policy, where white Australians voted for a precedent founded on race over race and domestic assimilation. Australia's track record of the last 41 years is shameful and lies go unchecked with fictions at the forefront!

There are major problems developing for Australia, because of the manipulation of having no Norms in relation to the U.N. Genocide Convention, the Racial Discrimination Act, the U.N. Convention on Slavery, the U.N. Convention on Torture, and the Doctrine of Terrorism, also the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Australian Declaration of Reconciliation, the U.N. Declaration on Universal Human Rights, the Australian Charter for a Bill of Rights, an Australian Republic and Australia's obligation to God, the First Nations and the International Community have been and might continue to be severely compromised since 1770 and worse since 1994 - 2000!

Australia's Jurisdiction and Constitutional values have a genocidal character and as far as I am concerned is in crisis! They're needs to be a Referendum of the People comprehensively based on the Truth and the Black G.S.T. to change the Constitution by all People for all Australian People! Prior to this Referendum litigation in the International Criminal Court should commence to set a legal case in chain for future perpetrators of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity - Genocide and Statutory Aggression in the World!

Taking issues to our Politicians or costly use of a Writ in the court system does not change the original intention of Terra-Nullius; or the historical trophy like people used for window dressing as is in the case of Indigenous Human Rights Commissioner Mr. Calma who is pressuring the government to recognise the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, while the Prime Minister Rudd and Minister Macklin dance around him and the Declaration.

When changes are in place; "they" will say the law is the law; they have all the resources at their disposal and can twist and turn any fundamental issue to suit "them". The Lies of continuing the Holocaust of Terra-Nullius must be sorted out through the truth; this will only benefit very one as a real Nation, the greedy aberrant are the ones who will feel the pinch and use their power to discredit me and this book. This book could be the catalyst for a referendum and litigation of the people to keep the truth and education on track. Australians do not need any more sophistry, obfuscation and lexical language, because in the end it will be detrimental to everyone and nature! Nature will re evolve after the destruction of the built world, because of global warming, greed, over population, wars, disease and pollution is why!

If the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd does not fulfil the lore of the First Nations and the International Community, then he is no better than history itself; but he needs a chance to right the wrongs and with a new Black President Barack Obama of the United States of America a new school of thought is in place, I am optimistic that good will come to the world. Whether Rudd is a dud or not there still remains an absolute need for a Peoples Movement for litigation and a referendum to take the Parliamentarian and their controllers to task, by exposing the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius for what it really means and what it's doing to all Indigenous Nations and the environment and all people around the Globe starting here in Australia since 1770!

It has been well documented that the First Nations 'Customary Lore is superior to the invading common law', because it sustained the longest living culture ever on earth and is all to do with the natural evolution of humanity and our spiritual connection to nature and God (our building blocks of all cultures)! Common law is for capitalism and exploitation of the natural environment and civil order! It is of sound opinion that a proper Treaty founded on the Black G.S.T. and Sacred Treaty Circles would allow Customary Lore to Customise Common law for the well being of all.

Check out Rome Statute; Doc. 9. Part 2 Jurisdiction, Admissibility and Applicable Law.

Article 5
Crimes within the Jurisdiction of the Court.

1. The jurisdiction of the court shall be limited to the most serious crimes of concern to the International community as a whole. The court has jurisdiction in accordance with this statute with respect to the following crimes.

a. The crime of genocide;
b. Crimes against humanity;
c. War crimes;
d. The crime of aggression;

2. The court shall exercise jurisdiction over the crime of aggression once a provision is adopted in accordance with Article 121 and 123 defining the crime and setting out the conditions under which the court shall exercise jurisdiction with respect to this crime. Such a provision shall be consistent with relevant provisions of the Charter of the United Nations.

Article 121

1. After the expiry of seven years from the entry into force of this statute, any state party may propose amendments thereto. The text to any proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Secretary General of the United Nations, who should promptly circulate it to all state parties.

3. The adoption of an amendment at a meeting of the Assembly of States Parties or at a Review Conference on which consensus cannot be reached shall require a two - third majority of states parties.

7. The Secretary - General of the United Nations shall circulate to all parties any amendments adopted at a meeting of the assembly of states parties or at a review conference.

Article 123
Review of the Statute.

Seven years after entry into force of this statute the Secretary - General of the United Nations shall convene a review conference to consider any amendments to this Statute. Such review may include, but is not limited to, the list of crimes contained in Article 5. The Conference shall be open to those participating in the Assembly of States Parties and on the same conditions.

I put this sort extract from the Rome Statute in to finish on; to show how vitally important this process is suggested in my book! However; the Provision for the Crime of Aggression is not established yet, see Article 5 above and page 84 (this whole book) about physical and mental harm using ambiguous forms of aggression as law. This and my true story of the Aggression and ambiguous gap in law used today, to further the Final Solution and genocidal conquest over the First Nations Peoples. There is no doubt in my mind that the People must shape any amendments made to this Statute in July 2009 and onward because, it is easy to see how genocide is being shaped and interpreted in Australian law. This Terra-Nullius - Dispossession Doctrine cannot be allowed to shape the jurisdiction of the Rome Statute and International Criminal Court [I.C.L]

This Statute is for humanity; it belongs to the Peoples (The Lamb) of the world not the Beast of an industrial history that will take this Statute and continue to destroy our Love for each other and of our Mother Earth of God!

The Aboriginal tent Embassy Cases and Constitutional change I have written about, could encourage a collective of Indigenous and non Indigenous Peoples, a litigation by First Nations around the world using their Sovereign Jurisdiction in a Court of their determination (an internet bush court for example); this could coincide with pressure from other States Parties of the United Nations to set a precedent in Case Law against this type of statutory aggression of Terra-Nullius Dispossession Genocide in the International Criminal Court!

The grounds for such a case, is founded on the United Nation's ongoing inability for the Maintenance of International Peace and Security of the World! And this threat is born from and carried into the perspective future through the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius and Doctrine of Dispossession starting here in Australia in 1770 and continued especially from 1967 and 1994!

I would refer to Article 11 Paragraph 2 of the United Nations Charter where it says; the General Assembly may discuss any question relating to the Maintenance of International Peace and Security brought before it by any member of the United Nations or by the Security Council, or by a State that is not a member of the United Nations. "This puts the Voice of First Nations Elders on the back sit and becomes a Political Matter open to manipulation through State ideology and Precedence".

As I have shown in my book the inalienable human rights and Sovereignty of First Nations Peoples here and around the world have been set aside by Imperial Powers of a genocidal colonial history and given "legitimacy" through developing the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius - Dispossession; while the United Nations structure now overlay the First Nations structure. State Polity from Terra-Nullius - Dispossession is being developed from bias constitution and case law and creating an ongoing inability for the maintenance of peace and security in First Nations Communities and inclusive of the International Community as a whole. [There must be Treaties between first and secondary Nations]

Secondary Nations / States such as Israel etc; Do not claim Terra-Nullius directly as their foundation like Australia does, but use "legal" precedence of Nation Building to impose supremacy over the Indigenous inhabitants and the resources the land may yield! It is totally obvious to me and anybody who cares to look at the trouble spots in the world; you can see disenfranchisement, displacements, dispersals or politically alienated local people who hold their inalienable human rights and customary lore to the lands are the people in the world who bear the direct or indirect acts of Genocide, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Aggression via statutory means!

If you think about why there are in so many countries, what the media and politicians call; rebel groups, militant groups, rouge state or any group or national people that resist or fight back are deemed an enemy of the state, or whatever window dressing is needed (terrorism) to keep the general public in support of what action may be necessary for "progress" of our imposed Built World!

The United Nations States Parties need to take a serious look at why the world is in turmoil and since the formation of the United Nations Organisation, why there are more conflicts about the world than ever before in the history of our Built World? The United Nations Organisation was formed to stop wars and maintain peace and security in the world. This is not the case! While the industrial might of economic powerful individuals continue with their exploits of the natural environment to the detriment of every living thing on earth!

Terra-Nullius - Dispossession is and will show to be the root cause of a total global disaster, if not pulled up by the Peoples of the world!

Terra-Nullius - Dispossession is the "legal" theory for Genocide and Ecocide!

Terra-Nullius - Dispossession is a political theory that State Providence through Dispensation can set aside inalienable human rights for the rights of the aberrant greedy individual!

I strongly encourage the Public to force change through a Referendum and stand up for the First Nations Sovereignties to rid once and for all this evil dogma of Terra-Nullius - Dispossession before it is too late!

The formation of the United Nations forced Australia to address Terra-Nullius, so Australia held the 1967 Referendum to count Aborigines on the census and to be able to make laws "for" them. Since then the Establishment has been Domesticating First Nations Sovereignties using statutes of limitations, meaning a total in house process of assimilation to build a symbolic Aboriginal bureaucracy, without the Consent or participation of the Traditional Elders in Council from inherent Territories exercising Customary Lore; every Aboriginal organisation or body that been established or removed has been totally political and has not advanced or given benefit to the Sovereign First Nations Peoples, only receiving genocidal aggression.

First Nations are in jailed by law and structure; to give my final example I will refer you to C.E.R.D. website where you can follow the ongoing breaches of Australia's obligations under ratified Treaties with the United Nations.

Search Internet for; Australia's breaches of C.E.R.D: Australia's breaches of C.E.R.D. Intervention: Australia in Geneva in the Dock: N.T. Intervention Aboriginal Australians take their case to the United Nations and lots more.

As stated in one of my letter from the Attorney Generals Department that Australia reports to the Committee against Torture and the Committee of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. In response to a reported Breach, the U.N. Committee will provide recommendation to Australia on how to improve compliance. "Sounds like table talk to me, while Indigenous Affairs are being run by government trained imposters". Basically Australian politicians have been telling the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination where to go! Australia is the only western democracy in the world to behave in such a white supremacy way in the face of its history and obscured history.

It is a well established opinion that while everybody is arguing over the way laws have been applied in respect to Native Title and forwards; they are blinded to the real argument. The Native Title Treaty was not done with the Elders in Council from inherent Territories in the first place. Native Title is statutory and a political matter and has been racist from the start as the 1967 Referendum has been also! The Elders from Inherent Territories sit in Council in whatever war torn condition they may be in. A Treaty must be with them and sealed by the Constitution. The Government has refused to recognise this and I for one have been writing letters to political parties on this matter for over 12 years!

The Establishment demonstrates perverted want, to develop symbolic Aboriginal organisations under statutory political control; this is the Time Ghost of Terra-Nullius - Dispossession with the intention to further destroy First Nations Divine Providence here in Australia and then for the One World Order Establishment to use the like Statutory precedent as their Final Solution over conquest of the world!

An end note: The Victorian Brumby Labor Government has set up another Aboriginal representative body called 'The Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group. I'm not going to explain what they do, because it is fraudulent under First Nations Lore and grows out of the Liberal Government Native Title 10 Point Plan extinguishment process. 'Traditional Owners' should mean; First Nations Elders sitting in Sovereign Council from inherit territories, exercising their Customary Lore. The political Elders sitting on that Panel cannot speak for other Nations, but their own nations normally. Again the politicians steal Indigenous self determination and turn it into a tool of assimilation and validation for Privatisation and racist Polity. As usual there will be no outcomes for First Nations Peoples. [Victoria Governments sets it up and then the Federal Government endorses it for Australia]

If the Government recognised the Traditional Elders in Council, there would be no need for this type of statutory aggression, which wouldn't be such a big deal using a Treaty of consent; rather than dividing Indigenous people, causing more aggression amongst them as well. Levels of aggression / physical and mental harm are caused from Government policies made for Aboriginal people, from imposed Statutes, draft programs and regimes to Uranium mining, political prisoners and reconciliation etc; while politics keeps Australia's bias Polity on track.

First Nations Peoples are witnesses and victims of Australia's ever developing criminal Polity and must be free to give testimony and evidence about these crimes against humanity (Genocide) being committed upon them to the International Criminal Court!

On the News lately there has been a situation where St. Mary's church in South Brisbane has been under attack and the sacking of Father Kennedy from his position within the Catholic Church. During the media coverage no politician, person or the media itself has yet to bring up the real reason why Father Kennedy was replaced. The debate has been kept to the inclusion of gay people and women as clergy within the church. The real reason is surely the Sacred Treaty Circles business and the Treaty achieved between First Nations Traditional Owners with and in communion with St. Mary's Church and community. Another major issue lately is the War Memorial and the denial of why Indigenous wars are not part of Australia's memory.

With all this ambiguous reporting by the media I needed to go on the Fire First show to join Rob, Clair and Fantom with the argument and voice my real concerns about the Review Conference of the Rome Statute in July this year and how these two issues are fundamental to Statutory Aggression, or the Crime of Aggression that should in my opinion be adopted into the Rome Statute as Statutory Aggression. This would bring back into play Article 4 of the Genocide Convention to make Constitutional responsible rulers, Public officials and Private individuals responsible when developing statutes for the Sovereign First Nations of Australia and accountable for their actions in law.

The radio show was buzz, in the last fifteen minutes of the show after talking about the denial of State and Church in relation to the Australian War Memorial and St. Mary's church, war, treaty, intention to commit genocide, our formal education and why it falls miles short, the constitution, of course many other issues and meetings happening around town. I then asked Rob and Clair are all this we have been talking about today and every week on this show, physical and mental harm and is destroying the First Nations in part or whole, Statutory Aggression against the First Nations Peoples. Well the reaction was great Rob cited immediately the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act every time "They" have suspended it, like for instance the Intervention, the Native Title Act, A.T.S.I.C. Act. Not to have consent is aggressive every time they develop any program or process for Aboriginal People, doctrines, Terra-Nullius and now Dispossession. At about this point I read out a statement in relation to the Rome Statute Article 5. I have already referred to on pages 233 - 234. It goes like this and I will be sending this book to the Secretary General of the United Nations and C.E.R.D. and looking towards to publishing the Other Side of the Coin before the Review Conference this July. 'That's the best I can do, I said'.

'This Statement is in relation to the definition of the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the new provision of the crime of Aggression to be inserted into the Rome Statute'.

'Throughout Australia's history, occupation of Indigenous lands has delivered specially measured laws, or Statutory Aggression, which has inflicted and obscured, crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression.

This has taken place to fulfil the Doctrine of Terra-Nullius and the Doctrine of Dispossession now taking form through law statutes and case law: This process in my opinion is without doubt Statutory Aggression and needs to be addressed properly by the United Nations'.

'In July 2009 the United Nations is holding a Review Conference in relation to a Provision for the Crime of Aggression to be added to Article 5 of the Rome Statute, which will complete the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court in relation to the definition of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression'.

'Provision (d) of Article 5 of the Rome Statute will be added inserted into Australia's Criminal Code, Division 268 Subdivision (i) after the Review has concluded.

Statutory Aggression upon Indigenous Peoples has and will remain the genocidal crimes of Australia's Polity, until there is a Detente and a Treaty fulfilled by Australia with the First Nations'.

'The clear and true definition of statutory aggression is the key to unlock Australia's obscured history of the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes upon First Nations here and around the world'.

'In some cases the lack of statute or statutory aggression is an ongoing perspective within Australian Polity and founded throughout the Constitution.

The Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court is only for perspective crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and soon to be the crime of Aggression'.

'I feel strongly that if Statutory Aggression on the levels imposed upon Indigenous Peoples is defined as Crimes of Aggression into Provision (d) of the Rome Statute; then Divine changes would come to First Nations Peoples here and over the world.

This would also complete the legal tools of International law in relation to [jus cogens] Norms of International Customary Law for the maintenance of peace and security of the International community as a whole.

The maintenance of peace and security of the International community as a whole is the soul foundation of the charter of the United Nations'.

Next time on Fire First 3CR Radio before the publishing process begins, I want to pull together the guts of my story for our listeners, by tying the Rome Statute and world history to the Bible, the Reformation of 1517, Bejam Jarlow / Dennis Walker - Sacred Treaty Circles and Father Kennedy - St. Mary's reformation, the Popes Apology for a Doctrine of Justification 2000, the book of the Lamb Revelations of John, 666 the incorporation and destruction of the natural world and humanity: However this is my story.

The 3 / 4 / 09 the last day of daylight savings and while the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in London at the G 20 meeting of the most economic powerful nations in the world, trying to re - establish how the greedy money will work in the future. During this day the Labor government announced the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. See Doc. 12 at rear of book.

I had just passed through the town of Bairnsdale, when I heard this announcement heading for the mountains out the back of Bruthan for a celebration called the Spirit of Place to be held tomorrow. I decided to camp the night on the side of the Nicholson River to write this last entry into my book. The weather has been quite hot over the last few days travelling up to this point; the radio has had electrical interference all day from the approaching storms due soon. The wind became cooler and blew stronger, dead gum leaves shower down all around from the massive Gum trees that gave this stopover spot such character.

The celebration is a perfect time to finalise my story. Charley who is one of the hosts of the Spirit of Place Celebration is also the person who has the Printing business. Durran Bunjil-ee-nee / Robbie will open the celebration with a Welcome to Country, Indigenous Dancers and Smoking Ceremony; plenty of food and entertainment with a special event after dark.

The radio news before pulling the van over for the night was good news, but at the same time alarm bells rang in my mind. The broadcast spoke about how the Declaration was symbolic and has no legal effect. The lawyer who spoke said; it's a document Politicians can refer to for guidance in relation to Indigenous Rights within the sovereignty of the Australian Nation. Of course in my opinion it can be used as window dressing to hide the reality further from the imagination of Australians.

At this point after the Spirit of Place Celebration I am heading towards home over the next 5 days before the Easter long weekend. I am not going to say where this community is located, because of two reasons, but I will say how the event unfolded. My first reason is like when you discover a really good surfing spot, as soon as people find out about it; it ruins that free and unspoiled use of it. Second is the dark side, for example St. Mary's church in Brisbane, where politically motivated people move in and destroy the community perspective and potential of the place.

The celebration was magic; Robbie did a welcome speech to country for the local community, as he spoke the biggest Eagle you ever saw flew above the celebration. Bob spoke of the Eagle and its presence above, the creation and the spirit of life that connect us all to each other and the importance of strong community and environment. Around the fire were three bundles of green gum leaves, where Rob asked everyone to take a piece and place it on the fire after Elder Wayne and the Indigenous dance group did some dancing for the locals. This bought everyone close in to the fire with a more personal discussion and quick speeches from Elder Marji and Charley. Later in the afternoon Elder Wayne and the Dancers gave the whole crowd a dance lesson which went down really well, everyone loved it. Local musicians played their songs through the afternoon with lots of stalls set around the grounds; later on a donation dinner was put on for the ever growing hungry community. After dinner as it got dark everyone gathered to take a long walk through a pre organised bush trail, the trail had those solar light path marker, which lead the crowd of over one hundred people down the long slope through the forest to a prepared large circular contemporary corroboree area. Later Rob declared this a special site and place for future gatherings with the Indigenous people, the local community and the Spirit of Place.

The scene was set around the fire of glowing coals, lights placed in the tree's giving a cross effect of lighting. A huge spider web made from colourful materials was hung between two large trees. A third of the circle starting at the web was strung with a horizontal cord, where long strips of bark were draped over to give a back drop for the musicians and an earthy stage area. The rest of the circle was people standing two to three layers thick with the Elders seated in the middle.

Rob did another welcome to country, this time explaining the ancient connection of the event and how his people celebrated life in this way for thousands and thousands of years. He explained the importance of gum leaf smoke to be used in the main smoking ceremony, how it cleans the person and area of bad spirit and made everyone feel comfortable and united and gave a gift of the highest degree to them that not many Australians will experience unless communities take on and walk the talk to create real truth and reconciliation like Charley and this fine community have. Everything else is political and that's why I won't name the community!

After Rob finished his welcome speech Elder Wayne and the Indigenous Dancers put on their traditional gear and did some cultural dances, like the Emu dance and a fun dance involving the crowd as well. Wayne would use two Boomerangs tapping them together creating the rhythm while his voice accentuated the rhythm and told the story of the dance. Then the dancers loaded up the hot glowing coals with green gum leaves for the smoking ceremony. The whole community followed the dancers around the heavy stream of smoke funnelling up into the moon lit black sky, until there was a multi layer of people surrounding the smoke all trying to tough the smoke. Once everyone went back to the outer circle, the locals put on their performance, a real exchange of culture and spirit. The band played soft music as a man spoke gently about the animal and life in the forest; their children dressed up as Emu's and returned the dance and gesture of spirit as they mimicked their way around the smoke. From the dark edges of the circle a large paper masque Eagle held up by poles flew in to the music; a large Bee on a long stick was flown around the smoking fire resting on the colourful web; as the Eagle left the circle large fish and more birds entered and flew around the circle a few times before flying out; followed off with some songs and a few whine up speeches. Everyone was feeling as one about the event and together we all walked back up the hill for live bands to rock by until the early hours of the morning.

The next morning the Elders and Dancers slowly rose to a different fire over at Charley's place where we all camped for the night. The Elders were teaching the young fellas how to cook their own breakfast. It was great fun to watch. After eating they all took off down the gorge to the river. It became so peaceful all of a sudden with adult conversation replacing the atmosphere. The Elders talked for a while about the meeting Robbie had to attend in Melbourne the next day; a series of meetings to "negotiate" among Native Title claimants about signing off any claims or court action in relation to not making Native Title claims. Of course Rob does not recognise the Native Title Act from the beginning, because it has never been negotiated from any point in time and consecutive Governments suspend the Racial Discrimination Act to suit. This in my opinion is the Final Solution of John Howards 10 Point Plan Extinguishment of Native Title; once it is signed off the Dispossession process by Polity is complete. Then the Victorian Government can purport their Treaty (symbolic Treaty as the Preamble in the Constitution already is designed to cater for).

After this point in time, it's all up to the Federal Government to set us all up for a formal Plebiscite and a Referendum for a Republic, with the (Victoria) Constitution Act all ready to go!

Australians must know about the truth and how politic works and to be fully informed before we have a Referendum to create a Republic from only lies and crimes Australia is being built on.

I would predict; the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is to be used as political window dressing and with a symbolic Treaty the Government will need to create an elite Aboriginal structure to serve and protect the National Interest / Republic Interest - Private Sector. The Constitution will be open for business as usual, while [jus cogens] International Customary Law Norms will not be protected by the Constitution, or the Courts having the judicative discretion to make legal decisions in relation to International law and Indigenous Customary Lore. First Nations Peoples could remain a political matter and the tide of history remaining a criminal lexicon to suit powerful vested interest and not the people or public interest of all Australians, if Australians allow this to happen?

When I think about this political process of the last 42 years that First Nations Peoples have had to endure, I think of it like this; that "legally" in Australian, there was no war recognised; that "legally" this land was empty or had backward people settled here; that "legally" it was a peaceful settlement; that "legally" Terra-Nullius was only a lie, fiction and unutterable shame; that "legally" the Polity is in want of jurisdiction over land and First Nations Peoples; that "legally" Native Title was used for the Dispossession of inherit First Nations; that "legally" the recognition of Indigenous Nations is only symbolic; that "legally" the Polity of Australia is free from any crimes against the First Nations; that "legally" history can be written on these grounds; that "legally" First Nations of the world might all go through Dispossession; that "legally' [jus cogens] Law Norms can be compromised to develop common law for Indigenous People; that "legally" Statutory Aggression can be use in relation to the development of cultural genocide / genocide / crimes against humanity and war crimes to achieve a one law one Nation / State.

If symbolic - ism and abuse in law can happen, then Australian law must be of the same merit or worth, however the reader must relies that the whole process above is to validate the Constitution and Land Title and get off scot free from any crimes past or present, while dodging Australia's obligations to fulfil God's law, International Law Norms and Indigenous Customary Lore!

As I've said before: Native Title is a process to validate land tenure interests by creating the Dispossession Doctrine of Aboriginal traditional land rights and lore; for a mainstream freehold land right and common law, only where Aboriginal Native Title Groups can pass the sophistry test laid down by our Australian Polity.

First Nations Peoples own every square inch of the land and their intellectual property rights, no matter what so ever, or to say or do otherwise is racist and genocidal in character; or aggressive in law.

For the Native Title Act to be implemented in the first place the Government needed to suspend the Racial Discrimination Act. The suspended R.D.A. in relation to the Northern Territory is clearly the whole country since 1992 or since the A.T.S.I.C. Act in 1987; with the 1967 Referendum there was no R.D.A. then and if there was it would have been suspended for that as well. All these suspensions [abuse of peremptory norms] were to begin the Privatisation and Validation of Australia's occupation of the First Nations Lands and inalienable human rights.

Once the Native Title Act has been signed off by the political Aboriginal Land Councils in Victoria, the "Establishment" of Australia has what it wants! Costing billions of dollars, retrospectively all of this has a racist and genocidal character.

A Treaty and the Republic is now what the Australian public interest needs to focus on. The unfinished business of the Black G.S.T. is not racist or genocidal in character. The Pay the Rent Treaty Concept sorts out land rights, political, civil and economic, social and cultural and intellectual property rights. This Treaty concept would have fully informed consent and essentially the Treaty Act needs to be placed in and protected by the Constitution alongside the Jus Cogens Norms of International Customary Law, which in turn sets the floor for a Bill of Human Rights and the Judiciary right to apply International Law and Indigenous Lore through legal court decisions!

THE ONLY WAY FORWARDS IS TO: (forget Native Title as it stands, it is racist and genocidal in character).

1. The Polity of Australia must recognise a Detente between itself and First Nations and between First Nations.

2. The Polity of Australia must recognise the Sovereignties of the Elders in Council from inherit Lands. (Not the government organised land councils).

3. The Polity of Australia must recognise the Pay the Rent Treaty Concept that can only be established with the Elders in Council from inherit Territories and fully informed consent, without political duress, undue influence and misrepresentation.

4. The Polity of Australia must ask the Australian people to change the Federal Constitution by Referendum Section 128. The Referendum questions would need to be in relation to Constitutional protection for No. 2, 3, and International [jus cogens] Law Norms.

5. There is an overwhelming view for a legal case to be applied in the International Criminal Court. This would sort out the true definition of the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. This would also have a potential precedent in sorting out the Sovereign Treaty Business between First Nations and States Nations and at the same time create conditions for the Maintenance of International Peace and Security of the International Community as a whole.

Note: How the Polity of Australian Government derive their jurisdiction to do all this to the First Nations and Peoples is through the Constitution and compulsory voting, which in turn gives the government a mandate, whether the issues are bought to the attention of the public or not. We are a very ambiguous Democracy, because of the gaps in law and history: However; it is time [all] Australians took control of our legal rights to be a fully informed true Democracy and fulfil the law and the Constitution through our right to hold regular Referendum and to have Democratic change and to know what our vote stands for!

My final update and its now the 17th of June 09, Fire First Radio with Robbie and Clair talking about the 10th Native Title Conference in Melbourne, Mr. Wards death in custody and the racist attacks on Indian students. I must mention Message Stick ABC 1 TV does documentaries every week on Friday. On the 29th of May, Talking Stick and Justice were really good and on the 19th of June 09 Talking Stick and Health were also a very good show. I think next Sunday on Talking Black it's the Northern Territory Intervention. The Indigenous people who come on the show are very polite and forgiving; not like me, where I get straight to the point, however we are speaking from the same truths and justice and I hope my book is helpful and constructive to all Indigenous and non indigenous people.

The 10th Conference on Native Title was a grand stand of rhetoric filled with obfuscation and sophistry, and it seems as Robbie put it, people left the conference not knowing much more than they did already know. Clair said; there is going to be a new Native Title frame work in Victoria and it will be rolled out over the whole of Australia with some kind of agreement. The word Treaty wasn't used, however we are lead to believe an agreement is a Treaty. Wrong! I have already pointed out in my book a Treaty is a United Nations Norm and Jus Cogens under the Charter of the United Nations, where an Agreement is symbolic - ism, moreover it is the domestication agenda of Polity Australia.

Let's get real here: The R.D.A. is suspended while a new Native Title frame work has been developed by Government with its symbolic Aboriginal Leadership:

The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs is calling for Acquisition of Indigenous Home Lands prolonging the Intervention into the Northern Territory and suspension of the R.D.A.:

The Constitution Act has only symbolic recognition of Aboriginal people in the Preamble, where the Australian Constitution is an Annotated version of the Federation Constitution 1900 without referendum of the people to change the definition of it:

The 10th Native Title Conference in Victoria sets up a National Standard through the Extinguishment of Native Title / Wik - to fulfil the Howard 10 point Plan - Point 10 Agreements; 'measures would be introduced to facilitate the negotiation of voluntary but binding agreements as an alternative to more formal native title machinery':

The Constitution Act Section 16 and the Federal Constitution Section 51 has racist powers; to make laws for any race deemed necessary to make special laws for; and Immigration - what I am say is the Constitution is totally ambiguous and there are no other allowances for outcomes for First Nations Peoples in the Constitution!

Conclusion: These measures above mean that over time all of First Nations might have to live under imposed common law of one nation, where symbolic Aboriginal Land Councils can negotiate and build voluntary partnerships with institutions like State and National Parks, Department of Sustainable Environment, Forestry and Mining etc. This is total domestication and assimilation of First Nations Jus Cogens Customary Lore Providence.

Its time Australians took this to their politicians and demanded a Customary Treaty with the Elders of the First Nations and a Referendum to enact it and First Nations Sovereignty in the Constitution for when we become a Republic.

While Australians remain uninformed the Polity of Australia is shaping International Criminal Law and Jus Cogens Peremptory Norms in a dangerous and unethical way and in the mean time thinks it can dodge the International Community's Peremptory Norms as well as confirming the Constitution and validating land tenure and legal case history. Moreover this is the real Under Belly of Australia's intention to commit the worst crimes in total ever know to humanity and get off scot free and show other state/nations how to do the same to the First Nations they occupy.

Quote: For there to be maintainable Peace and Security of the International Community of States / Nations as a whole:

There must be Treaty - Partnerships between First Nations Peoples and the States/ Nations Peoples, enacted constitutionally and adopted by the United Nations.

These International Jus Cogens Treaties should create the United Indigenous Nations, which sit in the United Nations alongside their partner Nations States as equals!

The End:

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Refer to: The Concept of Jus Cogens and the Obligation under the U.N. Charter -

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Talking Black SBS Television 23 May 2009 Intervention into Northern Territory expands into parts of Queensland and New South Wales.

Introductory Notes for Letters and Responses:

See Internet, Google search will find these Documents:
Doc 1: The Wik 10 Point Plan Extinguishment of Native Title.
Doc 2: The Australian Criminal Code Division 268.
Doc 3: The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide 1948.
Doc 4: The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination 1967.
Doc 5: The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Doc 6: The Australian Declaration of Reconciliation.
Doc 7: The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Doc 8: The Charter of the United Nations.
Doc 9: The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.
Doc 10: The Racial Discrimination Act 1975.
Doc 11: Native Title and Wik Extinguishment.
Doc 12: Minister Jenny Macklin speech on the adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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