Pay the rent will be heard loud and clear across the land

Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 17 April 2011

Michael Anderson, A NSW tribal leader convening an Aboriginal summit in Canberra says it will raise funds to challenge Australia's legitimacy in the International Court of Justice.

"This is Australia's greatest fear, because when we win, Australia will owe us more than they can ever imagine, and the cry ‘pay the rent' will be heard loud and clear across this great landscape,” writes Michael (Ghillar) Anderson in a media release ahead of the Easter summit in Canberra.

Michael leads the Euahlayi tribe of northwest NSW and southwest Queensland, is the last survivor of the four activists who set up the Aboriginal embassy in Canberra in 1972 and is active in other Aboriginal organisations.

Michael argues that Aborigines won't fight for their rights because they're afraid of losing their welfare cheques.

"Think about it, what would happen if the government cut off all your welfare and leave you high and dry if you stand out there and demand your rights as a people. It would become a major national scandal and one that would automatically bring the United Nations into play on our behalf. Australia is already on the watch list by the United Nations, and this is something that our people fail to recognize or understand.”

Michael calls upon all non-Aborigines who seek to correct history to join the summit "as all people are welcome to come and voice their thoughts and aspirations with us”.

Michael's statement in full:

I agree with Nelson Mandela's thought that once people overcome their fears of the dominant society, revolution will occur.

It is so unfortunate that because our people are so marginalized and welfare dependent they cannot think of change because they fear that should they support a stand to bring about change they will lose their welfare cheque.

Our people would rather continue to be slaves to the dominant society and their welfare cheque, than challenge for their inherent rights as the first Nations people of Australia.

My old people said to me at Walgett during the Black Power days of the late 60s and early 70s, "Son be careful, because our people are ‘Two Bob' blacks, that is, while the white man gives them a pay of two shillings a week, they will not support you, they will go to bat for the white man, because he is the one who writes the cheque. Our people will not support you because you are of his class and the white man will always be viewed as more superior than you”.

Our people cannot be convinced that they have the power within to bring about change, and that is exactly what the New Way Summit is all about.

Think about it, what would happen if the government cut off all your welfare and leave you high and dry if you stand out there and demand your rights as a people. It would become a major national scandal and one that would automatically bring the United Nations into play on our behalf. Australia is already on the watch list by the United Nations, and this is something that our people fail to recognize or understand.

The Northern Territory Intervention is a prime example of what the whites of this country are capable of. They think that they know best what we blackfullas want and we fail to get on the streets and reject it.

Our people can stand out in the streets and fight each other over domestic issues but are too ashamed to get out there and fight the white man the way we fight each other. Understanding and identifying the real enemy is sometimes very difficult, but I can assure my people that continuing to be our own enemy will not change our lives in any way shape or form.

I see within my own family the traumas of trying to survive and compete within the dominant society's world. We must break free or we are destined to lose everything. We are the oldest living civilization on the planet earth, yet we are sacrificing this for a welfare cheque, or in today's way, across Australia, with the promise from the Native Title Services we are signing away our lives and our inherent right for a sitting fee and free motel accommodation. We are that cheap. We give everything away just because we get recognized as someone important for a weekend and the white man says loudly look at these silly and ignorant blacks, offer them a sitting fee and a white lawyer to sell our product of nothing except recognition on a piece of paper and maybe a memorandum of understanding and we will have their free and informed consent without any trouble. This is how easy it is, my people. What do you get in the long term - NOTHING.

Our people do not understand how frightened of us the white man is of us challenging them in the international arena for our sovereignty as a people. For most of our grassroots people sovereignty is so hard to understand, but the white man understands very well the implications should we challenge in the international courts. It is they who stand to lose so much, not us.

The new Way Sovereignty movement will not stop and after this Easter's conference we will raise funds to go to the international arena to make the challenges that we have always spoken of. We understand that the government and all their Uncle Tom's and Aunt Mary's will stand on the government side, but we will not be deterred. We can already see how fast they are trying to circumvent our actions.

The Constitutional preamble statement, the making of more money available for the Native Title Services to send out their lawyers to spin us their lies and deceit and a promise of maybe a stock route that the whites don't want or a couple of town blocks that Minister Macklin will request to have a 40-90 years lease over it if you want houses built on them.

Our fight and struggles commenced from the time of the arrival of not the first fleet but the arrival of the first illegal boat people from England in 1788 and it took to 1994 for their own courts to recognize this fact.

It is now our time to take this to the next level and onto the International Court of Justice. This colonial Australian government of England will try very hard to fight against our right to be heard in the International Court. I know that this is Australia's greatest fear, because when we win, the compensation factor will create a situation where Australia will owe us more than they can ever imagine, and brother Dennis Walkers 1970s cry "Pay the rent will” will be heard loud and clear across this great landscape.

After the Easter New Way Summit we will be seeking from all good Australian people who know we are right to support us in our endeavours to correct history once and for all. It is now time to take a stand with us so that we can unite this country in the way that it should be.

I call upon all non-Aborigines who seek to correct history to come and be part of history in the making at this Easter's Summit, as all people are welcome to come and voice their thoughts and aspirations with us, for together we can overcome and become the great nation that we are and take our rightful place in the international community, rather than a second class colonial nation state whose only recognition is through our signatories to the peace treaty and the United Nations Charter.

Michael Anderson can be contacted at 02 68296355 landline, 04272 92 492 mobile, 02 68296375 fax,


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It is true. We want Indigenous elders to lead the way in the country currently known as Stray Alia! I wish Michael Anderson and everybody there all the best of luck with this moment of change. In my opinion, the Constitution should be chucked out of Queen Elizabeth's window and a new one to replace it based on Indigenous Law. ok, so if the people want it in writing coz they are not aware of the Law orally, after all, they have been denied any sort of teaching. So the Law ought be based on ecological education, non violence, loving kindness, self empowerment, philosophical questions, emotions and how to deal with them, these sorts of things. The money people do not have that knowledge and they impose their obsolete values of the concept of greed upon us. That is not a fair system of governance so we want a 'genuine change' based on values not greed. Based on happiness, loving kindness, justice, healing, peace, harmony, self empowerment and NOT WORK but LIVING. That is what we all want. We do not want a robotic lifestyle but to live according to the seasons. Nomadism has been wiped out all over the joint, including Tibet and Australia. We want to be in control of our own lands, lives and livelihoods. We wanna go back to the land and fish and hunt. We don't want to live in some suit and tie in a hot country like Australia. How completely inappropriate and asphyxiating. Who invented such a costume? I suppose it is the costume that differentiates the corporates from the rest of us. There has been so much in the way of untruths. To lie to people is to keep them ignorant of what is going on. There is a truth though and we know it if we look deep enough within our own minds. The only way we can know what is going on is to take our land back. The land is for all of us not just for the greedy corporates. We want NO MORE MINING. These impositions on Indigenous peoples all over the world, have failed to work. 240 years of oppressive fascist corporatocratic regimes in OZ is enough. How much more time do these greedy bankers and corporates want? White people became enslaved by money a long, long time ago...but some of us still have high thinking unlike their ethically oppressed capitalist scions of the Worlds who have used violent means to subordinate the masses. By keeping the masses ignorant they have also created a situation of over population all over the world. A lot of what we are seeing now across the world is as a result of keeping people ignorant and people thinking they are too powerless to do anything about the situation. I think the concept of materialism and land ownership has had devastating consequences on the planet. Just because the mind conceives of something, it does not mean we need for it to materialise. I object to any more objects being made! I will keep the positive mind and speak to the real people on the ground who tell it as it is. I will never trust the media for my information because the money system is completely bias and corrupt. The ones who instill fear in people ought not be in power. We need to be raising people with the higher minds and not the bankers or corporates. They have had their time and they should step down gracefully. They have created way too much division, destruction and starvation, wars. The Wheel keeps I wish it was different it was prior to this poisonous, toxic, cancerous age we are living in..based on sharing and caring and respect...I see this point in our history, however long that is, as completely deteriorating and depressing. So many people are depressed, deeply saddened as they are displaced and distanced from the earth under their feet. We do not want any more concrete and glass and plastic or anything to be built. We just want clean organic food, clean water and air, animals everywhere, trees and wild nature everywhere, shade lots of shade and respect for sentient beings....the action of mining kills many creatures so STOP MINING FMG. Then often these same people point a finger, label us as this or that and then they proceed with their negative action. There is never a fair go in Australia. It is always as the corporates want it. They ought begin thinking about alternative ways of doing things but is there is a dishonest man then how to shift his consciousness? His mind has had this way for thousands of years. How do you shift his greedy mind? Exploitative do you shift that thinking in a white man? Or other people as Australia it happens to be white men..generally speaking. The people in charge of FMG are all older, white, aggressive attitude males.

Written by Ray

Written by Ray Jackson

michael anderson has called for the 4th aboriginal new way summit to be held in canberra from 22nd to24th april inclusive. it is my understading that it will be held at the tent embassy opposite old parliament house.

michael now believes that it is now time for action to be taken to raise funding to allow our very legitimate claims to our traditional lands and our legitimate calls for sovereinty, treaties and social justice for the crimes of the last 223 years.

we are a patient people but now is the time to move things to a higher level. this summit must allow that to happen.

as michael has stated, this summit is open to all those who wish to learn what we as the descendants of the traditional owners of the stolen lands.

join us and hear our true views unfiltered by the racist media, especially that of the murdoch press. contact michael for further details.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

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