Victorian Originals reject Constitutional Recognition

National Tertiary Education Union - A&TSI Unit - Facebook 3 January 2016

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A little bit of history today. The first time in about 20 years the Victorian Government held a large consultation with Aboriginal People.

The government wished to talk about Self Determination and Constitutional Recognition in light of the growing grass roots call for treaties.

The large and diverse audience made it clear from the beginning that they were suspicious of self determination talks with government as they had not delivered any positive results in the past and trust was an issue. The concept of 'Constitutional Recognition' was immediately challenged and 3 motions were passed.

  1. We as Sovereign People reject Constitutional Recognition. Unanimous
  2. We demand the state resources a treaty process, including a framework for treaties, with complete collaboration with all Sovereign Peoples and Nations, and treaties are finalised and agreed upon by December 2016. 1 vote against
  3. Resource an Elders Council of South Eastern Australia, which is comprised of all Sovereign Peoples. 1 vote against

The Minister assured she would represent the views strongly to her colleagues and that the stance on Constitutional Recognition was one she had commonly heard.
It will be interesting to see if the Victorian and Federal Labor Governments heed this message.