Iconic petitions from the struggle

Here you can find copies of some of the most iconic petitions, claims and proposals written by Aboriginal people since invasion began. Together, they represent a continuous assertion of sovereignty and an unbending call for justice over a period of nearly 200 years.

We are working towards one last petition, compiling all these past petitions from different moments in our struggle, and planning to lodge it in every available jurisdiction worldwide.

Copies of petitions are from the book: The Struggle for Aboriginal Rights: A Documentary History,
by Bain Attwood, Andrew Markus. The whole book can be viewed on line at http://www.questia.com/library/book/the-struggle-for-aboriginal-rights-a...

Petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Office of the Prosecutor
We have filed facts and contentions regarding the Commonwealth of Australia's practices that contravene the Rome Statute of ICC. The International Criminal Court has failed to clearly indicate to us why the submissions have not met the acceptance criteria.
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