Asserting Aboriginal sovereignty into governance


Michael Anerson at Tent Embassy (Tracker)
Michael Anderson

Aboriginal Sovereignty November 3, 2011

Message to our Aboriginal Leaders and authorized 'Lore' people of our Aboriginal Nations.

Aboriginal Sovereignty is official recognition of already existing first Nations Peoples (Aboriginal People) cultural and land connection. The recognition recognizes the right for Governance of one's own affairs.

"It is important to understand how in Aboriginal society one nation cannot speak for another" (Anderson, Michael. 2011)

Aboriginal Nations Govern their own affairs and land management for their Nation.

An Aboriginal Sovereign Governance would be the amalgamation of all Nations being a Unified stance and therefore a 'Union'. Title for the amalgamation of Nations Union could be 'Aboriginal Sovereign Union', 'Australian Sovereign Union' (since Australia is our's legally) or other name offered. SUANPA (Sovereign Union Aboriginal Nations and Peoples in Australia) was used to represent our issues in the United Nations.

An Aboriginal Sovereign Governance would be all Nations joining as one with designated official and authorised 'lore' people from each nation holding a seat or position.

An Aboriginal Sovereignty Governance would be representatives from the 46 identified linguistic groups covering 500 nations amalgamating a voice for communication from one sovereign nation to another. This model was created by elders across Australia from various nations after extensive research for a governance body (N.A.C.C.) in the 1970's. vote

An Aboriginal Sovereign Governance could be a voice to communicate with Sovereign Nations overseas or the other existing Sovereign Nation in Australia, The Australian Government in which we understand with proof to be an Illegal Sovereign stance. Illegal or not it is still another Nation of Citizens living in Australia claiming their own Sovereign Stance for 223 years.

With Aboriginal Sovereignty Asserted Australia would have 2 known Sovereign stances needing a 'Treaty' in modern terms or 'Peace Accord' (agreement). The Torres Strait Islander Community a likely candidate for a 3rd Sovereign Stance under Australian Borders. Making Australia 'Multi Sovereign Nations' rather than 'Plural Sovereign Nations'. In the case where individual nations assert their Independent Sovereign stance also makes Australia 'Multi Sovereign Nations'.

Uniting as one gives Aboriginal people the first Nations people a position of power never asserted before.

Other Countries across the world have 'Multi Sovereign Nations' co existing together in a functional manner.

A call out to all Nations 'Lore' representatives to assert your own Nations Governance and amalgamate with other Nations to form a representatives Governance for Aboriginal People in Australia.

A swifter move for a 'Aboriginal Sovereign Stance' by uniting and supporting those Nations who may be needing support due to assimilation and genocidal practice's in their homelands.

If we don't take our Sovereign Stance now we could lose our rights forever on landrights and our rights to protect our children and future generations.

We don't have a voice at the moment and we need unity and a unified stance. We need to have quality of life not just life where Suicide has reached highest proportions.

This is not a National Indigenous Congress NIC (government controlled) movement but an independent Aboriginal Grassroots Sovereignty movement without a budget.

We need our communities to 'self finance' at least one representative for their nation to attend the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on the 26th January 2012 due to our people having no finance for this.

It is a human right to have our Sovereign stance recognised.

Aboriginal Sovereignty is a legal Right under International Law.

A picture diagram is an example of how the Nations Governance can work. Please spread the word to all communities and all representative 'Lore' people. Thank you.


Update - January 2012 - See also: Pacific Islanders Protection Act

"1975, the international Court of Justice confirmed in the Western Sahara Case that, where an indigenous people exercise a traditional use of passage and/or, a usufructuary right, that land cannot be regarded as Terra Nullius, - land belonging to no-one." (Gilbert. K . 1987 p 28)
" ... the ancestral tie between the land, or 'mother nature', and the man who was born therefrom, remains attached thereto, and must one day return thither to be united with his ancestors. This link is the basis of the ownership of the soil, or better, of sovereignty ... " (Western Sahara Advisory Opinion. 1975)

For Leaders needing further info:
Michael Anderson
0427 292 492
Aborginal Sovereignty Governance Specialist Advisor

Suggestion only ... Governance Model: The 4 outer circles represents the 4 winds north south east and west. Each circle has 11 language groups and all up 44 language groups. There are 46 language groups representing 500 nations but could have 2 small groups join neighbouring language group? the 4 lines are 4 reps coming in to make executive governance being 12 all up: 11 active and one chair or spokes person or facilitator etc.


Sovereign Rights and Autonomy

Can the United Nations not do something to force the Australian government to comply with international law in relation to Aboriginal people? It just isn't good enough.

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